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List of supporting characters in ER

This is a list of supporting fictional characters in the medical drama ER.


Desk clerks and other non-medical hospital staffEdit

Actor/Actress Character Position Character Name Years of Appearance
Aylesworth, ReikoReiko Aylesworth Hospital Chaplain Julia Dupree 2007–2008
Benrubi, AbrahamAbraham Benrubi Desk Clerk Jerry Markovic 1994–1999; 2002–2006; 2008–2009
Borrego, JesseJesse Borrego Desk Clerk Javier 2007–2008
Bowen, AndrewAndrew Bowen Desk Clerk Temp Andrew "Andy" 1999–2000
Busia, AkosuaAkosua Busia Hospital cafeteria worker and wife of Mobalage Kobe "Kubby" Ekabo 1999
Calloway, JordanJordan Calloway Volunteer K.J. Thibeaux 2005–2006
Delpy, JulieJulie Delpy Runner for Central Supplies and Luka's girlfriend Nicole 2001
Evans, TroyTroy Evans Desk Clerk Frank Martin 2000–2009
Gebel, MałgorzataMałgorzata Gebel ER Aide/Desk Clerk; Former Vascular Surgeon in Poland Bogdana "Bob" Liwecki 1994–1995
Gossett, RobertRobert Gossett Hospital Board Member Dr Everett Daniels 2008
Hargitay, MariskaMariska Hargitay Desk Clerk, also Mark Greene's lover Hooper, CynthiaCynthia Hooper 1997–1998
Hounsou, DjimonDjimon Hounsou Custodian Mobalage Ekabo 1999
Joyner, DavidDavid Joyner Dialysis Technician 2004–2006
Minter, KristinKristin Minter Desk Clerk Miranda "Randi" Fronczak 1995–2003
Molina, RolandoRolando Molina Desk Clerk Rolando 1995–1996
Noland, CharlesCharles Noland Desk Clerk/Trainee Nurse E Ray Bozman 1995–1997
Plummer, GlennGlenn Plummer Desk Clerk Timmy Rawlins 1994–1995, 2006–2007
Price, MoiraMoira Price Surgical Night Clerk Liza 2005
Sinha, PamelaPamela Sinha Desk Clerk Amira 1999–2001, 2003–2005
Zane, LisaLisa Zane Risk Management Administrator & Doug Ross's girlfriend Diane Leeds 1995

Family members and friendsEdit

Actor/Actress Character Position Character Name Years of Appearance
Alexander, KhandiKhandi Alexander Sister to Peter Benton Jackie Robbins 1995–2001
Bartlett, BonnieBonnie Bartlett Mother of Mark Greene. Died early in Season 6. Ruth Greene 1997–1998
Beach, MichaelMichael Beach Husband of Jeanie Boulet. Contracted HIV, unwittingly passed it on to Jeanie, died offscreen of AIDS in 2008. Al Boulet (role played earlier by Bodison) 1995–1997
Bodison, WolfgangWolfgang Bodison Husband of Jeanie Boulet Al Boulet (role later played by Beach) 1995
Bowen, JulieJulie Bowen Girlfriend of John Carter. In Season 5, Carter dated her but then contrived an excuse to break up with her. Roxanne Please 1998–1999
Carson, Lisa NicoleLisa Nicole Carson Girlfriend of Peter Benton. Claimed he was the father of her baby, later said he wasn't (which was true) and tried to take Reese away from him but failed to. Later became erratic and vindictive before she died in an auto accident. Carla Reece 1996–2001
Chinh, KieuKieu Chinh Mother of Jing-Mei Chen Lin Chen 2003
Cheung, George KeeGeorge Kee Cheung Father of Jing-Mei Chen (later played by Henry O) Mr. Chen. Suffered permanently debilitating injuries in a car crash in China that killed his wife. Later euthanized by Jing-Mei. 2003–2004
Cullum, JohnJohn Cullum Father of Mark Greene, a military veteran who finally reconciled with his son before dying late in Season 6. David Greene 1997–2000
Culp, StevenSteven Culp Boyfriend of Elizabeth Corday Dave Spencer 2004
Davis, OliverOliver Davis Son of Samantha Taggart Alex Taggart (later played by Dominic Janes) 2003–2005
Mornay, Rebecca DeRebecca De Mornay Carter's cousin's ex-wife Elaine Nichols 1999
Dillahunt, GarretGarret Dillahunt Ex-husband of Samantha Taggart (Earlier played by Cole Hauser) Steve Curtis 2005–2006
Dooley, PaulPaul Dooley Father of Susan Lewis, proved to be a much better parent than his asshole wife. Henry Lewis 1995–1996; 2004
Farentino, JamesJames Farentino Father of Doug Ross Ray Ross. A charming man with issues not unlike the son he was never a father to. Died in a car accident in 1997. 1996
Field, SallySally Field Mother of Abby Lockhart Maggie Wyczenski 2000–2006
Fisher, FrancesFrances Fisher Mother of Kerry Weaver Helen Kingsley. A born-again Christian who gave Kerry up for adoption after giving birth as a teenager. Could not accept Kerry's homosexuality, leading Kerry to not pursue any further contact with her. 2005
Freeman, PaulPaul Freeman Father of Elizabeth Corday Dr Charles Corday 1998, 2001–2002
Glover, DannyDanny Glover Father of Greg Pratt Charlie Pratt. Greg's long-lost father, who Greg located and tried to forgive for abandoning him, but ultimately couldn't do so. 2005
Gregorio, RoseRose Gregorio Mother of Carol Hathaway, who initially hated Doug and constantly undermined and fought with her daughter, but later was a good and loved parent. Helen Hathaway 1996–1999
Gross, MichaelMichael Gross Father of John Carter. Ineffectual man whom his son loved but didn't respect. John "Jack" Carter Jr. 2001–2004
Curtis-Hall, VondieVondie Curtis-Hall Husband of Carla Reece (Earlier played by Victor Williams) Roger McGrath 2001
Harris, EstelleEstelle Harris Mother of Jerry Markovic Mrs. Markovic 2006
Harnos, ChristineChristine Harnos Mark Greene's wife, then ex-wife Jennifer "Jenn" Greene-Simon. Constantly bemoaned Mark's low-paying, high stress ER career and his refusal to take lucrative jobs elsewhere. Eventually left him, filed for divorce, and married someone else. Not much of a mother to Rachel, disappeared for good after Mark died. 1994–1996, 1996–1998, 2001–2002
Hauser, ColeCole Hauser Ex-husband of Samantha Taggart Steve Curtis 2004
Hazlewood, Rebecca JaneRebecca Jane Hazlewood Cousin of Neela Rasgotra Jaspreet 2008
Helgenberger, MargMarg Helgenberger Doug Ross's girlfriend & his father's boss Karen Hines 1996
Hirsh, HalleeHallee Hirsh Daughter of Mark Greene (Earlier played by Yvonne Zima) Rachel Greene 2001–2002; 2004; 2009
Hudson, ErnieErnie Hudson Father of Michael Gallant Colonel James Gallant 2006
Hurd, MichelleMichelle Hurd Girlfriend of Kerri Weaver Courtney Brown 2006–2007
Janes, DominicDominic Janes Son of Samantha Taggart Alex Taggart 2005–2009
Keach, StacyStacy Keach Father of Tony Gates Mike Gates 2007
Greenfield, ChloeChloe Greenfield Adoptive daughter of Tony Gates Sarah Riley 2006–2009
Kher, AnupamAnupam Kher Father of Neela Rasgotra Ajay Rasgotra 2004
Kher, KironKiron Kher Mother of Neela Rasgotra Mrs. Rasgotra 2004
Kwan, NancyNancy Kwan Mother of Jing-Mei Chen Lin Chen 2000
Laurie, PiperPiper Laurie Mother of Doug Ross Sarah Ross 1995–1996
Madigan, AmyAmy Madigan Mother of Samantha Taggart Mary Taggart 2009
Mayeux, RosaleeRosalee Mayeux Mother of Ray Barnett Jacy Barnett 2007
McDonnell, MaryMary McDonnell Mother of John Carter Eleanor Carter (née Ferguson) 2001
McFarlane, AndrewAndrew McFarlane Nephew of Peter Benton Jesse Robbins 2000
Morgan, TrevorTrevor Morgan Son of Donald Anspaugh Scott Anspaugh 1998
Newton, ThandieThandie Newton Girlfriend and later wife of John Carter Makemba "Kem" Likasu-Carter. Met John on a medical relief mission in the Congo. Fell in love with him and planned to be with him in Chicago, but their relationship never recovered after their son died in utero. 2003–2005; 2009
Nozick, BruceBruce Nozick 2nd husband of Jennifer "Jenn" Greene-Simon Craig Simon 1995–1996
Parfitt, JudyJudy Parfitt Mother of Elizabeth Corday Isabelle Corday 2000–2002
Parker, AndreaAndrea Parker Girlfriend of Doug Ross Linda Farrell 1994–1995
Perrine, ValerieValerie Perrine Mother of Susan Lewis Cookie Lewis. A selfish, self-centered woman who constantly enabled Chloe and disappointed Susan. 1995
Radanovich, ZoranZoran Radanovich Brother of Luka Kovač Niko Kovač 2007
Ralph, Sheryl LeeSheryl Lee Ralph Mother of Michael Gallant Gloria Gallant 2006
Richards, BeahBeah Richards Mother of Peter Benton Mae Benton 1994–1995
Rhames, VingVing Rhames Brother-in-law to Peter Benton Walter Robbins 1994–1996
Scarfe, JonathanJonathan Scarfe Cousin of John Carter Chase Carter. Spoiled rotten young man who fell into heroin addiction and was left nearly vegetative after an overdose, but was last shown having improved greatly and being able to function in a limited manner. 1997–1998, 2001
Scott, Tom EverettTom Everett Scott Brother of Abby Lockhart Eric Wyczenski 2002–2003
Smith, LoisLois Smith Grandmother of Samantha Taggart Gracie 2007
Sternhagen, FrancesFrances Sternhagen Grandmother of John Carter Millicent "Gamma" Carter 1997–2003
Thedford, MarcelloMarcello Thedford Brother of Greg Pratt Leon Pratt 2002–2003
Valley, MarkMark Valley Ex-husband of Abby Lockhart Richard Lockhart 2000–2003
Victor, RenéeRenée Victor Mother-in-law of Kerry Weaver Florina Lopez 2004
Walsh, GwynythGwynyth Walsh Mother of Lucy Knight Barbara Knight 2000
Ward, FredFred Ward Father of Abby Lockhart Eddie Wyczenski 2006–2007
Watkins, MatthewMatthew Watkins Son of Peter Benton Reese Benton 1999–2001; 2009
Wilhoite, KathleenKathleen Wilhoite Sister of Susan Lewis Chloe Lewis 1994–1996; 2002
Williams, VictorVictor Williams Husband of Carla Reece (Later played by Vondie Curtis-Hall) Roger McGrath 1998–2001
Woodward, ShannonShannon Woodward Sister of Samantha Taggart Kelly Taggart 2009
Zima, YvonneYvonne Zima Daughter of Mark Greene (Later played by Hallee Hirsh) Rachel Greene 1994–2000
Actress uncredited Sister of Lucien Dubenko Victoria Dubenko 2006

Fire fighters, paramedics, police officers, and social workersEdit

Actor/Actress Character Position Character Name Years of Appearance
Amick, MädchenMädchen Amick Social Worker Wendall Meade 2004–2005
Amitrano, ChristopherChristopher Amitrano Police Officer Officer Hollis 2006–2009
Bonilla, MichelleMichelle Bonilla Paramedic Christine Harms 1999—2009
Campbell, Scott MichaelScott Michael Campbell EMT Reilly Brown 1996
Claudio, ClaudineClaudine Claudio Paramedic Silva 2000–2001
Connor, Brendan PatrickBrendan Patrick Connor Paramedic Reidy 2006–2008
III, Elliot DurantElliot Durant III Paramedic Anders 2004, 2009
Eads, GeorgeGeorge Eads Paramedic Greg Powell 1997–1998
Eldard, RonRon Eldard Paramedic. Carol's boyfriend in Season 2, before they broke up because the tragic death of his partner led to Shep becoming violent and scary and he refused to get help or deal with it. Ray "Shep" Shepard 1995–1996
Emery, Julie AnnJulie Ann Emery Paramedic Nikki 2001–2003
Genovese, MikeMike Genovese Police Officer Al Grabarsky 1995–1996, 1998–2000
Gimpel, EricaErica Gimpel Social Services Liaison Adele Newman 1997–2003
Gómez, CarlosCarlos Gómez Paramedic Raul Melendez 1995–1996
Henderson, Lynn A.Lynn A. Henderson Paramedic Pamela Olbes 1995–2009
Karsian, TaraTara Karsian Social Worker Liz Dade 2005–2006, 2007, 2008–2009
Kim, Daniel DaeDaniel Dae Kim Social Worker Ken Sung 2003–2004
Lauter, EdEd Lauter Fire Captain Dannaker 1998–2002
Lester, BrianBrian Lester Paramedic Brian Dumar 1996—2009
Liberti, LouieLouie Liberti Paramedic Tony Bardelli 2003—2009
Manganiello, JoeJoe Manganiello Police Officer Officer Litchman 2007
McKnight, ChadChad McKnight Police Officer Officer Wilson 1995, 1996, 1999–2000, 2001–2004, 2006
Morgan, MicheleMichele Morgan Paramedic and Dr. Corday's patient Allison Beaumont 1997—1998
Navarro, DemetriusDemetrius Navarro Paramedic Morales 1998—2009
Nish, BobbyBobby Nish Police officer Danny Yau 2005–2006
Ruginis, VytoVyto Ruginis Paramedic Wright 2006—2007
Russell, MontéMonté Russell Paramedic Dwight Zadro 1995—2009
Vidal, LisaLisa Vidal Firefighter CFD Lt. Sandy Lopez 2001–2004
Wagner, EmilyEmily Wagner Paramedic Doris Pickman 1994—2009
Williams, CressCress Williams Police officer and boyfriend/husband of Jeanie Boulet Reggie Moore 1998–2000; 2008
Lowe, “Faceman”“Faceman” Lowe Paramedic Chris Lowe 1999?

Notable patientsEdit

Actor/Actress Character Position Character Name Years of Appearance
Benjamin, PaulPaul Benjamin Junk Dealer, Greene's patient Al Irving 1994, 2002
Buttons, RedRed Buttons Carter's patient Jules 'Ruby' Rubadoux. Carter benevolently but foolishly lied to him about his wife Sophie's terminal condition, leading to Ruby refusing to listen to Carter, but 10 years later when Ruby returned to the ER he and Carter were able to mend fences somewhat. 1995, 2005
Clooney, RosemaryRosemary Clooney Alzheimer's disease patient Mary Cavanaugh a.k.a. "Madam X" 1994
Cromwell, JamesJames Cromwell Catholic Bishop and patient of Luka Kovač Bishop Stewart 2001
Dunst, KirstenKirsten Dunst Teen prostitute and Doug Ross's patient Charlene "Charlie" Chiemienga 1996–1997
Gleason, JoannaJoanna Gleason Allergy patient, Infomercial Director, and briefly Mark Greene's romance interest Iris 1996
Hedaya, DanDan Hedaya Lawyer and patient Herb Spivak. Helped Mark fend off a civil lawsuit, later returned having lost all his money in a dot-com bust. 1997, 2005
Kurtz, SwoosieSwoosie Kurtz Tele-evangelist and patient Tina Marie Chambliss 1998
Krumholtz, DavidDavid Krumholtz Schizophrenic patient who in a psychotic break stabbed both John Carter and Lucy Knight, the wounds leaving Carter injured and with life-long kidney problems and eventually resulted in Lucy's death. Paul Sobricki 2000, 2002
Mara, MaryMary Mara Originally a prostitute; later Secretary/Cancer patient Loretta Sweet 1995–1996
Newhart, BobBob Newhart Architect who is gradually going blind; patient of Dr. Lewis Ben Hollander 2003
Vlahos, SamSam Vlahos Homeless man and frequent patient in ER Pablo 1997–1998; 2000–2003
Woods, JamesJames Woods ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) patient, Abby Lockheart's teacher in medical school Dr. Nate Lennox 2006
Radnor, JoshJosh Radnor Alderman Bright's lover who contracted Syphilis and was treated under the table by Kerry Weaver Keith. Because he was unaware of either Bright's condition or his own allergies, he died after having a bad reaction to penicillin. 2003
Weitz, BruceBruce Weitz Alderman for City of Chicago and patient of Kerry Weaver for Syphilis Alderman John Bright 2003


Actor/Actress Character Position Character Name Years of Appearance
Sarandon, SusanSusan Sarandon Grandmother of a boy who died in an accident. Gave Doug and Carol permission to harvest his kidney, which ended up being used for John Carter's successful transplant. Nora 2009
Liotta, RayRay Liotta A dying patient gives an insight into the regrets he has about his wasted life, with Greg Pratt going from hostility towards him (he reminds Pratt of his own, absentee father) to compassion as he dies over the course of an hour. Charlie Metcalf 2004
Liu, LucyLucy Liu Mother of a little boy who has AIDS Mei-Sun Leow 1995
Lloyd, JakeJake Lloyd Son of the patient Loretta Sweet Jimmy Sweet 1996
McGregor, EwanEwan McGregor Holds up a convenience store with hostages including Carol Hathaway Duncan Stewart 1997
Torry, JoeJoe Torry Sues Mark Greene after his brother dies; a suspect in Greene's beating but isn't responsible. He and Mark have a heated conversation in which both men admit they're not the reason for the other's misery. Chris Law 1997
Whitford, BradleyBradley Whitford Husband of a pregnant patient in Mark Greene's care Sean O'Brien 1995
Belushi, JamesJames Belushi Father who was brought in after a car accident with his son Dan Harris 2001
Padalecki, JaredJared Padalecki Son who was brought in after a car accident with his father Paul Harris 2001

Shiri Appleby Season 1, Episode 1-Teen with etopic pregnancy

Secondary doctors and medical studentsEdit

Actor/Actress Character Position Character Name Years of Appearance
Alda, AlanAlan Alda ER Attending Physician Dr. Gabriel Lawrence 1999
Anderson, SamSam Anderson Chief of Cardiology and member of the board. Incredibly acerbic and not friendly to the ER, but good at his job. Dr. Jack Kayson 1994–2007
Anzilotti, PerryPerry Anzilotti Anesthesiologist Perry 1994, 1995–2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2008
Appleby, ShiriShiri Appleby Intern Dr. Daria Wade 2008–2009
Aquino, AmyAmy Aquino Chief of Obstetrics & Gynecology. Originally introduced as a shrieking harpy who clashed with the ER and refused to help anyone there, but evolved over time into a likable doctor who helped multiple ER regulars deal with pregnancies. Dr. Janet Coburn 1994—2009
Arroyo, DannyDanny Arroyo Medical student Reid Mooney 2001
Aylward, JohnJohn Aylward Chief of Staff (1996–1999), General surgeon and member of the board (1999–2006), Chief of Staff (2006–2009) Dr. Donald Anspaugh 1996—2009
Bach, JillianJillian Bach Medical Student Penny Nicholson 2004–2006
Bailey, EionEion Bailey Medical Student Jake Scanlon 2004–2005
Benedicto, LourdesLourdes Benedicto Pediatrics Intern. Briefly dated Carter in Season 7. Rena Trujillo 2001
Bibb, LeslieLeslie Bibb Medical Student, flirted with Kovac in Season 9 but was nearly killed in a car accident when he was driving. Erin Harkins 2002–2003
Blackthorne, PaulPaul Blackthorne Invasive Radiologist, had a fling with Dr. Corday. Dr. Jeremy Lawson 2004
Bledel, AlexisAlexis Bledel Intern who was a key figure in the series finale. Dr. Julia Wise 2009
Boutsikaris, DennisDennis Boutsikaris Surgeon Dr. David Kotlowitz 1999
Joseph Bua Special Education Student Boo Bradley 2001
Brisbin, DavidDavid Brisbin Anesthesiologist who hated Dr. Corday and vice versa. Dr. Alexander Babcock 1998–2002
Brown, ClancyClancy Brown SPG Doctor and Kerry Weaver's boyfriend Dr. Ellis West 1997–1998
Caldwell, L. ScottL. Scott Caldwell Director of Neo-Natology Dr. Megan Rabb 2004, 2006
Cheadle, DonDon Cheadle Medical Student. Turned from a successful business path after being diagnosed with Parkinson's. Paul Nathan 2002
Cole, MeganMegan Cole Pathologist Dr. Alice Upton 1996, 1998, 2000–2001, 2003
Campos, BrunoBruno Campos Vascular Surgeon Dr. Eddie Dorset 2003
Fuente, Joel de laJoel de la Fuente Medical student Ivan Fu 1997
Doman, JohnJohn Doman Chief of Psychiatry Dr. Carl DeRaad 1999–2000, 2001, 2003
Drew, Malaya RiveraMalaya Rivera Drew Medical Student Katy Alvaro 2006–2007
Elise, ChristineChristine Elise Medical Student. Love Interest of Carter in Season 2. Temporarily estranged with Carter after she was drunk and slept with Ross accidentality. Later reconciled with Carter but broke up with him over his behavior when seeking surgical procedures. It was revealed that her med school tuition was sponsored by the US Air Force, so she had to join USAF and serve for 4 years after she graduated from medical school. Harper Tracy 1995–1996
Epps, OmarOmar Epps Surgical Intern who constantly suffered Dr. Peter Benton's wrath although Dr. John Carter befriended him. Unfortunately, Benton's constant bullying of Gant drove Gant over the edge so much so that Gant committed suicide by jumping in front of a train. Gant's remains which were badly disfigured were later brought to County for treatment and when Gant was paged, Benton and Carter discovered to their horror that it was Gant that they were working on. Despite their best efforts, Gant eventually succumbed to his wounds and died, his death leaving Carter devastated and angry at himself and Benton for failing to see that there was something wrong with Gant. Dr. Dennis Gant 1996–1997
Esten, CharlesCharles Esten Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Barry Grossman 2007–2008
Fox, JorjaJorja Fox ER Intern, later resident Dr. Maggie Doyle 1996—1999
Gertz, JamiJami Gertz Psychiatrist Dr. Nina Pomerantz 1997
Gilbert, SaraSara Gilbert ER Intern, later resident Dr. Jane Figler 2004—2008
Glave, MatthewMatthew Glave Surgeon. Arrogant even by surgical standards, Carter didn't like him and Peter found him to be a creep. Dr. Dale Edson 1996–1999, 2001–2002
Glazer, JeremyJeremy Glazer Medical Student David 2004
Grove, ChristopherChristopher Grove Orthopeadic Surgeon Dr. Marty Kline 2002–2003, 2006
Headly, GlenneGlenne Headly Pediatric Surgeon Dr. Abby Keaton 1996–1997
Henry, JustinJustin Henry Medical student James Sasser 1997
Howerton, GlennGlenn Howerton ER Resident Dr. Nick 'Coop' Cooper 2003
Ironside, MichaelMichael Ironside Chief of Surgery and ER Chief Dr. William 'Wild Willy' Swift 1995, 1998, 2002
Jablon, MarcMarc Jablon Intern Dr. Larry Western 2007–2008
Jaeck, ScottScott Jaeck Radiologist Dr. Steve Flint 1994–1996, 1999–2000, 2002
Jones, JuliaJulia Jones Intern (Prev. Medical Student) Dr. Kaya Montoya 2008–2009
LeGros, JamesJames LeGros Pediatrician and ex-boyfriend of Anna Del Amico Dr. Max Rocher 1998
Leguizamo, JohnJohn Leguizamo ER attending physician Dr. Victor Clemente 2005–2006
Lennix, HarryHarry Lennix Infectious disease specialist and briefly boyfriend of Jeanie Boulet Dr. Greg Fischer 1997
Ling, JuliaJulia Ling Surgical Intern Mae Lee Park 2006–2007
Lowe, ChadChad Lowe Medical student, assigned to Dr. Carter in Season 4 but had no interest in doing anything ER related with his focus on medical research. Dr. George Henry 1997, 2005
Macy, William H.William H. Macy Chief of Surgery and Head of the ER Dr. David Morgenstern 1994–1998; 2009
Manoux, J. P.J. P. Manoux Junior Surgical Attending, (Formerly Chief Resident) Dr. Dustin Crenshaw 2006–2008
Matchett, KariKari Matchett Acting Chief Of Emergency Medicine Dr. Skye Wexler 2007–2008
McCormack, MaryMary McCormack Doctor in Africa Debbie 2003–2006
McKinney, GilGil McKinney Intern Dr. Paul Grady 2007—2009
Mitchell, ElizabethElizabeth Mitchell Psychiatrist who was in a relationship with Kerry Weaver for a short time before being forced out by Dr. Romano's homophobia. Dr. Kim Legaspi 2000—2001
Morris, JulianJulian Morris Surgical Intern Dr. Andrew Wade 2008–2009
Orser, LelandLeland Orser Attending Trauma Surgeon; Chief of Surgery. Dr. Corday didn't want him to be hired (for reasons that were never clearly outlined) and he took over her position after she resigned in disgrace. Dr. Lucien Dubenko 2004–2009
Parker, Steven ChristopherSteven Christopher Parker Surgical Intern Dr. Harold Zelinsky 2007—2008
Philipps, BusyBusy Philipps Medical Student. Devout Christian who inspired Archie Morris in various ways, and dated him for a little while. Hope Bobeck 2006–2007
Pico, GiovannieGiovannie Pico Medical Student Ludlow 2004–2005
Pounder, CCHCCH Pounder Surgical Attending Dr. Angela Hicks 1994–1997
Powers, AndyAndy Powers ER intern Dr. Howard Ritzke 2004
Rasuk, VictorVictor Rasuk Intern Dr. Ryan Sanchez 2008–2009
Ravera, GinaGina Ravera Radiologist Dr. Bettina DeJesus 2006–2008
Rifkin, RonRon Rifkin Senior Cardiovascular Surgeon. Genius and hospital rainmaker, but played with valid data on a key study and inspired action from Peter Benton. Dr. Carl Vucelich 1995–1996
Rose, EmilyEmily Rose Intern Dr. Tracy Martin 2008–2009
Rossovich, RickRick Rossovich Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. John "Tag" Taglieri 1994–1995
Salem, DahliaDahlia Salem Surgical Chief Resident Dr. Jessica Albright 2005–2006
Shin, EddieEddie Shin Medical student Stanley Mao 2001
Silver, Michael B.Michael B. Silver Psychiatrist Dr. Paul Myers 1995, 1997–2000, 2003, 2005, 2008
Spellings, BritainBritain Spellings ER intern Dr. Sackowitz 2005
Sterling, MauryMaury Sterling Psychiatrist Dr. Nelson 2004, 2006
Strauss, KimKim Strauss Anesthesiologist Ari 2005–2007
Sutherland, RossifRossif Sutherland Medical student. In Season 10, was assigned to the ER; the senior staff didn't think he was good there and he vanished without explanation. Lester Kertzenstein 2003–2004
Terry, JohnJohn Terry Psychiatrist and boyfriend of Susan Lewis Dr. David 'Div' Cvetic 1994
Tucci, StanleyStanley Tucci Chief of Emergency Medicine Dr. Kevin Moretti 2007–2008
Vieluf, VinceVince Vieluf Medical Student Bernard Gamely 1998
Webb, BreshaBresha Webb Medical Student Laverne St. John 2008–2009
Winningham, MareMare Winningham Chief of Emergency Services; ER attending physician who had an unhealthy obsession with Dr. Mark Greene. She was later revealed to be an imposter who had impersonated many other people in various jobs over the last few years. Dr. Amanda Lee 1998–1999

Secondary nurses and other medical staffEdit

Actor/Actress Character Position Character Name Years of Appearance
Brazelton, Conni MarieConni Marie Brazelton ER Nurse Conni Oligario 1994–2003
Cerón, LauraLaura Cerón ER Nurse Chuny Marquez 1995–2009
Cervini, CynthiaCynthia Cervini Nurse Anna Waldron 2002, 2004, 2005
Chestnut, MorrisMorris Chestnut ICU nurse & Deb's baby's father Frank 'Rambo' Bacon 2000
Crawford, EllenEllen Crawford ER Nurse Lydia Wright 1994–2003, 2009
D, DeezerDeezer D ER Nurse Malik McGrath 1994–2009
Freeman, YvetteYvette Freeman ER Nurse Haleh Adams 1994–2009
Hanami, RenRen Hanami NICU Nurse 2006
Heiss, MaryMary Heiss ER Nurse Mary 2000–2008
Hernandez, April LeeApril Lee Hernandez ER Nurse Inez 2005–2006
Guzman, MonicaMonica Guzman Surgical Nurse Marisol 2008–2009
Johnson, PennyPenny Johnson Nurse Practitioner Lynette Evans 1998–1999
Johnston, KristenKristen Johnston Chief ER Nurse Eve Peyton 2005
III, Sam JonesSam Jones III Emergency Medical Technician, Brother of Greg Pratt Charlie 'Chaz' Pratt, Jr. 2005–2009
Lenney, DinahDinah Lenney Surgical Charge Nurse Shirley 1995–2004, 2006—2009
Lentz, PatPat Lentz Nursing Supervisor None 2005, 2008
Logan, BellinaBellina Logan ICU, Pediatrics and Surgical Nurse Kit 1996–2003; 2005; 2008
Logue, DonalDonal Logue Flight Nurse and boyfriend/husband/ex-husband of Susan Lewis Chuck Martin 2003–2005
Mariye, LilyLily Mariye ER Nurse Lily Jarvik 1994–2009
Marquez, VanessaVanessa Marquez ER Nurse Wendy Goldman 1994–1997
May, DeborahDeborah May County Nursing Director Mary Cain 1996–1997, 2002
Moore, Angel LaketaAngel Laketa Moore ER Nurse Dawn Archer 2006–2009
O'Hara, JennyJenny O'Hara ER Nurse Rhonda Sterling 1996
Pardue, KipKip Pardue ER Nurse Ben Parker 2006–2007
Richards, KyleKyle Richards Nurse Dori 2000—2006
Rodriguez, LucyLucy Rodriguez Nurse Bjerke 1996; 2000–2003
Shazana, NadiaNadia Shazana Nurse Jacy 2001–2008
Thalken, MegMeg Thalken Flight Nurse Dee McManus 1996, 1999–2001, 2005, 2008
Watanabe, GeddeGedde Watanabe ER Nurse Yoshi Takata 1997–2003


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