List of universities and colleges in Macau

Macau is a city of tourism with a multicultural blend which provides a broad sense and international perspective for its college students. The free academic atmosphere and its profound and unique foundation in culture have also created favorable conditions for higher education. Most of the curricula, teachers and the general quality of teaching have reached an internationally accepted level.

Mainly English or Chinese (or both) are the languages of instruction in universities; some courses or programs are conducted in Portuguese.

The following is a list of universities, polytechnics and other advanced level (higher) education and research institutions in Macau.

Name Portuguese Chinese Type
University of Macau Universidade de Macau 澳門大學 Public[1]
Macao Polytechnic University Universidade Politécnica de Macau 澳門理工大學 Public[2]
Macao University of Tourism Universidade de Turismo de Macau 澳門旅遊大學 Public[3]
Academy of Public Security Forces Escola Superior das Forças de Segurança de Macau 澳門保安部隊高等學校 Public[4]
Macau University of Science and Technology Universidade de Ciência e Tecnologia de Macau 澳門科技大學 Private[5]
City University of Macau Universidade da Cidade de Macau 澳門城市大學 Private[6]
University of Saint Joseph Universidade de São José 聖若瑟大學 Private[7]
Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau Instituto de Enfermagem Kiang Wu de Macau 澳門鏡湖護理學院 Private[8]
Macau Institute of Management Instituto de Gestão de Macau 澳門管理學院 Private[9]
Macau Millennium College Instituto Milénio de Macau 中西創新學院 Private[10]
Institute of European Studies of Macau Instituto de Estudos Europeus de Macau 澳門歐洲研究學會 Private organization[11]
United Nations University Institute in Macao Instituto de Macau da Universidade das Nações Unidas 聯合國大學國際軟件技術研究所 United Nations University[12]

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