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List of prime ministers of Czechoslovakia

The Prime Minister of Czechoslovakia (Czech: Předseda vlády Československa, Slovak: Predseda vlády Česko-Slovenska) was the head of government of Czechoslovakia, from the creation of the First Czechoslovak Republic in 1918 until the dissolution of the Czech and Slovak Federative Republic in 1992.

Prime Minister of Czechoslovakia
Czech: Předseda vlády Československa
Slovak: Predseda vlády Česko-Slovenska
Coat of arms of the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic.svg
Lubomír Štrougal - P1059081.jpg
Longest serving
Lubomír Štrougal

28 January 1970 – 12 October 1988
AppointerThe President
Formation14 November 1918
First holderKarel Kramář
Final holderJan Stráský
Abolished31 December 1992
SuccessionCzech Republic Václav Klaus
Slovakia Vladimír Mečiar

In periods when the post of the President of Czechoslovakia was vacant, some presidential duties were carried out by the Prime Minister. However, the Czechoslovak Constitutions do not define anything like a post of acting president.

As of 2019, there are two living former Prime Ministers of Czechoslovakia: Lubomír Štrougal & Marián Čalfa.

Prime Ministers of Czechoslovakia (1918–1992)Edit

Portrait Name
Ethnicity Term Political Party
Took office Left office Duration
1Karel Kramář
Czech14 November 19188 July 1919236 daysČsND
2Vlastimil Tusar
Czech8 July 191915 September 19201 year, 69 daysČSSD
3Jan Černý
Czech15 September 192026 September 19211 year, 11 daysIndependent
4Edvard Beneš
Czech26 September 19217 October 19221 year, 11 daysIndependent
5Antonín Švehla
Czech7 October 192218 March 19263 years, 162 daysRSZML
(3)Jan Černý
Czech18 March 192612 October 1926208 daysIndependent
(5)Antonín Švehla
Czech12 October 19261 February 19292 years, 112 daysRSZML
6František Udržal
Czech1 February 192924 October 19323 years, 266 daysRSZML
7Jan Malypetr
Czech24 October 19325 November 19353 years, 12 daysRSZML
8Milan Hodža
Slovak5 November 193522 September 19382 years, 321 daysRSZML
9Jan Syrový
Czech22 September 19381 December 193870 daysIndependent
10Rudolf Beran
Czech1 December 193815 March 1939104 daysSNJ
  Alois Eliáš became Prime Minister of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, a de iure autonomous region incorporated into Nazi Germany.[1][2]
  Jan Šrámek became Prime Minister within the Czechoslovak government-in-exile, recognized as the only legitimate Czechoslovak Government during World War II.
  Vojtech Tuka became Prime Minister of the quasi-independent, pro-Nazi and clero-fascist Slovak Republic.
  Julian Révaý became Prime Minister of the Carpatho-Ukraine few days before occupation by the Kingdom of Hungary.
11Zdeněk Fierlinger
Czech5 April 19452 July 19461 year, 88 daysČSSD
12Klement Gottwald
Czech2 July 194615 June 19481 year, 349 daysKSČ
Official names: Czechoslovak Republic (1948–1960), Czechoslovak Socialist Republic (1960–1989)
13Antonín Zápotocký
Czech15 June 194814 March 19534 years, 272 daysKSČ
14Viliam Široký
Slovak14 March 195320 September 196310 years, 190 daysKSČ
15Jozef Lenárt
Slovak20 September 19638 April 19684 years, 201 daysKSČ
16Oldřich Černík
Czech8 April 196828 January 19701 year, 295 daysKSČ
17Lubomír Štrougal
(born 1924)
Czech28 January 197012 October 198818 years, 258 daysKSČ
18Ladislav Adamec
Czech12 October 19887 December 19891 year, 56 daysKSČ
Official names: Czechoslovak Socialist Republic (1989–1990), Czech and Slovak Federative Republic (1990–1992)
19Marián Čalfa
(born 1946)
Slovak7 December 19892 July 19922 years, 208 daysKSČ
20Jan Stráský
Czech2 July 199231 December 1992182 daysODS

Living former prime ministersEdit

There are two living former Prime Ministers of Czechoslovakia, the oldest of whom is Lubomír Štrougal. The most recent death of a prime minister is that of Jan Strasky, who died on November 6, 2019.


Jan StráskýMarián ČalfaLadislav AdamecLubomír ŠtrougalOldřich ČerníkJozef LenártViliam ŠirokýAntonín ZápotockýKlement GottwaldZdeněk FierlingerRudolf BeranJan SyrovýMilan HodžaJan MalypetrFrantišek UdržalAntonín ŠvehlaJan ČernýAntonín ŠvehlaEdvard BenešJan ČernýVlastimil TusarKarel Kramář 


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