List of rivers of Wales


This is a list of rivers of Wales, organised geographically, taken anti-clockwise, from the Dee Estuary through to the M48 Bridge that separates the estuary of the River Wye from the River Severn.

Tributaries are listed down the page in an upstream direction, starting with those closest to the sea. The main stem (or principal) river of a catchment is given, left-bank tributaries are indicated by (L), right-bank tributaries by (R). Note that, in general usage, the 'left (or right) bank of a river' refers to the left (or right) hand bank as seen when looking downstream. Where a named river is formed by the confluence of two differently named rivers, these are labelled as (Ls) and (Rs) for the left and right forks. A prime example is the formation of the River Taff from the Taf Fawr and the Taf Fechan at Cefn Coed-y-cymmer.

The list is essentially a list of the main rivers of Wales (as defined by the Environment Agency) and which more or less includes every watercourse named on Ordnance Survey mapping. Difficulties arise otherwise in determining what should and what should not be included.[1]

Certain names are encountered frequently and particular care should be taken to differentiate between the various occurrences of Clydach, Clywedog and of Dulas for example as well as those whose names refer perhaps to the colour of their waters e.g. Afon Goch (red river), Afon Ddu (black/dark river ) and Afon Wen (white/light river).

Mainland rivers flowing into Liverpool BayEdit

From Dee Estuary to Garth Pier, Bangor, Gwynedd

Dee catchmentEdit

Clwyd catchmentEdit

Conwy catchmentEdit

Simple coastal catchmentsEdit

Aber catchmentEdit

Ogwen catchmentEdit

Cegin catchmentEdit

Adda catchmentEdit

Isle of Anglesey riversEdit

Anticlockwise from Menai Bridge / Porthaethwy

Minor coastal catchmentsEdit

Crigyll catchmentEdit

Ffraw catchmentEdit

Cefni catchmentEdit

Braint (i) catchmentEdit

Braint (ii) catchmentEdit

Note "Afon Menai", known as the "Menai Strait" in English, is not technically a river, despite its Welsh name..

Mainland rivers flowing into the Menai Strait and Caernarfon BayEdit

From Bangor Pier to the tip of the Llŷn Peninsula

Seiont catchmentEdit

Gwyrfai catchmentEdit

Simple coastal catchmentsEdit

Rivers flowing into Cardigan BayEdit

From the tip of the Llŷn Peninsula to St. David's Head

Daron catchmentEdit

Soch catchmentEdit

Rhyd-hir catchment etcEdit

Dwyfor catchmentEdit

Glaslyn catchmentEdit

Artro catchmentEdit

Ysgethin catchmentEdit

Mawddach catchmentEdit

Dysynni catchmentEdit

Dyfi catchmentEdit

Clarach catchmentEdit

Rheidol catchmentEdit

Ystwyth catchmentEdit

Wyre catchmentEdit

Cledan catchmentEdit

Arth catchmentEdit

Aeron catchmentEdit

Coastal streamsEdit

Teifi catchmentEdit

Nyfer catchment etcEdit

Minor coastal catchmentsEdit

Rivers flowing to west Pembrokeshire coastEdit

From St David's Head to St. Govan's Head

Minor catchmentsEdit

Cleddau catchmentEdit

Rivers flowing into the Bristol ChannelEdit

From St. Govan's Head to M48 Bridge

Taf catchmentEdit

Towy catchmentEdit

Gwendraeth catchmentEdit

Lliedi catchmentEdit

Loughor catchmentEdit

Clyne catchmentEdit

Tawe catchmentEdit

Neath catchmentEdit

Afan catchmentEdit

Kenfig catchmentEdit

Ogmore catchmentEdit

Col-huw catchmentEdit

Thaw catchmentEdit

Cadoxton catchmentEdit

Taff catchmentEdit

Rhymney catchmentEdit

Usk catchmentEdit

Wye catchmentEdit

Severn catchmentEdit

With the exception of a small part of the Rea Brook, all tributaries of the Severn downstream of the confluence of the Severn and the Vyrnwy are wholly in England. For details see List of rivers of England.

Longest rivers in WalesEdit

This is a table of the longest rivers wholly or partially in Wales.[2] Rivers only partly in Wales are included in this table in italics. Note that river lengths given by different authorities vary due to the different ways in which the measurement is made or indeed estimated. That rivers are partly fractal in nature accounts for some variation and lengths can also vary slightly over time as meanders expand or are cut off where rivers run through broad flood-plains.

River Length Notes
(miles) (km)
1 River Severn 220 354 Leaves Wales after 48 miles.
2 River Wye 135 217 Forms the Wales-England border for much of its length.
3 River Teme 81 130 Entirely in England after 12 miles.
4 River Dee 70 113
5 River Towy 75 121 Longest river entirely within Wales[3]
6 River Teifi 73 117 [3]
7 River Usk 56 90
8 River Taff 40 64

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