List of the oldest buildings in Massachusetts

This article attempts to list the oldest buildings in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the United States of America, including the oldest houses in Massachusetts and any other surviving structures. Some dates are approximate (indicated with a "circa" or "c.") and based on architectural studies and historical records, while other dates are based on dendrochronology. All entries should include citation with reference to: 17th century architectural features; a report by an architectural historian; or dendrochronology. Sites on the list are generally from the First Period of American architecture. Only First Period houses built prior to 1700 are suitable for inclusion on this list or the building must be the oldest of its type.f

The Fairbanks House (built 1637-1641) is the oldest house verified using dendrochronology, followed by the James Blake House (built in 1661), but most First Period structures in Massachusetts have not yet been tested with dendrochronology surveys. The town of Ipswich, Massachusetts, is believed to have approximately 60 First Period houses, purportedly more than any other town in America.[1]

Building Image Location First Built Notes
Fairbanks House Fairbanks house dedham.jpg Dedham, Massachusetts 1637-1641 Oldest verified wood-frame house in America, timbers dated from 1637-1641 using dendrochronology, and the oldest house verified with dendrochronology in Massachusetts; largely preserved in original state.[2][3]
Williams-Barker House Williams-Barker House in Scituate Massachusetts MA Barker Tavern.png Scituate, Massachusetts circa 1630-1640 Core of house is believed to date from as early 1634, but is now extensively renovated[4][5] and currently operated as a tavern.[6] No dendrochronology survey.
Thomas Bourne House Thomas Bourne House at 1308 Ocean Street in Marshfield MA Massachusetts built circa 1639.jpg Marshfield, Massachusetts 1639 c. Located at 1308 Ocean Street;[7] House is believed to date from 1639.[8] No dendrochronology survey.
Richard Sparrow House Richard Sparrow House Plymouth, Massachusetts 1640 c. The Richard Sparrow House is a historic house and museum at 42 Summer Street in Plymouth, Massachusetts, and the allegedly the oldest surviving house in Plymouth. No dendrochronology survey.
Samuel Lucius-Thomas Howland House Old Houses at Foot of North Street, Plymouth, Mass (NYPL b12647398-79386).tiff Plymouth, Massachusetts 1640 c. Located at 36 North Street near Plymouth Rock; House is believed to date from 1640.[9][10][8] No dendrochronology survey.
Joseph Andrews-Perez Lincoln House Perez Lincoln house.jpg Hingham, now in Chatham 1640 c. House is believed to date from 1640 and was moved from Hingham to Chatham.[11][8] No dendrochronology survey.
Capt. Thomas Willett House-Upland Meadows Historic American Buildings Survey Arthur C. Haskell, Photographer Oct. 16, 1937 (c) EXT- FRONT and SIDE, LOOKING NORTHEAST - Captain Thomas Willett House, Kingston, Plymouth HABS MASS,12-KING,4-3.tif Kingston, Massachusetts 1640 c. Located at 27 Wapping Road; The back ell of the house is believed to date from 1640.[12][8] No dendrochronology survey.
Wing Fort House Wing Fort House exterior.jpg East Sandwich, Massachusetts 1641[13] The oldest home in New England continuously owned by the same family; now a museum.[13] Dendrochronological dating was attempted in 2007, but was unsuccessful due to "many of the samples having too many narrow rings, some having too few rings, and to the lack of reference chronologies from the south-eastern part of Massachusetts."[14]
Edmond Hawes-Barker Hunt House Edmond Hawes-Barker Hunt House aka Edwin Hunt House 8 Hounds Ditch Lane in Duxbury MA Massachusetts built circa 1641.jpg Duxbury, Massachusetts 1641 c. aka as the Edwin Hunt House at 8 Hounds Ditch Lane; House is believed to date from 1641.[15][16][17] No dendrochronology survey.
John Doane House John Doane House at 34 Wapping Road Kingston MA Massachusetts built circa 1644.jpg Kingston, Massachusetts 1644 c. Located at 34 Wapping Road;[18] House is believed to date from 1644.[8] No dendrochronology survey.
Nathaniel Felton Sr. House PeabodyMA NathanielFeltonSrHouse.jpg Peabody, Massachusetts 1644[19] Oldest house in Peabody.[20] No known dendrochronology survey.
James Noyes House James Noyes House.jpg Newbury, Massachusetts 1646
Shatswell Planter's Cottage Ipswich, Massachusetts 1646 c. Currently located on the property at 53 Jeffrey's Neck Rd where it was moved in the twentieth century from another location: "originally located at 88-90 High Street [where it was] the earliest of the three First Period structures on the site, dating to before 1646"; House is believed to date from 1646.[21] No dendrochronology survey.
John Ellis House John Ellis House at 76 Main Street in Sandwich MA Massachusetts built circa 1647.jpg Sandwich, Massachusetts c. 1647[22] located at 76 Main Street[23]
General Israel Putnam House Putnam House, Danvers, Massachusetts - front view.JPG Danvers, Massachusetts c. 1648
Capt. Gideon Woodwell House Capt. Gideon Woodwell House at 2 Woodwell Avenue Newburyport MA Massachusetts USA built circa 1649.jpg Newburyport, Massachusetts c. 1649 Located at 2 Woodwell Avenue. Possibly built using beams from the owner's merchant ship[24]
Edward Wilder House Edward Wilder House oldest house in Hingham MA historic district at 597 Main Street.jpg Hingham, Massachusetts c. 1650 oldest house in historic district at 597 Main Street.[25]
Edward Brown House Edward Brown House at 27 High Street in Ipswich Massachusetts MA USA built circa 1650.jpg Ipswich, Massachusetts c. 1650[26] located at 27 High Street[26]
Ford House Ford House at 91 Old Colony Lane in Marshfield MA Massachusetts built circa 1650.jpg Marshfield, Massachusetts c. 1650[8] 91 Old Colony Lane[27][28]
Samuel Robinson-Michael Chapleman House Samuel Robinson-Michael Chapleman House circa 1650 located at 69 Essex Street in Salem Massachusetts MA USA with a large eighteenth century addition.jpg Salem, Massachusetts c. 1650[29] located at 69 Essex St; large eighteenth century addition[30]
Watson Freeman House Sandwich, Massachusetts c. 1650[8] possibly demolished[31]
Bickman House Bickman House at 84 Sea Street in Weymouth Massachusetts USA circa 1650 Right side of building is the oldest house in Weymouth.jpg Weymouth, Massachusetts c. 1650[8] located at 84 Sea Street. Right side of building is the oldest house in Weymouth[32]
John Harding House John Harding House at 74 Harding Street in Medfield Massachusetts MA USA built from the timbers of the old garrison used as protection during the Indian attacks.jpg Medfield, Massachusetts c. 1651[8] 74 Harding St. from the timbers of the old garrison, used as protection during the Indian attacks [33]
Goodspeed House Goodspeed House, Marstons Mills MA.jpg Barnstable, Massachusetts c. 1653[8]
John Chenery House John Chenery House - Belmont, MA - DSC05303.JPG Belmont, Massachusetts c. 1654[8] 52 Washington Street[34]
Retire Beckett House Retire Beckett House.jpg Salem, Massachusetts c. 1655[8] Currently serves as the museum store at the House of Seven Gables after being moved to that location.[35]
Keyes House Keyes House at 16 Frances Hill Road in Westford MA Massachusetts built circa 1656.jpg Westford, Massachusetts c. 1656[8] 16 Francis Hill Road[36][37]
Thomas Dane House Thomas Dane House at 47 Lexington Road in Concord MA built circa 1657.jpg Concord, Massachusetts c. 1657[8] 47 Lexington Rd.[38][39]
Nicholas Wade House Scituate, Massachusetts c. 1657 located at 200 Country Way, ca. 1657.[40][8]
Newman-Fiske-Dodge House Newman-Fiske-Dodge House.jpg Wenham, Massachusetts 1658
Thomas Lord House Thomas Lord House at 17 High Street in Ipswich Massachusetts MA USA built circa 1658.jpg Ipswich, Massachusetts c. 1658[8] 17 High Street[41]
James Moulton House James Moulton House at 123 Cherry Street in Wenham MA Massachusetts USA built circa 1658.jpg Wenham, Massachusetts c. 1658[8] 123 Cherry St[42]
Caleb Moody House Caleb Moody House 803 Main Street West Newbury MA Massachusetts built circa 1658.jpg West Newbury, Massachusetts c. 1658[8] 803 Main Street[43]
Dillingham House The Dillingham House Main St. Brewster, Ma.jpg Brewster, Massachusetts c. 1659[8]
Cpl. John Andrews-Richard Dummer House/The White Horse Inn House White Horse Inn at 34 High Street in Ipswich Massachusetts USA built circa 1659.jpg Ipswich, Massachusetts c. 1659[8] 34 High Street[44]
Philip Call House Philip Call House at 26 High Street in Ipswich Massachusetts MA USA built circa 1659.jpg Ipswich, Massachusetts c. 1659[8] 26 High Street[45]
John Partridge House John Partridge House, Millis MA.jpg Millis, Massachusetts c. 1659[8]
Dillingham House Dillingham House at Main Street in Sandwich MA Massachusetts built circa 1659.jpg Sandwich, Massachusetts c. 1659[8] 71 Main St[46]
Wade House Scituate, Massachusetts c. 1659[8]
Parkman Tavern Parkman Tavern, Concord MA.jpg Concord, Massachusetts 1700 ca.[47] Cited source estimates date of late 17th or early 18th century
James Blake House James Blake House, Dorchester, Massachusetts - exterior.JPG Dorchester, Massachusetts 1661 Oldest house in Boston (dendrochronology in 2007 determined the actual construction date [1][])
Pickering House Pickering House - Salem, Massachusetts.JPG Salem, Massachusetts 1664[48] Oldest house in Salem still being lived in. It is located at 18 Broad Street in the Chestnut Street District. Dated using dendrochronology in 2007.[14]
Pickman House PickmanHouse Salem Massachusetts.jpg Salem, Massachusetts 1664 Located on Charter Street behind the Peabody Essex Museum, the oldest continually operated museum in America. The house abuts the Witch Memorial is also next to the second oldest burying ground in America.
Gedney House Gedney House (exterior) - Salem, Massachusetts.JPG Salem, Massachusetts 1665 dated using dendrochronology in 2002[14]
Jabez Howland House Jabez Howland House in Plymouth MA.jpg Plymouth, Massachusetts 1667 Only surviving house in Plymouth where Pilgrims lived
House of the Seven Gables House of the Seven Gables (front angle) - Salem, Massachusetts.jpg Salem, Massachusetts 1668 National Historic Landmark, setting of the Nathaniel Hawthorne novel. Dated using dendrochronology in 2005.[14]
Swett-Ilsley House Swett-Ilsley House - Newbury, Massachusetts.JPG Newbury, Massachusetts 1670
Judge Samuel Holten House Judge Samuel Holten House - Danvers, Massachusetts.JPG Danvers, Massachusetts 1670
Chaplin-Clarke House Chaplin-Clarke House, December 2016, Rowley MA.jpg Rowley, Massachusetts 1670 c. Oldest part built around 1670, leanto section added around 1700 before a change in ownership.
Merchant-Choate House Merchant-Choate House at 103 High Street in Ipswich MA Massachusetts USA.jpg Ipswich, Massachusetts 1670/71 Also, known as Tuttle House (103 High Street). The House is definitely dated from 1670/71 by tree rings.[49] Dendrochronology dating it from 1670s with some earlier beams and bracing, and possibly an earlier construction date.[50]
The Witch House The witch house salem 2009.JPG Salem, Massachusetts 1675 Also called the Jonathan Corwin House, this was the home of Judge Jonathan Corwin [2] and is the only structure still standing in Salem, Massachusetts, with direct ties to the Salem Witch Trials of 1692.[3] The house is now a museum operated by the City of Salem, and is open seasonally.
Hoxie House Hoxie House in Sandwich MA.jpg Sandwich, Massachusetts 1675 c. One of the oldest houses on Cape Cod.
Narbonne House Narbonne House - Salem, Massachusetts.JPG Salem, Massachusetts 1675 The house is on the waterfront in Salem at the Salem Maritime National Historic Site and owned by the National Park Service. The site has 12 historic structures, including the Customs House, and a replica of the sailing ship Friendship of Salem. Dated using dendrochronology in 2002.[14]
Deane Winthrop House Deane Winthrop House Winthrop MA 02.jpg Winthrop, Massachusetts 1675 Dated by dendrochronology to 1675,[48] with an addition of 1695. Currently it is owned by the Winthrop Improvement and Historical Association. This building is one of the oldest wood frame houses in the country and it is the oldest continuously lived-in home. Located at 40 Shirley Street, the Deane Winthrop House is a registered National Historic Site.
Auld Lang Syne (house) Auld Lang Syne Sconset (NBY 23767).jpg Nantucket, Massachusetts 1675 possibly the oldest house on Nantucket, and a former fisherman's cottage in Sconset
Capen House Milton, Massachusetts 1675 Dating using dendrochronology in 2002.[14]House was moved from Dorchester to Milton in 1909 and "[d]espite the opposition of the Historical Commission, a new owner of this property had the Capen house disassembled and removed from the Hillside Street site in 2006. The commission has no information regarding any future reconstruction of this important building."[51]
John Whipple House John Whipple House, 53 South Main Street, Ipswich (Essex County, Massachusetts).jpg Ipswich, Massachusetts 1677 National Historic Landmark. Dating using dendrochronology in 2002.[14]
Peter Tufts House Peter Tufts House, Medford, Massachusetts.JPG Medford, Massachusetts 1677–8 c. The oldest brick house in Massachusetts.[52][53]
Coffin House Coffinhouse2007.jpg Newbury, Massachusetts 1678 One of the oldest extant examples of the principal rafter/common purlin roof. Dated using dendrochronology in 2002.[14]
John Balch House John Balch House - Beverly, Massachusetts.JPG Beverly, Massachusetts 1680 dated using dendrochronology in 2006[14]
Paul Revere House Paul Revere House side view.jpg Boston, Massachusetts 1680 c. Oldest building in downtown Boston.[54]
Hart House Hart House Tavern 51 Linebrook Road Ipswich, Massachusetts MA USA built circa 1680 or earlier.jpg Ipswich, Massachusetts 1680 Now a tavern. It is located at 51 Linebrook Road and was dated using dendrochronology in 2006[14] One room is at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.[55]
Old Ship Church OldShipChurchView.jpg Hingham, Massachusetts 1681 Oldest church building in Massachusetts; only remaining Puritan 17th century meetinghouse in America; oldest church in continuous ecclesiastical use in America.
Ironmaster's House Saugus Iron Works - house.JPG Saugus, Massachusetts 1681 Also known as the Appleton House. This was part of the Saugus Iron Works, which was a major industrial complex. It has been restored and is open to the public.
Cooper-Frost-Austin House Cooper-Frost-Austin House, Cambridge, Massachusetts - front.JPG Cambridge, Massachusetts 1681 Oldest house in Cambridge, verified using dendrochronology in 2002.[14]
Pierce House (Dorchester, Massachusetts) Pierce House Boston MA.jpg Dorchester, Massachusetts 1683 One of the oldest houses in Boston. Dated using dendrochronology in 2002.[14]
20 White Place One of the oldest houses in Brookline 20 White Place in Brookline Massachusetts MA USA circa 1683 dated by dendrochronology.jpg Brookline, Massachusetts 1683 Dated using dendrochronology in 2007.[14] Possibly the oldest surviving house in Brookline, and a private residence protected through Historic New England's stewardship easement program.[56]
John Ward House John Ward House.jpg Salem, Massachusetts 1684 This house is a National Historic Landmark at 132 Essex Street in Salem, Massachusetts, in the Downtown Salem District; it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1968.
Quincy Homestead Quincy Homestead Quincy MA 01.jpg Quincy, Massachusetts 1686 Home to four generations of Quincys, including Dorothy Quincy Hancock. Maintained by Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation as well as the National Society of Colonial Dames in America in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
Jethro Coffin House Jethro Coffin House, Sunset Hill, Nantucket (Nantucket County, Massachusetts).jpg Nantucket, Massachusetts 1686 Oldest house on Nantucket Island on its original foundation.
William Murray House William Murray House.jpg Salem, Massachusetts 1688 A historic house at 39 Essex Street
Claflin-Richards House Claflin-Richards House - Wenham, MA - front view.JPG Wenham, Massachusetts 1690 Constructed with ogee braces, an architectural hallmark of 16th- and 17th-century English dwellings.
Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm (front) - Newbury, Massachusetts.JPG Newbury, Massachusetts 1690 or earlier One of the oldest stone buildings in New England.
Old Jail Oldest wooden jail in America.jpg Barnstable, Massachusetts 1690 Oldest wooden prison in America.
Boardman House Boardman House - Saugus MA - general view.JPG Saugus, Massachusetts 1692[57] Formerly known as the Scotch Boardman House. Also known as the Bennet-Boardman House.
Kimball Tavern Kimball Tavern Antiques, Bradford MA.jpg Haverhill, Massachusetts 1692 The Kimball Tavern is among the oldest buildings in Massachusetts, and one of the oldest buildings in the city of Haverhill. A plaque identifies it as the site of the founding of Bradford College in 1802.
Stanley Lake House Stanley Lake House, Topsfield MA.jpg Topsfield, Massachusetts 1693 Stanley Lake House, built in 1693, is a historic house at 95 River Road in Topsfield, Massachusetts. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1990.
Browne House Browne House - Watertown, Massachusetts.JPG Watertown, Massachusetts 1694 Oldest house in Watertown.
Parker Tavern Parker Tavern Reading MA.jpg Reading, Massachusetts 1694 Believed to have been built in 1694 by Abraham Bryant. Operated as a tavern during the Revolution by Ephraim Parker. The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1975. No dendrochronology.
Parson Capen House Parson Capen House - Topsfield, Massachusetts.JPG Topsfield, Massachusetts 1694 Oldest house in Topsfield.
Hart House Hart House, Lynnfield MA.jpg Lynnfield, Massachusetts 1695 c.
Isaac Goodale House IpswichMA IsaacGoodaleHouse.jpg Built in Salem, Massachusetts; moved to Ipswich, Massachusetts, in 1928. 1695 c. Date from architectural survey, available on Massachusetts Cultural Resource Information System website.[58]
Manning Manse BillericaMA ManningManse.jpg Billerica, Massachusetts c. 1696
Deacon Wrestling Brewster House Deacon Wrestling Brewster House, Kingston, MA.jpg Kingston, Massachusetts 1696 c. Located at 18 Brewster Brewster Road. It is believed that the house dates to c. 1696 to 1700.[59][8] No dendrochronology survey.
Dwight-Derby House Dwight-Derby House Medfield.jpg Medfield, Massachusetts 1697 dated using dendrochronology in 2007.[14]
Isaac Winslow House Isaac Winslow House, Marshfield MA.jpg Marshfield, Massachusetts 1699 Residence of a governor of the Plymouth Colony; now a museum.
Solomon Kimball House Solomon Kimball House, Wenham MA.jpg Wenham, Massachusetts c. 1700[60] Although the house is named for its nineteenth- and early twentieth-century owner Solomon Kimball, it was built by Thomas and Mary (Solart) Kilham (or Killam). The date of construction is based on a March 6, 1695/6 timber grant to Thomas Kilham by the town of Wenham, of enough pine timber to yield 700 boards.[61]
Hatch Homestead Hatch House in Marshfield MA.jpg Marshfield, Massachusetts 1700 ca.[62] Purportedly the oldest continuously occupied house in Massachusetts.
John Alden House John Alden House in Duxbury, Massachusetts.jpg Duxbury, Massachusetts ca. 1700 A National Historic Landmark, dating to ca. 1700.[63]
Rebecca Nurse Homestead RebeccaNurseHouse2006.jpg Danvers, Massachusetts ca. 1700 This house was built around ca. 1700.[64]
John Humphreys House Sir John Humphreys House.jpg Swampscott, Massachusetts 1700 c.[65]
Dickinson-Pillsbury-Witham House Dickinson-Pillsbury-Witham House 092118.jpg Georgetown, Massachusetts 1700 c. The Dickinson-Pillsbury-Witham House was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1990.
Old Powder House Old Powder House (Somerville, Massachusetts) - DSC04316.JPG Somerville, Massachusetts 1704 Oldest stone building in Massachusetts
Capt. Timothy Johnson House NorthAndoverMA CaptTimothyJohnsonHouse.jpg North Andover, Massachusetts 1720 First Period Colonial home
Peak House Peak House, Medfield MA.jpg Medfield, Massachusetts 1711 The Peak House is a first period cottage featuring peak style architecture and post-and-beam construction. It is the only freestanding structure of its kind and one of the earliest surviving examples of Post-medieval (Elizabethan) architecture in the United States.[66] First built in 1668, the original structure burned during King Philip's War in 1676 and was later reconstructed.[67]
St. Michael's Church (Marblehead, Massachusetts) St. Michael's Church in Marblehead Massachusetts.JPG Marblehead, Massachusetts 1714 Oldest Episcopal parish church building on its original site in New England.
Samuel Chase House Samuel Chase House, West Newbury MA.jpg West Newbury, Massachusetts ca. 1715 One of the few brick houses of the period.
Boston Light Boston Light.jpg Boston 1716 / 1783 First lighthouse established in the US, 1716. The current tower, built in 1783, is the second oldest existing lighthouse in the USA (after Sandy Hook Light, New Jersey).
John Adams Birthplace John Adams birthplace, Quincy, Massachusetts.JPG Quincy, Massachusetts 1722[68] Oldest existing building within which a future President of the United States was born (John Adams, October 30, 1735)


Bellingham-Cary House Bellingham-Cary House Chelsea MA.jpg Chelsea, Massachusetts 1724[70] The Bellingham-Cary House is a historic house museum at 34 Parker Street in Chelsea, Massachusetts. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1974.
Josiah Day House Josiah Day House.jpg West Springfield 1754 Oldest known brick salt-box style home in the United States.

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