List of stationery topics

This is a list of stationery topics. Stationery has historically pertained to a wide gamut of materials: paper and office supplies, writing implements, greeting cards, glue, pencil cases and other similar items.

Embossed stationery

Stationery topics edit

B edit

An assortment of binder clips, with an AA battery for scale

C edit

A sheet of carbon paper, with the coating side down

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E edit

A handheld embosser
Information printed on embossing tape

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H edit

An index card in a library card catalog. In the computer age, this type of cataloging is now mostly obsolete.

I edit

J edit

  • Japanese stationery

K edit

L edit

Liquid Paper products on display at The Women's Museum in Dallas, Texas

M edit

N edit

Notebooks for sale at a department store

P edit

A paper cutter
A Bavarian postal card from 1895 with an imprinted stamp
Some Royal Mail rubber bands, on top of letter size guide

R edit

S edit

An exploded view drawing of a stapler
  • Stationers of the United Kingdom
  • Stationers (people)

T edit

A simple tickler file

V edit

Visiting card of Kaiser Wilhelm

W edit

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