List of submissions to the 63rd Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film

The 63rd Academy Awards, which were held on 25 March 1991,[1] saw 37 countries submit films for competition in the Best Foreign Language Film category. The five nominated films came from China, France, Germany, Italy and the eventual winner, Journey of Hope from Switzerland.[1] Chile and Germany submitted films for the first time. Germany had previously submitted as East Germany and West Germany.

Ceremony poster for the 63rd Academy Awards

The 1981 Romanian film Carnival Scenes had been banned in Romania and was not released in local theatres. Since the film had never been released, the Academy initially accepted it as a new film. However, while the film was listed on AMPAS' Fall 1991 press release, it was not listed in a 2007 updated list. It is unknown whether the film actually screened or was disqualified.

Ju Dou became the first Chinese film to be nominated for an Oscar, despite China's flip-flop over whether it even wanted the film in the competition. The film was officially selected by China's national film board, which later unsuccessfully tried to persuade the Academy to withdraw the film.


Submitting country Film title used in nomination Original title Language(s) Director(s) Result
  Argentina I, the Worst of All Yo, la peor de todas Spanish María Luisa Bemberg Not Nominated
  Austria Requiem for Dominic Requiem für Dominik German Robert Dornhelm Not Nominated
  Bulgaria Margarit and Margarita Маргарит и Маргарита (Margarit i Margarita) Bulgarian Nikolai Volev Not Nominated
  Canada An Imaginary Tale Une histoire inventée French André Forcier Not Nominated
  Chile The Moon in the Mirror La Luna en el espejo Spanish Silvio Caiozzi Not Nominated
  China Ju Dou 菊豆 (Jú Dòu) Mandarin Zhang Yimou
Yang Fengliang
  Cuba The Beauty of the Alhambra La Bella del Alhambra Spanish Enrique Pineda Barnet Not Nominated
  Czechoslovakia Vojtech, Called the Orphan Vojtěch, řečený sirotek Czech Zdeněk Tyc Not Nominated
  Denmark Dance of the Polar Bears Lad isbjørnene danse Danish Birger Larsen Not Nominated
  Egypt Alexandria Again and Forever اسكندرية كمان وكمان (Eskendereyya kaman we kaman) Arabic Youssef Chahine Not Nominated
  Finland The Winter War Talvisota Finnish Pekka Parikka Not Nominated
  France Cyrano de Bergerac Cyrano de Bergerac French Jean-Paul Rappeneau Nominated
  Germany The Nasty Girl Das schreckliche Mädchen German Michael Verhoeven Nominated
  Greece Love Under the Date-Tree Έρωτας στη χουρμαδιά (Erotas sti hourmadia) Greek Stavros Tsiolis Not Nominated
  Hong Kong Eight Taels of Gold 八兩金 (Ba ya jin) Cantonese Mabel Cheung Not Nominated
  Hungary Little but Tough Kicsi, de nagyon erös Hungarian Ferenc Grunwalsky Not Nominated
  Iceland The Adventures of Paper Peter Pappírs Pési Icelandic Ari Kristinsson Not Nominated
  India Anjali அஞ்சலி (Anjali) Tamil Mani Ratnam Not Nominated
  Indonesia My Sky, My Home Langitku rumahku Indonesian Slamet Rahardjo Not Nominated
  Israel The Lookout שורו (Shuroo) Hebrew Savi Gabizon Not Nominated
  Italy Open Doors Porte aperte Italian Gianni Amelio Nominated
  Japan The Sting of Death 死の棘 (Shi no toge) Japanese Kōhei Oguri Not Nominated
  Mexico Cabeza de Vaca Cabeza de Vaca Spanish Nicolás Echevarría Not Nominated
  Netherlands Evenings De Avonden Dutch Rudolf van den Berg Not Nominated
  Norway Herman Herman Norwegian Erik Gustavson Not Nominated
  Peru Fallen from Heaven Caídos del cielo Spanish Francisco José Lombardi Not Nominated
  Poland Korczak Korczak Polish Andrzej Wajda Not Nominated
  Portugal The King's Trial O Processo do Rei Portuguese João Mário Grilo Not Nominated
  Romania Carnival Scenes De ce trag clopotele, Mitica? Romanian Lucian Pintilie Not Nominated
  South Korea Mayumi 마유미 (Mayumi) Korean Shin Sang-ok Not Nominated
  Soviet Union Taxi Blues Такси-блюз (Taksi-Blyuz) Russian Pavel Lungin Not Nominated
  Spain ¡Ay Carmela! ¡Ay, Carmela! Spanish Carlos Saura Not Nominated
  Sweden Good Evening, Mr. Wallenberg God afton, Herr Wallenberg Swedish Kjell Grede Not Nominated
   Switzerland Journey of Hope Reise der Hoffnung (Umuda Yolculuk) German, Turkish Xavier Koller Won Academy Award
  Taiwan Song of the Exile 客途秋恨 (Ke tu qiu hen) Cantonese Ann Hui Not Nominated
  Thailand Song for Chao Phraya น้องเมีย (Nawng mia) Thai Chatrichalerm Yukol Not Nominated
  Yugoslavia Time of Miracles Време чуда (Vreme čuda) Serbo-Croatian Goran Paskaljević Not Nominated

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