List of protected heritage sites in Waimes

This table shows an overview of the protected heritage sites in the Walloon city Waimes. This list is part of Belgium's national heritage.

The square base of the column of Hauptmann (nl) (fr)
Weismes 50°29′58″N 6°05′42″E / 50.499374°N 6.095017°E / 50.499374; 6.095017

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De vierkante basis van de zuil van Hauptmann
The column called "Boulte" (nl) (fr)
Weismes 50°31′05″N 6°03′53″E / 50.518177°N 6.064690°E / 50.518177; 6.064690

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De zuil genaamd "Boulté"
The marker Luxembourg-Stavelot in the forest of Sourbrodt (nl) (fr)
Weismes 50°29′27″N 6°06′30″E / 50.490808°N 6.108447°E / 50.490808; 6.108447

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De grenspaal Luxembourg-Stavelot in het bos van Sourbrodt
The marker Luxembourg-Stavelot near Botrange (nl) (fr)
Weismes 50°30′02″N 6°05′38″E / 50.500608°N 6.093961°E / 50.500608; 6.093961

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Boundary-Limbourg Luxembourg-Stavelot called "Pierre à trois coins" (nl) (fr)
Weismes 50°30′14″N 6°05′27″E / 50.503924°N 6.090818°E / 50.503924; 6.090818

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Grenspaal Limbourg-Luxembourg-Stavelot genaamd "Pierre à trois coins"
Boundary Luxembourg-Stavelot (nl) (fr)
Weismes 50°30′30″N 6°05′04″E / 50.508262°N 6.084572°E / 50.508262; 6.084572

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Grenspaal Luxembourg-Stavelot
Boundary-Limbourg and Luxembourg between Wez Waidages (nl) (fr)
Weismes 50°30′57″N 6°05′14″E / 50.515882°N 6.087160°E / 50.515882; 6.087160

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Boundary Tranchot called "Pyramide" (nl) (fr)
Weismes 50°30′06″N 6°05′33″E / 50.501644°N 6.092459°E / 50.501644; 6.092459

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Grenspaal Tranchot, genaamd "Pyramide"
Boundary T.P. (nl) (fr)
Weismes 50°30′06″N 6°05′33″E / 50.501628°N 6.092606°E / 50.501628; 6.092606

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Grenspaal T.P.
Hill and signal Baltia (nl) (fr)
Weismes 50°30′06″N 6°05′33″E / 50.501729°N 6.092615°E / 50.501729; 6.092615

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Heuvel en signaal Baltia
The choir of the Church of St. Wendelin (nl) (fr)
Weismes Sourbrodt 50°28′22″N 6°07′10″E / 50.472749°N 6.119332°E / 50.472749; 6.119332

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Het koor van de kerk Saint-Wendelin
The lime tree at a place called "Tiou" (nl) (fr)
Weismes Champagne-Gueuzaine 50°25′35″N 6°07′47″E / 50.426309°N 6.129734°E / 50.426309; 6.129734

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Ensemble of the Reinhardstein Castle and the valley of the Warche (nl) (fr)
Weismes 50°26′52″N 6°04′47″E / 50.447729°N 6.079665°E / 50.447729; 6.079665

63080-CLT-0016-01 Info

Ensemble van het kasteel van Reinhardstein en de vallei van de Warche
Boundary-Limbourg Luxembourg, in Wez, near Helle (nl) (fr)
Weismes 50°31′22″N 6°05′08″E / 50.522744°N 6.085483°E / 50.522744; 6.085483

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Boundary B-W-KN (nl) (fr)
Weismes 50°31′19″N 6°05′09″E / 50.521841°N 6.085719°E / 50.521841; 6.085719

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Boundary B p.155 (nl) (fr)
Weismes 50°31′09″N 6°04′01″E / 50.519177°N 6.066887°E / 50.519177; 6.066887

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Boundary B p.156 (nl) (fr)
Weismes 50°31′11″N 6°04′23″E / 50.519616°N 6.073005°E / 50.519616; 6.073005

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Boundary B-P.157 (nl) (fr)
Weismes 50°31′18″N 6°05′10″E / 50.521793°N 6.086186°E / 50.521793; 6.086186

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Ensemble of several historical elements and the environment on the territory of the sectionn Jalhay, Baelen, Waimes and Malmedy (nl) (fr)
Weismes 50°31′32″N 6°02′39″E / 50.525604°N 6.044209°E / 50.525604; 6.044209

63080-CLT-0022-01 Info

Ensemble van diverse historische elementen en de omgeving op het grondgebied van de sectionn Jalhay, Baelen, Waimes en Malmédy

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  • Belgian heritage register: Direction générale opérationnelle - Aménagement du territoire, Logement, Patrimoine et Energie (DG4)[1]