List of private railway stations

Following is a list of private railway stations, stations which at some time have been private halts. It details the name of the railway station, its location, dates (where known), reason for its existence and any additional information.

Name Location Dates Purpose Notes
Ballynure Halt Clones to Dublin 1859 Private Halt for Haire-Foster family. 7 navvies died during its completion.[1]
Bermudiana Bermuda 1931-48 Served the hotel of the same name. A walkers trail has been provided.
Kekawaka Trinity County, California 1914-1969 served the 26,000-acre Dean G. Witter ranch Northwestern Pacific Railroad[2]
Marble's Rangeley, Maine 1906-1927 for patrons of the Rangeley Lake House destination hotel Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes Railroad[3]
Steep Falls Steep Falls, Maine 1870-1961 built by a lumberman to encourage railroad service to his company town included a second floor dance hall[4]
Steinschal Austria Currently operating For patrons of the Steinschalerhof Hotel. Friends of the Mariazellerbahn.[5]
River Works Lynn, Massachusetts Currently operating For G.E. Employees only River Works (MBTA station)
Habibganj Bhopal,
Currently operating For Operation, Maintenance and Facilities

By Bansal group under PPPModel of IR

Upgradation underway to a world-class station.[6]

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