List of protected heritage sites in Durbuy

This table shows an overview of the protected heritage sites in the Walloon town Durbuy. This list is part of Belgium's national heritage.

The Grain Exchange or Spanish house (nl) (fr)
Durbuy Durbuy 50°21′08″N 5°27′22″E / 50.352104°N 5.456216°E / 50.352104; 5.456216

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De graanbeurs of Spaans huis
The century-old beech tree at a place called "Haie des Veaux" (nl) (fr)
Durbuy Durbuy 50°20′47″N 5°26′48″E / 50.346340°N 5.446606°E / 50.346340; 5.446606

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The facades and roofs of buildings (vicarage) (nl) (fr)
Durbuy rue des Récollets n°38, Durbuy 50°21′10″N 5°27′24″E / 50.352912°N 5.456711°E / 50.352912; 5.456711

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The facades and roofs of the castle of Bomal (nl) (fr)
Durbuy Durbuy 50°22′35″N 5°31′18″E / 50.376262°N 5.521730°E / 50.376262; 5.521730

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Notre Dame (nl) (fr)
Durbuy Borlon 50°22′45″N 5°24′17″E / 50.379222°N 5.404748°E / 50.379222; 5.404748

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Kerk Notre-Dame
Wall around the cemetery of the church of Notre-Dame (nl) (fr)
Durbuy Durbuy 50°22′45″N 5°24′17″E / 50.379136°N 5.404845°E / 50.379136; 5.404845

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The old tower, called Justice annexed to the castle of Grandhan (nl) (fr)
Durbuy Grandhan 50°19′47″N 5°24′31″E / 50.329732°N 5.408607°E / 50.329732; 5.408607

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De oude toren, genaamd Justitie, gehecht aan het kasteel van Grandhan
Church of Sainte-Marguerite and the wall of the cemetery of Adrienne Illes, and the ensemble of the church, cemetery and surrounding wall (nl) (fr)
Durbuy Granhan 50°19′01″N 5°22′43″E / 50.317078°N 5.378623°E / 50.317078; 5.378623

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Kerk Sainte-Marguerite en de muur van het kerkhof van Enneilles, en het ensemble van de kerk, kerkhof en omgeving
Two lime trees in the locality "Chêne-à-Han", at the intersection of the road and that of Somme-Leuze Enneille-Lamarteau (nl) (fr)
Durbuy Grandhan 50°19′54″N 5°23′24″E / 50.331732°N 5.390026°E / 50.331732; 5.390026

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Tower, the walls and roofs of the main building of the castle of Izier, and the ensemble of the tower, main building, the farmhouse and courtyard, and the plot next to the gate of the buildings (nl) (fr)
Durbuy 50°23′00″N 5°34′49″E / 50.383462°N 5.580395°E / 50.383462; 5.580395

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Toren, de muren en daken van het hoofdgebouw van de kasteelhoeve van Izier, en het ensemble van de toren, het hoofdgebouw, de boerderij en de binnenplaats, en het perceel naast de poort van de gebouwen
St. Martin's Church (nl) (fr)
Durbuy Tohogne 50°22′49″N 5°28′50″E / 50.380183°N 5.480436°E / 50.380183; 5.480436

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Kerk Saint-Martin
Chapel (unused) (nl) (fr)
Durbuy place Vendôme, rechts van n°44 50°24′06″N 5°30′44″E / 50.401702°N 5.512135°E / 50.401702; 5.512135

83012-CLT-0015-01 Info

Building in Tohogne (nl) (fr)
Durbuy rue de Presseux 50°22′53″N 5°28′47″E / 50.381271°N 5.479585°E / 50.381271; 5.479585

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Church Sainte Walburge (nl) (fr)
Durbuy Wéris 50°19′36″N 5°31′50″E / 50.326551°N 5.530436°E / 50.326551; 5.530436

83012-CLT-0018-01 Info

Kerk Sainte Walburge
Dolmens in the territory of the village Wéris (nl) (fr)
Durbuy Wéris 50°20′00″N 5°31′22″E / 50.333377°N 5.522700°E / 50.333377; 5.522700

83012-CLT-0019-01 Info

Dolmens op het grondgebied van het dorp Wéris
Ensemble of the church and the fortified house of Wéris (nl) (fr)
Durbuy Wéris 50°19′35″N 5°31′47″E / 50.326428°N 5.529827°E / 50.326428; 5.529827

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Oldest parts of the city walls (nl) (fr)
Durbuy Durbuy 50°21′07″N 5°27′28″E / 50.352040°N 5.457713°E / 50.352040; 5.457713

83012-CLT-0022-01 Info

The facades and roofs of the house Legros (nl) (fr)
Durbuy Durbuy 50°21′03″N 5°29′38″E / 50.350941°N 5.493804°E / 50.350941; 5.493804

83012-CLT-0023-01 Info

De gevels en daken van het huis Legros
The facades and roofs of the chapel in M. Paridaens, and the panels in the interior of the building, and the ensemble of the chapel and its surroundings (nl) (fr)
Durbuy Durbuy 50°25′10″N 5°24′53″E / 50.419313°N 5.414682°E / 50.419313; 5.414682

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Chapel of Saint-Denis (nl) (fr)
Durbuy Juzaine 50°22′13″N 5°32′03″E / 50.370250°N 5.534069°E / 50.370250; 5.534069

83012-CLT-0026-01 Info

Kapel Saint-Denis
The facades and roofs of the building "La Poivrière" (nl) (fr)
Durbuy Grand-Rue n°28, Durbuy 50°21′02″N 5°29′40″E / 50.350667°N 5.494417°E / 50.350667; 5.494417

83012-CLT-0027-01 Info

De gevels en daken van het gebouw "La Poivrière"
Old Manse: facades and roofs (nl) (fr)
Durbuy rue de Liège, links van n°29 50°22′45″N 5°31′24″E / 50.379125°N 5.523317°E / 50.379125; 5.523317

83012-CLT-0028-01 Info

Mont Saint Rahy (nl) (fr)
Durbuy Bomal 50°23′04″N 5°32′28″E / 50.384403°N 5.541104°E / 50.384403; 5.541104

83012-CLT-0029-01 Info

The "Grandes Roches" (nl) (fr)
Durbuy Bomal 50°22′40″N 5°31′44″E / 50.377741°N 5.528943°E / 50.377741; 5.528943

83012-CLT-0030-01 Info

Ensemble of the chapel of Sainte-Geneviève, the linden trees and grassland around them (nl) (fr)
Durbuy Izier 50°22′57″N 5°35′15″E / 50.382415°N 5.587560°E / 50.382415; 5.587560

83012-CLT-0031-01 Info

The "Longue Haye", including the country road called "Voye du Juzaine" and the two towns called "Calvary" and "Longue Haye" (nl) (fr)
Durbuy Ozo 50°22′07″N 5°32′17″E / 50.368501°N 5.538140°E / 50.368501; 5.538140

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The facades and roofs of the building (Institut Clairval) (nl) (fr)
Durbuy rue des Récollets n°39, Durbuy 50°21′11″N 5°27′25″E / 50.353131°N 5.457000°E / 50.353131; 5.457000

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Old Grain Exchange (nl) (fr)
Durbuy 50°21′08″N 5°27′22″E / 50.352104°N 5.456216°E / 50.352104; 5.456216

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Murals from the 16th and 17th centuries of the church of Saint-Martin (nl) (fr)
Durbuy Tohogne 50°22′49″N 5°28′50″E / 50.380183°N 5.480436°E / 50.380183; 5.480436

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The northern Dolmen (nl) (fr)
Durbuy Wéris 50°20′00″N 5°31′22″E / 50.333377°N 5.522700°E / 50.333377; 5.522700

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  • Belgian heritage register: Direction générale opérationnelle - Aménagement du territoire, Logement, Patrimoine et Energie (DG4)[1]