List of professional wrestling conventions

This is a list of professional wrestling conventions.


A professional wrestling fan convention typically features a professional wrestling promotion's talent and alumni autograph signings, interviews, fan activities, memorabilia displays, meet-and-greets, and matches. One of the oldest professional wrestling fan convention is Cauliflower Alley Club established in 1965.


Convention Years active Location Founder(s) Notes
Great Canadian Wrestling Expo 2005- Various
Pro Wrestling Expo 2015- Various

United KingdomEdit

Convention Years active Location Founder(s) Notes
London Wrestling Convention 2015- Grange Tower Bridge Hotel [1]
Wrestle Expo UK 2015- Second City CrossFit
Wrestling MediaCon 2018- BBC Manchester

United StatesEdit

Convention Years active Location Founder(s) Notes
SummerSlam Axxess 2009-2013 Various Vince McMahon
Starrcast 2018- Various Conrad Thompson[2]
WrestleCon 2005- Various Highspots Wrestling Held on WrestleMania weekend
WWNLive Supershow Mercury Rising 2010- Various WWNLive Held on WrestleMania weekend
WrestleMania Axxess 1999- Various Vince McMahon
WrestleReunion 2005-2014 Various Sal Corrente [3][4][5]
Wrestling Fans International Association 1969-1983 Various Mike Gratchner
Diane Devine
Tom Burke
Don Wilson

East CoastEdit

Convention Years active Location Founder(s) Notes
The Big Event 2011- Queens, New York [6]
Eddie Gilbert Memorial Brawl 1996-1999 Cherry Hill, New Jersey Dennis Coraluzzo Convention and banquet ceremony was held during the weekend of the shows.
Fan Slam Wrestling Convention 2004- Totowa, New Jersey Tommy Fierro [7]
Hardcore Reunion 2009 Allentown, Pennsylvania [8][9][10][11][12]
K&S Wrestlefest Wrestling Convention 2004- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [13]
Legends of the Ring 1999- New Jersey [14][15][16][17]
Memories, Moments and Mayhem Convention 2013- Delanson, New York In Your Face Wrestling The convention is followed by a live In Your Face Wrestling event.
PWHF Induction Weekend Convention 2005- Amsterdam, New York Convention is held at the annual induction ceremony.
RSPW Convention 1995 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania The first and only fan organized convention via internet newsgroup. It featured a Q&A session with the ECW roster in addition to a live wrestling event.[18][19][20]
Wrestling Spectacular 2012- Middletown, New York John Menechino
Lou Sabowski
WrestleCade Weekend 2012- Winston-Salem, NC Tracy Myers, Brian Hawks, George South WrestleCade Weekend began as a 1-day wrestling convention in 2012 and has turned into 6 family-friendly wrestling events held over the course of 3 days the weekend after Thanksgiving in Winston-Salem, NC. Featuring more than 100 wrestling stars from yesterday, today and tomorrow.


Convention Years active Location Founder(s) Notes
Wrestle Legends 2018- Hilliard, Ohio Matthew Sweeney First ever pro wrestling fan fest held in Hilliard, OH.

New EnglandEdit

Convention Years active Location Founder(s) Notes
New England Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame and Fanfest 2008- Providence, Rhode Island Joseph Bruen Convention is held at the annual induction ceremony.
Pro Wrestling Icons 2009- Cromwell, Connecticut Justin Credible [23]

Southern United StatesEdit

Convention Years active Location Founder(s) Notes
Atlanta Reunion Pro Wrestling Fanfest 2010- Atlanta, Georgia The first-ever pro wrestling convention held in Atlanta.[24]
Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Legends Fanfest 2004- Charlotte, North Carolina Greg Price A special edition of the NWA Fanfest, "Last Battle of Atlanta", was held at the Atlanta Airport Marriott Hotel on August 3–7, 2011.[25][26]
Superstars of Wrestling Fan Fest Weekend 2013- Rome, Georgia
CWF Legends Fanfest 2017- Tampa, Florida Barry Rose

Southwest United StatesEdit

Convention Years active Location Founder(s) Notes
Cauliflower Alley Club Wrestling Convention and Banquet 1965- Las Vegas, Nevada Mike Mazurki
Art Abrams
ClickJab Wrestling Fanfest 2014- Arizona ClickJab Entertainment
Legends of Wrestling Fanfest 2009- Houston, Texas Booker T [27][28]

West CoastEdit

Convention Years active Location Founder(s) Notes
Women's Wrestling Convention 1998- San Diego David C. Jackson
Wrestlefest 2009-2014 Newark, California Kirk White [29][30]


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