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List of rock formations in Albania

The diverse morphological, climatic and hydrological conditions of Albania favour the formation of a large number of geological features. According to the Ministry of Environment, 25 canyons are part of the national list of natural monuments.[1]. A selected list follows:

Canyons and gorgesEdit

Name Image Description Location
Gjipe Canyon
Kanioni i Gjipësë
  The canyon represents a narrow strait, created by the activity of the brook flowing through its narrow pass. There are numerous rock formations along the gorge, including a number of stones arches and caves. [2][3]
Grunas Canyon
Kanioni i Grunasit
  The Grunas Canyon is located in a karst region within the Theth National Park in northern Albania. The main attractions are the Gruna falls and Theth river. [4][5]
Osum Canyon
Kanioni i Osumit
  Osum Gorge is situated along the course of the Osum river in southern Albania near the town of Çorovodë. Along the forested gorge are located a number of rock formations, caves and waterfalls.[6]
Skorana Gorge
Gryka e Skoranës

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