List of television stations in Thailand

This is a list of television stations in Thailand

Broadcast channelsEdit

All analogue television stations completely switched over to digital since 26 March 2020. Channel 3 was the last station that ceased broadcasting on analogue television.

Public broadcastingEdit

Channel 4-9 and 12 would be chosen through a beauty contest format.


  • 13. Not on Air (Formerly Broadcast by Channel 3 Family (BEC Multimedia) (Now all program was forced to move Channel 3 HD)


General entertainment – standard-definitionEdit

General entertainment – high-definitionEdit


All Stations Temporary to Broadcast on Terrestrial Television in Just 6 Months (From 18 May-15 November 2020), Due to the situation of the epidemic of COVID-19.

  • 37-51. DLTV (Distance Learning Television)
  • 52. ETV (Educational Television Ministry of Education, Owner by Office of the Non-formal and informal Education)
  • 53. VECTV (Owner by Office of the Vocational Education Commission)

Cable, satellite, and IPTV channelsEdit

  • Ceases Transmission Starting October 1, 2021.


TrueVisions channelsEdit

Channels provided by TrueVisionsEdit

Defunct channels provided by TrueVisionsEdit

Defunct television stationEdit

Terrestrial televisionEdit

Analogue stationsEdit

  • Television of Thailand (later NBT since 2008)
  • HSATV Channel 7 (later TV5 since 1974)
  • TTV Channel 4 (later to TTV Channel 9 since 1970, M.C.O.T. Channel 9 in 1977 and Modernine TV in 2002 to 2015)
  • Channel 3 (BEC-Bangkok Entertainment Company, under license from MCOT) (Defunct in 2020, Now all program was forced to move Digital TV Station on 3 HD)
  • ITV (Thailand) (Later TITV in 2007 and TPBS in 2008 (Now renamed as ThaiPBS))

Digital stationsEdit

Cable and satellite televisionEdit

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