List of women's film festivals

Women's film festivals are film events geared to promote women in the film industry. Women’s film festivals began due to the lack of female voice within the film industry.[1] To combat this hindrance, their own film festival was designed. Most women's film festivals only screen films directed, produced, or written by women. Some film festivals only invite women to attend. Sometimes, some events or awards are also geared towards men, if their work promotes women's career paths or visibility in the industry.

Name Est. City Country Type Notes Website
Afghanistan International Women's Film Festival 2004 Herat  Afghanistan International
Aichi International Women’s Film Festival 1996 Aichi  Japan International
Another Experiment by Women Film Festival 2010 New York  United States Special interest Promoting and screening women’s experimental films, many featuring underrepresented themes and issues distinct to women and girls.
Archer Film Festival 2012 Los Angeles  United States Special interest High school film festival, not exclusive to women filmmakers
Artemis Women In Action Film and music Festival 2015/19/20 Los Angeles  United States International Dedicated to honouring female action and empowerment heroes. [[1]]
Aswan International Women’s Film Festival 2017 Aswan  Egypt International
Athena Film Festival 2009 New York  United States International Barnard College event focusing on "fearless women leaders"
Ax Wound Film Festival Brattleboro  United States Special interest Horror films made by women
Barcelona International Women's Film Festival 1992 Barcelona  Spain International
Beirut International Women Film Festival 2016 Beirut  Lebanon International Organized by Beirut Film Society, under the theme “Women for Change”
Bentonville Film Festival 2015 Bentonville  United States International Partner of Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media
Berlin Feminist Film Week Berlin  Germany International Feminist films
Berlin Lesbian Film Festival Berlin  Germany International Films of lesbian interest; on hiatus
Birds-Eye View Film Festival 2002 London  United Kingdom International In 2014, changed from annual festival to various year-round events around the UK
Boston Women's Film Festival 2018 Boston  United States International
Breakthroughs Film Festival 2011 Toronto  Canada International Short films of all genres
Brooklyn Girl Film Festival 2012 Brooklyn  United States International Disbanded in 2015
Brooklyn Women's Film Festival 2017 Brooklyn  United States International
Broad Humor 2015 Venice, California  United States International The goal is to fill the near total void of comic films by women in film festivals around the country.
Cairo International Women's Film Festival 2008 Cairo  Egypt International
California Women’s Film Festival Los Angeles  United States International
CASCADIA International Women’s Film Festival 2017 Bellingham, Washington  United States International
China Women's Film Festival 2013 Beijing  China International
Citizen Jane Film Festival 2008 Columbia, Missouri  United States International On hold, as festival plans change of mission and style
Corto Helvetico al Femminile Muralto   Switzerland International Women's International Short Film Festival
Coven Film Festival 2019 San Francisco , California  United States International COVEN Film Festival is devoted to films by women and non-binary filmmakers from the San Francisco Bay Area and around the world. By spotlighting these under-represented voices, we aim to tell and amplify their stories to new audiences and the filmmaking community.
Crucial 21st Century Cinema #DirectedbyWomen 2015 Online International Communal blogging initiative, invites the world to turn its attention to work by women directors that premiered (or first aired) during the 21st century
Davis Feminist Film Festival 2006 UC Davis  United States International Grassroots festival of short films from around the world davis-feminist-film-festival
Detroit SheTown Film Festival 2018 Detroit  United States International Short films by or about women
Dublin Feminist Film Festival 2014 Dublin  Ireland International Celebrating and showcasing fantastic female filmmaking
Elles Tournent – Dames Draaien Festival 2009 Brussels  Belgium International
Eroïn Gala 2012 Paris  France International Short films
Etheria Film Night 2014 Los Angeles  United States Special interest Horror, sci-fi, thriller, dark comedy short films
Eve Film Festival 2018 Ottawa  Canada International A feminist event that showcases and supports work by women* (cis and trans) and genderqueer directors in film
Everett Film Festival 1997 Everett  United States International
Female Eye Film Festival 2001 Toronto  Canada International
FemCine 2010 Santiago  Chile International Includes some films by men
Fem Film Festival 2019 Bangkok  Thailand International Focus on Southeast Asian films. Presented by Bangkok Screening Room
Femina Fest 2004 Rio de Janeiro  Brazil International On hold
Feminale 1984 Cologne  Germany International Became International Women's Film Festival Dortmund | Cologne
Feminist & Queer International Film Festival 2015 Bucharest  Romania International Disbanded
FIFFS - Women Film Festival of Salé 2005 Salé  Morocco International
Films, Femmes, Mediterranée 2005 Marseille  France International Focusing on filmmakers and actresses from Mediterranean countries
Film Festival Assen 1980 Assen  Netherlands International Films focusing on women in front of and behind the camera
Film Festival for Women's Rights 2006 Seoul  South Korea International Focusing on subjects relating to violence against women
Filmmor Women's Film Festival on Wheels 2003 Istanbul, Bodrum  Turkey International
Flying Broom International Women's Film Festival 1997 Ankara  Turkey International
For Film's Sake (formerly the WOW Film Festival) 1996 Sydney  Australia International
FrauenFilmTage 2004 Vienna  Austria International
Freiburger Lesben Filmtage 1990 Freiburg  Germany International Lesbian interest films
Fusion Film Festival 2003 New York  United States International NYU festival
hecho x mujeres 2008 Rosario, Santa Fe  Argentina International Disbanded in 2014
HER Docs Film Festival 2019 Warsaw Poland International Showcasing documentary films, animations, experimental films and video artworks directed by womxn.
High Falls Film Festival 2001 Rochester  United States International
Hollywood Women's Film Festival 2019 Hollywood  United States International Hosted by the Hollywood Women's Film Institute. All submissions must be directed, produced and written by women.
IAWRT Asian Women's Film Festival 2005 New Delhi  India International Films directed by Asian women
Ifema 2006 Malmö  Sweden International Screens films by women directors
Imagine This Women's International Film Festival 2016 Brooklyn  United States International
Black Laurel Film (formerly International Black Women's Film Festival) 2001 San Francisco  United States International Screens media by and/or about Black women from around the world in non-stereotypical, non-pornographic roles.
International Images Film Festival for Women 2002 Harare  Zimbabwe International Films by African women filmmakers capatrust.orgl
International Women's Film Festival Dortmund | Cologne 2006 Dortmund and Cologne  Germany International Merger of Feminale Cologne (founded 1984) and Femme Totale Dortmund (founded 1987). The festival alternates between both cities. Focus on LGBT and Feminist films.
International Women's Film Festival In Rehovot 2004 Rehovot  Israel International Disbanded in 2014
Io Isabella International Film Week 2005 Valsinni  Italy International Disbanded in 2007
Journées de la femme africaine de l’image 2014 Ouagadougou & Banfora  Burkina Faso International Featuring films by African women filmmakers
KIN International Film Festival 2003 Yerevan  Armenia International
LA Femme Film Festival 2005 Los Angeles  United States International
Laboratorio Immagine Donna 1979 Florence  Italy International
LadyBug Festival 2009 Gothenburg  Sweden International Short films
Les Femmes Underground International Film Festival 2015 Phoenix/Traveling  United States International Centered on the subversive, unique, and innovative. showcases artists from all walks of life creating work that redefines the manner in which women are represented in mainstream cinema
Lethal Lesbian 2008 Tel Aviv  Israel International Film festival by and about women who love women
London Feminist Film Festival 2012 London  United Kingdom International Screens films on feminist subjects; on hiatus in 2019
London Lesbian Film Festival 1991 London, Ontario  Canada International Lesbian-interest films
LUNAFEST 2000 Traveling, multi-city  United States International Short films
Malmö Arab Film Festival 2011 Malmö  Sweden International Arab cinema
Udada Film Festival 2014 Nairobi  Kenya International Status: Active We support and celebrate women in the arts; music, dance, fine arts, theatre, spoken word and film.

Melbourne Women in Film Festival 2017 Melbourne  Australia National
MicGenero 2012 Mexico City  Mexico International Bringing gender studies and human rights closer to a diverse audience that may or may not be familiar with these issues through film and other disciplines.
Mis Me Binga 2009 Yaoundé  Cameroon International
Mujeres Cine y la TV 2002 Mexico City  Mexico International
Mujeres en Foco Buenos Aires  Argentina International
Mumbai Women's International Film Festival 2013 Mumbai  India International Disbanded in 2014
Mzansi Women Film Festival 2012 Johannesburg  South Africa International Apparently ceased in 2017
Ndiva Women’s Film Festival 2017 Accra  Ghana International Brings African women filmmakers and women filmmakers of African descent in the Diaspora together for networking, screenings and promotion
Nevada Women's Film Festival 2015 Las Vegas  United States International
No Man’s Land Film Festival 2015 Aspen  United States Special interest Adventure films
Olhares do Mediterrâneo - Cinema no Feminino 2013 Lisbon  Portugal International Screens films by Mediterranean women
Paris Lesbian and Feminist Film Festival 1989 Paris  France International A women-only film festival screening lesbian and feminist films
Port Townsend Film Festival - Women & Film 2017 Port Townsend  United States International Edition of the general Port Townsend Film Festival
Post Alley Film Festival Seattle  United States International Short films
POW Film Fest 2008 Portland  United States International
Reel Sisters of the Diaspora 1997 Brooklyn  United States International Festival for women of color filmmakers
Queer Women of Color Film Festival 2005 San Francisco  United States International Free event featuring work by queer women of color, to combat bias and nurture artist-activists, leading to social change
Rocky Mountain Women's Film Festival 1987 Colorado Springs  United States International
SAGA: Adelaide International Women's Film Festival 2019 Adelaide  Australia International Based on SAGA: Stockholm Women's Film Festival; grassroots festival aiming to enable women and girls to tell and shape their own stories.
Scream Queen Filmfest Tokyo 2013 Tokyo  Japan Special interest Horror, science fiction, dark-fantasy, thriller, grind house, noir, dark/horror comedy (currently on hold (2019))
Season Film Festival 2001 Helsinki  Finland International Stems from the Woman or Artichoke film festival created in 2001; tagline: "Love & Anarchy"
Seoul International Women's Film Festival 1987 Seoul  South Korea International
Shashat Women’s Film Festival 2005 Ramallah State of Palestine Palestine Longest-running women's festival in the Arab world, with screenings in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip
Some Prefer Cake 2006 Bologna  Italy International Lesbian film festival
St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival 1989 St. John's  Canada International
Stockholm Feminist Film Festival 2017 Stockholm  Sweden International Largest women's film festival in Scandinavia
Stranger With My Face 2012 Hobart, Tasmania  Australia Special interest Horror and related genres; on hiatus
THE ONE International Women’s Film Festival 2016 Chengdu  China International
Through Women’s Eyes 2000 Sarasota  United States International
Topaz Film Festival (formerly Flicks by Chicks) 2001 Dallas  United States International Screening films by independent filmmakers; must have women in at least 2 key roles.
TRICKY WOMEN/TRICKY REALITIES 2001 Vienna  Austria Special interest Animation
Underwire Festival 2010 London  United Kingdom International
Vancouver Women in Film Festival 1989 Vancouver  Canada International
WOCAF - Women of Color Arts and Film 2005 Atlanta and Lagos  United States


Women+Film 2010 Denver  United States International Women's film festival edition of the Denver Film Festival
Women International Film Festival 2017 Islamabad  Pakistan International Goal to encourage and facilitate young girls and women to use self-expression, storytelling, fiction, and citizen journalism through filmmaking to raise their voice and create social change.
Women Make Waves 1993 Taipei  Taiwan International
WOMEN Media Arts and Film Festival 2013 Sydney  Australia International Women's film and media
Women of African Descent Film Festival 2002 Brooklyn  United States International Short films
Women of Color Film Festival 1987 Santa Cruz  United States International Screens films by women of color, providing a platform for critical explorations of race, nation, class, gender, ethnicity, and sexuality
Women of the Lens 2018 London  United Kingdom International Film, Broadcast and Digital programming. Created to celebrate and highlight achievements of black women and WOC in UK creative industries.
Women Over 50 Film Festival 2015 Brighton  United Kingdom International Showcases work of older women on screen and behind the camera with an annual short film festival and year round events and film screenings
Women Texas Film Festival 2016 Dallas  United States International Tagline: Leaders, Radicals, Storytellers
Women's Film Festival 1990 Brattleboro  United States International
Women’s Film Festival San Diego San Diego  United States International Hosted by the Women's Museum of California to provide female storytellers a platform to share their work, connect with each other and a uniquely supportive audience.
Women’s Film Society Bangladesh 2013 Dhaka  Bangladesh On hold
Women’s International Film & Arts Festival 2005 Miami & New York  United States International
Women’s International Film & Television Showcase 2008 Los Angeles  United States International
Women’s Rights Nights 2010 Skopje  North Macedonia International Documentary film festival, screening films relating to women's rights
Women’s Voices Now Online Film Fest 2010 Online International Advocating social impact through films about women’s rights issues
Worldwide Women's Film Festival 2018 Phoenix  United States International
Her International Film Festival 2020 Kerry Ireland International

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