List of works by A. E. W. Mason

Alfred Edward Woodley Mason (7 May 1865 – 22 November 1948), known as A. E. W. Mason, was an English novelist, playwright, actor, army officer, intelligence agent and – for a short period – a politician. He is best remembered for his 1902 novel of courage and cowardice in wartime, The Four Feathers, and as the creator of Inspector Hanaud, a French detective who was an early template for Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot.

List of works by A. E. W. Mason
Photograph of the author as a young man
BornAlfred Edward Woodley Mason
(1865-05-07)7 May 1865
Dulwich, London, England
Died22 November 1948(1948-11-22) (aged 83)
London, England

Mason's prolific output included over 30 novels as well as plays, short stories and articles. Many of his novels were adapted for the screen, several multiples times. During the 1910s and 1920s he worked closely with many film directors of the silent era.

Inspector Hanaud novelsEdit

Inspector Hanaud novels
Title Year of first publication Notes
At the Villa Rose 1910 Novel
The Affair at the Semiramis Hotel 1917 Novella. First published as a long story in The Story-Teller magazine for March 1917,[1] and collected in The Four Corners of the World, Hodder and Stoughton 1917.[2][3] In the US it was published as a standalone book by Charles Scribner's Sons.[4]
The House of the Arrow 1924 Novel
The Prisoner in the Opal 1928 Novel
They Wouldn't be Chessmen 1935 Novel
The House in Lordship Lane 1946 Novel

Hanaud also features in the short story The Ginger King (1940), and makes a brief appearance in The Sapphire (1933). The 1931 volume A. E. W. Mason Omnibus: Inspector Hanaud's Investigations is a collection of the first three novels with an introduction by the author.[5][6]

Other novelsEdit

Other novels
Title Year of first
Notes Ref.
A Romance of Wastdale 1895 Novel [7]
The Courtship of Maurice Buckler 1896 Novel [7]
The Philanderers 1897 Novel [7]
Lawrence Clavering 1897 Novel [7]
Miranda of the Balcony 1899 Novel [7]
The Watchers 1899 Novel [7]
Parson Kelly 1900 Novel, with Andrew Lang [7]
Clementina 1901 Novel [7]
The Four Feathers 1902 Novel [7]
The Truants 1904 Novel [7]
Running Water 1907 Novel [7]
The Broken Road 1907 Novel [7]
The Turnstile 1912 Novel [7]
The Witness for the Defence 1913 Novel [7]
The Summons 1920 Novel [7]
The Winding Stair 1923 Novel [7]
No Other Tiger 1927 Novel [7]
The Dean's Elbow 1930 Novel [8]
The Three Gentlemen 1932 Novel [7]
The Sapphire 1933 Novel [7]
Fire Over England 1936 Novel [7]
The Drum 1937 Novel [7]
Königsmark 1938 Novel [7]
Musk and Amber 1942 Novel [7]

Short story collectionsEdit

Short story collections
Title Year of first publication Notes Ref.
Ensign Knightley, and Other Stories 1901 Short stories [7]
The Four Corners of the World 1917 Short stories [7]
Dilemmas 1934 Short stories [7]


Title Year of first printed publication First London performance (except where indicated) Notes Ref.
Blanche de Malétroit 1894 Ladbroke Hall, 30 June 1894 [7]
The Courtship of Maurice Buckler - Grand, Islington, 6 December 1897 With Isabel Bateman [7]
Marjorie Strode - The Playhouse, 19 March 1908 [7]
Colonel Smith 1909 St James's, 23 April 1909 Privately printed [7]
Green Stockings 1910 Thirty Ninth Street Theatre, New York, 2 October 1911 Final version of Colonel Smith [7]
The Princess Clementina - The Queen's, 14 December 1910 With George Pleydell Bancroft [7]
The Witness for the Defence 1911, 1913 St James's, 1 February 1911 Privately printed 1911 [7]
Open Windows - St James's, 11 March 1913 [7]
At the Villa Rose 1928 Strand, 10 July 1920 [7]
Running Water - Wyndham's, 5 April 1922 [7]
The House of the Arrow - Vaudeville, 11 May 1928 [7]
No Other Tiger - St James's, 26 December 1928 [7]
A Present from Margate 1934 Shaftesbury, 14 December 1933 With Ian Hay [7]

An adaptation by Anne Crawford Flexnor of the novel Miranda of the Balcony was performed in New York in 1901, and at The Empire Theatre Huddersfield on 2 September 1901.[9]

Uncollected Short StoriesEdit

Uncollected Short Stories
Title Publication and date Ref.
The Vicar's Conversion Strand Magazine, Dec 1900 [5]
The Schoolmaster and Felicia Mr Punch's Holiday Book 1901 [5]
The Picture in the Bath Illustrated London News, Christmas Extra number 1901 [5]
The Man from Socotra Illustrated London News, 22 Nov 1902 [5]
The Guide Daily Mail 1904 (reprinted in The Old Volume Annual 1908) [5]
Dimoussi and the Pistol London Magazine, Sep 1905 [5]
The Silver Flask Metropolitan Magazine, Jul 1907 [5]
Making Good Cornhill Magazine, Jan 1910 [5]
The Silver Ship Metropolitan Magazine, Jan 1917 [5]
The Sapphire Pall Mall Magazine, May 1927 [5]
The Ear Strand Magazine, Jun 1937 [5]
The Conjurer The Queen's Book of the Red Cross 1939 [5]
The Secret Fear Strand Magazine, Apr 1940 [5]
The Ginger King Strand Magazine, Aug 1940 [5]
The Watch Homes and Gardens, Jun 1945 [5]
Not in the Log Strand Magazine, May 1948 [5]
Rodin's Poseur (Unpublished) [5]


Title Year of first publication Notes Ref.
The Royal Exchange 1920 Privately printed [7]
Sir George Alexander and the St James's Theatre 1935 Biography [7]
The Life of Francis Drake 1941 Biography [7]

Film and TV adaptationsEdit

This is a list of adaptations by other writers of works by A. E. W. Mason.

Film and TV adaptations
Title Year Directed by Based on (novel unless specified) Notes
Princess Clementina 1911 William Barker Clementina Silent
Four Feathers 1915 J. Searle Dawley The Four Feathers Silent
Green Stockings 1916 Wilfrid North Green Stockings (play) Silent
The Witness for the Defense 1919 George Fitzmaurice The Witness for the Defence Silent
At the Villa Rose 1920 Maurice Elvey At the Villa Rose Silent
A Romance of Wastdale 1921 Maurice Elvey A Romance of Wastdale Silent
The Broken Road 1921 René Plaissetty The Broken Road Silent
The Four Feathers 1921 René Plaissetty The Four Feathers Silent
Running Water 1922 Maurice Elvey Running Water Silent
The Truants 1922 Sinclair Hill The Truants Silent
Slaves of Destiny 1924 Maurice Elvey Miranda of the Balcony Silent
The Winding Stair 1925 John Griffith Wray The Winding Stair Silent
Slightly Used 1927 Archie Mayo Green Stockings (play)
The Four Feathers 1929 Merian C. Cooper, Lothar Mendes, Ernest B. Schoedsack The Four Feathers Silent
At the Villa Rose 1930 Leslie S. Hiscott At the Villa Rose Mystery at the Villa Rose in the United States
Le mystère de la villa rose 1930 René Hervil and Louis Mercanton At the Villa Rose
The House of the Arrow 1930 Leslie S. Hiscott The House of the Arrow
La Maison de la Fléche 1930 Henri Fescourt The House of the Arrow
The Flirting Widow 1930 William A. Seiter Green Stockings (play)
Her Imaginary Lover 1933 George King Green Stockings (play)
The Widow from Monte Carlo 1935 Arthur Greville Collins A Present from Margate (play)
Fire Over England 1937 William K. Howard Fire Over England
The Drum 1938 Zoltan Korda The Drum
The Four Feathers 1939 Zoltan Korda The Four Feathers
At the Villa Rose 1940 Walter Summers At the Villa Rose Also known as House of Mystery
The House of the Arrow 1940 Harold French The House of the Arrow
At the Villa Rose 1948 Gilbert Thomas (writer) TV film
The House of the Arrow 1953 Michael Anderson The House of the Arrow
Clementina 1954 Joy Harington Clementina TV series
Storm Over the Nile 1955 Terence Young and Zoltan Korda The Four Feathers
The Crystal Trench 4 Oct 1959 Alfred Hitchcock The Crystal Trench (short story) Episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents
The Four Feathers 1978 Don Sharp The Four Feathers TV film
The Four Feathers 2002 Shekhar Kapur The Four Feathers


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