List of political parties in Mongolia

According to Mongolian Law on Political party (2005), party is considered as a union of Mongolian citizens who have consolidated voluntarily with the purpose of organizing social, personal and political activities as it is stated in the Constitution of Mongolia. Political parties must be registered by Supreme Court.[1]

Current partiesEdit

Currently there are 36 political parties registered.[2]

Parties with MPs in the State Great KhuralEdit

Party Seats in
State Great Khural
Party leader Position Ideology
  Mongolian People's Party (MPP, MPRP before 2012) 65 Ukhnaagiin Khürelsükh Centre-left Social democracy
  Democratic Party (DP) 9 Sodnomzunduin Erdene Centre-right Liberalism[3]
  Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party (MPRP) 1 Nambaryn Enkhbayar Centre-left[4] to left-wing Social democracy
Resource nationalism[5][6]

Other partiesEdit

Defunct partiesEdit

Mongolian National Democratic Party


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