List of terms for administrative divisions

This is a list of English and non-English terms for administrative divisions.



This is an alphabetical list of native non-English terms for administrative divisions; some, such as arrondissement and okrug, have become English loanwords. Terms in italics are prefixes or suffixes.

Name Countries English equivalents
amphoe   Thailand district
amt   Germany county (formerly; the modern term is kreis, which means literally "circle")
amt   Denmark county (replaced with regions in 2007)
apskritis   Lithuania county
anakhett   Cambodia prefecture
arrondissement   Netherlands borough, district
  French-speaking countries
autónoma   Spanish-speaking countries autonomous
autônomo, autônoma Portuguese-speaking countries
автоно́мный (avtonomny)   Russia
aimag   Mongolia province
baladiyah (baladiyat)   Arab countries municipality
barangay   Philippines village (rural) or ward
bairro   Brazil neighbourhood, district
barrio   Spanish-speaking countries
бановина (banovina)   Yugoslavia banate, province
bezirk   Austria district
bundesland   Germany (colloquial term) federal state
bundesland   Austria (colloquial term)
bibhag   Bangladesh division
bwrdeistref   Wales borough county
canton (French)
cantone (Italian)
chantun (Romansh)
kanton (German)
   Switzerland canton
kanton (Bosnian)   Bosnia and Herzegovina
castello   San Marino municipality
changwat   Thailand province
chef-lieu   France chief town or city
comarca Portuguese-speaking countries (judicial system) county
  Spanish-speaking countries
comuna   Angola division of município
comuna   Spanish-speaking countries commune
comună   Romania rural commune
comune   Italy municipality
comunidad   Spain community
comunidade intermunicipal   Portugal intermunicipal community
comunidade urbana   Portugal urban community
concelho   Cape Verde municipality; synonym of município
corregimiento   Panama subdivision of a distrito
daerah Malay-speaking countries district
propinsi   Indonesia province
id:Daerah Istimewa Special District, all are first level (provincial level)
id:Daerah Khusus Ibukota Exclusive Capital District, refers to DKI Jakarta only.
dào (Mandarin)   China circuit
deelgemeente   Belgium submunicipality
demos   Greece municipality
departamento   Latin America (Spanish-speaking countries) department
département   French-speaking countries department
desa   Indonesia village
district   Suriname district
distrik   Indonesia district
distrito   Portugal group of municipalities
  São Tomé and Príncipe municipality
  Philippines district
  Spanish-speaking countries
distrito, distritu   East Timor municipality
distrito federal   Brazil federal district
  Japan circuit
do   North Korea
  South Korea
dombon   Cambodia area or region
dzongkhag   Bhutan district
estado   Brazil federal state
etrap   Turkmenistan district
freguesia   Cape Verde civil parish
fylke   Norway county
gemeente   Belgium (  Flanders) municipality
gemeinde   Austria municipality
gemeinde   Germany
gemeinde   Italy
gemeinde    Switzerland
gewog   Bhutan block
gmina   Poland commune, municipality
gobolka   Somalia administrative region
gouvernorat   Guinea governorate
grande área metropolitana   Portugal greater metropolitan area
губе́рния (guberniya) Russian Empire governorate
hameau   France hamlet
hanua   Papua New Guinea village
iduhu   Papua New Guinea clan
raj   India empire
rajya   India country
il or vilayet   Turkey province
ilçe   Turkey district
imarah   Arab countries (formerly) emirate
  United Arab Emirates
jamoat   Tajikistan commune or municipality
Jilla     Nepal district
judeţ   Moldova (formerly) county
jurydyka   Poland village
kabupaten   Indonesia regency
kampung or kampong Malay-speaking countries and Cambodia village, hamlet, neighbourhood
kasselrij   Netherlands county or burgraviate
kecamatan   Indonesia district
kelurahan   Indonesia (urban) village or subdistrict
ken   Japan prefecture
khan   Cambodia district or section
khett   Cambodia province
khoueng   Laos province
khum   Cambodia commune
kilil   Ethiopia region
kommun   Finland (Swedish speaking) municipality
kommune   Denmark municipality
kota   Indonesia chartered city
кожуун (kozhuun)   Russia (  Tyva Republic) rural council
край (krai)   Russia region
kraj   Slovakia region
  Czech Republic
Kreis   Germany district
krom   Cambodia group
krong   Cambodia municipality
kunta   Finland municipality
lääni   Finland province
lalawigan   Philippines province
län   Sweden county
land   Austria (official term) state
land   Germany (official term) state
lieu-dit   France place name
linn   Estonia town or city
lugar   Cape Verde division of zona in Cape Verde
  Portugal hamlet
lungsod   Philippines city
maakond   Estonia county
մարզ (marz)   Armenia province or region
megye   Hungary county
mahoz   Israel district
mancomunidad   Spain association of municipalities, commonwealth
merindad   Medieval Spain county
mesorregião   Brazil mesoregion (division of estado)
mintaqah (mintaqat)   Arab countries province, region
microrregião   Brazil microregion (division of mesorregião, group of municípios)
მხარე (mkhare)   Georgia region
muban   Thailand village
muhafazah (muhafazat)   Arab countries governorate
mukim Malay-speaking countries subdistrict, subdivision of subdistrict, survey district
municipalidad   Latin America (Spanish-speaking countries) municipality
municipio   Spanish-speaking countries municipality
Portuguese-speaking countries
nafa   Israel subdistrict
negeri   Malaysia state
nomos   Greece prefecture
novads   Latvia municipality (amalgamated urban areas without town rights)
NUTS   Europe Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics
область (oblast) Countries formerly in the   Soviet Union or   Yugoslavia province, region
община (obshtina)   Bulgaria municipality
okres   Czech Republic district
okrug   Serbia district
opština   Republika Srpska municipality
ostan (ostan-e)   Iran province
pagasts   Latvia parish
panchayati raj   India village council
paróquia   Portugal parish (religious division)
  Cape Verde
parroquia   Spain (  Galicia) parish
pedanía   Spain county
Περιφέρειες (periféreia)   Greece periphery
phum   Cambodia village
phumpheak   Cambodia zone
pilseta   Latvia town/city
powiat   Poland county
pradesh   India state of India
    Nepal province of Nepal
probinsya   Philippines province
provinsi   Indonesia province
provincia   Spanish-speaking countries province
província   Portugal (formerly) province
  São Tomé and Príncipe
prowincja   Poland province
райо́н (raion) Russian-speaking countries district
rajons   Latvia district
região   Brazil group of estados; also macrorregião
  Guinea-Bissau region
região autónoma   Portugal autonomous region
  São Tomé and Príncipe
regierungsbezirk   Germany district
region   Denmark region
regione   Italy region
şäher   Turkmenistan capital city district
sangkat   Cambodia commune or quarter
sector   Guinea-Bissau sector (municipality)
sector autónomo   Guinea-Bissau autonomous sector (municipality)
сельсовет (selsoviet)   Russia rural council
շրջան (shrjan)   Republic of Artsakh province or region
сільрада (silrada)   Ukraine rural council
srŏk   Cambodia district
sum   Mongolia district
subdistrito, subdistritu   East Timor subdistrict (submunicipality)
subregião   Portugal subregion
suco, suku   East Timor division of submunicipality
-stan Central Asian countries land (denotes high level of autonomy)
sýsla   Faroe Islands district
tambon   Thailand subdistrict
thesaban   Thailand municipality
tinh   Vietnam province
todōfuken   Japan prefectural level divisions (collectively)
tuman   Uzbekistan district
улу́с (ulus)   Russia (  Sakha Republic) district
upazila   Bangladesh subdistrict
union parishad   Bangladesh council or constituency
mouza   Bangladesh mouza
gram/gaon   Bangladesh village
Ward   Bangladesh ward
vald   Estonia parish, rural municipality
вилоят (viloyat)   Tajikistan region
во́лость (volost)   Russia district
wojewodztwo   Poland voivodeship
waterschap   Netherlands water board
welaýaty   Turkmenistan region
wilayah   Arab countries province, territory
zona   Cape Verde zone (division of freguesia)
ziemia   Poland land
Zillah   Pakistan district
županija   Bosnia and Herzegovina (Croatian speaking) county
maahaanam   Sri Lanka (Tamil speaking) province
maavattam   Sri Lanka (Tamil speaking) district
pirathesam/koattam   Sri Lanka (Tamil speaking) division
palaatha   Sri Lanka (Sinhala speaking) province
dhisthrikaya   Sri Lanka (Sinhala speaking) district
kottahsha   Sri Lanka (Sinhala speaking) division

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