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This is a list of time capsules. The International Time Capsule Society estimates there are between 10,000 and 15,000 time capsules worldwide.[1]


By countryEdit



On 29 September 1896, when the Perth Observatory foundation was laid, the occasion was attended by Sir John Forrest and other notable dignitaries. Several items of importance were placed in a 'leaden box', sealed and deposited in a cavity beneath the foundation stone. The local press reported the event and mentioned here since "Röntgen rays tubes, and a description of the process, together with specimen photographs", donated by X-ray pioneer William John Hancock were included in the cache.[2] This is the first known instance of a time capsule in Western Australia, and in Australia.

Also in Western Australia, in celebration of the laying of the foundation stone of the Northam Railway Institute on 28 July 1897, laid by Mrs. Ann Throssell, the wife of the Commissioner of Crown Lands and local MP George Throssell, a bottle containing two copies of the Northam Advertiser newspaper and several coins was laid in a cavity beneath the foundation stone.[3]


In celebration of its golden jubilee, Epping Boys High School of Sydney buried a time capsule in the foyer of its library, in 2007, to be unearthed in the centenary year. A previous time capsule was buried in 1982 to celebrate the silver jubilee. The town of Cowra in central Western New South Wales contained a time capsule which was buried near a sculpture of an eagle in the park not far from the town's information center. The capsule was opened in the year 2000 on an unspecified date, although the sculpture remains, there is no mention of the time capsule once buried there.

A time capsule is also located at Nailsworth Primary School in South Australia, being planted in 2001 to be opened in 2025, this capsule was planted to replace the 1977 capsule opened the same year.[4] A time capsule is also present on the grounds of Melbourne High school in Victoria.[citation needed]

A time capsule on Canberra's City Hill was unveiled on 11 March 2013 to commemorate the city's centenary. It is to be unsealed in 2113.[5]

On 22 February 2018, the Sunshine Coast Council concluded its celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Naming of the Sunshine Coast by burying a historic time capsule.[6] The capsule contains a number of reports, documents, and objects from the year previous, and a letter from Mayor Mark Jamieson and 2017 Young Citizen of the Year, Jak Hardy, who was appointed its guardian through to 2067.[7]



In celebration of its 150th corporate anniversary, Bacardi Limited installed a 1.82m x 0.30m stainless steel time capsule, encased in a granite cap and cement pedestal, in front of the Bacardi worldwide headquarters in Bermuda. The capsule was placed in December 2012 and is intended to be opened in 2062, at the company's 200th anniversary.[8]



  • A privately funded time capsule, buried in front of the former city hall of Puerto Montt in October 2010, to be opened by February 2053.



  • Erected in 2014, the monument is located in Reykjavik, Iceland, has of three differently shaped 15 feet tall spires, two made of stone and one metal center pillar.[14]


  • Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had buried a time capsule outside one of the gate of Red Fort complex,The Indira Gandhi government named this time capsule "Kalpaatra", Delhi containing post-independence history of India on 15 August 1972 amid political opposition. It was scheduled to be opened after 1000 years. The next Janata government unearthed it in 1977 but its contents were never made public and were lost.[15][16][17][18]
  • A time capsule was buried in the presence of the President of India near the auditorium of IIT Kanpur on 6 March 2010.[19][20]
  • Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar containing the history of Indian state of Gujarat marking the 50 years of its foundation. Installed in 2010.[21][22]
  • Alexandra Girls' English Institution, a school in Fort, South Mumbai buried a time capsule in 2014, scheduling it to be opened on 1 September 2062, on the bi-centennial anniversary of the school.[23]
  • Under the flag holding of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a time-capsule was buried in the premises of Lovely Professional University, a University located in Jalandhar, Punjab on the second day of Indian National Congress dated 4th January, 2019. The occasion was attended by Nobel laureates, including biochemist Avram Hershko and physicist Duncan Haldane. They lowered a 8x8 time capsule-box made of aluminium and wood with a glass door.10 feet into the ground. A smart phone, landline telephone, VCR, stereo player, stop watch, computer parts like hard disk, mouse, laptop, central processing unit, a motherboard, hard disk with the latest documentaries and movies, a camera, science-text books and scientific equipment like rheostat, refrectorscope and double microscope are some of the things that will remain buried for 100 years. The area where the capsule has been buried would be cemented and earmarked.



  • In Aktau, people of 1967 sent a message showing the chronology of the development of Mangyshlak Peninsula with the names of the people who helped to build the town in the desert. The letter was put in a metallic cylinder in a triangular marble urn. It opened in November 2017.[24]


  • Rotary Club Time Capsule Monument (GPS: 3.15912, 101.69825) is a commemorative monument along Jalan Sultan Ismail in Kuala Lumpur. It was originally located at Dataran Merdeka, but was relocated to Jalan Sultan Ismail around 2016. It comprises a stainless steel column topped with a Rotary International logo. At the base is a black marble-encased pedestal under which a time capsule is buried. The monument was erected to celebrate the presence of Rotary in Malaysia since 1929. It was officiated by the mayor of Kuala Lumpur, Tan Sri Dato' Kamaruzzaman bin Shariff, on 26 June 2000.


  • On 17 September 2017 near the Polish Polar Station, Hornsund in the Norwegian Svalbard archipelago, scientific researchers buried a 60-centimeter stainless steel tube containing samples designed to tell finders as long as half a million years into the future, about the current state of knowledge in such areas as geology, biology, and technology.[25]


  • Prisoners from the Auschwitz concentration camp concealed bottles containing sketches[26] and writings[27] that were found after World War II.
  • In 2016, a copper-cylinder time capsule dating to 1934 was found beneath the former Nazi training facility in the Ordensburg Krössinsee building in Złocieniec, Poland.[28] The time capsule, which contained photographs, newspapers, coins, and two copies of Hitler's Mein Kampf, was retrieved by researchers who navigated through thick concrete, German mines, and groundwater.[28]



  • The oldest known time capsule in Singapore was rediscovered in early 2016, beneath the foundation stone of the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd. The shoebox-sized time capsule from 18 June 1843 was found to include a prayer booklet and newspapers, and international coins.[30] The capsule is thought to have been buried by French Catholic missionary priests and other founding communities of Singapore.[30].
  • On 1 April 1937 a capsule containing coins and newspapers from the time was buried under the foundation stone of the former Supreme Court building with the intention that it be opened in the year 3000. The building now houses the National Gallery Singapore, where the foundation stone can still be seen today.
  • In 1949 a capsule was buried at Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road) containing school magazines, a bible and records of major donors. Thought to be lost, the capsule was rediscovered in 2000 with the help of a former student who had attended the burial ceremony.
  • A capsule buried in 1950 under the then Royal Island Club (now the Singapore Island Country Club) was thought to be lost but later found by construction workers in 2010. It contained photographs and newspapers.
  • In 1970, one of Singapore's founding leaders, Dr Goh Keng Swee laid a copper cylinder containing newspapers and Singapore bank notes from the era, somewhere in the former National Stadium. Unfortunately the location has been lost and metal detectors have failed to find it despite a $50,000 reward on offer[31].
  • Since 1973, Science Centre Singapore has been depositing gadgets and examples of significant technologies in a time capsule inaugurated by then Science and Technology Minister Dr Toh Chin Chye. The first 112 items deposited included a black and white television receiver, a camera and samples of pig feed. After additional deposits were made in 1983, 2001 and 2013 the original capsule was replaced with a larger stainless steel container that now holds over 800 items in an atmosphere of inert nitrogen gas in the hope that this will better preserve the artefacts inside[31].
  • The Jurong Town Corporation buried a time capsule under Jurong Town Hall in 1974. When opened in 2001, the capsule was found to contain reports, articles and photographs illustrating the industrialisation of Jurong.
  • In 1975, part of Singapore's contribution to an International Ocean Exposition held in Okinawa, Japan entitled The Sea We Would Like to See was a research project using floating time capsules. The previous year, 50 small round capsules were released from Raffles Lighthouse as part of a global fleet of 2,800 to measure oceanic tides and currents. Each capsule contained information about the Exposition, a goodwill message from a Japanese child and a voucher for a Citizen Blackie watch to incentivise finders to fill in a post card with details of where the capsule were found. 24 of the capsules released in Singapore were later recovered.
  • 1990 saw the unexpected unearthing of a time capsule from the 1950s by contractors working at the demolished American Insurance building in Robinson Road. Buried on 26 April 1956, the copper canister contained English and Chinese newspapers, a financial report, photographs, posters and an insurance agent's manual[31].
  • In 2015, a time capsule buried to celebrate Singapore's 25th year of independence was dug up and replaced with one celebrating 50 years as a sovereign nation. The original canister held 88 "symbols of progress" including a video tape of the 1966 National Day (Singapore), water from the Singapore River and the first sarong kebaya uniforms designed by Pierre Balmain for Singapore Airlines in 1968. The replacement capsule, made from stainless steel, was buried by then Deputy Prime Minister Ong Teng Cheong outside Empress Place[31].
  • On 31 August 2005, Singapore Polytechnic buried a time capsule in order to conclude year-long celebrations of its 50th anniversary of its founding in 1954.[32] Located near its main library, it is scheduled to be re-opened in 2029 for its 75th anniversary.[33] Items in the time capsule included staff and student admission cards, a CD of 2004's graduation ceremony and a bottle of locally brewed red wine.


  • An 1834 time capsule was discovered in 2009 under a statue of Miguel de Cervantes in Madrid. It contains a guide and four volumes of the 1819 edition of Don Quixote.[34]
  • A time capsule was buried in Motril, Granada. It will be opened on 22 July 2023 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the cantonal movement.[35]
  • A 1777 time capsule was discovered within a religious statue in Sotillo de la Ribera (Burgos). It contained two handwritten pages describing details of the political, religious, and economic situation of the region at the time.[36]

United KingdomEdit

  • Kingussie, Scotland: in August 2015 workers discovered a metal box containing a newspaper from 29 September 1894, a paper scroll and a bottle believed to contain whisky.[37]
  • Macclesfield, Cheshire: in April 2010 an urn container from 1876 was found under a granite slab in the United Reformed Church. The content (newspapers and photographs) was perfectly preserved.[38]
  • Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, England: On 21 March 2017 a time capsule bearing the name of its creator, James D Robinson, was 'sealed' at an informal gathering in a local church hall. It was subsequently transferred to the nearby Durham County Record Office, at County Hall, in the City of Durham, where it will reside in their archive facility for the next 300 years. The capsule contains an eclectic mix of texts and images along with a number of artefacts, and is scheduled to be opened on 21 March 2317.
  • The children's television show Blue Peter have buried several time capsules during the programme's run. Ones buried in London in 1971 and 1984 were opened in January 2000. A third was then buried to be opened in 2029, which has since been relocated to Salford, Greater Manchester. One was also placed under the Millennium Dome in London in 1998, to be opened in 2050,[39] but was accidentally unearthed and damaged during construction work in 2017. It will be reburied once it has been repaired.[40][needs update]
  • Southampton, Hampshire: a 1935 message in a lemonade bottle, correctly portending difficult times lying ahead, was found in 2016 by masons restoring damaged Portland stone at Southampton Guildhall.[41]
  • Millennium Vault, Europe's largest time capsule was built in 2000 in Guildford, Surrey. The capsule which contains lots of mementos is set to be opened in one-thousand years in 3000.

United StatesEdit

  • Waynesboro, Virginia. Time capsule for Fishburne Military School to be opened in 2179, the school's 300th anniversary.
  • Richmond, Indiana. Time capsule placed in cornerstone of YMCA in 1955.[citation needed]
  • On 15 June 1957, as part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Oklahoma statehood, a 1957 Plymouth Belvedere car was sealed in an underground vault in Tulsa, to be unearthed 50 years later on 14 June 2007 during Oklahoma's centennial celebration. Several items were left in the car's trunk and glove compartment, such as a 5 US gallon can of gasoline intended to start the car, should gasoline not be the fuel of choice for motor vehicles in 2007. A contest also took place, in which the contestant who came the closest to guessing the city population in 2007, would then be awarded the car and $100 in a savings account.
  • Time Capsule in ghost town, Centralia, Pennsylvania was to be opened in 2016 but was opened in 2014 instead. Within the time capsule was about two feet of water destroying most paper artifacts in the capsule. A miner's helmet and a pair of bloomers signed by the men living in the city at the time are among artifacts that remained.[42][43]
  • Crypt of Civilization in Atlanta, Georgia[44]
  • Westinghouse Time Capsules in New York City[45]
  • Helium Centennial Time Columns Monument in Amarillo, Texas[46]
  • Disneyland 40th Anniversary Time Capsule in Anaheim, California; to open in July 2035[citation needed]
  • Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY: a time capsule placed in a cornerstone in 1954 was found in January 2013[47]
  • Salt Lake City, 78 S. Main & 100 South: In 2012, a time capsule from Nov. 25, 1959 containing predictions for the year 2000 was found in the outside wall of the former First Federal Savings Bank[48]
  • Fort Collins, Colorado: In January 2013, a time capsule dated 6 June 1907 was found in a cornerstone of the building at 140 Oak Street[49]
  • Merrick Park Time Capsule in Coral Gables, Florida[citation needed]
  • A 100-year-old time capsule in the First Lutheran Church of Oklahoma City opened on 23 April 2013
  • Detroit Century Box in Detroit, Michigan, containing 56 letters from prominent citizens, sealed at midnight on 31 December 1900 and opened on 31 December 2000[50][51]
  • In 1992, a time capsule was buried at Nickelodeon Studios containing items that kids considered important at that time. It was moved to the Nickelodeon Suites Resort Orlando in 2005 and later to the Nickelodeon Animation Studio in 2016, and will be opened in 2042.[52]
  • Time capsule in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.[citation needed]
  • Time capsule encased in cement at the entrance of the Miami Dade County Courthouse, 73 W. Flagler, St., Miami, Florida. To be opened on Sept. 17, 2087.[citation needed]
  • The Samuel Adams and Paul Revere Time Capsule was found under the Golden Dome of the Massachusetts State House in December 2014. It is believed to have been buried in 1795 by then-Governor Samuel Adams and Paul Revere, and contained newspapers, a commonwealth seal, colony records, coins, a silver plate, and copper medal. It was uncovered, then added to and replaced, in 1855. Being 219 years old, it is the oldest time capsule to be discovered in the United States.[53][54]
  • A time capsule buried at MIT in 1957 was accidentally unearthed during construction in 2015. Made to be opened in 2957, condition is checked and then it's put aside for reburial.
  • On 1 September 1975, a time capsule was buried at the intersection of 7th and Main in Louisville, Kentucky to be opened in 100 years.[55]
  • A time capsule was buried in 1984 by patrons of the nightclub Danceteria. Intended to be opened in the year 6984, it was instead uncovered by construction workers in 2017.[56]
Time capsule at NASA Glenn Research Center
  • On 23 January 1991 a time capsule was placed in a sculpture at NASA Lewis (now Glenn) Research Center, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Center's groundbreaking. The capsule is scheduled to be opened on 23 January 2041.[57]
  • On 14 January 2000, Livermore California buried two time capsules. Information at One capsule may have been reburied from a previous burial.
  • Time capsule at St. Joseph School in Mendham, NJ.[citation needed]
  • The largest time capsule in the world is located in Seward, Nebraska, containing over 5,000 items, one of which is a Chevy Vega. It opens in July 2025.[58][59]
  • On 1 August 1969 Wayne Centennial Time Capsule was placed in Wayne, MI and is due to be opened on 1 August 2069. [2]
  • On 3 September 2013 Perry Hall High School buried a time capsule on the occasion of the school's 50th anniversary. It is to be opened on 3 September 2063.[60]
  • In August 2018 Sea Pines Montessori Academy buried a time capsule on the occasion of the school's 50th anniversary. It is to be buried in Harbour Town on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina and opened in August 2068.
  • Boulder, Colorado: The courthouse plaza at Pearl Street Mall has two time capsules: one to be opened in 2075, the other in 2096.[61]
  • Reno, Nevada: A time capsule was placed in cornerstone at the Reno Masonic Lodge in October 1872. It was opened on April 16, 2019. It contained more than 40 items, including a harmonica, a corkscrew, silver dollars minted in Carson City and San Francisco, a piece of wood from Sutter's Mill, and copies of several newspapers, including the Nevada State Journal, the Nevada Appeal, and the Territorial Enterprise.[62][63]

In spaceEdit

In cinemaEdit

  • 100 Years, a film shot and produced in 2015 with release scheduled for 18 November 2115. It is being kept in a high-tech safe behind bulletproof glass that will open automatically on the film's premiere.

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Dates of opening of already opened capsules.

Date Location Installation date Cite
1957 Wall Street, New York City 1888
1966 Palatka, Florida 26 June 1905
1996 Perth Observatory, Perth, Australia 30 September 1896 [2]
7 February 2001 Cocoa Beach, Florida, Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel 5 March 1987 [64]
February 2012 Salt Lake City, Utah 1959 [65]
July 2012 Vulkanny in the Yelizovsky district of Kamchatka 1979 [66]
January 2013 Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY 1954 [47]
11 January 2013 Fort Collins, Colorado YMCA 6 June 1907 [67]
22 April 2013 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, First Lutheran Church 22 April 1913 [68]
February, 2015 Cocoa Beach, Florida, Doubletree Hotel 7 February 2001 [64]
July 2018 Santa Clara, California, Intel Corporation 2003 [69]

Scheduled openingsEdit

Scheduled opening dates for already installed capsules.

Opening date Location Installation date Cite
2022-03-22 Tequesta, Florida 2012
2022-10-12 Natick Mall, Natick, MA, USA Apr 26th, 1994
2026 Hubbard, Ohio, Public Library Building 1976
2029 Near Main Library of Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore 2005 [33]
2037-07-13 Goodhue County, Minnesota 2012
2037-07-13 Alcatraz, California 1973
2037-07 Life Center, Tampa, Florida 2012
2041 Santa Fe College, Gainesville, Florida[70] 17 January 2017
2043 Santa Clara, California, Intel Corporation July 2018 [69]
2045-08 Cocoa Beach, Florida 2009
2048-09-27 Cocoa Beach, Florida Public Library 1998
2055-01 Merrick Park, Coral Gables, Florida 2005
2062-12 Bacardi corporate headquarters, Hamilton, Bermuda 2012 [71]
2063-05-16 City Hall, Cape Canaveral, Florida 2013 [72]
2064 Project Mercury 1964
2067 Sunshine Coast Centenary on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia 2018 [6]
2068 'Sea Pines Montessori Academy' in Harbour Town, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina 2018
2070-05-3rd through 9th In front of Dodge County Court House, Eastman, Georgia 1970 [73]
2073-03-03 Goodhue County, Minnesota 2012
2075-07 Cocoa Beach, Florida ?
2077-03 Cape Canaveral, Florida ?
2092 Liberty Bell Museum, Melbourne, Florida ?
2094 Denver, Colorado, Denver International Airport 19 March 1994
2101-02-02 Fort Pierce, Florida public library 2001
2110-09 Santiago, Chile 29 September 2010 [74]
2112-11-27 American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Headquarters, Bethesda, Maryland 27 November 2012 [75]
2112-12-13 Bacardi corporate headquarters, Hamilton, Bermuda 2012-12-13 [71]
2018, 2068, 2968 Helium Centennial Time Columns Monument Amarillo, Texas Built in 1968 [46]
2317-03-21 Durham County Record Office, Co Durham, England 2017-03-21 [76]
2999-12-31 Chinook Centre Calgary, Alberta, Canada 2000
3000 Guildford, Surrey, England (Millennium Vault) 2000
6939 Flushing Meadow Park, New York, United States (Westinghouse time capsule I) 1939 [77]
6939 Flushing Meadow Park, New York, United States (Westinghouse time capsule II) 1965 [78]


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