List of tallest buildings in Moncton

The City of Moncton and its metropolitan area (Dieppe and Riverview) is the largest in New Brunswick, Canada. Its skyline is dominated by the Bell Aliant Tower, constructed in 1971 at a height of 127 m (417 ft - Equiv. to approx. 32 floors), the tallest free-standing structure in all four Atlantic provinces. The tallest building in the city is the 20-storey, 80.8 m (265 ft) Assumption Place.[1] The complex, with its two adjoining mid rise structure, was completed in 1972. The second tallest building in the city is the Blue Cross Centre, standing at only 43 m (141 ft) tall with 9 storeys. As of February 2011, the city contains 1 skyscraper over 80 m (262 ft) and 9 high-rise buildings that exceed 35 m (115 ft) in height.[2] The city has more mid rise structures spread out in the urbanized region, i.e. 20 m to 35 m, than the high rises.

Moncton Skyline (2006)

Tallest buildingsEdit

This list ranks Moncton high-rises and skyscrapers that stand at least 35 metres (115 ft) tall, based on CTBUH height measurement standards. This includes spires and architectural details but does not include antenna masts. Freestanding observation and/or telecommunication towers, while not habitable buildings, are included for comparison purposes; however, they are not ranked. One such tower is the Bell Aliant Tower.

Rank Image Building Height Floors Completed Notes Ref
N/A Bell Aliant Tower 127 m (417 ft) - 1971 A reinforced concrete broadcasting tower used to provide directional radio services. It is the tallest structure in Atlantic Canada. The Coleson Cove Generating Station smokestack in NB is taller at 183 m, so is the Belledune Generating Station stack at 169 m.
1 Assumption Place 80.8 m (265 ft) 20 1972 Tied with Brunswick Square in Saint John for the tallest building in New Brunswick. [3]
2 Our Lady of the Assumption Cathedral 75 m (246 ft)+ 4 1955 [4]
3 Blue Cross Centre 43 m (141 ft) 9 1988 Expanded 2006. [5]
4 Lafrance Residence 41 m (135 ft) 11 1962
5 Terminal Plaza 37 m (121 ft) 8 1962 [6]
6 Lions Tower 36 m (118 ft) 10 ?
7 The Delta Beauséjour Hotel 35 m (115 ft) 10 1972 Renovated 1998, 2008
8 Terminal Centre 35 m (115 ft) 7 1963 [7]

Tallest under constructionEdit

The Five Five Queen Street is a 9-storey (33.6 metres) boutique Hotel, the Wesley, with a restaurant on the lower level and luxurious condos on the upper levels. It is slated to be completed in the fall of 2018.[8]

Under construction in the city of Dieppe is a 30 metres 10-storey apartment complex, Place Horizon Place, on Sunset Street overlooking Paul Street.[9]

Other buildings and structuresEdit

Andal Place
Constructed in 1973 and located at 860 Main Street, the low-rise 8-storey modernism style concrete building has an architectural height of 32 metres - roof 28 metres. TD Bank has been the main tenant since the early 1990s.

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