List of sovereign states in the 1910s

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This is a list of sovereign states in the 1910s, giving an overview of states around the world during the period between 1 January 1910 and 31 December 1919. It contains entries, arranged alphabetically, with information on the status and recognition of their sovereignty. It includes widely recognized sovereign states, and entities which were de facto sovereign but which were not widely recognized by other states.

Sovereign states by year
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Sovereign statesEdit

Name and capital city Information on status and recognition of sovereignty


  Afghanistan – Emirate of Afghanistan
Capital: Caubul
Widely recognized independent state from 1919.

    Albania (from November 28, 1912)
Capital: Tirana
Widely recognized independent state; de facto until 29 July 1913.[1]

  Andorra – Principality of Andorra
Capital: Andorra La Vella
Widely recognized independent state

  Argentina – Argentine Republic
Capital: Buenos Aires

  Australia – Commonwealth of Australia
Capital: Canberra
Widely recognized independent state. Australia is autonomous but still dependent from the United Kingdom. Australia has 2 External Territories:

  Austria-Hungary – Austro-Hungarian Empire
Capital: Vienna, Budapest


  Belgium – Kingdom of Belgium
Capital: Brussels
Widely recognized state.

 Bhutan – Kingdom of Bhutan (to January 8, 1910)
Capital: Thimphu
Widely recognized state.

  Bolivia – Republic of Bolivia
Capital: Sucre
Widely recognized state.

  Brazil – Republic of the United States of Brazil
Capital: Rio de Janeiro
Widely recognized state.

  Bulgaria – Kingdom of Bulgaria
Capital: Sofia
Widely recognized state.


  Canada – Dominion of Canada
Capital: Ottawa
Widely recognized state.

  Chile – Republic of Chile
Capital: Santiago
Widely recognized state.

Capital: Peking
Widely recognized state.

  Colombia – Republic of Colombia
Capital: Bogotá
Widely recognized state.

  Costa Rica – Republic of Costa Rica
Capital: San José
Widely recognized state.

  Crete – Cretan State (de jure to December 1, 1913)
Capital: Chania
Autonomous state of the Ottoman Empire. De jure until December 1, 1913

  Cuba – Republic of Cuba
Capital: Havana
Widely recognized state.


  Denmark – Kingdom of Denmark
Capital: Copenhagen
Widely recognized state.

  Dominican Republic – Dominican Republic
Capital: Santo Domingo
Widely recognized state.


  Ecuador – Republic of Ecuador
Capital: Quito
Widely recognized state.

   El Salvador – Republic of El Salvador
Capital: San Salvador

  Ethiopia – Ethiopian Empire
Capital: Addis Abeba


  •    Finland
    Capital: Helsinki
    • Kingdom of Finland (from December 6, 1917 to July 17, 1919)
    • Republic of Finland (from July 17, 1919)
  •   France – French Republic
    Capital: Paris




  •   Icaria – Free State of Icaria (from July 18 to November 1912)
  •   Italy – Kingdom of Italy
    Capital: Rome





  •   Mexico – United Mexican States
    Capital: Mexico City
  •   Monaco – Principality of Monaco
  •    Montenegro
    • Principality of Montenegro (to August 28, 1910)
    • Kingdom of Montenegro (from August 28, 1910)
  •   Mongolia (from December 29, 1911)
  •   Morocco – Sultanate of Morocco (to March 30, 1912)








  United Kingdom – United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
Capital: London

   United States – United States of America
Capital: Washington, D.C.

  Uruguay – Eastern Republic of Uruguay
Capital: Montevideo


Non-sovereign territoriesEdit

United KingdomEdit

States claiming sovereigntyEdit

  •   Ireland – Irish Republic (from 21 January 1919)
  •   Transvaal – South African Republic (from September 1914 to February 1915)