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List of second-generation Major League Baseball players


Jack Doscher, son of Herm Doscher, became the first second-generation MLB player when he made his debut in 1903.

Ken Griffey Sr. and Ken Griffey Jr. became the first father-and-son combination to play in Major League Baseball at the same time, in 1989 when Ken Jr. was called up by the Seattle Mariners while Ken Sr. was playing with the Cincinnati Reds. They became Mariner teammates in 1990. In Ken Sr.'s first game as a Mariner, on August 31, 1990, the pair hit back-to-back singles in the first inning and both scored.[1] On September 14, in the top of the first off California Angels pitcher Kirk McCaskill, the pair hit back-to-back home runs, becoming the first and only father-son duo to ever accomplish such a feat.[2] The duo played a total of 51 games together before Griffey, Sr., retired in June 1991.

In 2001, Tim Raines and Tim Raines Jr. also played as teammates with the Baltimore Orioles.

Cecil and Prince Fielder are the only father-son combination each to hit 50 or more home runs in any season. Cecil Fielder hit 51 homers in 1990. Seventeen years later, his son, Prince, hit 50. Coincidentally, both Prince and Cecil hit exactly 319 home runs in their careers.

Five families have had a father and son serve as manager: the Macks (Connie and Earle), the Sislers (George and Dick), the Skinners (Bob and Joel), the Boones (Bob and Aaron), and the Bells, (Buddy and David).[3]

Three-generation familiesEdit

In 1992, Bret Boone became the first third-generation MLB player.

Altogether, there have been five three-generation MLB-player families:

There have been four three-generation families affiliated with MLB in roles other than player:

  • The Runges (Ed, Paul, and Brian) are a three-generation family of MLB umpires.
  • The Carays (Harry Caray, Skip Caray, and Chip Caray) are a three-generation family of MLB broadcasters
  • The DeWitts (Bill DeWitt and brother Charlie DeWitt, GM and owners of St. Louis Browns; William DeWitt Jr., principal owner and managing partner of the St. Louis Cardinals; Bill DeWitt III, President of the St. Louis Cardinals) are a three-generation family of MLB executives.
  • The Veecks (William Veeck Sr., president of the Chicago Cubs; Bill Veeck, owner of the Cleveland Indians, St. Louis Browns, and Chicago White Sox; Mike Veeck, owner of the independent minor-league St. Paul Saints) are a three-generation family of baseball executives.

Four-generation familiesEdit

In 2017, the Boone family became the first family to have produced four generations of players: Ray, Bob, Bob's sons Aaron and Bret, and Bret's son Jake, who was selected by the Washington Nationals in the 38th round of the 2017 MLB Draft.[4] However, Jake did not sign and is currently not a professional as he instead plays for Princeton University. Because he is attending college, he will not be eligible for the draft or to sign a professional contract until 2020.[4][5] The Bell family joined this group in 2019, consisting of Gus, Buddy, Buddy's sons David and Mike, and Mike's son Luke, who was selected by the Arizona Diamondbacks in the 34th round of the 2019 MLB Draft. Mike is currently the vice president of player development for the Diamondbacks.[6]

The MacPhail family is the first family is the first to have four generation affiliated with Major League Baseball in roles other than as players. Larry[7] was the general manager of the Reds and Dodgers as well as the president, general manager and co-owner of the Yankees. Son Lee[8] was president and general manager of the Orioles, executive vice president and general manager of the Yankees and president of the American League. Larry and Lee are the only father and son pair inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame[9]. Lee's son Andy[10] is the current president of the Phillies and was previously general manager of the Twins, president and chief executive officer of the Cubs and president of baseball operations for the Orioles. Andy's brother Lee MacPahail II was an executive with the Reading Phillies of the Eastern League. His son Lee MacPhail IV has been the director of scouting for the Indians, Expos, Nationals and Orioles.


Italic Managed his son(s)
Elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame
* Player is active

List of playersEdit

Father Positions Son(s) Positions
Bobby Adams Infielder Mike Adams Outfielder
Sandy Alomar Sr. Second baseman / Coach Roberto Alomar Second baseman
Sandy Alomar Jr. Catcher
Felipe Alou Outfielder / Manager Moisés Alou Outfielder
Rubén Amaro Sr. Infielder Rubén Amaro Jr. Outfielder / General manager
Tony Armas Outfielder Tony Armas Jr. Pitcher
Earl Averill Outfielder Earl Averill Jr. Catcher
Mike Bacsik Pitcher Mike Bacsik Pitcher
Jim Bagby Sr. Pitcher Jim Bagby Jr. Pitcher
Floyd Bannister Pitcher Brian Bannister Pitcher
Jesse Barfield Outfielder Josh Barfield Second baseman
Clyde Barnhart Outfielder Vic Barnhart Infielder
Charlie Beamon Pitcher Charlie Beamon Jr. First baseman / Designated hitter
Steve Bedrosian Pitcher Cam Bedrosian* Pitcher
Gus Bell Outfielder Buddy Bell Third baseman / Manager
Buddy Bell Third baseman / Manager David Bell Infielder / Manager
Mike Bell Infielder
Clay Bellinger Utility player Cody Bellinger* Outfielder / First baseman
Dave Bennett Pitcher Erik Bennett Pitcher
Yogi Berra Catcher / Manager Dale Berra Infielder
Charlie Berry Second baseman Charlie Berry Catcher / Umpire
Joe Berry Catcher Joe Berry Infielder
Dante Bichette Outfielder Bo Bichette* Shortstop
Craig Biggio Catcher / Outfielder / Second baseman Cavan Biggio* Infielder / Outfielder
Bruce Bochy Catcher / Manager Brett Bochy Pitcher
Bobby Bonds Outfielder Barry Bonds Outfielder
Ray Boone Infielder Bob Boone Catcher / Manager
Bob Boone Catcher / Manager Aaron Boone Third baseman / Manager
Bret Boone Second baseman
Pedro Borbón Pitcher Pedro Borbón Jr. Pitcher
Chris Bourjos Outfielder Peter Bourjos* Outfielder
Mickey Brantley Outfielder Michael Brantley* Outfielder
Fred Brickell Outfielder Fritz Brickell Infielder
Earle Brucker Sr. Catcher Earle Brucker Jr. Catcher / Manager
Mike Brumley Catcher Mike Brumley Infielder / Outfielder
Don Buford Outfielder Damon Buford Outfielder
Jeff Burroughs Outfielder Sean Burroughs Third baseman
Sal Butera Catcher Drew Butera* Catcher
Dolph Camilli First baseman Doug Camilli Catcher
Al Campanis Second baseman / general manager Jim Campanis Catcher
José Canó Pitcher Robinson Canó* Second baseman
Cam Carreon Catcher Mark Carreon Outfielder
Terry Clark Pitcher Matt Clark* First baseman
Joe Coleman Pitcher Joe Coleman Pitcher
Joe Coleman Pitcher Casey Coleman* Pitcher
Eddie Collins Second baseman Eddie Collins Jr. Outfielder
Ed Connolly Catcher Ed Connolly Pitcher
Jimmy Cooney Shortstop Jimmy Cooney Shortstop
Johnny Cooney Pitcher / Outfielder
Mardie Cornejo Pitcher Nate Cornejo Pitcher
Red Corriden Shortstop / Manager John Corriden Infielder
Chris Cron First baseman C. J. Cron* First baseman
Kevin Cron* First baseman
Ed Crosby Infielder Bobby Crosby Shortstop
Bill Crouch Pitcher Bill Crouch Pitcher
José Cruz Outfielder José Cruz Jr. Outfielder
Mike Darr Pitcher Mike Darr Outfielder
Jerry DaVanon Infielder Jeff DaVanon Outfielder
Ron Davis Pitcher Ike Davis First baseman
Iván DeJesús Shortstop Iván DeJesús Jr.* Second baseman
Delino DeShields Second baseman Delino DeShields Jr.* Outfielder
Steve Dillard Infielder Tim Dillard* Pitcher
Herm Doscher Third baseman Jack Doscher Pitcher
Doug Drabek Pitcher Kyle Drabek* Pitcher
Dave Duncan Catcher Chris Duncan Outfielder
Shelley Duncan First baseman / Outfielder
Dick Ellsworth Pitcher Steve Ellsworth Pitcher
Jim Eschen Outfielder Larry Eschen Shortstop
Bill Fahey Catcher Brandon Fahey Infielder
John Farrell Pitcher / Manager Luke Farrell* Pitcher
Cecil Fielder First baseman Prince Fielder First baseman
Bien Figueroa Infielder Cole Figueroa Infielder
Tom Fletcher Pitcher Darrin Fletcher Catcher
Tito Francona Outfielder / First baseman Terry Francona First baseman / Manager
Len Gabrielson First baseman Len Gabrielson Outfielder
Charlie Ganzel Catcher Babe Ganzel Outfielder
Larry Gilbert Outfielder Charlie Gilbert Outfielder
Tookie Gilbert First baseman
Tom Gordon Pitcher Dee Gordon* Second baseman
Peaches Graham Catcher Jack Graham First baseman / Outfielder
Fred Green Pitcher Gary Green Shortstop
Tom Grieve Outfielder Ben Grieve Outfielder
Ken Griffey Sr. Outfielder Ken Griffey Jr. Outfielder
Steve Grilli Pitcher Jason Grilli Pitcher
Ray Grimes First baseman Oscar Grimes Infielder
Ross Grimsley Pitcher Ross Grimsley Pitcher
Vladimir Guerrero Outfielder Vladimir Guerrero Jr.* Third baseman
Tony Gwynn Outfielder Tony Gwynn Jr. Outfielder
Sam Hairston Catcher Jerry Hairston Sr. Outfielder
Johnny Hairston Catcher / Outfielder
Jerry Hairston Sr. Outfielder Jerry Hairston Jr. Outfielder
Scott Hairston Outfielder
Larry Haney Catcher Chris Haney Pitcher
Bryan Harvey Pitcher Hunter Harvey Pitcher
Jim Hegan Catcher Mike Hegan First baseman
Ken Heintzelman Pitcher Tom Heintzelman Second baseman
Clarence Heise Pitcher Jim Heise Pitcher
Fernando Hernández Pitcher Jonathan Hernández* Pitcher
Wally Hood Outfielder Wally Hood Pitcher
Bruce Howard Pitcher David Howard Shortstop
Tim Hulett Infielder Tug Hulett Infielder
Randy Hundley Catcher Todd Hundley Catcher
Pat Jacquez Pitcher Tom Jacquez Pitcher
Julián Javier Second baseman Stan Javier Outfielder
Johnny Jeter Outfielder Shawn Jeter Outfielder
Dave Johnson Pitcher Steve Johnson Pitcher
Ernie Johnson Shortstop Don Johnson Second baseman
Rankin Johnson Sr. Pitcher Rankin Johnson Jr. Pitcher
Pat Kelly Catcher Casey Kelly* Pitcher
Fred Kendall Catcher Jason Kendall Catcher
Bob Kennedy Third baseman / Outfielder Terry Kennedy Catcher
Marty Keough Outfielder Matt Keough Pitcher
Don Kessinger Shortstop Keith Kessinger Shortstop
Lew Krausse Sr. Pitcher Lew Krausse Jr. Pitcher
Bill Kunkel Pitcher Jeff Kunkel Shortstop
Joe Landrum Pitcher Bill Landrum Pitcher
Max Lanier Pitcher Hal Lanier Infielder / Manager
Dave LaRoche Pitcher Adam LaRoche First baseman
Andy LaRoche Third baseman
Vernon Law Pitcher Vance Law Infielder
Bill Laxton Pitcher Brett Laxton Pitcher
Thornton Lee Pitcher Don Lee Pitcher
Mark Leiter Pitcher Mark Leiter Jr.* Pitcher
Glenn Liebhardt Sr. Pitcher Glenn Liebhardt Jr. Pitcher
Freddie Lindstrom Third baseman / Outfielder Chuck Lindstrom Catcher
Jack Lively Pitcher Buddy Lively Pitcher
Steve Lombardozzi Second baseman Steve Lombardozzi Jr.* Second baseman
Connie Mack Catcher / Manager Earle Mack Catcher / Manager
Willard Mains Pitcher Jim Mains Pitcher
Charlie Malay Second baseman Joe Malay First baseman
Barney Martin Pitcher Jerry Martin Outfielder
Carlos Martínez Infielder José Martínez* Outfielder
Clyde Mashore Outfielder Damon Mashore Outfielder
Gary Matthews Outfielder Gary Matthews Jr. Outfielder
Nelson Mathews Outfielder T. J. Mathews Pitcher
Wally Mattick Outfielder Bobby Mattick Shortstop / Manager
Dave May Outfielder Derrick May Outfielder
Pinky May Third baseman Milt May Catcher
John Mayberry First baseman John Mayberry Jr. Outfielder
Jim McAndrew Pitcher Jamie McAndrew Pitcher
Lance McCullers Pitcher Lance McCullers Jr.* Pitcher
Dave McKay Second baseman / Third baseman Cody McKay Catcher
Jim McKnight Infielder Jeff McKnight Infielder / Outfielder
Hal McRae Designated hitter / Manager Brian McRae Outfielder
Frank Meinke Infielder / Pitcher Bob Meinke Shortstop
Willie Mills Pitcher Art Mills Pitcher
Raúl Mondesí Outfielder Adalberto Mondesí* Infielder
René Monteagudo Pitcher Aurelio Monteagudo Pitcher
Gene Moore Pitcher Gene Moore Outfielder
Guy Morton Pitcher Guy Morton Jr. Pinch hitter
Manny Mota Outfielder Andy Mota Second baseman
José Mota Second baseman
Walter Mueller Outfielder Don Mueller Outfielder
Bill Narleski Infielder Ray Narleski Pitcher
Julio Navarro Pitcher Jaime Navarro Pitcher
Dick Nen First baseman Robb Nen Pitcher
Chet Nichols Sr. Pitcher Chet Nichols Jr. Pitcher
Joe Niekro Pitcher Lance Niekro First baseman
Ron Northey Outfielder Scott Northey Outfielder
John O'Donoghue Pitcher John O'Donoghue Pitcher
Frank Okrie Pitcher Len Okrie Catcher
Ed Olivares Outfielder Omar Olivares Pitcher
Bob Oliver First baseman / Outfielder Darren Oliver Pitcher
Diomedes Olivo Pitcher Gilberto Rondón Pitcher
Jim O'Rourke Outfielder / Manager Queenie O'Rourke Infielder / Outfielder
Tiny Osborne Pitcher Bobo Osborne First baseman
Steve Partenheimer Third baseman Stan Partenheimer Pitcher
Cliff Pastornicky Third baseman Tyler Pastornicky Shortstop
Stu Pederson Outfielder Joc Pederson* Outfielder
Tony Peña Catcher / Manager Tony Peña Jr. Shortstop / Pitcher
Francisco Peña Catcher
Tony Pérez Infielder / Manager Eduardo Pérez Infielder
Jay Pettibone Pitcher Jonathan Pettibone Pitcher
Herman Pillette Pitcher Duane Pillette Pitcher
Paul Quantrill Pitcher Cal Quantrill* Pitcher
Mel Queen Pitcher Mel Queen Pitcher / Manager
Tim Raines Outfielder Tim Raines Jr. Outfielder
Fred Rath Sr. Pitcher Fred Rath Jr. Pitcher
Walt Ripley Pitcher Allen Ripley Pitcher
Cal Ripken Sr. Manager Billy Ripken Second baseman
Cal Ripken Jr. Shortstop / Third baseman
Iván Rodríguez Catcher Dereck Rodríguez* Pitcher
Gary Roenicke Outfielder Josh Roenicke* Pitcher
Kevin Romine Outfielder Andrew Romine* Infielder
Austin Romine* Catcher
Pete Rose Infielder / Outfielder / Manager Pete Rose Jr. Infielder
Bruce Ruffin Pitcher Chance Ruffin Pitcher
Jeff Russell Pitcher James Russell* Pitcher
Mark Ryal Outfielder Rusty Ryal Infielder
Ducky Schofield Infielder Dick Schofield Shortstop
Joe Schultz Sr. Outfielder Joe Schultz Jr. Catcher / Manager
Diego Seguí Pitcher David Segui First baseman
Jeff Sellers Pitcher Justin Sellers Infielder
Jeff Shaw Pitcher Travis Shaw* First baseman
Earl Sheely First baseman Bud Sheely Catcher
Dick Siebert First baseman Paul Siebert Pitcher
George Sisler First baseman / Manager Dave Sisler Pitcher
Dick Sisler First baseman / Manager
Bob Skinner Outfielder / Manager Joel Skinner Catcher / Manager
Roy Smalley Shortstop Roy Smalley Shortstop
Dwight Smith Outfielder Dwight Smith Jr.* Outfielder
Brian Snyder Pitcher Brandon Snyder* Infielder
Chris Speier Shortstop Justin Speier Pitcher
Ed Spiezio Third baseman Scott Spiezio Infielder
Ed Sprague Sr. Pitcher Ed Sprague Jr. Third baseman
Ebba St. Claire Catcher Randy St. Claire Pitcher
Dave Stenhouse Pitcher Mike Stenhouse Outfielder
Joe Stephenson Catcher Jerry Stephenson Pitcher
Ron Stillwell Infielder Kurt Stillwell Infielder
Mel Stottlemyre Pitcher Mel Stottlemyre Jr. Pitcher
Todd Stottlemyre Pitcher
Billy Sullivan Catcher / Manager Billy Sullivan Jr. Catcher
Haywood Sullivan Catcher / Manager Marc Sullivan Catcher
George Susce Catcher George Susce Pitcher
Steve Swisher Catcher Nick Swisher First baseman / Outfielder
Chuck Tanner Outfielder / Manager Bruce Tanner Pitcher
José Tartabull Outfielder Danny Tartabull Outfielder
Fernando Tatis Sr. Third Baseman Fernando Tatis Jr. Shortstop
Wayne Tolleson Infielder Steve Tolleson* Infielder
Pablo Torrealba Pitcher Steve Torrealba Catcher
Ricardo Torres Catcher / First baseman Gil Torres Infielder
Mike Tresh Catcher Tom Tresh Outfielder
Hal Trosky First baseman Hal Trosky Jr. Pitcher
Dizzy Trout Pitcher Steve Trout Pitcher
Al Unser Catcher Del Unser Outfielder
José Valentín Shortstop Jesmuel Valentín* Infielder
Andy Van Slyke Outfielder Scott Van Slyke* Outfielder
Max Venable Outfielder / Designated hitter Will Venable Outfielder
Ozzie Virgil Sr. Infielder / Outfielder Ozzie Virgil Jr. Catcher
Howard Wakefield Catcher Dick Wakefield Outfielder
Dixie Walker Pitcher Dixie Walker Outfielder
Harry Walker Outfielder / Manager
Tom Walker Pitcher Neil Walker* Second baseman
Tim Wallach Third Baseman / Coach Chad Wallach* Catcher
Ed Walsh Pitcher Ed Walsh Jr. Pitcher
Gary Ward Outfielder Daryle Ward Outfielder
John Wathan Catcher / Manager Dusty Wathan Catcher
Hank Webb Pitcher Ryan Webb* Pitcher
Dennis Werth First baseman / Outfielder Jayson Werth Outfielder
Jo-Jo White Outfielder Mike White Outfielder
Maury Wills Shortstop Bump Wills Second baseman
Mookie Wilson Outfielder Preston Wilson Outfielder
Bobby Wine Shortstop / Manager Robbie Wine Catcher
Joe Wood Pitcher Joe Wood Pitcher
Clyde Wright Pitcher Jaret Wright Pitcher
Del Young Outfielder Del Young Infielder
Eric Young Second baseman Eric Young Jr.* Center fielder

Other second-generation MLB personnelEdit

Parent played top-level professional baseballEdit

The following families had a parent play top-level professional baseball in a league other than Major League Baseball, and a son who played in Major League Baseball:

Parent Position League Son(s) Position
Luis Aparicio, Sr. SS Venezuelan Professional Baseball League Luis Aparicio SS
Lyman Bostock, Sr. 1B Negro Leagues Lyman Bostock OF
Helen Callaghan CF All-American Girls Professional Baseball League Casey Candaele UTL
Pedro Cepeda SS/1B Puerto Rico Baseball League Orlando Cepeda 1B
Lourdes Gourriel LF, 1B Cuba national baseball team Yuli Gurriel* 1B
Lourdes Gurriel Jr.* LF
Martinez Jackson 2B Negro Leagues Reggie Jackson RF
Kazuhiro Kuroda CF Nippon Professional Baseball Hiroki Kuroda P
Leon Lee 1B Nippon Professional Baseball Derrek Lee 1B
Luis Tiant, Sr. P Negro Leagues Luis Tiant P

Umpiring familiesEdit

* Umpire is active
Father League Son League1
Shag Crawford NL Jerry Crawford2 NL/MLB
Lou DiMuro AL Mike DiMuro AL/MLB, CL (Japan)
Ray DiMuro AL
Tom Gorman NL Brian Gorman NL/MLB
Ed Runge AL Paul Runge NL
Paul Runge NL Brian Runge NL/MLB
Harry Wendelstedt NL Hunter Wendelstedt NL/MLB

^1 The National and American Leagues consolidated umpiring crews beginning in the 2000 season; umpires who worked after the consolidation are denoted with "MLB".
^2 Joe Crawford, another son of Shag Crawford and brother of Jerry Crawford, is an official in the National Basketball Association.

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