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List of public utilities in Arkansas

The following page lists all public utilities in the U.S. state of Arkansas.


Electric utilitiesEdit

Name Type Customers Transmission
Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation Cooperative 500,000 322 1949[1]
Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative Cooperative
Augusta Light & Power Municipal
Ashley-Chicot Electric Cooperative Cooperative
Benton Utilities Municipal
Bentonville Light & Water System Municipal
City of Paris Utilities Municipal
City of Siloam Springs Municipal
C&L Electric Cooperative Cooperative
Carroll Electric Cooperative Cooperative
Clarksville Light & Water Company Municipal
Clay County Electric Cooperative Cooperative
Conway Corporation Municipal
Craighead Electric Cooperative Cooperative
Empire District Electric Company Investor owned 167,688[2] 6,862 1909[3]
Entergy Arkansas Investor owned 696,000 15,700[4] 1913
Farmers Electric Cooperative Cooperative
First Electric Cooperative Cooperative
Hope Water & Light Company Municipal
Jonesboro City Water & Light Company Municipal
Mississippi County Electric Cooperative Cooperative
North Arkansas Electric Cooperative Cooperative
North Little Rock Electric Department Municipal
Oklahoma Gas & Electric Investor owned
Osceola Municipal Light & Power Municipal 1912
Ouachita Electric Cooperative Cooperative
Ozarks Electric Cooperative Cooperative
Paragould Light Water & Cable Municipal
Petit Jean Electric Cooperative Cooperative
Piggott Municipal Light, Water & Sewer Municipal
Prescott Water & Light Company Municipal
Rich Mountain Electric Cooperative Cooperative
South Central Arkansas Electric Cooperative Cooperative
Southwest Arkansas Electric Cooperative Cooperative
Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO) Investor owned
West Memphis Utility Commission Municipal
Woodruff Electric Cooperative Cooperative

Water utilitiesEdit

Name Customers City Source
Acorn Rural Water Assn 1903 Mena, Arkansas Surface Purchased
ADC Cummins Unit 3800 Grady, Arkansas Ground
ADC Tucker Unit 1500 Pine Bluff, Arkansas Ground
ADC East Arkansas Regional 1536 Marianna, Arkansas Ground
Airport Road Water Association 576 Lake Village, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Alicia Water System 157 Batesville, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Alma Waterworks 5745 Alma, Arkansas Surface
Almyra Waterworks 406 Almyra, Arkansas Ground
Alpena Waterworks 550 Alpena, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Alpine Water Association 740 Amity, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Altheimer Waterworks 918 Altheimer, Arkansas Ground
Altus Waterworks 2043 Altus, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Amity Waterworks 772 Amity, Arkansas Surface
Antoine Waterworks 618 Antoine, Arkansas Ground
Ar Dept Of Correction Izard Co 800 Calico Rock, Arkansas Ground
Arkadelphia Waterworks 10796 Arkadelphia, Arkansas Surface
Arkansas City Waterworks 366 Arkansas City, Arkansas Ground
Arkansas Health Center 1000 Benton, Arkansas Surface
Arsenal Water System 2577 Pine Bluff, Arkansas Ground
Ash Flat Water Company 1097 Ash Flat, Arkansas Ground
Ashdown Waterworks 4723 Ashdown, Arkansas Ground
Atkins Water System 4439 Atkins, Arkansas Surface
Augusta Waterworks 2665 Augusta, Arkansas Ground
Aurelle Water System 296 Strong, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Austin Waterworks 2436 Austin, Arkansas Ground Purchased & Surface Purchased
Autumn Acres Mhp 88 Gassville, Arkansas Ground
Bald Knob North Water Assoc 2646 Bald Knob, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Bald Knob Waterworks 2897 Bald Knob, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Banks Waterworks 248 Banks, Arkansas Ground
Barkada Water Association 381 Wilmar, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Barling Waterworks 4238 Barling, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Barton Lexa Water Association 4000 Barton, Arkansas Ground
Basin Valley Water System 390 Marble Falls, Arkansas Ground
Bassett Waterworks 173 Joiner, Arkansas Ground
Batesville Water Utilities 11245 Batesville, Arkansas Surface
Batts-Lapile Water Association 613 Strong, Arkansas Ground
Bauxite Water 574 Bauxite, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Bay Waterworks 1801 Bay, Arkansas Ground
Bearden Waterworks 2407 Bearden, Arkansas Ground
Beaver Water District 52 Lowell, Arkansas Surface
Beaverfork Volunteer Fire Department Water Service District 3097 Conway, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Bedford Falls Mhp 105 Green Forest, Arkansas Ground
Bee Branch Water 3135 Bee Branch, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Beebe Waterworks 7898 Beebe, Arkansas Ground & Surface Purchased
Beedeville Water Works 113 Beedeville, Arkansas Ground
Bella Vista P.O.A. 26461 Bella Vista, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Bellefonte Water 455 Harrison, Arkansas Ground
Belleville Water 1103 Belleville, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Ben Lomond Waterworks 156 Ben Lomond, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Benton Co Water 5217 Avoca, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Benton County Water Authority 4 520 Lowell, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Benton County Water Authority 5 1530 Rogers, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Benton Waterworks 30681 Benton, Arkansas Surface
Bentonville Public Works Department 40137 Bentonville, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Benton-Washington Regional Public Water Authority 17 Rogers, Arkansas Surface
Bergman Waterworks 2805 Bergman, Arkansas Ground
Berryville Waterworks 5632 Berryville, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Bethesda Water Association 1302 Batesville, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Big Clifty Water 150 Eureka Springs, Arkansas Ground
Big Flat Waterworks 523 Big Flat, Arkansas Ground
Bigelow Waterworks 544 Perryville, Arkansas Ground
Biggers Waterworks 378 Biggers, Arkansas Ground
Birdsong Whitton Water Assoc 447 Tyronza, Arkansas Ground
Biscoe Waterworks 380 Biscoe, Arkansas Ground
Black Oak Waterworks 449 Lake City, Arkansas Ground
Black Rock Waterworks 663 Black Rock, Arkansas Ground
Blevins Waterworks 335 Blevins, Arkansas Ground
Blue Mountain Waterworks 403 Blue Mountain, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Blytheville Waterworks 16413 Blytheville, Arkansas Ground
Bodcaw Rural Water System 1203 Rosston, Arkansas Ground Purchased & Surface Purchased
Bois D'Arc Water System 50 Fulton, Arkansas Ground
Bonanza Waterworks 575 Bonanza, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Bono Waterworks 1971 Bono, Arkansas Ground & Ground Purchased
Booneville Development Center 275 Booneville, Arkansas Surface
Booneville Waterworks 5892 Booneville, Arkansas Surface
Bowser Water Assn 569 Monticello, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Boydell Water Association 133 Montrose, Arkansas Ground
Bradford Waterworks 825 Bradford, Arkansas Ground
Bradley Co Rural Water Assn 1099 Warren, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Bradley Waterworks 258 Bradley, Arkansas Ground
Branch Water Works 480 Branch, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Breckenridge Union Water Association 1267 Newport, Arkansas Ground
Briarcliff Waterworks 313 Mountain Home, Arkansas Ground
Brinkley Waterworks 4200 Brinkley, Arkansas Ground
Brookland Waterworks 2450 Brookland, Arkansas Ground
Brunner Hill Water Assoc 1023 Dolph, Arkansas Ground
Bryant Waterworks 19070 Bryant, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Buckner Waterworks 308 Buckner, Arkansas Ground
Buena Vista-Ogemaw Water Association 468 Stephens, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Buffalo Island Reg Water Dist 3416 Monette, Arkansas Ground
Bull Shoals Water System 2654 Bull Shoals, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Burdette Waterworks 597 Burdette, Arkansas Ground
Cabot Waterworks 23776 Cabot, Arkansas Ground & (Ground & Surface) Purchased
Caddo Valley Waterworks 635 Arkadelphia, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Caldwell Water 1280 Forrest City, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Calhoun County Water Assn 1553 Hampton, Arkansas Ground
Calico Rock Waterworks 1840 Calico Rock, Arkansas Ground & GWUDI
Calion Water Works 492 Calion, Arkansas Ground
Camden Waterworks 13600 Camden, Arkansas Surface
Camp Robinson 1500 North Little Rock, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Campbell Station Waterworks 240 Batesville, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Caraway Waterworks 1375 Caraway, Arkansas Ground
Carlisle Waterworks 2313 Carlisle, Arkansas Ground
Carroll-Boone Water District 12 Eureka Springs, Arkansas Surface
Carthage Water And Sewer 338 Carthage, Arkansas Ground
Casa Water Dept 1200 Casa, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Cash Waterworks 359 Cash, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Cave City Waterworks 2664 Cave City, Arkansas Ground
Cave Springs Waterworks 3028 Cave Springs, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Cedarville Waterworks 8798 Cedarville, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Center Grove Water Association 4398 Sheridan, Arkansas Ground
Centerton Waterworks 13235 Centerton, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Central Arkansas Water 313504 Little Rock, Arkansas Surface
Central Logan County Pwfb 1230 Paris, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Central Public Water Authority 1218 Central City, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Charleston Waterworks 3423 Charleston, Arkansas Surface
Cherokee Village Water Assoc 4717 Cherokee Village, Arkansas Ground
Cherry Hill Public Facility Bd 864 Perryville, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Cherry Valley Waterworks 658 Cherry Valley, Arkansas Ground
Chester Water Works 210 Chester, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Chicot Junction Water Assoc 779 Eudora, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Chidester Waterworks 534 Chidester, Arkansas Ground
City Corporation 28616 Russellville, Arkansas Surface
Clarendon Waterworks 1640 Clarendon, Arkansas Ground
Clark Co Country Water Facilit 2450 Arkadelphia, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Clarkedale-Jericho Water Assoc 955 Proctor, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Clarksville Waterworks 9288 Clarksville, Arkansas Surface
Clay Co Reg Water District 5880 Mcdougal, Arkansas Ground & Ground Purchased
Cleveland Co Rural Water Users Assoc 1703 Rison, Arkansas Ground & Ground Purchased
Clinton Waterworks 5684 Clinton, Arkansas Surface
Coal Hill Waterworks 1300 Coal Hill, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Collins Water Association 264 Dermott, Arkansas Ground
Colt Water Association 976 Colt, Arkansas Ground
Community Water System 15646 Greers Ferry, Arkansas Surface
Compton Waterworks 811 Compton, Arkansas Ground Purchased & Surface Purchased
Concord Water & Sewer Pfb 3020 Van Buren, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Conway Co Regional Water Dist 18943 Morrilton, Arkansas Surface
Conway Water System 58908 Conway, Arkansas Surface
Corinth Valley Water System 84 Warren, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Corning Waterworks 3377 Corning, Arkansas Ground
Cotter Waterworks 980 Cotter, Arkansas Ground & Surface Purchased
Cotton Plant Water Department 1025 Cotton Plant, Arkansas Ground
Cottonshed Waterworks 72 Texarkana, Arkansas Ground
Cottonwood Water Association 688 Harrison, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Cove Waterworks 625 Cove, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Coy Waterworks 256 Coy, Arkansas Ground
Crawfordsville Waterworks 2032 Crawfordsville, Arkansas Ground
Crestwood Mobile Home Park 34 Mountain Home, Arkansas Ground
Cross County Rural Water System 9233 Hickory Ridge, Arkansas Ground
Crossett Water Commission 8038 Crossett, Arkansas Ground
Crowleys Ridge Water Assoc 3611 Harrisburg, Arkansas Ground & Ground Purchased
Cushman Water System 1385 Cushman, Arkansas Surface & Surface Purchased
Damascus Water Works 1850 Damascus, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Danville Waterworks 2567 Danville, Arkansas Surface
Dardanelle Waterworks 4228 Dardanelle, Arkansas GWUDI & Surface Purchased
Decatur Waterworks 2851 Decatur, Arkansas Ground & Surface Purchased
Deer Run Water Company 117 Evening Shade, Arkansas Ground
Deer Water Association 882 Deer, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Delaplaine Waterworks 146 Mc Dougal, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Delight Waterworks 1495 Delight, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Dell Waterworks 1498 Dell, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Dennard Water Association 908 Dennard, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Denning Waterworks 588 Altus, Arkansas Surface Purchased
DeQueen Water Works 6594 DeQueen, Arkansas Surface
Dermott Waterworks 2600 Dermott, Arkansas Ground
Des Arc Waterworks 3882 Des Arc, Arkansas Ground
DeValls Bluff Waterworks 615 DeValls Bluff, Arkansas Ground
Dewitt Waterworks 3294 Dewitt, Arkansas Ground
Diamond City Water 1203 Diamond City, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Diaz Waterworks 1092 Newport, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Dierks Water Works 1400 Dierks, Arkansas Surface
Dogwood Water Association 1279 Blytheville, Arkansas Ground
Dorcheat Water Association 1860 Taylor, Arkansas Ground
Dota Public Water Authority 2650 Cord, Arkansas GWUDI & Ground Purchased
Dover Waterworks 1587 Dover, Arkansas Surface & Surface Purchased
Driver Grider Water Assoc 222 Osceola, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Dumas Waterworks 5847 Dumas, Arkansas Ground
Dyer Waterworks 1023 Dyer, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Dyess Rural Water 294 Dyess, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Dyess Waterworks 430 Dyess, Arkansas Ground
E Cass Water Supply Corp 133 Bivins, Texas Ground & Ground Purchased
Earle Waterworks 1836 Earle, Arkansas Ground
East End Water 5800 Little Rock, Arkansas Ground
East Johnson County Water Association 4210 Lamar, Arkansas Surface Purchased
East Logan County Rural Water 1918 Paris, Arkansas Surface Purchased
East Monroe County Water Users 966 Brinkley, Arkansas Ground Purchased
East Newton County Water Association 1815 Vendor, Arkansas Surface Purchased
East Prairie Cnty Public Water Authority 699 Des Arc, Arkansas Ground
Eastside Homeowners Association 201 Horseshoe Lake, Arkansas Ground
Edgewood Bay Water 277 Lakeview, Arkansas Ground & Surface Purchased
El Dorado Waterworks 18750 El Dorado, Arkansas Ground
Elaine Waterworks 1673 Elaine, Arkansas Ground
Elkins Water Department 2815 Elkins, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Emerson Waterworks 1158 Emerson, Arkansas Ground
Emmet Waterworks 558 Emmet, Arkansas Ground
England Waterworks 2823 England, Arkansas Ground
Enon Water Association 467 Monticello, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Eudora Waterworks 1763 Eudora, Arkansas Ground
Eureka Springs Waterworks 4058 Eureka Springs, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Evening Shade Waterworks 747 Evening Shade, Arkansas Surface & Ground Purchased
Faircrest Water Association 1275 El Dorado, Arkansas Ground
Fayetteville Utilities Department 91427 Fayetteville, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Fort Chaffee Maneuver Training Center Waterworks 500 Fort Chaffee Surface Purchased
Felsenthal Water And Sewer 620 Felsenthal, Arkansas Ground
Fifty Six Waterworks 595 Fifty Six, Arkansas Ground
Flippin Waterworks 3625 Flippin, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Fordyce Rural Water Association 1438 Fordyce, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Fordyce Water Department 4746 Fordyce, Arkansas Ground
Foreman Waterworks 1173 Foreman, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Forrest City Waterworks 15220 Forrest City, Arkansas Ground
Fort Smith Water Utilities 86209 Fort Smith, Arkansas Surface
Fouke Waterworks 865 Fouke, Arkansas Ground
Fountain Hill Waterworks 895 Fountain Hill, Arkansas Ground
Four Mile Hill Water Association 4603 Searcy, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Franklin Waterworks 243 Franklin, Arkansas Ground
Franklin-Sebatian Public Water Authority 0 Lavaca, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Free Hope Water Association 185 Magnolia, Arkansas Ground Purchased & Surface Purchased
Freedom Water Association 1785 Mena, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Frenchport Water Association 1669 Camden, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Fulton County Water Association 1781 Salem, Arkansas Ground & Ground Purchased
Fulton Waterworks 365 Fulton, Arkansas Ground
Furlow Water Association 2905 Cabot, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Garfield Waterworks 630 Garfield, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Garland Waterworks 342 Garland, Arkansas Ground
Garrett Bridge Water Association 815 Dumas, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Gassville Waterworks 1618 Gassville, Arkansas Ground & Surface Purchased
Gateway Public Water Authority 1890 Gateway, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Gentry Waterworks 5153 Gentry, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Gentryville Public Water Authority 386 Ash Flat, Arkansas Ground
Gillett Water Department 670 Gillett, Arkansas Ground
Gillham Regional Water District 3 Wickes, Arkansas Surface
Gillham Waterworks 300 Gillham, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Gilmore Waterworks 258 Gilmore, Arkansas Ground
Glen Acres 73 Eureka Springs, Arkansas Ground
Glenwood Water Department 3023 Glenwood, Arkansas Surface
Gosnell Water Association 4093 Gosnell, Arkansas Ground
Gould Municipal Water-Sewer 1041 Gould, Arkansas Ground
Grady Waterworks 424 Grady, Arkansas Ground
Grand Prairie Bayou 2 Public Water Authority 10360 Austin, Arkansas Ground & Surface Purchased
Grand Prairie Regional Water 13500 Stuttgart, Arkansas Ground
Grange-Calamine Water Association 2381 Cave City, Arkansas Ground & Ground Purchased
Grannis Waterworks 548 Grannis, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Grassy Knob Subordinate Sd 65 Eureka Springs, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Gravette Waterworks 3455 Gravette, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Gray Rock Water Association 738 Scranton, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Greasy Valley WPFB Logan Co. 495 Paris, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Green Forest Waterworks 5473 Green Forest, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Green Hill-Brooks Chapel Water 713 Monticello, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Greenbrier Waterworks 6590 Greenbrier, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Greenway Waterworks 322 Greenway, Arkansas Ground
Greenwood Waterworks 8952 Greenwood, Arkansas Surface
Grubbs Waterworks 907 Grubbs, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Guion Water Department 270 Guion, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Gum Springs Water Association 947 Arkadelphia, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Gurdon Waterworks 3215 Gurdon, Arkansas Ground
Guy Waterworks 1702 Guy, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Hackett Waterworks 963 Hackett, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Hamburg Waterworks 5309 Hamburg, Arkansas Ground
Hampton Waterworks 1695 Hampton, Arkansas Ground
Hardin Water Association 4802 Pine Bluff, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Hardy Waterworks 915 Hardy, Arkansas Ground
Harmony Grove Water Assoc 2303 East Camden, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Harmony Water Association 362 El Dorado, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Harrell Waterworks 305 Harrell, Arkansas Ground
Harrisburg Waterworks 2288 Harrisburg, Arkansas Ground
Harrison Waterworks 16905 Harrison, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Hartford Waterworks 655 Hartford, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Hartman Waterworks 1230 Hartman, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Haskell Water System 3990 Haskell, Arkansas Ground & Surface Purchased
Hatfield Waterworks 776 Hatfield, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Havana Waterworks 1160 Havana, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Hazen Waterworks 1600 Hazen, Arkansas Ground
Heafer-Black Oak Water Association 481 Marion, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Heber Springs Water System 11131 Heber Springs, Arkansas Surface
Helena Water & Sewer Department 5500 Helena-West Helena, Arkansas Ground
Hermitage Waterworks 689 Hermitage, Arkansas Ground
Hickory Ridge Waterworks 272 Hickory Ridge, Arkansas Ground
Highfill Water Department 1586 Highfill, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Highland Public Water Authority 2394 Hardy, Arkansas Ground & Ground Purchased
Holiday Island Waterworks 3326 Holiday Island, Arkansas Ground
Holly Grove Waterworks 1010 Holly Grove, Arkansas Ground
Hope Water & Light Commission 11500 Hope, Arkansas Ground & Surface
Horatio Waterworks 1529 Horatio, Arkansas Ground
Horsehead Water Association 4940 Clarksville, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Horseshoe Bend Waterworks 2131 Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas Ground
Horseshoe Lake Utilities 734 Horseshoe Lake, Arkansas Ground
Hosanna Heights Water 39 Mammoth Spring, Arkansas Ground
Hot Spring County Water Association 3395 Donaldson, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Hot Springs Utilities 92010 Hot Springs, Arkansas Surface
Hot Springs Village Water 13500 Hot Springs Village, Arkansas Surface
Houston Waterworks 611 Perryville, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Hoxie Water Department 2650 Hoxie, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Hughes Community Water Assoc 2226 Hughes, Arkansas Ground
Hughes Waterworks 1441 Hughes, Arkansas Ground
Humnoke Waterworks 331 Humnoke, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Humphrey Waterworks 557 Humphrey, Arkansas Ground
Huntington Waterworks 618 Huntington, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Huntsville Waterworks 2358 Huntsville, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Huttig Waterworks 777 Huttig, Arkansas Ground
Hwy 4 24 Water Association 2507 Chidester, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Hwy 63 Water Association 7343 Rison, Arkansas Ground
Hwy 64 Water Association 228 Marion, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Hwy 71 Water District #1 Public Water Authority 6190 Alma, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Hwy 82 Water Association 123 El Dorado, Arkansas Ground
Hwy 9 Water Association 1285 Malvern, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Imboden Waterworks 677 Imboden, Arkansas Ground
Independence Jackson Regional 2933 Newport, Arkansas Ground
Indian Switch Rural Water Association 730 Eudora, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Jacksonport Waterworks 238 Jacksonport, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Jacksonville Waterworks 28364 Jacksonville, Arkansas Ground & Surface Purchased
James Fork Regional Water 11384 Greenwood, Arkansas Surface
Jasper Waterworks 766 Jasper, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Jefferson-Samples-Dexter Water 2852 Jefferson, Arkansas Ground
Johnson Township Water Association 813 El Dorado, Arkansas Ground
Joiner Waterworks 553 Oceola, Arkansas Ground
Jonesboro City Water & Light 70066 Jonesboro, Arkansas Ground
Judsonia Waterworks 3028 Judsonia, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Junction City Waterworks 760 Junction City, Arkansas Ground
Keiser Waterworks 747 Manila, Arkansas Ground
Kelso-Rohwer Water Association 555 El Dorado, Arkansas Ground
Kensett Waterworks 1425 Kensett, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Keo Water Works 275 Wright, Arkansas Ground
Kibler Water System 1755 Van Buren, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Kimzey Regional Water District 11290 Malvern, Arkansas Surface
Kings Hill Estates 25 Berryville, Arkansas Ground
Kingsland Waterworks 595 Kingsland, Arkansas Ground
Kingwood Mhp 62 Mountain Home, Arkansas Ground
Knobel Waterworks 294 Knobel, Arkansas Ground
Knoxville Waterworks 1810 Knoxville, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Krooked Kreek Water Assn 2000 Harrison, Arkansas Ground
Lacey-Ladelle Water Association 1315 Monticello, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Ladd Water Association 2393 Pine Bluff, Arkansas Ground
Lafe Regional Water Distribution District 2478 Marmaaduke, Arkansas Ground
Lake Bull Shoals Estates Water 54 Lead Hill, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Lake Chicot Water Association 2038 Lake Village, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Lake City Waterworks 2329 Lake City, Arkansas Ground
Lake Forest Subordinate Dist 120 Eureka Springs, Arkansas Ground
Lake Lucerne Estates 55 Eureka Springs, Arkansas Ground
Lake Table Rock Estates 33 Harrison, Arkansas Ground
Lake View Municipal Water 638 Helena, Arkansas Ground
Lake Village Waterworks 2543 Lake Village, Arkansas Ground
Lakeshore Estates Water Assn 644 Marion, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Lakeside Water Association 1987 Waldo, Arkansas Ground Purchased & Surface Purchased
Lakeview Midway Public Water Authority 3012 Lakeview, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Lamar Waterworks 1885 Lamar, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Laurelwood Homeowners Association 90 Henderson, Arkansas Ground
Lavaca Waterworks 3428 Lavaca, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Lawrence Co Reg Water Dist 6894 Portia, Arkansas Ground & (Ground & Surface) Purchased
Lawson-Urbana Water Assoc 1147 Lawson, Arkansas Ground
Leachville Waterworks 2021 Leachville, Arkansas Ground
Lead Hill Waterworks 515 Lead Hill, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Leatherwood View Estates 40 Marble Falls, Arkansas Ground
Lee County Water Association 4760 Marianna, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Leisure Hills Mobile Home Park 117 Springdale, Arkansas Ground
Leola Waterworks 720 Leola, Arkansas Ground
Lepanto Waterworks 1893 Lepanto, Arkansas Ground
Leslie Water System 740 Leslie, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Lewisville Waterworks 1448 Lewisville, Arkansas Ground
Liberty Utilities 48668 Pine Bluff, Arkansas Ground
Lincoln Water Department 6209 Lincoln, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Lisbon Water Association 422 El Dorado, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Little Creek Water Association 2159 Sheridan, Arkansas Ground
Little Portion Hermitage 25 Berryville, Arkansas Ground
Little River Co Rda 4279 Foreman, Arkansas Surface
Little River Country Club 393 DeQueen, Arkansas Ground
Little River Water Association 816 Osceola, Arkansas Ground
Locke-Fern Dollard Rd Ww Pfb 1208 Mountainburg, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Lockesburg Waterworks 725 Lockesburg, Arkansas Ground
Locust Bayou Water Association 520 Camden, Arkansas Ground Purchased
London Waterworks 1220 London, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Long Lake Water Association 500 Helena, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Lonoke Waterworks 4245 Lonoke, Arkansas Ground
Lonoke White Public Water Auth 2 Quitman, Arkansas Surface
Lost Bridge Vill Wat-Sew Dists 995 Garfield, Arkansas Ground
Louann Waterworks 192 El Dorado, Arkansas Ground
Ludwig Water Association 1322 Clarksville, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Lurton-Pelsor Water Assoc 289 Pelsor, Arkansas Ground
Luxora Waterworks 1178 Luxora, Arkansas Ground
Lydesdale Water Association 390 Magnolia, Arkansas Ground Purchased & Surface Purchased
Lynn Waterworks 704 Lynn, Arkansas Ground
Madison County Regional Water District 3 Rogers, Arkansas Surface
Madison County Water Facilities Board 9318 Huntsville, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Magazine Waterworks 1038 Magazine, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Magness Water Association 470 Magness, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Magnet-Butterfield Water Authority 1838 Malvern, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Magnolia Waterworks 10866 Magnolia, Arkansas Ground & Surface
Malvern Waterworks 10318 Malvern, Arkansas Surface
Mammoth Spring Waterworks 1442 Mammoth Spring, Arkansas Ground
Manila Waterworks 3336 Manila, Arkansas Ground
Mansfield Waterworks 2340 Mansfield, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Marianna Waterworks 4115 Marianna, Arkansas Ground
Marie Water System 140 Wilson, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Marion County Reg Water Dist 2 Bull Shoals, Arkansas Surface
Marion Waterworks 12345 Marion, Arkansas Ground
Marked Tree Waterworks 2566 Marked Tree, Arkansas Ground
Marmaduke Waterworks 1042 Marmaduke, Arkansas Ground
Marshall Waterworks 2304 Marshall, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Marvell Rural Water Assoc 1800 Marvell, Arkansas Ground & Ground Purchased
Marvell Waterworks 1187 Marvell, Arkansas Ground
Marysville Water Association 738 Mount Holly, Arkansas Ground
Maumelle Water Corporation 2771 Roland, Arkansas Ground
Maumelle Water Management merged with CAW 20115 Maumelle, Arkansas Ground
Mayflower Waterworks 7416 Mayflower, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Maynard Waterworks 470 Maynard, Arkansas Ground
McCrory Water and Sewer Department 1850 McCrory, Arkansas Ground
Mc Dougal Waterworks 251 Mc Dougal, Arkansas Ground
Mc Neil Rural Water Assoc 894 Mc Neil, Arkansas Ground
Mc Neil Waterworks 522 Mcneil, Arkansas Ground
Mc Rae Waterworks 916 Mcrae, Arkansas Ground
Mcgehee Waterworks 4386 Mc Gehee, Arkansas Ground
Melbourne Waterworks 4128 Melbourne, Arkansas Ground
Mena Water Dept 7777 Mena, Arkansas Surface
Menifee Water Department 435 Menifee, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Mid-Arkansas Utilities Pwa 11148 Cabot, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Midway Water Association 2100 Proctor, Arkansas Ground
Mill Pond Village Mhp 160 Royal, Arkansas Ground
Miller County Public Water Authority 355 Texarkana, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Milltown-Washburn Water Users 3628 Greenwood, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Millwood Water Corporation 487 Ashdown, Arkansas Ground
Mineral Springs Waterworks 1208 Mineral Springs, Arkansas Ground
Mitchellville Waterworks 496 Dumas, Arkansas Ground
Mockingbird Hill Water Assoc 717 Jasper, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Monette Waterworks 1316 Monette, Arkansas Ground
Montgomery Co Regional Pwa 3 Mount Ida, Arkansas Surface
Monticello Water Department 10568 Monticello, Arkansas Ground
Montrose Waterworks 391 Montrose, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Morning Star Water Association 1260 Marshall, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Moro Waterworks 216 Moro, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Morrison Bluff Water System 325 Scranton, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Mount Holly Waterworks 384 Mount Holly, Arkansas Ground
Mount Ida Waterworks 3008 Mt Ida, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Mount Olive Water Association 5400 Elkins, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Mountain Home Waterworks 16079 Mountain Home, Arkansas Surface
Mountain Pine Waterworks 795 Mountain Pine, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Mountain Top Water Association 6355 Heber Springs, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Mountain View Waterworks 7178 Mountain View, Arkansas Surface
Mountainburg Water And Sewer 990 Mountainburg, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Mt Pleasant Waterworks 1353 Mount Pleasant, Arkansas Ground & GWUDI
Mt Sherman Water Association 855 Jasper, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Mulberry Waterworks 1603 Mulberry, Arkansas Surface
Mundell Heights Waterworks 188 Eureka Springs, Arkansas Ground
Murfreesboro Waterworks 1641 Murfreesboro, Arkansas Surface
N E White County Public Facilities Board 0 Searcy, Arkansas Surface Purchased
N Garland Co Reg Water Dist 6455 Hot Springs, Arkansas Surface
Nail-Swain Water Association 604 Deer, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Nashville Rural Water Assoc 6958 Nashville, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Nashville Waterworks 4627 Nashville, Arkansas Surface
Ne Mississippi Co Water Assoc 1151 Blytheville, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Ne Yell County Water Assoc 5955 Dardanelle, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Neapwa 5 Pocahontas, Arkansas Surface
New Hope Water Association 1159 Emmerson, Arkansas Ground
New London Water Association 772 Strong, Arkansas Ground
Newark Waterworks 1415 Newark, Arkansas Ground
Newport Waterworks 6583 Newport, Arkansas Ground
Norfork Waterworks 1192 Norfork, Arkansas Ground
Norman Waterworks 850 Norman, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Norphlet Waterworks 1153 Norphlet, Arkansas Ground
North Carbon City Water Assoc 113 Paris, Arkansas Surface Purchased
North Crossett Utilities 3525 Crossett, Arkansas Ground
North East Crossett Water Assn 160 Crossett, Arkansas Ground Purchased
North East Public Water Auth 3811 Mountain Home, Arkansas Surface Purchased
North Howard Rural Water Association 964 Umpire, Arkansas Surface Purchased
North Jackson Co Water Assn 780 Tuckerman, Arkansas Ground Purchased
North Lagrue Water Assoc 299 Dewitt, Arkansas Ground Purchased
North Pike Co Rural Water Assn 1976 Kirby, Arkansas Surface Purchased
North White Co Rural Water Pfb 5300 Judsonia, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Northeast Dewitt Water Assoc 677 Dewitt, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Northern Ohio Water Assoc 663 Tyronza, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Oak Grove Water 465 Oak Grove, Arkansas Ground
Oak Grove Water Association 2612 Van Buren, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Oak Manor Water Association 338 El Dorado, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Oak Hills Suburban Improvement District 111 Bentonville, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Oden- Pencil Bluff Water Assn. 383 Oden, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Ogden Waterworks 495 Ogden, Arkansas Ground
Oil Trough Waterworks 284 Oil Trough, Arkansas Ground & Ground Purchased
O'Kean Waterworks 228 Mcdougal, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Okolona Waterworks 590 Okolona, Arkansas Ground
Ola Waterworks 1117 Ola, Arkansas Surface
Old Bella Vista Poa 108 Bella Vista, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Old Union Water Association 1233 El Dorado, Arkansas Ground & Ground Purchased
Omaha Waterworks 1163 Omaha, Arkansas Ground
Oppelo Water Department 1300 Oppelo, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Osage Point Mhp 68 Berryville, Arkansas Ground
Osceola Waterworks 7176 Osceola, Arkansas Ground
Outside Kingsland Water Assoc 538 Kingsland, Arkansas Ground
Oxford Waterworks 1074 Oxford, Arkansas Ground
Ozan Creek Rural Water System 675 Blevins, Arkansas Ground Purchased & Surface Purchased
Ozan Waterworks 378 Ozan, Arkansas Ground
Ozark Acres Water Association 819 Hardy, Arkansas Ground
Ozark Mtn Regional Pwa 0 Diamond City, Arkansas Surface
Ozark Waterworks 4288 Ozark, Arkansas Surface
Palestine Water Association 1855 Palestine, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Pangburn Waterworks 2697 Pangburn, Arkansas Surface
Paragould, Light, Water, & Cable 24121 Paragould, Arkansas Ground
Paris Waterworks 5123 Paris, Arkansas Surface
Parkdale Waterworks 288 Parkdale, Arkansas Ground
Parkers Chapel Public Water 2369 El Dorado, Arkansas Ground
Parkin Rural Water Association 406 Earle, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Parkin Waterworks 988 Parkin, Arkansas Ground
Paron-Owensville Water Auth 2071 Paron, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Parthenon Water Association 400 Jasper, Arkansas Surface Purchased
City of Patterson 491 Patterson, Arkansas Ground
Pea Ridge Waterworks 5595 Pea Ridge, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Peach Orchard Waterworks 163 Mc Dougal, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Pendleton-Pea Ridge Water Assn 988 Dumas, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Perla Water Association 1900 Malvern, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Perry Water System 658 Perry, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Perrytown Waterworks 130 Hope, Arkansas Ground
Perryville Waterworks 2112 Perryville, Arkansas Surface
Pfeiffer Water Authority 3241 Batesville, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Pickens Waterworks 84 Pickins, Arkansas Ground
Piggott Waterworks 4251 Piggott, Arkansas Ground
Pike City Water Assn 321 Murfreesboro, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Pleasant Grove 2202 Pleasant Grove, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Pleasant View Water Fac Board 1673 Mulberry, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Plumerville Waterworks 820 Plumerville, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Pocahontas Waterworks 7547 Pocahontas, Arkansas Surface
Pollard Waterworks 287 Pollard, Arkansas Ground
Portia Waterworks 558 Portia, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Portland Waterworks 617 Portland, Arkansas Ground
Pottsville Water Association 4108 Pottsville, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Poyen Waterworks 755 Poyen, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Prairie Grove Water Department 5414 Prairie Grove, Arkansas Surface & Surface Purchased
Prattsville Waterworks 1282 Prattsville, Arkansas Ground
Prescott Waterworks 5198 Prescott, Arkansas Surface
Pyatt Waterworks 225 Pyatt, Arkansas Ground
Quinn Water Association 751 El Dorado, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Quitman Waterworks 1062 Quitman, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Rambo Water District #1 Inc 90 Rogers, Arkansas Ground
Ratcliff Waterworks 1350 Ratcliff, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Ravenden Springs Waterworks 143 Ravenden Springs, Arkansas Ground
Ravenden Waterworks 470 Ravenden, Arkansas Ground
Readland-Grandlake Water Assoc 223 Eudora, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Rector Waterworks 2312 Rector, Arkansas Ground
Redfield Waterworks 2667 Redfield, Arkansas Ground
Redhill Water Association 475 Alma, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Reed Waterworks 252 Tillar, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Reyno Waterworks 445 Reyno, Arkansas Ground
Richwoods Water Association 1397 Mountain View, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Ridgefield Estates 150 Little Rock, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Rison Waterworks 1344 Rison, Arkansas Ground
River Valley Water Assn 1126 Arkadelphia, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Riversouth Rural Water Dist 4053 Ozark, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Riviera Utilities 1800 Hot Springs, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Rock Moore Water Authority 3087 Sulphur Rock, Arkansas Ground
Roe Waterworks 124 Roe, Arkansas Ground
Rogers Water Utilities 64379 Rogers, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Rosston Water Department 620 Rosston, Arkansas Ground
Russell Waterworks 360 Russell, Arkansas Ground
Russellville- Rwpsid2Inc 145 Russellville, Arkansas Surface Purchased
S P G Water Association 1420 St Joe, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Salem Water Association 14200 Benton, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Salem Waterworks 1505 Salem, Arkansas Ground & Ground Purchased
Salesville Waterworks 567 Salesville, Arkansas Ground
Saline Co Ww Ss Pfb 1949 Alexander, Arkansas Ground
Sandridge-Bardstown Wtr Assoc 153 Bassett, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Sardis Water Association 13344 Mabelvale, Arkansas Ground
Scranton Waterworks 1485 Scranton, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Sdm Water Association 373 Marshall, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Se Bradley Co Water Assn 2614 Hermitage, Arkansas Ground
Se White County Water Assoc 5055 Higginson, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Searcy Waterworks 23768 Searcy, Arkansas Surface
Sebastian Lake Public Water Authority 250 Greenwood, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Sedgwick Waterworks 209 Sedgwick, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Selma Water Association 1035 Monticello, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Sevier Co Water Association 4293 DeQueen, Arkansas Surface
Shady Acres Mobile Home Park 60 Texarkana, Arkansas Ground
Shannon Hills Water Dept 3443 Shannon Hills, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Sheridan Waterworks 3505 Sheridan, Arkansas Ground
Shirley Waterworks 374 Shirley, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Shumaker Public Service Co 1413 East Camden, Arkansas Ground
Sidney Water System 306 Sidney, Arkansas Ground
Siloam Springs Waterworks 16577 Siloam Springs, Arkansas Surface
Smackover Waterworks 3104 Smackover, Arkansas Ground
South Logan County Water 1540 Booneville, Arkansas Surface Purchased
South Mountain Water Assn 669 Marshall, Arkansas Surface Purchased
South Pike Co. Water 485 Murfreesboro, Arkansas Surface Purchased
South Sheridan Water Assoc 3132 Sheridan, Arkansas Ground
Southern Hills Water System 45 Berryville, Arkansas Ground
Southside Pub Water Authority 9000 Batesville, Arkansas Surface
Southwest Arkansas Water Syst 1698 Hope, Arkansas Ground
Southwest Water Association 7140 Benton, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Spadra-Goose Camp Water Assoc 510 Clarksville, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Sparkman Waterworks 1325 Sparkman, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Springdale Water Utilities 84147 Springdale, Arkansas Surface Purchased
St Charles Waterworks 379 St Charles, Arkansas Ground
St Francis River Reg Water Dd 2482 Paragould, Arkansas Ground & Ground Purchased
St Francis Rural Water Assoc 1386 Forrest City, Arkansas Ground Purchased
St Francis Water System 235 Piggott, Arkansas Ground
Stamps Waterworks 2268 Stamps, Arkansas Ground
Star City Water Waterworks 2842 Star City, Arkansas Ground
Starlight Estates 42 Mt. Home, Arkansas Ground
Stephens Waterworks 1259 Stephens, Arkansas Ground
Strawberry Waterworks 954 Strawberry, Arkansas Ground
Strong Waterworks 899 Strong, Arkansas Ground
Stuttgart Waterworks 9745 Stuttgart, Arkansas Ground
Subiaco Academy Waterworks 250 Subiaco, Arkansas Surface
Subiaco City Waterworks 477 Subiaco, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Success Waterworks 105 Success, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Sulphur Springs Waterworks 682 Sulphur Springs, Arkansas Ground
Summit Waterworks 604 Summit, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Sunset Water Association 661 Sunset, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Sw Boone County Water Assoc 3953 Harrison, Arkansas Ground & Surface Purchased
Sw Warren Water Association 759 Warren, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Sw White County Water Assn 9816 Searcy, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Swifton Waterworks 778 Swifton, Arkansas Ground
Sylamore Valley Water Assn 270 Fifty Six, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Sylvan Shores Sd Waterworks 85 Eureka Springs, Arkansas Ground
Tall Oaks Mhp 17 Mountain Home, Arkansas Ground
Tanksley Apartments 52 Berryville, Arkansas Ground
Taylor Waterworks 655 Taylor, Arkansas Ground & Ground Purchased
Texarkana Water Utilities 32097 Texarkana, Arkansas Surface
Thornton Waterworks 917 Thornton, Arkansas Ground
Tillar Waterworks 225 Tillar, Arkansas Ground
Toad Suck Public Facility Bd 1314 Morrilton, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Tollette Water 339 Mineral Springs, Arkansas Ground
Tontitown Water Utilities 2270 Tontitown, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Tri County Rwdd -Moores Chapel 2620 Russellville, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Tri-County Water Distbr Dist 16671 Russelville, Arkansas Surface & Surface Purchased
Trumann Rural Water Assoc 2614 Trumann, Arkansas Ground & Ground Purchased
Trumann Waterworks 7968 Trumann, Arkansas Ground
Tuckerman Waterworks 1774 Tuckerman, Arkansas Ground
Tulip - Princeton Water Assn 1053 Carthage, Arkansas Ground
Tull Water 1987 Malvern, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Tumbling Shoals Water Assoc 4890 Tumbling Shoals, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Turrell Water Works 625 Turrell, Arkansas Ground
Twin Oaks Mobile Home Park 35 Flippin, Arkansas Ground
Tyronza Waterworks 852 Tyronza, Arkansas Ground
Ulm Waterworks 206 Ulm, Arkansas Ground Purchased
United Water Association 568 Brinkley, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Us Air Force Base Little Rock 8618 Little Rock Air Force Base Ground Purchased & Surface Purchased
Valley Springs Waterworks 3120 Valley Springs, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Van Buren County W U A 3062 Clinton, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Van Buren Waterworks 22435 Van Buren, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Vandervoort Waterworks 685 Vandervoort, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Vanndale-Birdeye Water Assoc 2312 Cherry Valley, Arkansas Ground
Victoria Water Association 35 Victoria, Arkansas Ground
Village Water Association 417 Waldo, Arkansas Ground
Vilonia Waterworks 23177 Vilonia, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Viola Waterworks 387 Viola, Arkansas Ground
Wabbaseka Waterworks 352 Wabbaseka, Arkansas Ground
Waldenburg Water Association 215 Weiner, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Waldo Waterworks 1372 Waldo, Arkansas Ground
Waldron Waterworks 4077 Waldron, Arkansas Surface
Walker Creek Stateline Rwa 1335 Taylor, Arkansas Ground & Surface Purchased
Walker Water Association 1183 Magnolia, Arkansas Ground & Surface Purchased
Walkerville Water Association 535 Emerson, Arkansas Ground
Walnut Hill Water Association 275 Bradley, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Walnut Ridge Waterworks 4890 Walnut Ridge, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Ward Waterworks 9500 Ward, Arkansas Ground & (Ground & Surface) Purchased
Warren Waterworks 6910 Warren, Arkansas Ground
Washington Water Authority 15734 Farmington, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Washington Water System 355 Washington, Arkansas Ground
Watalula Water Ass0Ciation 2282 Ozark, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Watson Chapel Water Assoc 6140 Pine Bluff, Arkansas Ground
Watson Waterworks 321 Watson, Arkansas Ground
Weiner Waterworks 716 Weiner, Arkansas Ground
Wesson-Newell Water Assoc 590 El Dorado, Arkansas Ground
West Ashley County Water Assn 683 Crossett, Arkansas Ground Purchased
West Fork Water and Wastewater Utility 3237 West Fork, Arkansas Surface Purchased
West Helena Water Works 7500 West Helena, Arkansas Ground
West Memphis Waterworks 28000 West Memphis, Arkansas Ground
West Saline Water Users Assn 1959 New Edinburgh, Arkansas Ground
West Stone County Water Assn 4634 Fox, Arkansas Surface Purchased
West Woodruff Water District 376 Patterson, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Western Greene County Rural Water District 6394 Walcott, Arkansas Ground
Western Grove Municipal Water 888 Western Grove, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Wheatley Waterworks 447 Wheatley, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Whelen Springs Water Department 500 Gurdon, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Wickes Waterworks 1303 Wickes, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Widener Waterworks 692 Widener, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Wiederkehr Village Water Dept 77 Ozark, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Wilburn Water Association 739 Heber Springs, Arkansas Ground
Wildwood Water Association 1280 El Dorado, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Williford Waterworks 105 Williford, Arkansas Ground
Willisville Waterworks 448 Willisville, Arkansas Ground
Wilmar Waterworks 857 Wilmar, Arkansas Ground
Wilmot Waterworks 862 Wilmot, Arkansas Ground
Wilson Water System 1101 Wilson, Arkansas Ground
Wilton Waterworks 374 Wilton, Arkansas Ground
Winchester Waterworks 444 Winchester, Arkansas Ground
Winslow Water Department 1590 Winslow, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Winthrop Water Association 410 Winthrop, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Wire Road Water System 822 Stephens, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Wkmm Rural Water Association 388 Mcgehee, Arkansas Ground Purchased
Woodson-Hensley Water Company 1000 Hensley, Arkansas Ground
Wooster Waterworks 3700 Wooster, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Wright-Pastoria Water Assoc 1268 Wright, Arkansas Ground
Wye Mountain Water Association 1350 Roland, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Wynne Waterworks 8837 Wynne, Arkansas Ground
Yarbro Waterworks 388 Blytheville, Arkansas Ground
Yellville Waterworks 2322 Yellville, Arkansas Surface Purchased
Yorktown Water Association 8169 Star City, Arkansas Ground

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