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List of ship commissionings in 1941

The list of ship commissionings in 1941 includes a chronological list of all ships commissioned in 1941.

Operator Ship Class and type Pennant Other notes
15 January  Kriegsmarine U-151 Type IID coastal submarine U-151
19 January  Royal Navy Prince of Wales King George V-class battleship 53
29 January  Kriegsmarine U-152 Type IID coastal submarine U-152
25 February  Kriegsmarine Tirpitz Bismarck-class battleship
2 June  United States Navy Long Island Long Island-class escort carrier AVG-1 Former merchant Mormacmail
15 June  United States Navy Wakefield Chartered liner AP-21 Former SS Manhattan
20 June  United States Navy Chenango Cimarron-class oiler AO-31 Former merchant tanker Esso New Orleans
16 July  United States Navy Suwannee Cimarron-class oiler AO-33 Former merchant tanker Markay
22 August Balkenkreuz (Iron Cross) Luftwaffe Max Stinsky Karl Meyer-class seaplane tender Completion date
30 August  Royal Canadian Navy Haida Tribal-class destroyer G63
22 September Balkenkreuz (Iron Cross) Luftwaffe Hans Albrecht Wedel Hans Albrecht Wedel-class seaplane tender Completion date
4 November  Royal Navy Duke of York King George V-class battleship 17
17 November  Royal Navy Archer Long Island-class escort carrier D78 Former merchant Mormacland
18 December Balkenkreuz (Iron Cross) Luftwaffe Immelmann Karl Meyer-class seaplane tender Completion date

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