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This is a list of notable twins, siblings resultant from a multiple birth.

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  • Thomas and Grace Houghton-Burnett (2002–), heaviest mixed sex twins born in the UK (Thomas 10 lb 1 oz or 4.56 kg, Grace 8 lb 2 oz or 3.69 kg); also heaviest twins born via normal delivery in the UK (rather than by C-section)[6]
  • Gin Kanie (1892–2001) and Kin Narita (1892–2000). widely known for their longevity,
  • Benny (1947–2001) and Billy McGuire (1947–1979), heaviest ever twins at 814 and 784 pounds. Born in Hendersonville, NC, US in 1947. Billy died in 1979, Benny in 2001.[7]
  • Michael and James Lanier, World's tallest twins, at 7' 6" or 2.286 m.[8][9][10]
  • Edward and Daniel Hemberg (2005–), heaviest twins born in New Zealand (and at the time Australasia) via natural delivery (Edward 3.54 kg and Daniel 3.76 kg)[11]
  • Tashi and Nungshi Malik (1991–), world's first female twins to scale Everest together, first twins and siblings to scale Seven Summits together, Ski to North & South Pole together and to complete Explorers Grand Slam together and youngest persons to achieve it[12][13]

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