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List of submissions to the 78th Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film

The following 63 films, all from different countries, were submitted for the 78th Academy Awards in the category Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film (release at the country of origin October 2004 - September 2005, ceremony March 2006).

Costa Rica, Iraq and Fiji submitted films for the first time.



Submitting country Film title used in nomination Language(s) Director(s) Result
  Argentina El Aura Spanish Fabián Bielinsky Not Nominated
  Austria Caché[1] French Michael Haneke Disqualified
  Bangladesh Shyamol Chhaya Bangla Humayun Ahmed Not Nominated
  Belgium The Child French Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne Not Nominated
  Bolivia Say Good Morning to Dad[2] Spanish Fernando Vargas Disqualified
  Bosnia and Herzegovina Totally Personal Serbo-Croatian Nedžad Begović Not Nominated
  Brazil Two Sons of Francisco Portuguese Breno Silveira Not Nominated
  Bulgaria Stolen Eyes Bulgarian, Turkish Radoslav Spassov Not Nominated
  Canada C.R.A.Z.Y. French Jean-Marc Vallée Not Nominated
  Chile Play Spanish Alicia Scherson Not Nominated
  China The Promise Mandarin Chen Kaige Not Nominated
  Colombia La Sombra del Caminante Spanish Ciro Guerra Not Nominated
  Costa Rica Caribe Spanish Esteban Ramírez Not Nominated
  Croatia A Wonderful Night in Split Serbo-Croatian Arsen Anton Ostojić Not Nominated
  Cuba Viva Cuba Spanish Juan Carlos Cremata Malberti Not Nominated
  Czech Republic Something Like Happiness Czech Bohdan Sláma Not Nominated
  Denmark Adam's Apples Danish Anders Thomas Jensen Not Nominated
  Estonia Shop of Dreams Estonian Peeter Urbla Not Nominated
  Fiji The Land Has Eyes Rotuman Vilsoni Hereniko Not Nominated
  Finland Mother of Mine Swedish, Finnish Klaus Härö Not Nominated
  France Joyeux Noël French, German, English Christian Carion Nominated
  Georgia Tbilisi-Tbilisi Georgian Levan Zakareishvili Not Nominated
  Germany Sophie Scholl – The Final Days German Marc Rothemund Nominated
  Greece Nyfes[3] English Pantelis Voulgaris Disqualified
  Hong Kong Perhaps Love Mandarin, Cantonese Peter Ho-Sun Chan Not Nominated
  Hungary Fateless Hungarian, German Lajos Koltai Not Nominated
  Iceland Ahead of Time Icelandic Ágúst Guðmundsson Not Nominated
  India Paheli Hindi Amol Palekar Not Nominated
  Indonesia Gie Indonesian Riri Riza Not Nominated
  Iran So Close, So Far Persian Reza Mir Karimi Not Nominated
  Iraq Requiem of Snow Kurdish Jamil Rostami Not Nominated
  Israel What a Wonderful Place Hebrew, Russian,
Tagalog, English
Eyal Halfon Not Nominated
  Italy Don't Tell[4] Italian Cristina Comencini Nominated
  Japan Blood and Bones Japanese, Korean Yoichi Sai Not Nominated
  South Korea Welcome to Dongmakgol Korean Park Kwang-hyun Not Nominated
  Luxembourg Renart the Fox French Thierry Schiel Not Nominated
  Mexico Al otro lado Spanish, Arabic Gustavo Loza Not Nominated
  Mongolia The Cave of the Yellow Dog Mongolian Byambasuren Davaa Not Nominated
  Netherlands Bluebird[5] Dutch Mijke de Jong Disqualified
  Norway Kissed by Winter Norwegian Sara Johnsen Not Nominated
  Palestine Paradise Now[6] Arabic, English Hany Abu-Assad Nominated
  Peru Días de Santiago Spanish Josué Méndez Not Nominated
  Poland The Collector Polish Feliks Falk Not Nominated
  Portugal Noite Escura Portuguese, Russian João Canijo Not Nominated
  Puerto Rico Cayo Spanish Vicente Juarbe Not Nominated
  Romania The Death of Mr. Lazarescu Romanian Cristi Puiu Not Nominated
  Russia The Italian Russian Andrei Kravchuk Not Nominated
  Serbia and Montenegro Midwinter Night's Dream Serbo-Croatian Goran Paskaljević Not Nominated
  Singapore Be with Me[7] English, Hokkien,
Mandarin, Cantonese
Eric Khoo Disqualified
  Slovakia The City of the Sun Slovak, Czech Martin Šulík Not Nominated
  Slovenia The Ruins Slovene Janez Burger Not Nominated
  South Africa Tsotsi Zulu, Xhosa,
Afrikaans, English
Gavin Hood Won Academy Award
  Spain Obaba Spanish Montxo Armendáriz Not Nominated
  Sweden Zozo Swedish, Arabic Josef Fares Not Nominated
   Switzerland Tout un Hiver sans Feu French, Albanian Greg Zglinski Not Nominated
  Taiwan The Wayward Cloud Mandarin Tsai Ming-liang Not Nominated
  Tajikistan Sex & Philosophy[2] Tajik Mohsen Makhmalbaf Disqualified
  Thailand The Tin Mine Thai Jira Maligool Not Nominated
  Turkey Lovelorn Turkish Yavuz Turgul Not Nominated
  Uruguay Alma Mater Spanish Álvaro Buela Not on final list
  Venezuela 1888: The Extraordinary Voyage of the Santa Isabel Spanish Alfredo Anzola Disqualified
  Vietnam The Buffalo Boy Vietnamese Nguyen Vo Nghiem Minh Not Nominated

Failed submissionsEdit

In addition to the above, Venezuela selected 1888: The Extraordinary Voyage of the Santa Isabel, but their entry was delayed by a lawsuit and they missed the deadline [8] Uruguay reportedly selected Álvaro Buela's Alma Mater, but it only ended up sent to the Goya Awards. Both films were chosen by their respective national film boards, and should be considered as their countries' national Foreign Film submissions.

Nepal elected to send Basain, but due to its release date, it was submitted the following year instead.

The Philippines failed to send a film for the first time in ten years; their Film Academy claimed they thought they hadn't been invited after the official invitation failed to reach their new address. Among the other countries which were officially invited to submit a film, but did not, were Afghanistan, Algeria, Australia, Ecuador, Egypt, Lebanon, Macedonia, Malaysia, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.


  1. ^ disqualified because the film was completely in French, and not in a language indigenous to Austria
  2. ^ a b disqualified because a print of the film did not arrive at the Academy in time
  3. ^
  4. ^ Private was originally selected but the Academy informed Italy that the film would be disqualified for not being in Italian. The Italian Academy appealed the decision, but ended up selecting a new film
  5. ^ disqualified because it was too similar to a version previously aired on Dutch television; it was too late to select another Dutch film
  6. ^ Paradise Now was submitted as coming from "Palestine", which was used on the web page and the official notices of the Academy. It was announced at the awards ceremony as from "the Palestinian territories".
  7. ^ disqualified after its official screening for being mostly in English and not in a Foreign Language
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