List of villages in Wallis and Futuna

There are 36 villages with municipal status[1] in Wallis and Futuna, including the capital Mata'utu. The total population at the census of population of 2018 was 11,558.[2]

Map of Wallis and Futuna
Illustration of Mata-Utu cathedral in 1862

List edit

The villages are listed by district, from the largest to the smallest:

Village Population District Chiefdom
Alele 524 Hihifo Uvea
Vaitupu 406 Hihifo Uvea
Mala'e 504 Hihifo Uvea
Vailala 341 Hihifo Uvea
Tufuone 167 Hihifo Uvea
Mata'utu 1,029 Hahake Uvea
Liku 605 Hahake Uvea
Falaleu 572 Hahake Uvea
Aka'aka 474 Hahake Uvea
Ahoa 436 Hahake Uvea
Haafuasia 299 Hahake Uvea
Utufua 602 Mua Uvea
Halalo 471 Mua Uvea
Vaimalau 371 Mua Uvea
Lavegahau 330 Mua Uvea
Teesi 216 Mua Uvea
Malaefoou 171 Mua Uvea
Gahi 249 Mua Uvea
Tepa 270 Mua Uvea
Haatofo 197 Mua Uvea
Kolopopo 99 Mua Uvea
Ono 524 Alo Alo
Taoa 480 Alo Alo
Kolia 254 Alo Alo
Vele 209 Alo Alo
Poi 160 Alo Alo
Mala'e 168 Alo Alo
Tamana 152 Alo Alo
Tuatafa 2 Alo Alo
Alofitai 1 Alo Alo
Leava 322 Sigave Sigave
Toloke 172 Sigave Sigave
Nuku 204 Sigave Sigave
Fiua 257 Sigave Sigave
Vaisei 160 Sigave Sigave
Tavai 160 Sigave Sigave

Other villages (without municipal status)

References edit

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