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List of unclassified languages according to the Ethnologue

The following languages are listed as unclassified by the Ethnologue (17th edition), though in their descriptions some are identified with an established family, or have been retired as spurious. Since the 15th edition, several other unclassified languages were found to be related to known languages once better data was collected, and some, such as Amikoana and Miarrã, were found to be spurious and their ISO codes were retired. (See spurious languages.) Languages which became extinct before 1950 are the purview of Linguist List and are being gradually removed from Ethnologue; they are listed as an addendum to this page.




Bhatola is listed as unclassifiable (due to a lack of data) by Glottolog.[1]



Languages maintained by Linguist ListEdit


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