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List of power stations in Lithuania

The following page lists biggest power stations in Lithuania.

Name Town Coordinates Type Capacity Years Notes
Achema Power Plant Jonava Fossil fuel 75 MW Serves Achema factory
Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant Visaginas 55°36′20″N 26°33′45″E / 55.6055297°N 26.5624094°E / 55.6055297; 26.5624094 (Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant) Nuclear 1500 MW 1984–2009 Two RBMK reactors. Shut down by the European Union
Elektrėnai Power Plant Elektrėnai 54°46′11″N 24°38′52″E / 54.7697761°N 24.647913°E / 54.7697761; 24.647913 (Elektrėnai Power Plant) Fossil fuel 1800 MW +435 MW 1962–present Cooled by the Elektrėnai Reservoir
Fortum Klaipėda Combined Heat and Power Plant Klaipėda Biomass 20 MW 2013–present Supplies 50 MW heat power
Klaipėda Geothermal Demonstration Plant Klaipėda 55°41′04″N 21°12′06″E / 55.6844741°N 21.2017894°E / 55.6844741; 21.2017894 (Klaipėda Geothermal Demonstration Plant) Geothermal 35 MW 2001–present
Kaunas Hydroelectric Power Plant Kaunas 54°52′26″N 23°59′58″E / 54.8739893°N 23.9994836°E / 54.8739893; 23.9994836 (Kaunas Hydroelectric Power Plant) Hydroelectric 100 MW 1960–present Created Kaunas Reservoir
Kruonis Pumped Storage Plant Kruonis 54°47′57″N 24°14′50″E / 54.7990769°N 24.2470837°E / 54.7990769; 24.2470837 (Kruonis Pumped Storage Plant) Hydroelectric 900 MW 1992–present 4 units, 225 MW each
Lifosa Power Plant Kėdainiai 37 MW Serves Lifosa factory
Panevėžys Combined Heat and Power Plant Panevėžys Fossil fuel 35 MW 2008–present
Šiauliai Biomass Power Plant Šiauliai Biomass 11 MW 2012–present Provides 27 MW heat power to Šiauliai
Vilnius Combined Heat and Power Plant Vilnius 54°40′04″N 25°09′21″E / 54.6677508°N 25.1558805°E / 54.6677508; 25.1558805 (Vilnius Combined Heat and Power Plant) Fossil fuel 384 MW 1951–present
Vilnius Heat Plant Vilnius Fossil fuel 12 MW 1951–present 913 MW heating power
Vilnius Power Plant Vilnius Fossil fuel 1903–1998 The first power station in Lithuania
Kaunas Combined Heat and Power Plant Kaunas 54°55′16″N 24°01′08″E / 54.9211614°N 24.0188169°E / 54.9211614; 24.0188169 (Kaunas Combined Heat and Power Plant) Fossil fuel 170 MW 1975–present
Mažeikiai Combined Heat and Power Plant Mažeikiai 56°23′03″N 22°11′03″E / 56.38425°N 22.1841002°E / 56.38425; 22.1841002 (Mažeikiai Combined Heat and Power Plant) Fossil fuel 160 MW 1979–present Serves oil refinery ORLEN Lietuva
Others 440 MW Fossil - 31 MW, Hydro - 27 MW, Wind - 282 MW, Solar 68 MW, Biomass - 33 MW[1]

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