List of stop motion films

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This is a list of films that showcase stop motion animation, and is divided into four sections: animated features, TV series, live-action features, and animated shorts. This list includes films that are not exclusively stop motion.

Stop motion animated featuresEdit


Year Title Country Type Length
1917 El Apóstol [1] Argentina Cutout 70
1926 The Adventures of Prince Achmed [2] Germany Cutout 65
1927 Ein Ruckblick un Die Urwelt Germany Cutout N/A
1937 The Tale of the Fox [3] France Puppet 65
The Seven Ravens [4] Germany Puppet 53
1945 Handling Ships [5] UK Puppet 70
1947 The Crab with the Golden Claws [6] Belgium Puppet 75
The Czech Year AKA A Treasury of Fairy-tales [7] Czechoslovakia Puppet 75
1949 The Emperor's Nightingale [8] Czechoslovakia Puppet 72
Adventures of Esparadrapo [9] Spain Puppet 60
1950 Prince Bayaya [10] Czechoslovakia Puppet 87
1953 The Treasure Of Bird Island [11] Czechoslovakia Cutout 77
Old Czech Legends [12] Czechoslovakia Puppet 91
1954 Hansel and Gretel: An Opera Fantasy [13] USA Puppet 72
1955 The Good Soldier Schweik [14] Czechoslovakia Puppet 76
1958 Beloved Beauty [15] USSR Puppet 45
1959 A Midsummer Night's Dream Czechoslovakia Puppet 76
1961 The Strange Story of the Inhabitants of Schiltburg Germany Puppet N/A
1962 Heaven and Earth Magic USA Cutout 66
Joseph The Dreamer [16] Israel Puppet 90
1964 The Peacock Princess China Puppet N/A
The Girl With Long Hair China Puppet N/A
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (TV special) USA/Canada/Japan Puppet 47
Lefty USSR Cutout 42
1965 Willy McBean and his Magic Machine USA/Canada/Japan Puppet 94
The Hand Czechoslovakia Puppet 18
1966 Go There, Don't Know Where USSR Cutout/puppet 56
Taro, the Son Of Dragon Japan Puppet N/A
Ballad of Smokey the Bear USA/Japan Puppet 60
1967 Heungbuwa Nolbu [17] South Korea Puppet 67
Mad Monster Party? [18] USA/Japan Puppet 94
The Kurohime Story [19] Japan Puppet N/A
1968 The Mighty Taro Japan Puppet N/A
Adam 2 West Germany Cutout 79
1969 Hanako, The Elephant Japan Puppet N/A
1970 Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town USA/Japan Puppet 48
Dougal and the Blue Cat France Puppet 82
1971 Here Comes Peter Cottontail USA/Japan Puppet 55
1972 The Enchanted World of Danny Kaye: The Emperor's New Clothes USA/Denmark/Japan Puppet 60
1973 Fantastic Planet France Cutout 72
1974 The Year Without a Santa Claus USA/Japan Puppet 51
Tales of 1001 Nights AKA Sinbad Czechoslovakia Cutout 88
1975 Flåklypa Grand Prix Norway Puppet 88
1976 Rudolph's Shiny New Year USA/Japan Puppet 47
The Little Drummer Boy, Book II [20] USA/Japan Puppet 30
1977 The Easter Bunny Is Comin' To Town USA/Japan Puppet 50
The Holiday of Disobedience [21] [22] USSR Puppet 48
1978 Kongjui & Patchui [23] South Korea Puppet 73
Krabat – The Sorcerer's Apprentice Czechoslovakia/East Germany Cutout 73
La pobre viejecita [24] Colombia Puppet 70
1979 Colargol, the Conqueror of Space [25] Poland Puppet 67
Jack Frost USA/Japan Puppet 48
Nutcracker Fantasy Japan/US Puppet 82
Ubu et la Grande Gidouille France Cutout 80
Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July USA/Japan Puppet 97
1980 Colargol and the Magic Suitcase [26] Poland Puppet 75
I Go Pogo [27] USA Puppet 86
Pinocchio's Christmas [28] USA/Japan Puppet 49
The Tale Of John and Marie [29] [30] Czechoslovakia/USSR Cutout 66
1981 Rennyo and His Mother [31] Japan Puppet 93
1982 Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, a Sailor from York [32] Czechoslovakia/West Germany Puppet 68
Henry The Horse USA/Mexico/Spain Cutout 48
The Flying Windmill [33] East Germany Puppet 85
Our House USA Cutout 67
Chronopolis [34] France/Poland Puppet 70
The Adventures of Sam the Squirrel [35] Hungary Puppet 82
1983 The Wind in the Willows UK Puppet 79
Cristóbal Colón [36] Colombia Puppet 63
The Little Witch Czechoslovakia/West Germany Cutout 96
Twice Upon a Time [37] USA Cutout 75
1985 The Adventures of Mark Twain AKA Comet Quest USA Clay/puppet 86
The Life & Adventures of Santa Claus USA/Japan Puppet 50
Odyssea [38] [39] Czechoslovakia/East Germany Cutout 72
Fool's Paradise USA Cutout 156
1986 The Pied Piper of Hamelin [40] Czechoslovakia Puppet 53
Sophie's Place[41] [42] USA Cutout 86
Long live Servatius! [43] Hungary Puppet 64
1987 The Amazing Mr. Bickford USA Clay 60
My Favourite Time[44] USSR Cel/cutout 80
The Puppetoon Movie USA Puppet 80
1988 The Boys Of Summer Movie USA Cutout 350
The Cat Who Walked by Herself [45] USSR Mixed 70
The Beauty and The Beast[46] Denmark Puppet 35
1989 Santa Claus: The Baker Street USA/UK Cutout 68
1990 The Trace Leads to the Silver Lake [47] East Germany Puppet 80
The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship [48] UK Puppet 60
The School of Fine Arts[49] USSR Mixed 70
The School of Fine Arts: The Return[50] USSR Mixed 67
1992 Mitki-Mayer[51] Russia Cutout 53
1993 The Nightmare Before Christmas USA Puppet 76
The Return of Captain Sinbad USA Puppet 45
1995 Gumby: The Movie USA Clay/puppet 88
1996 James and the Giant Peach USA/UK Puppet 79
Kings and Cabbage [52] [53] Russia Cutout/puppet 52
1997 Jue jiang de Kailaban [54] China/Germany Puppet 90
1998 Reise um die Erde in 80 Tagen [55] China/Germany Puppet 90
The Magic Pipe Russia Puppet 50
2000 The Miracle Maker UK/Russia Puppet 90
Chicken Run UK/USA Clay/puppet 84
Prop and Berta[56] Denmark Puppet 77
Optimus Mundus[57][58] Russia Mixed 56
2002 Fimfárum Jana Wericha [59] Czech Republic Puppet 100
2003 Winter Days Japan Cutout/puppet 100
The Legend of the Sky Kingdom [60] Zimbabwe Puppet 73
2004 Davey and Goliath's Snowboard Christmas [61] USA Clay/puppet 45
2005 Disaster![62] USA Puppet 83
Klay World: Off the Table USA Clay 90
Among The Thorns [63] Sweden Puppet 46
The Book of the Dead Japan Puppet 70
Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit UK/USA Clay/puppet 85
Corpse Bride USA/UK Puppet 77
The Three Musketeers[64] Denmark/Latvia Puppet 75
2006 Live Freaky! Die Freaky! USA Puppet 75
Blood Tea and Red String USA Puppet 71
Fimfarum 2 [65] Czech Republic Puppet 90
Holidaze: The Christmas That Almost Didn't Happen [66] USA Clay/puppet 60
Desmond & the Swamp Barbarian Trap Sweden Puppet 68
2007 We Are the Strange USA CGI/puppet 88
One Night in One City Czech Republic Puppet 75
Max & Co [67] Belgium/France/Switzerland/UK CGI/puppet 76
Tengers South Africa Clay/puppet 68
2008 Davie & Golimyr [68] USA Puppet 45
$9.99 Australia Puppet 78
Moomin and Midsummer Madness [69] Finland/Austria/Poland Puppet 88
Edison and Leo Canada Puppet 79
A Miser Brothers' Christmas [70] US Puppet 45
2009 Coraline USA Puppet 100
Mary and Max Australia Puppet 92
A Town Called Panic Belgium/Luxembourg/France Puppet 76
Fantastic Mr. Fox USA/UK Puppet 86
Toys in the Attic Czech Republic Puppet 75
2010 Sky Song [71] Estonia Puppet 45
The Ugly Duckling [72] Russia Puppet 75
Jackboots on Whitehall [73] UK/Spain/Belgium Puppet 91
Cheburashka [74] Japan/Russia/South Korea Puppet 79
Moomins and the Comet Chase UK/USA/Poland/Finland Puppet 75
The Puppet Monster Massacre [75] USA Puppet 70
The Sandman and the Lost Sand of Dreams[76] Germany/France Puppet 83
2011 Fimfarum: The Third Time Lucky [77] Czech Republic Puppet 75
2012 The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists! UK/US Clay/puppet 88
ParaNorman USA Puppet 93
O Apóstolo[78] Spain Puppet 80
Consuming Spirits [79] USA Paper Cutout 136
Frankenweenie USA Puppet 87
7 Sea Pirates [80] Argentina-Chile-Uruguay Puppet 80
2013 Miffy the movie [81] Netherlands Puppet 70
Lisa Limone and Maroc Orange: A Rapid Love Story [82] Estonia Puppet 72
Louis & Luca and the Snow Machine [83] Norway Puppet 76
Worms Brazil/Canada Puppet 82
2014 The Boxtrolls USA Puppet 96
Possessed [84] Spain Puppet 81
2015 Shaun the Sheep Movie UK Clay/puppet/CGI 85
El Bandido Cucaracha [85] Spain Puppet 74
Little from the Fish Shop [86] Czech Republic/France/Slovakia Puppet 72
Acid Space [87] Italy Paper/puppet 70
Hell & Back USA Puppet 84
Louis & Luca - The Big Cheese Race [88] Norway Puppet 78
Anomalisa USA Puppet 90
2016 Les espiègles [89] France Puppet 44
Pat a Mat ve filmu [90] Czech Republic Puppet 56
Finding Santa [91] Sweden/Denmark Puppet 80
Murderous Tales [92] Czech Republic/Slovakia Puppet 80
Kubo and the Two Strings USA Clay/puppet/CGI 102
My Life as a Courgette France/Switzerland Clay/puppet 66
In the Forest of Huckybucky [93] Norway/Netherlands Puppet 75
2017 Moomins and the Winter Wonderland [94] Finland/Poland Puppet 82
2018 The Tower [95] France/Sweden/Norway Puppet/2D 74
Pat & Mat Back in Action [96] Czech Republic Puppet 75
Early Man UK Clay/puppet/CGI 89
Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires [97] UK Puppet 85
This Magnificent Cake! Belgium/France/Netherlands Puppet 44
Isle of Dogs USA Puppet 101
Pat & Mat: Winter Fun [98] Czech Republic Puppet 60
Strike [99] UK Puppet 100
Captain Morten and the Spider Queen [100] Estonia/Ireland/UK/Belgium Puppet 79
Gofmaniada Russia Puppet 78
The Wolf House [101] Chile Puppet 75
Louis & Luca - Mission to the Moon [102] Norway Puppet 80
2019 Missing Link USA Clay/puppet/CGI 93
Pat & Mat: DIY Troubles [103] Czech Republic Puppet 57
A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon UK Clay/puppet/CGI 87
2020 The Nose or the Conspiracy of Mavericks [104] Russia Cutout 89
L'équipe de secours en route pour l'aventure! France Puppets 44
Alien Xmas [105] US Puppets 42


Year Title Country Type
2021 Inzomnia [106] Mexico Puppet
Olivia and the Invisible Earthquake [107] Spain Puppets
Pinocchio[108][109][110] US puppet/CGI/2D
Chicken Run 2 [111] UK Clay/puppet/CGI
Wendell and Wild[109][112] US Puppet/CGI
TBA Bubbles [113] US
Bob Spit: We Do Not Like People [114] Brazil Puppet

Stop motion TV seriesEdit

Year Title Country Type Episode length (minutes)
1932-1942 Puppetoons [115] US/Netherlands Puppet 8 (5 episodes)
1957–1969 Gumby [116] US Clay ? (125 episodes)
1959-1991 Sandmännchen [117] East Germany Puppet 10 (15 episodes)
1968-1974 Barnaby [118] Poland/France Puppet 14 (52 episodes)
1968-1992 Fabeltjeskrant [119] Netherlands Puppet 5 (1638 episodes)
1974 Chapi Chapo [120] France Puppet 5 (60 episodes)
The Wizard of Oz [121] USSR Puppet 192 total (10 episodes)
1974-2007 Mio Mao [122] Italy/UK Puppet 5 (78 episodes)
1975-1987 Miś Uszatek [123] Poland Puppet 15 (104 episodes)
1976-1979 Adventures of Captain Vrungel [124] USSR Cutout 10 (13 episodes)
1976-present Pat & Mat [125] Czechoslovakia Puppet 6-9 (129 episodes)
1977-1982 The Moomins [126] Poland/Austria Puppet 9 (78 episodes)
1978-1979 Quaq Quao [127] Italy Origami 5-6 (26 episodes)
1981-2013 Postman Pat [128] UK Puppet 15 (128 episodes)
1990-2006 Pingu [129] Switzerland/UK Puppet 5 (158 episodes)
1991-2000 Soupe Opera [130] France Food 2 (26 episodes)
1992 Hairy Jeremy [131] France Puppet 4 (12 episodes)
1995 Lizzie's Library [132] Australia Puppet 5 (26 episodes)
1998-2009 Bob the Builder [133] UK/US/Canada Puppet 10
2002-2011 A Town Called Panic [134] Belgium Puppet 4 (20 episodes)
2005-2008 (2012) Moral Orel US Puppet 3 (43 episodes and 1 special)
2007-2020 Shaun the Sheep [135] UK/Finland/Germany Puppet 7 (171 episodes)
2008-present Postman Pat:Special Delivery Service [136] UK Puppet
2009-2013 Igam Ogam [137] UK Puppet ? (53 episodes)
2012 Shaun the Sheep Championsheeps [138] UK Puppet 1 (21 episodes)
2013-present Mofy [139] Japan/Italy Puppet 5
2016-present George & Paul [140] Netherlands/Belgium Puppet ? (26 episodes)
2019 Rilakkuma and Kaoru [141] Japan/US Puppet 12 (13 episodes)
2020-present Shaun the Sheep: Adventures from Mossy Bottom [142] UK Puppet 14 (10 episodes)
2021 Marvel's M.O.D.O.K. [143] US

Live-action features with stop motion sequencesEdit

These films are primarily not stop motion, but incorporate elements of it, often for special effects.

Year Title Country Lead animator Sequence Length
1908 El hotel eléctrico Spain Cutout, several sequences 8
1912 Strachnaia Myest Russia Ladislas Starevich Unknown
1913 The Night Before Christmas Russia Ladislas Starevich 41
1914 Cabiria Italy Giovanni Pastrone 200
Snow Queen Russia Ladislas Starevich 26
1917 La guerra e il sogno di Momi Italy Segundo de Chomón 30
1918 Stella Maris Russia Ladislas Starevich Unknown
1922 Häxan Denmark/Sweden The devil 104
1923 Three Ages US Brontosaurus 63
1925 The Lost World US Willis O'Brien Dinosaurs 106
1933 King Kong US Willis O'Brien King Kong, dinosaurs and other creatures 104
Son of Kong US Willis O'Brien Little Kong, dinosaurs and other creatures 69
1934 Babes in Toyland US Gus Meins, Charley Rogers Toy soldiers 78
1935 The New Gulliver USSR Aleksandr Ptushko 75
1939 The Golden Key USSR Aleksandr Ptushko 72
1949 Alice in Wonderland US/France/UK 76
Mighty Joe Young US Willis O'Brien, Ray Harryhausen, Pete Peterson Joe Young and other creatures 94
Alice in Wonderland France/UK Lou Bunin All the Wonderland characters 96
1950 The Great Rupert US Squirrel 87
1951 The Lost Continent US Dinosaurs 80
1953 The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms US Ray Harryhausen The Rhedosaurus 80
Robot Monster US Creators of The Lost Continent (above) Triceratops and Brontosaurus 102
1954 Godzilla Japan Unknown A fire truck flipping over and a later shot of Godzilla's tail 96
1955 It Came from Beneath the Sea US Ray Harryhausen Giant octopus 79
Journey to Prehistory Czechoslovakia Karel Zeman Dinosaurs and other creatures 93
1956 Earth vs. the Flying Saucers US Ray Harryhausen UFOs 83
The Beast of Hollow Mountain US Willis O’Brien Allosaurus 81
1957 20 Million Miles to Earth US Ray Harryhausen The Ymir and an Asian elephant 82
The Black Scorpion US Willis O'Brien, Pete Peterson Scorpions and tentacled insect 88
1958 A Deadly Invention Czechoslovakia Karel Zeman 83
The 7th Voyage of Sinbad US Ray Harryhausen The dragon, cyclops, skeleton, snake woman, adult and baby roc 88
Monster from Green Hell US Snake, wasps 71
Tom Thumb US Toys 98
Fiend Without a Face UK Florenz Von Nordoff, K. L. Lupel Crawling alien brains
1959 Behemoth, the Sea Monster UK/US Pete Peterson, Willis O'Brien The Paleosaurus 80
Owls in the Marsh Norway Ivo Caprino The owl, the little gnome and the crab 94
The Devil's Disciple UK/US Toy soldiers
1960 Dinosaurus! US Wah Chang Dinosaurs 85
Goliath and the Dragon France/Italy Jim Danforth Dragon 98
The Three Worlds of Gulliver UK/US Ray Harryhausen Crocodile and squirrel 100
1961 The Fabulous Baron Munchausen Czechoslovakia Karel Zeman 85
Reptilicus Denmark Kaye Koed The Reptilicus 92
Mysterious Island US Ray Harryhausen Animals 96
Babes in Toyland US Jack Donohue Toy soldiers 105
1962 Journey to the 7th Planet Denmark/US Jim Danforth Cyclops rat creature 83
Jack the Giant Killer US Jim Danforth The giants, sea monster, and dragon 91
The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm US Jim Danforth The cobblers, a flower and a dragon 135
1963 Atom Age Vampire Italy Prof. Levin's transformation 105
Jason and the Argonauts US Ray Harryhausen Harpies, Talos, skeletons, the Hydra and other creatures 104
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World US Willis O'Brien Fire escape, ladder, and dangling characters at the film's end 161
1964 7 Faces of Dr. Lao US Jim Danforth Sea serpent 100
First Men in the Moon US Ray Harryhausen The moon calves and Selenites 103
A Jester's Tale Czechoslovakia Karel Zeman 82
1966 One Million Years B.C. US Ray Harryhausen Dinosaurs 100
The Daydreamer US/Canada/Japan Tadahito Mochinaga 101
Fireball 500 US Art Clokey Cavemen 92
1967 The Stolen Airship Czechoslovakia Karel Zeman 90
The Nutcracker Poland The Nutcracker, Mouse King 84
1968 Kingdom in the Clouds Romania Queen of the Forest Birds 83
1969 The Valley of Gwangi US Ray Harryhausen Dinosaurs, an Eohippus and an Asian elephant 96
1970 Equinox US Jim Danforth, David Allen, Dennis Muren Demons 80
On the Comet Czechoslovakia Karel Zeman 74
1971 When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth US Jim Danforth, David Allen Dinosaurs and crabs 100
Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory US Augustus Gloop going up the pipe 11
1973 Marco US/Japan Akikazu Kono Marco Polo's story of the Tree People 109
1974 The Golden Voyage of Sinbad US Ray Harryhausen Griffin, one-eyed centaur, Kali, homunculus, figurehead 105
Flesh Gordon US Jim Danforth, David Allen, Dennis Muren Creatures 78
The Legend Of Hillbilly John US Giant bird 86
1977 The Crater Lake Monster US David Allen The plesiosaur 85
Eraserhead US David Lynch Worm creature 89
Star Wars US Phil Tippett The pieces during the dejarik game on the Millennium Falcon 123
Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger US Ray Harryhausen Ghouls, giant walrus, Troglodyte, Smilodon, Minoton, baboon, wasp 113
1978 The Alien Factor US Ernest Farino Alien 80
Planet of Dinosaurs US Doug Beswick Dinosaurs and a spider 84
Laserblast US David Allen Aliens 84
Piranha US Phil Tippett Piranhas, creature in laboratory 94
Starcrash US/Italy Luigi Cozzi Starships, robots 94
1979 Mr. Mike's Mondo Video US Dinosaurs, cat skeleton 75
1980 The Empire Strikes Back US Phil Tippett Tauntaun and AT-ATs 129
The Day Time Ended US David Allen Aliens 120
1981 The Howling US David Allen Brief sequence of the werewolves at the end of the film 91
Caveman US Jim Danforth, David Allen, Randall William Cook Dinosaurs 92
Clash of the Titans US Ray Harryhausen, Jim Danforth, Steve Archer Dioskilos, Calibos, Kraken, Medusa, Pegasus, Bubo, scorpions, vulture 118
Dragonslayer US Phil Tippett Dragon 108
The Evil Dead US Sam Raimi Rotting corpses, and the Necronomicon flailing its tongue 85
Galaxy of Terror US Brian Chin Giant maggot 81
1982 Basket Case US Various sequences of Belial 91
The Thing US Randall William Cook A tentacle on the Blair-Thing 109
Q US Randall William Cook, David Allen The Winged Serpent 93
Mysterious Planet US Brett Piper 71
1983 Return of the Jedi US Phil Tippett AT-STs and Rancor 134
Jaws 3 US Ted Rae (uncredited) A wide shot of the mother great white shark's body sticking out of the control room's window
Hercules Italy Luigi Cozzi Robots 100
Krull UK Giant spider 117
The Hunger US David Allen Monkey aging sequence
1984 Ghostbusters US Randall William Cook The Terror Dogs and various shots of the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man 107
2010 US Randall William Cook 116
The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension US Rick Heinrichs 103
Dreamscape US Jim Aupperle Snake man 99
The Terminator US Doug Beswick, Pete Kleinow, Stan Winston Battle-damaged Terminator, Hunter Killers (tank and aerial) 108
Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure US Phil Tippett Creatures 96
1985 Ewoks: The Battle for Endor US Creatures 94
Return to Oz US Will Vinton Nome King and other nomes 113
Better Off Dead US Singing hamburgers 97
The Dungeonmaster US David Allen Giant statue 73
Young Sherlock Holmes US David Allen Creatures of hallucination 109
Pee-wee's Big Adventure US Stephen Chiodo, Rick Heinrichs Large Marge 90
The Oracle US Dean Mercil Demons 94
1986 Aliens US Doug Beswick Some shots of an xenomorph 137
Howard the Duck US Phil Tippett Dark Overlord of the Universe 111
The Golden Child US Phil Tippett The devil and the dancing Pepsi can 94
1987 A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors US Doug Beswick Freddy coming to life as a puppet, also skeleton in grave 96
Dolls US David Allen The Dolls
Evil Dead II US Doug Beswick Decapitated Linda, Henrietta monster, and Ash's severed hand 85
The Gate US Randall William Cook Demons 85
RoboCop US Phil Tippett ED-209 and Robocop 103
House II: The Second Story US Phil Tippett Dinosaurs and the undead horse of Slim Reeser 88
Batteries not included US David Allen The spaceships
It's Alive III: Island of the Alive US William Hedge Baby
1988 The Bear (1988 film) FR Jean-Jacques Annaud Dream in the young Cub 94
Alice Czechoslovakia Jan Švankmajer All the Wonderland characters 86
Moonwalker US Will Vinton Speed Demon segment 86
Beetlejuice US Doug Beswick, Tim Lawrence, Ted Rae Beetlejuice snake, sandworms and transformations, fireplace stretching, living sculptures 92
Who Framed Roger Rabbit US Flattened Judge Doom 20
Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood US A gasoline can nozzle being controlled by Tina Shepard
Fright Night Part 2 US Vampire bat 104
Ghoulies II US David W. Allen Creatures
Willow US David Allen Dragon
Hellbound: Hellraiser II UK/US Rory Fellowes, Karl Watkins Channard Cenobite's weapon tentacles 93
Brain Damage US Aylmer the malevolent leech-like brain-eating parasite 84
1989 I, Madman US Randall William Cook Canine human 89
After Midnight US Skeleton 90
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids US David Allen, Phil Tippett Insects, scorpion, shrinking machine, and climbing plant 90
Isle of Flowers Brazil Description about the humans, the highly developed telencephalon, money, barter and profit 13
Ghostbusters II US Phil Tippett Any ghost 12
Marquis Belgium/France Henri Xhonneux, Roland Topor scene of move 88
Puppet Master US David Allen The living puppets
Tetsuo: The Iron Man Japan Shinya Tsukamoto Main character, woman, metal fetishist 67
1990 Bride of Re-Animator US Eye-Finger-Creature 96
Crash and Burn US Robot 85
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles US Flashback of Splinter before his mutation and flashback of childhood of the turtles N/A
RoboCop 2 US Phil Tippett Robots 117
The Gold Sword USSR Stanislav Sokolov 85
Gremlins 2: The New Batch US The bat gremlin and the spider gremlin
It US Giant Spider and various shots of Pennywise 192
Metamorphosis: The Alien Factor US Creatures 98
A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell US Brett Piper Dinosaurs
Robot Jox US David Allen Robots 85
Simon and the Dreamhunters Canada Dinosaurus 83
1991 The Flying Sneaker AKA The Butterflies Time [144] Canada/Czechoslovakia 84
Class of Nuke 'Em High 2: Subhumanoid Meltdown US Creatures 100
Winterbeast US Creatures 80
Lunatics: A Love Story US Dave Hettmer 87
Subspecies US David Allen
Zeiram Japan
1992 Nemesis US Peter Kleinow Cyborg Farnsworth's mechanical endoskeleton 95
The Gate II: Trespassers Canada Steven Archer Demons 93
Army of Darkness US Sam Raimi Skeleton army and Evil Ash in skeleton form
Braindead New Zealand Peter Jackson The rat monkey 104
Demonic Toys US David W. Allen Toy soldier 86
Doctor Mordrid US David W. Allen T-rex skeleton, mammoth skeleton, demons 74
Invader US
1993 The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb UK Dave Borthwick 60
RoboCop 3 US Phil Tippett ED-209 and some sequences of Robocop flying 104
Robot Wars US David Allen, Jim Danforth Giant robots 71
Army of Darkness US Pete Kleinow Skeletons and skeletal Evil Ash 81
Body Bags US Alien worms 91
Prehysteria! US Charles Band Mini-dinosaurs
Coneheads US Phil Tippett Garthok 17
1994 Dragonworld US Jim Danforth, Paul Jessel, Joel Fletcher Dragon 99
Oblivion US Joel Fletcher Giant scorpions 94
Naked Gun 33⅓: The Final Insult US T-Rex 83
Dinosaur Island US Dinosaurs 83
The Santa Clause US Reindeers taking off and Scott Calvin going down the chimney
Faust Czech Republic/France/UK Jan Švankmajer 97
The Little Rascals US Various sequences of the Little Rascals running rapidly 82
1995 Mosquito US Mosquitoes
Institute Benjamenta, or This Dream People Call Human Life Germany/Japan/UK Brothers Quay 104
Magic Island US Joel Fletcher Giant statue 88
1996 Conspirators of Pleasure Czech Republic/Switzerland/UK Jan Švankmajer 85
Frostbiter: Wrath of the Wendigo US Dave Hettmer Wendigo
1997 Good Burger US Cheeseburger assembly 97
A Life Less Ordinary UK/US Alternate ending over end credits 103
1999 Muppets from Space US Kap'n Alphabet Cereal assembly 87
2000 Little Otik Czech Republic/Japan/UK Jan Švankmajer 132
Drainiac! US Brett Piper 81
2001 Monkeybone US Paul Berry Monkeybone himself 93
Scary Movie 2 US Black Cat and Marijuana weed monster 82
2002 Psyclops US Brett Piper 93
2003 Arachnia US Brett Piper Spiders 82
Elf US The Chiodo Brothers Leon the snowman introduction 97
2004 The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou US Justin Kohn The jaguar shark, recon sea turtles, crayon starfish, fighting crabs and various fish 119
Monster Island US David Bowes Giant insects and other creatures 119
2005 The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse UK Ken Lidster Homunculus 92
The Great Yokai War Japan 124
The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes France/Germany/UK Brothers Quay 99
Lunacy Czech Republic/Slovakia Jan Švankmajer 118
2006 The Fall US/India Tarsem Singh Alexandria's head injury 117
The Science of Sleep France Michel Gondry 106
2008 Imagination US Eric Leiser 70
2010 Ironhorse US Chris J. Miller 83
Kooky Czech Republic Jan Svěrák 95
2011 The Flying Machine Poland/United Kingdom Janusz Martyn 85
A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas US Todd Strauss-Schulson Stoned dream sequence 90
2014 The Late Night Double Feature US Norman Yeend Monsters from another dimension 90
Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage US 89
2015 The Little Prince France/Italy 110
Reveries of a Solitary Walker Italy Paolo Gaudio Book's narrated scenes in claymation 86
Star Wars: The Force Awakens US Phil Tippett The pieces during the dejarik game on the Millennium Falcon 135
2016 Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children US Matthew Day Toy creatures 127
2018 Solo: A Star Wars Story US David Lauer The pieces during the dejarik game on the Millennium Falcon 135
2019 Booksmart US Javan Ivey Amy and Molly's drug hallucination 105
2020 Toys of Terror US The scary toys

Notable stop motion shortsEdit

Year Title Country Type Length (minutes) Awards
1910 The Beautiful Leukanida
Russia Puppet
1911 The Cameraman's Revenge Russia Puppet
The Ant and the Grasshopper Russia Puppet 5 Decoration by the Tsar
1922 Les Grenouilles qui demandent un roi France Puppet 13
1925 Les yeux du dragon France Puppet 25
1926 The Thief of Baguda Castle Japan Cutout 38
1928 The Magical Clock France Puppet
1929 The little parade France Puppet
1933-1938 Fétiche France Puppet
1952 Neighbours Canada Pixilation 8 Academy Award for Best Documentary (Short Subject)
Canadian Film Award for Best Animated Short
Nominated - Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film
1955 Magic Brush China Puppet 20 Warsaw International Film Festival Award for Outstanding Film
1959 Noah's Ark USA Puppet 12 Produced by Walt Disney Studio
1971 The Battle of Kerzhenets USSR Cutout 10 Animafest Zagreb Grand Jury Prize
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival Prize for Best Animated Film
Cheburashka USSR Puppet 20
1972 Balablok Canada Cutout 7
1974 Closed Mondays US Clay/puppet 10 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film
1975 Hedgehog in the Fog USSR Cutout 10 All-Union Film Festival Award for Best Animated Film
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Mejor Cortometraje
Mejor Cortometraje de Animación
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Adventures of Malia India Cutout 13 Independent short film by a 16 year old.

ColorTape International Film Festival Honorary Mention Award for Best Foreign Film
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Awareness Film Festival - Merit Award of Awareness
Nominated - TOFUZI International Festival of Animation Films Award for Best Children Film
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Nominated - Twister Alley International Film Festival Award for Best Animated Short
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