List of sister cities in New York

This is a list of sister states, regions, and cities in the U.S. state of New York. Sister cities, known in Europe as town twins, are cities which partner with each other to promote human contact and cultural links, although this partnering is not limited to cities and often includes counties, regions, states and other sub-national entities. This article has not been updated to 2016 standards.

Many New York State jurisdictions partner with foreign cities through Sister Cities International, an organization whose goal is to, "Promote peace through mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation."[1] Sister cities interact with each other across a broad range of activities, from health care and education to business and the arts.[2]

Sister cities of New York State cities and countiesEdit

Dortmund, Germany, one of Buffalo's numerous sisters.
Windsor, Nova Scotia, home to St. John's Church and the birthplace of ice hockey. a sister to Cooperstown, the birthplace of baseball.
The Greek city of Rhodes, sister city to the Rochester suburb of Greece.
The Seimon Ishibashi Bridge in Tokyo, Japan, one of New York City's sister cities.
Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic, one of Rochester's sisters.
Vichy and Saratoga Springs are twinned inter alli by spas and thoroughbred horse racing.
Warwick Castle in Warwick, England, sister to its namesake town in New York.
New York State jurisdiction Sister state, region, or city Country Since
Albany Nassau   Bahamas
Nijmegen   Netherlands
Tula   Russia 1991[3]
Amityville Le Bourget   France 1978[4]
Bellport Sainte-Maxime   France 1988[4]
Binghamton Borovichi   Russia ~1990[5]
El Charcón, La Libertad   El Salvador 1992[6]
La Teste-de-Buch   France 1987[4]
Buffalo Cape Coast   Ghana 1976[111]
Derry   Northern Ireland, UK
Dortmund   Germany 1974[7]
Drohobych   Ukraine 2001[8]
Horlivka   Ukraine 2007[9]
Juba   South Sudan
Kanazawa, Ishikawa   Japan 1962[10]
Kiryat Gat   Israel
Lille   France 1989[4][11]
Marília   Brazil
Pescasseroli   Italy
Rzeszów   Poland 1974[12]
Saint Ann   Jamaica 2007[13]
Siena   Italy 1961[14]
Torremaggiore   Italy
Tver   Russia 1989[15]
Abuja   Nigeria 2004[112]
Yeongcheon   South Korea 2011[16]
Cambridge Scontrone   Italy 2004
Canisteo Wauchope, New South Wales   Australia 1966[17]
Cheektowaga Łowicz[18]   Poland 1996[19]
Chili Agropoli   Italy
Clarence Tianjin   China (PRC) 2001[20]
Columbia County Malpaisillo   Nicaragua
Cooperstown Windsor, Nova Scotia   Canada 1996[21]
Corning Lviv   Ukraine 1987
Kakegawa   Japan 1990
San Giovanni Valdarno   Italy
Coventry Coventry   England, UK 1972[22]
Lockport Asiago   Italy 2014[23]
Glen Cove Sturno   Italy 1986[24]
Glens Falls
Warren County
Saga   Japan 1988[25]
Great Neck Mashhad   Iran
Great Neck Plaza Tiberias   Israel 2002[26]
Greece Rhodes   Greece
Vitré   France 1990[4]
Greenport Mangalia   Romania
Harrison Montgeron   France
Hempstead Pardes Hanna-Karkur   Israel
Honeoye Falls Borgne   Haiti
Horseheads Bato, Tochigi   Japan
Hudson Pallisa   Uganda 2006[27]
Irondequoit Pescara   Italy
Poltava   Ukraine 1991[28]
Ithaca Eldoret   Kenya 2007[29]
Jamestown Cantù   Italy
Haicheng, Liaoning   China (PRC) 1996[30]
Jakobstad   Finland N/A (inactive)
Gjakova   Kosovo 2001[31]
Kinderhook Buren   Netherlands 2018[32]
Lackawanna Mielec[18]   Poland
Mount Vernon Shijingshan District, Beijing[33]   China (PRC)
Yangquan[33]   China (PRC)
New Paltz Niimi, Okayama   Japan 1998[34]
New Rochelle La Rochelle   France 1957[4]
New York City Beijing   China (PRC) 1980[35]
Budapest   Hungary 1992[35]
Cairo   Egypt 1982[35]
Brasília   Brazil 2004[35]
Jerusalem   Israel 1993[35]
Baku   Azerbaijan 2002
Johannesburg   South Africa 2003[35]
London   England, UK 2001[35]
Madrid   Spain 1982[35]
Rome   Italy 1992[35]
Santo Domingo   Dominican Republic 1983[35]
Tokyo   Japan 1960[35]
Brooklyn, New York City Bnei Brak[36]   Israel
Huế   Vietnam
London Borough of Lambeth[37]   England, UK
Anzio   Italy 1990
Gdynia   Poland 1991[38]
Beşiktaş   Turkey 2005[39]
Leopoldstadt   Austria 2007[40][41][42]
Konak, İzmir   Turkey 2010[43]
Chaoyang District, Beijing   China (PRC) 2014[44]
Yiwu   China (PRC) 2014[44]
Üsküdar, Istanbul   Turkey 2015[45]
Crown Heights, Brooklyn Kfar Chabad   Israel
Bay Ridge, Brooklyn Farsund   Norway 2011[46]
Lower East Side, Manhattan Barrio Nueva York, Bluefields   Nicaragua 1985
Staten Island, New York City Crespina, Toscana   Italy 2007
Debar   Macedonia
Penchard   France
Wexford   Ireland
Northport Sochi   Russia 2012
Peekskill Castlebar   Ireland 2000[47]
Port Chester
Westchester County
Jingzhou   China (PRC)
Ramapo Andretta   Italy 1996[48]
Beit Shemesh   Israel 1998[49]
Doneraile   Ireland
Makati   Philippines 1996[50]
Red Hook (village) Mas-ha   Palestine 2011[51]
Rhinebeck Larreynaga   Nicaragua 1989[52]
Rochester Alytus   Lithuania 2009[53]
Bamako   Mali 1975[53]
Caltanissetta   Italy 1965[53]
Hamamatsu   Japan 1996[53]
Kraków   Poland 1973[53]
Novgorod   Russia 1990[53]
San Felipe de Puerto Plata   Dominican Republic 1997[53]
Rehovot   Israel 1972[53]
Rennes   France 1958[4][53]
Waterford   Ireland 1983[53]
Würzburg   Germany 1964[53]
Xianyang, Shaanxi   China (PRC) 2008[54]
Saranac Lake Entrains-sur-Nohain   France 1989[4]
Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts   Canada 2002[55]
Saratoga Springs Chekhov, Moscow Oblast   Russia 2001 (inactive)[56]
Vichy   France 1994 (inactive)[57]
Schenectady Nijkerk   Netherlands 1986[58]
Suffolk County Suffolk   England, UK
Syracuse Chiayi   Taiwan (ROC) 2001[59]
Fuzhou   China (PRC) 1991[citation needed]
Taiz   Yemen
Tampere   Finland 1981
Warwick Warwick   England, UK
Woodstock Nimbin, New South Wales   Australia 1996[60]
Yonkers Kamëz   Albania 2011[61]
Ternopil  Ukraine 1991[33]

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