Lista Lighthouse

Lista Lighthouse (Norwegian: Lista fyr) is a coastal lighthouse located at the western side of the Lista peninsula, a short distance northwest of the village of Vestbygd in the municipality of Farsund in Agder county, Norway. The lighthouse sits on a cape on the edge of the Listafjorden which marks the extreme southwestern edge of the mainland of Norway. The lighthouse had a foghorn that was used from 1877 until 1987. In 1937, the station began emitting a racon signal of the morse code letter "G".[1]

Lista Lighthouse
20050807-Lista fyr.jpg
View of the lighthouse
LocationAgder, Norway
Coordinates58°06′33″N 06°34′00″E / 58.10917°N 6.56667°E / 58.10917; 6.56667Coordinates: 58°06′33″N 06°34′00″E / 58.10917°N 6.56667°E / 58.10917; 6.56667
Constructed1853 (current)
ConstructionGranite tower
Height34 metres (112 ft)
MarkingsUnpainted stone with
red and white top
OperatorLista Fyr
Heritageheritage site in Norway Edit this on Wikidata
RaconMorse code "G"
First lit1836 (first)
Focal height39.5 metres (130 ft)
Intensity1,026,000 candela
Range17.5 nmi (32.4 km; 20.1 mi)
CharacteristicFl W 4s
Norway no.086500

The 34-metre (112 ft) tall unpainted granite tower was first lit in 1836, but it was rebuilt in 1853. The light sits at an elevation of 39.5 metres (130 ft) and it emits a white flash of light every four seconds. The 1,026,000-candela light can be seen in all directions for up to 17.5 nautical miles (32.4 km; 20.1 mi).[2][3]

In 2003, the station was automated and the buildings were turned over to Vest-Agder county. The site is now used as a museum that is open daily during the summer months.

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