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This is a partial list of streets or roads in Cebu, Philippines.



Ever since the early American Period in Cebu, street names from former Spanish colonial leaders were renamed, mostly at that time, after revolutionaries who were either executed or died while fighting the Spaniards or the Americans. Some streets were named after famous Filipino leaders, and as well as the first elected leaders of a certain area, town, barangay or a city. Cebu also boasts street names named after philanthropists, common civilian jobs like teachers, civic leaders, priests and exemplary government officials. Rarely, streets in Cebu are named after foreigners, but if it was, it was done in commemoration of either heroic deeds, or help in the development of the island and even played a part in the Philippine history.

Majority of the common streets in Cebu were already present during the Spanish Era, but many more alleyways were constructed as the years passed by (in conjunction with the growth and expansion of Cebu), thus giving rise to the naming of numerous streets in Cebu.

The unique planning of such engineering feat, is reflected today in the city, as streets are easy to locate and trek, rather than in Metropolitan Manila, where the streets just pass by and intersect even if the area is too small or overcrowded.

Bogo CityEdit

Street Name Namesake City
S. Verallo Street Municipal President Severo Verallo Bogo, Cebu

Cebu CityEdit

Osmeña Boulevard, with the artist's impression of Cebu Bus Rapid Transit System in its middle.
Colon Street, the oldest national road in the Philippines.
Gov. M. Cuenco Highway
Street Name Namesake City
A. Soriano Avenue Andres Roxas Soriano (1898–1964) Cebu City
Osmeña Boulevard (also known as Juan Luna Avenue, Doña Pepang Avenue, and Jones Avenue) President Sergio Suico Osmeña (1878–1961) Cebu City
Sergio Osmeña Jr. Avenue / Sergio Osmeña Jr. Boulevard Sergio Veloso Osmeña (1917–1984) Cebu City
J. de Veyra Street Commissioner Jaime Carlos de Veyra (1873–1963) Cebu City
Arellano Street / Arellano Boulevard Justice Cayetano Lonzon Arellano (1847–1920) Cebu City
Quezon Boulevard / Pres. Quezon Street President Manuel Luis Molina Quezon (1878–1944) Cebu City
R. Palma Street Senator Rafael Palma (1874–1939) Cebu City
General Maxilom Avenue (Mango Avenue) Brigadier-General Arcadio Molero Maxilom (1862–1924) Cebu City
T. Padilla Street / Extension Street Rev. Fr. Toribio Padilla (1832–1906) Cebu City
B. Benedicto Street Don Bernardo Benedicto (1898–1990) Cebu City
Villagonzalo Street Juan Irles Villagonzalo (1886–1914) Cebu City
U. Alviola Street Uldarico Aguilar Alviola (1883–1966) Cebu City
M. J. Cuenco Avenue Senator Mariano Jesus Diosomito Cuenco (1888–1964) Cebu City
G. L. Lavilles Street Gervasio Lira Lavilles (1896–1986) Cebu City
V. Sotto Street Senator Vicente Yap Sotto (1877–1950) Cebu City
A. Pigafetta Street Antonio Pigafetta (c.1491–c.1531) Cebu City
M. C. Briones Street / M. C. Briones Highway Senator Manuel Cabahug Briones (1894–1957) Cebu City / Mandaue
P. Burgos Street Fr. José Apolonio García Burgos (1837–1872) Cebu City / Mandaue
Jakosalem Street Governor Dionisio Abella Jakosalem (1878–1931) Cebu City
Plaridel Street / Extension Street Marcelo Hilario Gatmaitan del Pilar (1850–1896) Cebu City
F. Calderon Street Felipe Gonzáles Roca Calderón (1868–1908) Cebu City
Noli Me Tangere Street Noli Me Tangere Cebu City
El Filibusterismo Street El Filibusterismo Cebu City
Magallanes Street Ferdinand Magellan (c.1480–1521) Cebu City
Lapu-Lapu Street Lapu-Lapu (c.1491–c.1542) Cebu City
Legaspi Street Miguel López de Legazpi (c.1502–1572) Cebu City
Padre Zamora Street Fr. Jacinto del Rosario Zamora (1835–1872) Cebu City
Ibarra Street named after the protagonist in the novel,Noli Me Tangere, Juan Crisostomo Ibarra Cebu City
Simoun Street named after the protagonist in the novel, El Filibusterismo, Simoun Cebu City
Isagani Street named after a liberal student in the novel, El Filibusterismo, Isagani Cebu City
A. Borromeo Street Judge Andres Reynes Borromeo (1880–1923) Cebu City
P. Gullas Street Paulino Arandia Gullas (1891–1945) Cebu City
P. Lopez Street Representative Pedro Lopez (1915–1957) Cebu City
Leon Kilat Street Brigadier-General Pantaleon Soldi Villegas (1873–1898) Cebu City
Dimasalang Street Dr. José Protacio Rizal (1861–1896) Cebu City
J. Climaco Street Governor Juan Faller Climaco (1859–1907) Cebu City
A. Climaco Street Governor Arsenio Climaco (1868–1952) Cebu City
Panganiban Street José Enverga Panganiban (1863–1890) Cebu City
Colon Street (oldest street in the Philippines) Christopher Columbus (c.1450–1506) Cebu City
Sanciangko Street Gregorio Gozon Sanciangco (1852–1897) Cebu City
Balagtas Street Francisco Baltazar (1788–1862) Cebu City
Pelaez Street Fr. Pedro Sebastian Pelaez (1812–1863) Cebu City
Junquera Street General Inocencio Junquera (c.1831–1911) Cebu City
Urdaneta Street Fr. Andrés de Urdaneta OSA (1498–1568) Cebu City
A. Jereza Street Engineer Agustin Jereza (1888–1968) Cebu City
M. Logarta Street Miguel Ceniza Logarta (1863–1904) Cebu City
Vicente Gullas Street Vicente Arandia Gullas (1888–1970) Cebu City
Zulueta Street Clemente José Zulueta (1876–1904) Cebu City
Mabini Street Apolinario Maranan Mabini (1864–1903) Cebu City
Eduardo Aboitiz Street (formerly L. Jaena Street) Eduardo Sidebottom Aboitiz (1917–1985) / Graciano López Jaena (1856–1896) Cebu City
A. Bonifacio Street Andrés de Castro Bonifacio (1863–1897) Cebu City
Pantaleon Del Rosario Street Colonel Pantaleon Del Rosario (1876–1930) Cebu City
Tres De Abril Street Battle of Tres de Abril Cebu City
Espelita Street Bishop Miguel Lino de Ezpeleta (1701–1771) Cebu City
F. Rallos Street Florentino Rallos (1860–1912) Cebu City
R. Magsaysay Street / Pres. Magsaysay Street President Ramon del Fierro Magsaysay (1907–1957) Cebu City
Lakandula Street Lakandula (1503–c.1589) Cebu City
J. M. Basa Street José Maria Basa (1839–1907) Cebu City
Figueroa Street Melecio Magbanua Figueroa (1842–1903) Cebu City
B. Aranas Street Brigadier-General Bonifacio Salcedo Aranas (1875–1898) Cebu City
Carlock Street Judge Lyman Judy Carlock (1869–1903) Cebu City
Spoliarium Street The painting Spoliarium Cebu City
S. D. Tecson Street Segundino Debivar Tecson (1912–1982) Cebu City
Natalio B. Bacalso Avenue / Cebu South Road Assemblyman Natalio Bacalso (1908–1984) Cebu City
V. Rama Avenue Senator Vicente Rama (1887–1956) Cebu City
Kabajar Street Pio "Piux" Abregas Kabajar (1892–1977) Cebu City
Janssen Road St. Arnold Janssen (1837–1909) Cebu City
I. Tabura Street Ireneo Tabura (1861–1954) Cebu City
R. Abellanosa Drive (Sunrise Village Entrance) Ramon Abellanosa (1907–1983) Cebu City
J. N. Jumalon Street Professor Julian Navarro Jumalon (1909–2000) Cebu City
G. Elorde Street (previously known as Ganciang Street) Gabriel "Flash" Elorde (1935–1985) Cebu City
Atillo Street Pablo Sanchez Atillo (1890–1959) Cebu City
Fr. Bosch Street Fr. Jose Bosch (1921–1995) Cebu City
Felimon Caburnay Street Felimon Caburnay (1915–1992) Cebu City
B. Zubiri Street Ben Zubiri (1911–1969) Cebu City
Gen. Java Street Brigadier-General Lucio Saceda Java, PAF (1915–1969) Cebu City
Jabonero Street CITOM Chief Eduardo Fernan Jabonero (1946–1988) Cebu City
Katipunan Street Katipunan Cebu City
V. Abella Street Vicente Taboada Abella (1891–1946) Cebu City
A. Tormis Street Atty. Antonio Abad Tormis (1915–1961) Cebu City
M. Cabigon Street Maria Alcordo Cabigon (1878–1962) Cebu City
M. H. Aznar Street Matias Hipolito Chavez Aznar (1907–1958) Cebu City
V. Urgello Street Congressman Vicente Sarmiento Urgello (1875–1952) Cebu City
J. Urgello Street Atty. Jesus Espina Urgello (1910–1944) Cebu City
R. Landon Street Engineer Robert Roberts Landon (1873–1938) Cebu City
P. Cui Street Pedro Revilles Cui (1847–1926) Cebu City
B. Rodriguez Street Governor Buenaventura Perez Rodriguez (1892–1940) Cebu City
Col. J. Cushing Street Lieutenant-Colonel James M. Cushing (1908–1963) Cebu City
C. Rodriguez Street Senator Celestino Lazala Rodriguez (1872–1955) Cebu City
Don Mariano Cui Street Mariano Cui (1865–1959) Cebu City
J. Llorente Street Julio Aballe Llorente (1863–1940) Cebu City
N. Rafols Street (formerly known as Jasmin Street) Representative Nicolas Mercado Rafols (1894–1947) Cebu City
P. Rodriguez Street Pedro Lazala Rodriguez (1869–1932) Cebu City
Emilio Osmeña Street Dr. Emilio Veloso Osmeña (1906–1942) Cebu City
C. G. Briones Street Concepcion Gantuangco Briones (1905–1985) Cebu City
N. Escario Street Dr. Nicolas Gandiongco Escario (1898–1958) Cebu City
A. Villalon Drive Dr. Augusto Villalon (1886–1962) Cebu City
Don Jose Avila Street/ J. Avila Street Jose Leon Avila (1884–1959) Cebu City
M. P. Yap Street (previously known as Maria Cristina Street) Monsignor Manuel Porcia Yap (1900–1966) Cebu City
R. Aboitiz Street Ramon Yrastorza Aboitiz (1887–1974) Cebu City
Elizabeth Pond Street Elizabeth Stitt Gambrill Pond (1879–1943) Cebu City
Arlington Pond Street Dr. Erasmus Arlington Pond (1873–1930) Cebu City
F. Ramos Street Mayor Fructuoso Rodis Ramos (1869–1949) Cebu City
V. Ranudo Street Vicente Ranudo (1882–1930) Cebu City
F. Manalo Street Pastor Felix Ysagun Manalo (1886–1963) Cebu City
Filemon Sotto Drive Filemon Sotto y Yap (1872–1966) Cebu City
Rahmann Street Fr. Rudolf Rahmann, SVD (1902–1985) Cebu City
F. D. Tecson Street (now part of Rahmann Street) Florentino D. Tecson (1906–1962) Cebu City
Gorordo Avenue Bishop Juan Bautista Perfecto Garces Gorordo (1862–1934) Cebu City
General Echavez Street / Extension Street Brigadier-General Saturnino Teves Echavez (1866–1933) Cebu City
Cardinal Rosales Avenue Cardinal Julio Ras Rosales (1906–1983) Cebu City
Archbishop Reyes Avenue Archbishop Gabriel Martelino Reyes (1892–1952) Cebu City
Pedro D. Calomarde Street Pedro Dayagro Calomarde (1905–1986) Cebu City
Dr. Jose Ses Reyes Street Dr. Jose Ses Reyes (1899–1975) Cebu City
D. M. Gaisano Street Modesta Singson Gaisano (1885–1986) Cebu City
Wilson Street President Thomas Woodrow Wilson (1856–1924) Cebu City
Marconi Street Guglielmo Giovanni Maria Marconi (1874–1937) Cebu City
Fulton Street Robert Fulton (1765–1815) Cebu City
Pasteur Street Louis Roqui Pasteur (1822–1895) Cebu City
Edison Street Thomas Alva Elliott Edison (1847–1931) Cebu City
Torralba Street Colonel Ramon Sarmiento Torralba (1906–1989) Cebu City
W. Geonzon Street Atty. Winefreda Amit Geonzon (1941–1990) Cebu City
Abad Street Antonio Mercado Abad (1894–1970) Cebu City
V. Padriga Street Vicente Padriga (1895–1980) Cebu City
Jose Maria Del Mar Street Jose Maria Del Mar (1896–1982) Cebu City
Inez Villa Street UN Secretary Inez Suico Villa (1898–1988) Cebu City
Gov. M. Cuenco Avenue Governor Manuel Alesna Cuenco (1907–1970) Cebu City
Pope John Paul II Avenue Pope John Paul II (1920–2005) Cebu City
F. Cabahug Street / F.B. Cabahug Street Governor Fructuoso Barte Cabahug (1897–1961) Cebu City / Mandaue
S. Cabahug Street / S.B. Cabahug Street Justice Sotero Barte Cabahug (1891–1963) Cebu City / Mandaue
C. Tudtud Street Conrado Colina Tudtud (1902–1970) Cebu City
J. Luna Avenue Juan Novicio Luna (1857–1899) Cebu City
F. Urot Street Councilor Florencio Urot (1904–1975) Cebu City
Pres. Roxas Street President Manuel Acuña Roxas (1892–1948) Cebu City
Pres. Aguinaldo Street President Emilio Famy Aguinaldo (1869–1964) Cebu City
Brezlin Street Colonel Thomas Francis Malloy Brezlin (1885–1942) Cebu City
Pres. Laurel Street President Jose Paciano Garcia Laurel (1891–1959) Cebu City
Pres. Quirino Street President Elpidio Rivera Quirino (1890–1956) Cebu City
Gen. Lim Street Brigadier-General Vicente Podico Lim (1888–1944) Cebu City
J. Abad Santos Street Justice Jose Abad Basco Santos (1886–1942) Cebu City
Dagohoy Street Francisco Sendrijas (c.1724–?) Cebu City
M. Oyson Jr. Street Atty. Manuel Oyson (1935–2006) Cebu City
Gotianuy Street Don Manuel Gotianuy (1888–1946) Cebu City
Congressman Noel Street Congressman Maximino Jaen Noel (1879–1969) Cebu City
Tandang Sora Street Tandang Sora (1812–1919) Cebu City
A. Miñoza Highway / A. Miñoza Street Major-General Alejo Nazareno Miñoza (1867–1925) Cebu City / Argao
Padre Gomez Street Fr. Mariano Guard Gómez (1799–1872) Cebu City
D. Silang Street Diego Andaya Silang (1730–1763) Cebu City
M. Lazarte Sr. Street (formerly known as Sudlon Street) Barangay Captain Maximino Lazarte (1921–1993) Cebu City
A. Del Rosario Street (Now renamed as Dr. Jose Rizal Street. It was also formerly known as the "City Hall Lane") Anacleto del Rosario (1860–1895) / Dr. Jose Protacio Rizal (1861-1896) Cebu City
Sepulveda Street Major-General Gavino Sepulveda (1869–1939) Cebu City
Escaño Street Dr. Mamerto Faelnar Escaño (1876–1970) Cebu City
T. Bugallon Street (part of Andres Borres Street) Major José Torres Gonzales Bugallón (1873–1899) Cebu City
T. Abella Street Councilor Tomas Abella (1899–1944) Cebu City
I. Villamor Street Associate Justice Ignacio Villamor (1863–1933) Cebu City
P. Magbutay Street (formerly known as Dakilang Pito Avenue) Perpetuo Magbutay (1921–1986) Cebu City
Scout Arcilla Street (formerly known as Payahan Road) Scout Argie Mae Arcilla (1981–1998)[1] Cebu City
Scout Cayetano Street (formerly known as Sto. Nino Church Road) Scout Charlene Cayetano (1983–1998)[1] Cebu City
Scout Coca Street (known as Lower Agnawe Road) Scout Rhea Mae Coca (1982–1998)[1] Cebu City
Scout Hortilano Street (formerly known as Hubaw Agsungol Road) Scout Sherlita Hortilano (1982–1998)[1] Cebu City
Scout Limotan Street (formerly known as Guba-Adlaon Road) Scout Bernadin Limotan (1983–1998)[1] Cebu City
Scout Oporto Street (formerly known as Calavas Road) Scout Christine Oporto (1984–1998)[1] Cebu City
T. Villa Street Don Teresio Villa (1861–1954) Cebu City
F. Villa Street Dona Florencia Suico Villa (1867–1955) Cebu City
St. Michael Street St. Michael The Archangel Cebu City
St. Anthony Street St. Anthony De Padua Cebu City
F. Vestil Street Basketball Legend Francisco Sanchez Vestil (1914–2000) Cebu City
Woolbright Drive 2/M and Land Developer Edgar "Eddie" Ray Woolbright, USMM (1920–1996) Cebu City
C. Filoteo Street (Famously known as the "Good Shepherd" Road) Dr. Cesar Arcega Filoteo (1894–1970) Cebu City
Don Sulpicio Go Street Don Sulpicio Go Guioc So (1905–1992) Cebu City
L. Balaga Drive Leonardo Paraguya Balaga (1899–1985) Cebu City
C. Padilla Street Candido Zabala Padilla (1846–1898) Cebu City
L. Borces Street Barangay Captain Lorenza Borces (1927–1997) Cebu City
Kaohsiung Street Named after the Sister City of Cebu City, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Cebu City
J. Briones Street Representative Jose L. Briones Cebu City
E. S. Baclig Jr. Avenue Eustaquio S. Baclig Cebu City
S. Borces Street Councilor Serafin Borces Cebu City
J. Seno Street Councilor Juan Seno Cebu City
M. Borgonia Street Manuel Borgonia Cebu City
Labucay Street Estanislao Labucay Cebu City
F. Gochan Street Felix Gochan Cebu City
A. Ancajas Street Andres Ancajas Cebu City
W. Cabalse Street Barangay Captain Wilfredo Cabalse Cebu City
J. Diola Street Juanito Diola Cebu City
J. Joaquino Jose Joaquino Cebu City
Almendras Street Senator Paulo Almendras Cebu City
Padre Cabantan Street Rev. Fr. Valeriano Cabantan Cebu City
F. Arcilla Street Municipal President Froilan Arcilla Cebu City
Limbong Street Julio Limbong Cebu City
G. Tudtud Street Gil Mina Tudtud Cebu City
L. Tudtud Street Lope Mina Tudtud Cebu City
C. Mina Street Celedonia Mina Cebu City
M. Borces Street Mateo Borces Cebu City
F. Mina Street Felix Mina Cebu City
Tres Borces Padres Street In Homage to the 3 Borces Brothers, Mateo (Also has a separate street), Hilario and Graciano Borces Cebu City
Golam Drive Go Lam Cebu City
Salinas Drive Named after the Sister City of Cebu City, Salinas, California. Cebu City
Sanson Road Councilor Miguel R. Sanson Cebu City
Cebu Veterans Drive In Homage to the Soldiers and Guerrillas who were fighting the Japanese in World War II Cebu City
Sister Cities Drive In Homage to the Various International Sister Cities of Cebu City Taptap, Cebu City
M. V. Regner Street Engineer Marcelo Veloso Regner Cebu City
J. Labra Street Barangay Captain Joaquin Labra Cebu City
J. Singson Street Judge Juan Regis Singson Cebu City
G. Quijada Street Gervacio Quijada Cebu City
A. Abellana Street Revolutionary Leader Andres Abellana Cebu City
S. Alaura Street Simplicio Alaura (Revolutionary) Cebu City
M. Veloso Street / Extension Street Mariano Veloso Cebu City
L. Bacayo Street Luciano Bacayo (Revolutionary) Cebu City
J. Diaz Street Councilor Julio P. Diaz Cebu City
R. Duterte Street Mayor Ramon Duterte Cebu City
M. Velez Street Marcial Velez (Revolutionary) Cebu City
G. Garcia Street Gil Garcia Cebu City
P. Clavano Street Mayor Pedro Clavano Cebu City
Gov. M. Roa Street Governor Manuel Roa Cebu City
J. Osmeña Street / Extension Street Juana Osmeña Cebu City
Morales Street Councilor Avelino Morales Cebu City
J. Solon Drive (formerly known as Kamagong Street) Councilor Jose N. Solon Cebu City
C. S. Rosal Street Councilor Clotildo S. Rosal Cebu City
Tojong Street Dr. Leandro Tojong Cebu City
J. Panis Street Engineer Joaquin L. Panis Cebu City
Industry Street In Honor of Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry Cebu City
Commerce Street In Honor of Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry Cebu City
F. Zapanta Street (formerly known as Villa Abuno Street) Filemon Zapanta Cebu City
R. Mercado Street Councilor Regino Mercado Cebu City
Morelos Street Mayor Marcos Morelos Cebu City
Lorega Street Lieutenant General Enrique Casals Lorega Cebu City
San Miguel Street St. Michael The Archangel (San Miguel De Arcanghel) Cebu City
Sikatuna Street Rajah Sikatuna Cebu City
Benedicto Street Emilia Benedicto Cebu City
A. R. Villanueva Street Provincial Fiscal Arsenio Villanueva Cebu City
Lim Tian Teng Street Lim Tian Teng Cebu City
Uytengsu Street Tirso Uytengsu Cebu City
A. B. Aznar Street Anunciacion Barcenilla Aznar Cebu City
J. Alcantara Street Councilor Julian Alcantara Cebu City
A. Borres Street Councilor Andres Borres Cebu City
T. Cavan Street Teopisto Cavan (Revolutionary) Cebu City
L. Flores Street Luis Perez Flores (Revolutionary) Cebu City
L. Abellar Street Luis Abellar (Revolutionary) Cebu City
Belgium Street Named after the European city which has a sister city in Cebu City, the city of Kortrijk in Belgium Cebu City
Manalili Street Solomon Sy Manalili Cebu City
F. Gonzales Street Florencio Gonzales (Revolutionary) Cebu City
J. C. Zamora Street (formerly known as España Street) Governor Juan Cerilles Zamora Cebu City
R. Rallos Sr. Street Ramon R. Rallos Cebu City
P. Sanchez Street Councilor and Provincial Sheriff Paulino R. Sanchez Cebu City
R. Padilla Street (formerly known as Fatima Street) Councilor Rustico R. Padilla Cebu City
M. Gochan Street Maria Gochan Cebu City
L. Lopez Drive Lucio Lopez (Revolutionary) Cebu City
A. Lopez Drive Atilano Lopez (Revolutionary) Cebu City
Dr. Abella Drive Dr. Pablo U. Abella Cebu City
I. Limkakeng Street (Formerly 4th Street) Ishmael Limkakeng Cebu City
J. Fortich Street Councilor Jose Fortich Cebu City
Judge Salvador Street Judge Celedonio Salvador Cebu City
E. Labos Street Escolastico Labos Cebu City
Paseo Arcenas / Arcenas Drive Dr. Ramon Arcenas Cebu City
Salvador Street / Extension Street Carlos Salvador (Clerk of the Court of First Instance, Cebu Capitol) Cebu City
F. Pacaña Street Councilor Felipe Pacaña Cebu City
M. Paez Street Councilor Magno Paez Cebu City
Cabarrubias Street In Honor of the Revolutionary Brothers, Miguel and Basilio Cabarrubias Cebu City
M. Abella Street Barangay Captain Mariano Macaweli Abella Cebu City
P. Cabaluna Street Pedro Quijano Cabaluna Cebu City
F. Llamas Street Francisco Llamas (Revolutionary) Cebu City
L. Gabuya Lucas O. Gabuya Cebu City
Col. A. Cabreros Street Col. Arsenio Cabreros (Revolutionary) Cebu City
Col. Tabada Street Col. Vicente Tabada (Revolutionary) Cebu City
Sabellano Street Councilor Eutiquio Sabellano Cebu City
C. P. Diaz Street Celso P. Diaz Cebu City
V. Rallos Street Vicente Rallos Cebu City
E. Corro Street Councilor Eugenio Corro Cebu City
F. Jaca Street Francisco Jaca Cebu City
Dela Victoria Street Councilor Cecilio Dela Victoria Cebu City
E. Jaca Street Councilor Emilio Rm. Jaca Cebu City
C. Cuizon Street Mayor Carlos Jurado Cuizon Cebu City
Guadalajara Road (P. Datan Street) Placido Datan (Revolutionary) Cebu City
Col. Gines Street Colonel Eugenio Gines (Revolutionary) Cebu City


Street Name Namesake City
P. del Pilar Street Brigadier-General Pio Isidro y Castañeda (1860–1931) Danao
Mabini Street Apolinario Maranan Mabini (1864-1903) Danao
Bonifacio Street Gat Andres De Castro Bonifacio (1863-1897) Danao
Rizal Street Jose Protacio Rizal (1861-1896) Danao
Beatriz D. Durano Street Mayor Beatriz Duterte Durano (1907–1981) Danao
C. M. Enriquez Street Municipal President Carlos Manto Enriquez Danao
F. Ralota Street Municipal President Francisco Ralota Danao
V. Buot Street Municipal President Victoriano Buot Danao
J.D.A Street Jovenal Durano Almendras Danao


Street Name Namesake City
A. Berdin Sr. Street Councilor Alley Berdin (1938–2006) Lapu-Lapu
Villamor Street Colonel Jesus Antonio Villamor, PAF (1914–1971) Lapu-Lapu
Basa Road Lieutenant Cesar Fernando Basa, PAF (1915–1941) Lapu-Lapu
Kadaugan Road "Kadaugan Sa Mactan" Festival Lapu-Lapu
Calle Moriones Moriones Festival Lapu-Lapu
Masskara Street MassKara Festival Lapu-Lapu
Guerilleros Street Second World War memorial in Lapu-Lapu Island Lapu-Lapu
La Victoria Street Victoria (ship) Lapu-Lapu
Villalobos Street Ruy López de Villalobos (c.1500–1544) Lapu-Lapu
Dr. M. V. Patalinghug Jr. Avenue Dr. Maximo V. Patalinghug (1929–1993) Lapu-Lapu


Street Name Namesake City
B. B. Cabahug Street Bonifacio Barte Cabahug (1899–1975) Mandaue
V. B. Cabahug Street Vicente Barte Cabahug (1884–1949) Mandaue
F. E. Zuellig Avenue Dr. Ferdinand Edward Zuellig (1880–1943) Mandaue
Dr. P. V. Larrazabal Jr. Avenue Dr. Potenciano Veloso Larrazabal Jr. (1940–2017) Mandaue
E. O. Perez Street Atty. Eugeniano Ouano Perez (1901–1943) Mandaue
Hernan Cortes Highway / Extension Street Hernán Cortés (1485–1547) Mandaue
A. S. Fortuna Street Mayor Alejandro Seno Fortuna (1903–1945) Mandaue
H. Abellana Street Governor Hilario Abellana (1896–1945) Mandaue
Justice Marcelo B. Fernan Bridge (second Mandaue–Mactan Bridge) Justice Marcelo Briones Fernan (1927–1999) Mandaue
D. M. Cortes Highway (formerly known as Plaridel Highway) Mayor Demetrio Mendoza Cortes (1921–1993) Mandaue
F. F. Cruz Street Engineer Felipe F. Cruz (c.1920–2013) Mandaue
A. C. Cortes Highway Municipal President Ariston Ceniza Cortes (1887–1973) Mandaue
Ouano Avenue In Homage to the Ouano Clan of Mandaue Mandaue
P. Basubas Street Municipal Mayor Pedro Basubas Mandaue
E. Espina Street Municipal President Elias Espina Mandaue
A. Del Rosario Street Municipal President Alejandro Del Rosario Mandaue
C. D. Seno Avenue Municipal Mayor Conrado D. Seno Mandaue
L. Espina Street Municipal President Luis Espina Mandaue
Echivarre Street Municipal Mayor Martin Echivarre Mandaue
J. M. Ceniza Street Jose M. Ceniza Mandaue
C. M. Cabahug Street Councilor Cesar M. Cabahug Mandaue
U. Seno Street Municipal Mayor Urbano Seno Mandaue
Orlacsan Street Orlando Cabahug Sanchez Mandaue
G. Ouano Street Gerardo Llanera Ouano Mandaue
C. Vicinal Street Camino Vicinal Mandaue
C. P. Batiller Street Constantino P. Batiller Mandaue
L. Jayme Street Municipal President Leoncio Jayme Mandaue
B. Suyco Street Municipal President Benigno Suyco Mandaue
M. Ceniza Street PFC/PO Mardonio Ceniza Mandaue
M. Quizon Street Marciano Quizon Mandaue
S. Jayme Street Municipal President Segunda Jayme Mandaue
E.S. Dimpas Street Municipal President Eriberto S. Dimpas Mandaue

City of NagaEdit

Street Name Namesake Municipality / City
Mendoza Street (also known as Dalan Walay–Gugma) Municipal President Godofredo Mendoza Naga
Sayson Street Municipal President Emiliano Sayson Naga City


Street Name Namesake City
R. Rabaya Street Mayor Rafael Campo Rabaya (1908–1989) Talisay
V. H. Garces Street Mayor Vicente Hermosa Garces (1887–1971) Talisay
Judge L. Abarquez Street Judge Leoncio Padin Abarquez (1927–1995) Talisay
Tres Aliños Street In Memory of the Anti-Spanish Revolutionary Brothers, Potenciano Aliño et al. Talisay
Msgr. T. Camomot Street Monsignor Teofilo Bastida Camomot (1914–1988) Talisay
Gen. Luna Street Brigadier General Antonio Novicio-Ancheta Luna (1866–1899) Talisay
Congressman A. T. Bacaltos Sr. Street Representative Antonio Tabolio Bacaltos (1924–2005) Talisay
J. Logarta Street Jose G. Logarta (1928–1987) Talisay
F. Bas Street Mayor Fidel Bas Talisay
E.H. Bascon Street Congressman Ernesto H. Bascon Talisay


Street Name Namesake City
Barba Street Mayor Marcelo Barba (1912–1978) Toledo
President Macapagal Highway President Diosdado Pangan Macapagal (1910–1997) Toledo
Lebumfacil Street Fulgencio Lebumfacil Toledo


Street Name Namesake Municipality
Roosevelt Street President Theodore Bulloch Roosevelt (1858–1919) Argao
Carmen Street Rev. Fr. Bartolome Gador (Del) Carmen (1857–1914) Argao
I. Kintanar Street Representative Isidro Camasura Kintanar (1915–1968) Argao
G. Del Pilar Street Lieutenant-General Gregorio Sempio del Pilar (1875–1899) Argao
Soliman Street Rajah Sulayman (1558–1575) Argao
Calle Sesaldo Mayor Daniel Lim Sesaldo (1936–2009) Argao
C. M. Remonde Street Secretary Glecerio Mamites Remonde (1958–2010) Argao
P. Trazo Street Municipal President Primo B. Trazo (1883–1941) Asturias
F. Aguanta Street Fabian Aguanta Asturias
P. Awit Street Municipal President Prospero Awit Asturias
J. Alonso Street Representative Jose Alonso Asturias
Don E. Alonso Street Eugenio Alonso Asturias
G. Delfin Street Gregorio Delfin Asturias
P. Cabatingan Street Municipal President Pablo Saso Cabatingan Compostela
17 De Enero Street In Commemoration of the Birth of the Municipality of Compostela Compostela
F. Cabatingan Street Municipal Mayor Francisco Sanchez Cabatingan Compostela
T. P. Go Street Tomas P. Go Consolacion
A. Osorio Street Mayor Amando Navarette Osorio (1890–1946) Dalaguete
Legaspi Street Mayor Guillermo Sandalo Legaspi (1919–1991) Dalaguete
Sarmiento Street Fr. Ruperto Picno Sarmiento (1856–1947) Dalaguete
S. Osorio Street Municipal Secretary and Writer Sulpicio Selerio Osorio (1898–1970) Dalaguete
J. Pitogo Street Municipal Mayor Jorge Pitogo Liloan
Noval Street Municipal Mayor Catalino Noval Liloan
L. Unabia Street Laurean Unabia (1921–1978) Minglanilla
18 de Julio Street Commemoration of the Liberation of Minglanilla From the Spaniards and American Occupiers on July 18, 1905 Minglanilla



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