List of rulers of the Janjero state of Gimirra

The following is a list of rulers of the Kingdom of Janjero. Janjero was situated in southwestern Ethiopia, in the angle formed by the Omo and the Jimma Gibe Rivers; to the west lay the Kingdom of Jimma and to the south the Kingdom of Garo. It existed from the 15th century to 1894.

List of Rulers of the Janjero state of GimiraEdit

Koynab = Rulers

Term Incumbent Notes
???? Foundation of Chako state (known as Gimira by the Ethiopians)
Koyniyab Dynasty
???? to ???? Wurkenbe, Koynab  
???? to ???? Buzab, Koynab  
???? to ???? Zita, Koynab  
???? to ???? Tureta, Koynab  
???? to ???? Koyns, Koynab  
???? to ???? Duka, Koynab  
???? to 1955 Bangarsa, Koynab  
1955 Dynasty extinct

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