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List of people who disappeared mysteriously: post-1970

This is a list of people who disappeared mysteriously post-1970 and of people whose current whereabouts are unknown or whose deaths are not substantiated, except for people who disappeared at sea. Since the 1970s, many individuals around the world have disappeared, whose whereabouts and condition have remained unknown. Many who disappear are eventually declared dead in absentia, but the circumstances and dates of their deaths remain a mystery. Some of these people were possibly subjected to forced disappearance, but in some cases information on their subsequent fates is insufficient.

The global statistical data on missing persons throughout the world from the late 20th and early 21st centuries are unreliable due to a number of factors,[1] including international migration, travel capabilities,[2] and legal protection for individuals who may have chosen to disappear intentionally.[3] According to the International Commission on Missing Persons, "There are few comprehensive and reliable statistics regarding the number of persons who go missing throughout the world as a result of trafficking, drug-related violence, and migration. Even the numbers of persons missing as a result of armed conflict and human-rights abuses, which are more intensively monitored, are difficult to verify, given the reluctance of most states to deal honestly and effectively with this issue."[1]

By the mid-1990s in the United States of America, the number of missing persons cases had grown to nearly 1 million, though this number began to decline in the 2000s.[4] As of 2014, an estimated average of 90,000 in the United States are missing at any given time, with about 60% being adults, and 40% being children;[5] in 2017, the total number of missing person cases was around 650,000.[4] Per a 2017 report, the U.S. states of Oregon, Arizona, and Alaska have the largest numbers of missing-person cases per 100,000 people.[6] In Canada—with a population a little more than one-tenth that of the United States—the number of missing-person cases is smaller, but the rate per capita is higher, with an estimated 71,000 reported in 2015.[7] Of these missing Canadians, 88% are found within seven days, while roughly 500 individuals remain missing after a year.[8] In the United Kingdom, it was estimated in 2009 that around 275,000 Britons go missing every year.[9] In some countries, such as Japan, the prevalence of missing persons is not commensurate with the known data, as significant numbers of missing individuals go unreported to authorities.[10]


Date Person(s) Age when disappeared Missing from Circumstances Refs.
1970 Akpan Utuk Unknown Lagos, Nigeria Utuk was a strategic and successful colonel in the Biafran Army. Utuk is known for his determination and for his military record in which he had never lost a battle that he was commanding. Utuk was last seen at a party in Lagos in early 1970. He has not been seen since and is thought to be dead. [11]
12 January 1970 Cheryl Grimmer 3 Wollongong, Australia Grimmer went missing from a beachside shower block. Initially, she had refused to leave the shower block, causing one of her brothers to go collect their mother to persuade Cheryl to come out. In the moments between his leaving the shower block and returning with his mother, Cheryl disappeared. Witnesses claim they saw a man in an orange swimsuit carrying a blonde-haired child wrapped up in a towel. On 23 March 2017, a man was arrested and charged with Grimmer's abduction and murder. However, the judge at the Supreme Court of New South Wales declared some of the evidence inadmissible in the case, and the charges against the suspect were dropped in February 2019.[12] [13]
6 April 1970 Sean Flynn 28 Cambodia Sean Flynn, the son of Errol Flynn and Lili Damita, and his colleague Dana Stone, disappeared on 6 April 1970 while working as freelance photojournalists for Time. Neither man's remains were ever found and they are generally assumed to have been killed by Khmer Rouge guerillas. After a decade-long search financed by his mother, Flynn was officially declared dead in 1984. In 2010, a British team uncovered the remains of a Western hostage in the Cambodian jungle, but DNA comparisons with samples from the Flynn family were negative. [14][15]
Dana Stone 30
15 May 1970 Edward Andrews 61 Chicago, Illinois, U.S. Edward Andrews and his wife Stephania disappeared after leaving a party in the Chicago Loop on 15 May 1970. Police theorized that the couple accidentally drove into the Chicago River, but multiple searches over a period of years failed to locate them or their vehicle. [16][17]
Stephania Andrews 61
16 September 1970 Mauro De Mauro 49 Palermo, Italy De Mauro, an Italian investigative journalist, disappeared on 16 September 1970 and has not been seen since. [18]
13 October 1970 Helen Claire Frost 17 Prince George, British Columbia, Canada Frost was reported missing by her sister on 15 October 1970, having failed to return home from a walk two days earlier. [19]
15 November 1970 Robin Graham 18 Los Angeles, California, U.S. After running out of gas on the Hollywood Freeway, Graham was last seen by California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers on 15 November 1970. The officer directed her to a callbox and later saw her speaking with a man beside her car. The circumstances of her disappearance resulted in CHP policies being changed to ensure the safety of stranded female motorists. [20]
14 October 1971 Jean Virginia Sampare 18 British Columbia, Canada Sampare was last seen by her cousin on Highway 16 outside Gitsegukla on 14 October 1971. He left her alone as he cycled home to get a jacket, and she was gone when he returned. [21]
10 December 1971 Lynne Schulze 17 Middlebury, Vermont, U.S. Schulze was a student at Middlebury College and was last seen by one of her college friends when she abruptly turned back on the way to a literature exam, claiming she had left her favorite pen in her dorm room. Her wallet, checkbook, and other belongings were found at the dorm. A subsequent report said that she was seen a short time later outside a health-food store co-owned and operated at that time by Robert Durst and his wife Kathleen, who a decade later also disappeared. Schulze had also been seen buying prunes from the same store earlier in the day. The case was reopened in 1992, and in 2015, after Durst's arrest on charges of murdering his friend Susan Berman, Middlebury police confirmed that they wanted to speak to Durst about the case, but his lawyer has declined to let them. [22]
30 January 1972 Zahir Raihan 36 Bangladesh Raihan, a Bangladeshi novelist, writer, and filmmaker, disappeared on 30 January 1972, while looking for his brother, who had been abducted by Pakistani forces. [23]
12 June 1972 Adrien McNaughton 5 Arnprior, Ontario, Canada McNaughton wandered away from his family during a fishing trip on 12 June 1972 and has not been seen since. [24][25]
16 October 1972 Nick Begich 40 Alaska, U.S. Nick Begich and Hale Boggs were both Democratic members of the U.S. House of Representatives and disappeared when the airplane in which they were traveling presumably crashed in a remote area on 16 October 1972. No trace of the aircraft has ever been found. [26][27]
Hale Boggs 58 Alaska, U.S.
25 April 1973 Ray Robinson 40 South Dakota, U.S. Robinson was an African-American civil rights activist, had traveled to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to participate in the protests of the Wounded Knee Incident in South Dakota and was never seen again after 25 April 1973. In 2014, the FBI said it had concluded from witness statements that Ray was killed in 1973 during an internal conflict and buried there. He has been declared legally dead, but his body has never been located. [28]
25 August 1973 Joanne Ratcliffe 11 Adelaide, Australia Ratcliffe and Gordon are two Australian girls who went missing while attending an Australian rules football match at the Adelaide Oval on 25 August 1973. [29]
Kirste Gordon 4
1 May 1974 Oscar Zeta Acosta 39 Mazatlán, Mexico Acosta disappeared while traveling in Mexico. His son, Marco Acosta, believes that he was the last person to talk to his father. Acosta telephoned his son from Mazatlán, telling him that he was "about to board a boat full of white snow." Marco is later quoted in reference to his father's disappearance: "The body was never found, but we surmise that probably, knowing the people he was involved with, he ended up mouthing off, getting into a fight, and getting killed." He was also a close personal friend of the American author Hunter S. Thompson. As a traveling companion and ever-present associate of Thompson's, Acosta featured heavily in Thompson's 1971 book Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, in which he was referred to as "Dr. Gonzo" and Thompson's attorney. [30]
22 July 1974 Pavlos Kouroupis 46–47 Bolu, Turkey Kouroupis was an officer in the Hellenic Army. At the time of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974, he was a lieutenant colonel and commanding officer of the 251st Battalion of the Cypriot National Guard, the unit closest to the Turkish landing site. With his unit, he opposed the Turkish army at the Battle of Pentemili beachhead, stalling its advance for two days. Kouroupis was last seen on 22 July 1974. Following the conclusion of the battle, the fate of Kouroupis is unknown. [31]
1 August 1974 Connie Converse 50 New York City, New York, U.S. Converse was a singer-songwriter who was active in the New York City folk-music scene of the 1950s. In 1974, two years after losing her job as managing editor of the Journal of Conflict Resolution, Converse wrote letters to friends and family expressing her intention to start a new life. In August 1974, she loaded her Volkswagen Beetle with her belongings, drove away, and was never heard from again. [32]
18 November 1974 Diana Arón 24 Villa Grimaldi, Chile Arón was a Chilean journalist arrested on 18 November 1974 by agents of the national intelligence and taken to Villa Grimaldi, where she was subjected to torture by Miguel Krassnoff. Her whereabouts since then are unknown. [33]
29 November 1974 Carmen Bueno 24 Villa Grimaldi, Chile The actress Bueno and the cinematographer Müller, both Chilean, were interrogated and tortured at Villa Grimaldi shortly before they disappeared on 29 November 1974 and have not been seen since. [34]
Jorge Müller 27
23 December 1974 Rachel Trlica 17 Fort Worth, Texas, U.S. Trlica took her friends, Wilson and Moseley, on a shopping trip to Fort Worth's Seminary South Shopping Center to do Christmas shopping. The girls' abandoned car was discovered in the Sears lot, but the three girls' whereabouts are unknown. [35]
Renee Wilson 14
Julie Ann Moseley 9
27 Demember 1974 Joanne Elaine Coughlin 21 Youngstown, Ohio Coughlin, an American woman from Youngstown, Ohio, who has been missing since 27 December 1974. She was declared legally dead in 1985. .[36]
6 March 1975 Jim Sullivan 34 New Mexico, U.S. Sullivan, an American singer-songwriter, left Los Angeles on 4 March 1975 to drive to Nashville, Tennessee. His abandoned car was found at a remote ranch in New Mexico, and he was reportedly last seen walking away from it on 6 March. The car contained Sullivan's money, papers, guitar, clothes, and a box of his unsold records. [37]
31 May 1975 Mona Blades 18 North Island, New Zealand Blades disappeared on 31 May 1975 while hitchhiking in the North Island. She is believed to have been murdered, but no remains of hers have ever been discovered. [38]
4 July 1975 Juanita Nielsen 38 Sydney, Australia Nielsen, an Australian publisher, activist, and heiress, disappeared in Kings Cross on 4 July 1975. She was presumed murdered and the people responsible for her disappearance have never been identified and no trace of her has ever been found. [39]
30 July 1975 Jimmy Hoffa 62 Bloomfield Township, Michigan, U.S. Hoffa, a U.S. trade union leader and president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, disappeared on 30 July 1975 from the parking lot of a restaurant. He is believed to have been due to meet with the Mafia leaders Anthony Giacalone and Anthony Provenzano. [40]
c.1975–1976 Norodom Chantaraingsey Unknown Cambodia Chantaraingsey, a member of the Cambodian royal family and a Cambodian nationalist, was initially a leader of the guerrilla resistance against the colonial French, but disappeared in 1975 and is believed to have been killed. [41]
1976 Norodom Naradipo 30 Cambodia Naradipo, a Cambodian prince, disappeared mysteriously in 1976. Many year later however there were rumors that he was still alive. Several people claimed to be the missing prince, but they were all later proven to be false. [42]
12 January 1976 Eloise Worledge 8 Beaumaris, Australia Worledge disappeared from her home and is thought to have been abducted from her bedroom. [43]
23 April 1976 Sandy Davidson 3 Irvine, Scotland The Scottish boy Sandy Davidson disappeared while he was playing in the back garden of his house in the Bourtreehill housing estate. [44]
21 August 1976 Andy Puglisi 10 Lawrence, Massachusetts, U.S. Puglisi wandered away from a pool area near his home and has not been seen since. [45]
12 November 1976 Renee MacRae 35 Inverness, Scotland Renee MacRae and son Andrew were last seen on 12 November 1976. [46]
Andrew MacRae 3
17 February 1977 Helen Brach 65 Rochester, Minnesota, U.S. Brach, an heiress novelist, disappeared on 17 February 1977, and was thought to have been murdered. A man named Richard Bailey was charged more than a decade later with killing Brach, but not convicted. He eventually received a long sentence after being convicted of defrauding her. [47]
18 March 1977 Mary Boyle 6 Ballyshannon, Ireland Boyle disappeared whilst walking back to her grandparents' house. The investigation into her death has been criticised by some parts of her family whilst former police officers have stated that they believe Boyle was killed. Boyle is Ireland's longest-running missing child case. [48]
15 July 1977 Donald Mackay 43 New South Wales, Australia An Australian anti-drug campaigner, Mackay may have been murdered after providing information to police that resulted in what was then the biggest drug bust in Australian history. [49]
31 July 1977 Gerry Faustino 21 Philippines Faustino, a Filipino student leader and activist from the University of the Philippines Los Baños[50][51] who is best known as one of the most prominent desaparecidos of the Marcos Martial Law era in the Philippines was abducted on 31 July 1977 and has not been seen since. [52]
15 November 1977 Megumi Yokota 13 Niigata Prefecture, Japan Yokota was reportedly abducted by a North Korean agent on 15 November 1977. She was thought to have been taken to a spy-training center. [53][54]
c. 1977 Don Taxay About 33 Chicago, Illinois, U.S. American numismatist and historian Taxay was last seen in 1977.[55] [56]
January 1978 Peter Winston 20 New York City, New York, U.S. Winston, an American chess player, disappeared under mysterious circumstances in January 1978. [57]
24 February 1978 Gary Mathias 25 Chico, California U.S. Mathias, of Yuba City, California, is the only one of a group of five men who disappeared after buying junk food and snacks at a Chico market on the night of 24 February 1978, but who has not been found. Their car was found several days later on a winding dirt road high in the Sierra Nevada; why they were there, well off their route home, and why they abandoned a car that was apparently in good working order, is not known. In June of that year, the remains of three were found in the woods where they had died of exposure; a fourth was found in a trailer 20 miles (32 km) from the car, where he had starved to death after suffering severe frostbite, despite the availability of food, heat, and warmer clothing. Mathias, too, is believed to have made it to that trailer, but left it at some point. [58]
April 1978 John Brisker 30 Uganda Brisker, an American professional basketball player from Detroit, Michigan, disappeared in April 1978. [59]
21 May 1978 Anocha Panjoy 22–23 Macau Panjoy was a Thai national who was abducted by North Korean agents from Macau on 21 May 1978. Her case only became known after the release of the American Charles Robert Jenkins and his Japanese family in 2004. [60][61][62]
1 June 1978 Yaeko Taguchi 22 Tokyo, Japan Taguchi, a Japanese citizen, is said to have been kidnapped by North Korea in June 1978 and has not been seen since. [63]
25 June 1978 Trudie Adams 19 Newport, Australia Adams disappeared from Newport Surf Life Saving Club in the early hours of 25 June 1978 after attending a dance, and has not been seen since. [64]
19 August 1978 Genette Tate 13 Aylesbeare, England Tate, a teenage English girl, disappeared on 19 August 1978 while delivering newspapers. [65]
31 August 1978 Musa al-Sadr 50 Libya Musa al-Sadr and two aides, Mohammed Yaaqoub, and Abbas Badreddine disappeared six days after entering Libya on 31 August, during an official visit from Lebanon at the invitation of the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. [66][67]
Mohammed Yaaqoub Unknown
Abbas Badreddine Unknown
21 October 1978 Frederick Valentich 21 (62 as of 2019) Bass Strait, Australia Frederick Valentich disappeared on 21 October 1978 during a solo flight near Bass Strait after reporting to an air traffic controller that his plane was being circled by an unknown craft. [68]
14 December 1978 Christie Farni 6 Medford, Oregon, U.S. Farni disappeared en route to her elementary school after testifying against her father before a grand jury regarding physical-abuse allegations against him. Serial killer Henry Lee Lucas at one point implicated himself in Farni's disappearance and alleged murder, but her whereabouts remain unknown. [69]
1978 Harry Domela 73 France Domela, the Latvian-born impostor who pretended to be a deposed German crown prince, disappeared, but later resurfaced as a teacher in Venezuela and contacted Jef Last in 1965. The last sign of him was in 1978. [70][71]
1978 Sattar Jabr Naser Unknown Iraq Naser, an Iraqi writer, disappeared in 1978, and has not been seen since. [72]
c. 1979 Jim Robinson 54 Miami, Florida, U.S. Robinson, a former professional boxer notable for his bout with Muhammad Ali in 1961, was last heard from in 1979, when he was living in the Overtown district of Miami, but has not been seen or heard from since. [73]
1979 J. C. P. Williams 47 London, England Williams, a New Zealand cardiologist who discovered Williams syndrome, went missing in London. He was declared "a missing person presumed to be dead from 1978" by the High Court of New Zealand, and Williams renewed his passport in Geneva in September 1979. He had possibly gone into hiding; reports of alleged and indirect contact with him were made as recently as 2000. [74][75]
14 January 1979 Thomas DeSimone 28 New York, United States American mobster, and associate of Henry Hill and the Lucchese crime family. On January 14, 1979, DeSimone's wife, Angela, reported him missing. She said she had last seen DeSimone a few weeks earlier when he borrowed $60 from her. He was broadly considered to have been murdered in retaliation for any number of murders that DeSimone himself was involved in. However, no trace of him has ever been found. [76]
28 April 1979 Christina White 12 Asotin, Washington United States On April 28, 1979, Christina Lee White attended a parade with a friend, then later returned to the friend's home feeling ill. She called her mother who advised her to return home on her bike. White was not seen again. Authorities link her disappearance with the unsolved Lewis Clark Valley Murders. [77]
5 November 1979 Martin Allen 15 London, England Allen was last seen at King's Cross station at 3:50 pm on 5 November 1979, when he left his friends to go to his brother's house. A witness came forward to say that a 30-year-old male was seen at Gloucester Road tube station later that same afternoon in the company of a boy who looked like Martin. The man was heard to tell the boy not to try to run, and the witness stated that the boy looked scared. Theories exist that Martin fell prey to a paedophile gang operating in London and that he was murdered. [78][79]


Date Person(s) Age when disappeared Missing from Circumstances Refs.
April 1980 Louise Faulkner 43 St Kilda, Australia Louise Faulkner and Charmian Faulkner, a mother and daughter, went missing in April 1980 after Louise told a friend she was visiting her boyfriend in Gippsland. They were last seen getting into a white ute. Both were declared legally dead in 2006 at an inquest. No trace of them has been found. [80]
Charmian Faulkner 2
26 April 1980 Laureen Rahn 14 Manchester, New Hampshire, U.S. Fourteen-year-old Rahn disappeared from her apartment after spending an evening with two friends. Upon returning home in the early morning, her mother noticed the lightbulbs in the hallways of each floor in the apartment building had been unscrewed, leaving the halls dark. Upon entering the apartment, she saw the figure of a young girl in Rahn's bed; Judith assumed the figure was Rahn. However, several hours later, she discovered that she was in fact Rahn's friend, who had fallen asleep in the bed. Her friend claimed to have last seen Rahn during the night when she got up to go to sleep on the couch. In the years after Rahn's disappearance, her mother received various anonymous phone calls, several of which were traced to motels in Southern California. [81][82]
17 June 1980 Peng Jiamu 55 Lop Nur, China Chinese biologist Peng, who led an expedition to Lop Nur, disappeared after leaving a note saying he had gone to find water. He is presumed dead; a number of attempts have been made to find his remains, but nothing has ever been found. [83]
28 July 1980 John Favara 51 New York City, United States John Favara was the backyard neighbor of Gambino crime family crime boss John Gotti, in Howard Beach, New York who disappeared after he struck and killed Gotti's 12-year-old son, Frank Gotti, by car as he darted into the street on a motorized minibike. After the killing, Favara's wife and two sons moved out of Howard Beach; John was declared legally dead in 1983. [84][85][86]
5 August 1980 Alan Addis 19 East Falkland, Falkland Islands The Royal Marine Alan Addis went missing on 5 August 1980. His small unit was on a patrol to North Arm in Lafonia on East Falkland. Addis was last seen at 1:30 am after the marines had attended a local function in the social hall of the remote and small community. He was not missed until the other members of his team had set sail on a steamer to take them back to their base at Port Stanley. The official report assumes he drowned, but investigations and rumours have led to a belief that he was murdered. No body or trace has been found. [87]
6 October 1980 Thomas A. Mutch 49 Mount Nun, Jammu and Kashmir This American geologist and planetary scientist disappeared on 6 October during a descent from Mount Nun in the Kashmir Himalayas, and is believed dead. [88]
7 November 1980 Johan Asplund 11 Sundsvall, Sweden Asplund disappeared from his home in Sundsvall during the morning of 7 November 1980 and has not been seen since. [89]
9 December 1980 Alaíde Foppa 64 Guatemala Foppa disappeared on 9 December 1980 and is believed to have been murdered. [90]
28 November 1981 Katrice Lee 2 Schloß Neuhaus, West Germany Lee was a British girl who disappeared from a NAAFI shopping complex on 28 November 1981, her second birthday. [91]
December 1981 George Washington Hughes 81-85 Florida, United States George Washington "Bo" Hughes was a carver of Hobo Nickels until he disappeared from a Hobo camp. [92]
9 January 1982 Lynette Dawson 33 Mona Vale, Australia Lynette Dawson was the wife of Chris Dawson, teacher and rugby league player. She disappeared on 9 January 1982, and has not been seen since. Her disappearance was the subject of intense public interest due to her husband's extramarital affair with a student of his, Joanne Curtis, who then was only 16 years of age. On 5 December 2018, Chris Dawson was charged with the murder of Lynette Dawson and the case is being actively prosecuted. [93][94][95]
31 January 1982 Kathleen McCormack Durst 29 Newtown, Connecticut, U.S. A medical student, Durst disappeared on 31 January 1982 after leaving the house of a friend to return to the South Salem, New York, residence that she shared with her husband. She has not been seen since and was declared legally dead in 2001. Since her marriage was deteriorating, police strongly suspected that her husband, Robert Durst, had murdered her, citing inconsistencies in statements he gave them. He is suspected in two other disappearances and served three years in prison for evidence-tampering in the death of a third person. [96][97]
5 July 1982 Ahmad Motevaselian 29 Lebanon The Iranian military attache Ahmad Motevaselian was one of the four Iranian diplomats (with Seyed Mohsen Mousavi, Kazem Akhavan, and Taghi Rastegar Moghadam) who disappeared in Lebanon in 1982. On 5 July 1982, when the vehicle carrying the diplomats was passing through a checkpoint post on its way to Beirut, it was intercepted by Phalange Party members. Three decades after the incident, the fate of the missing diplomats remains a mystery, and the search for Motevaselian and the other Iranian diplomats continues. [98][99][100]
5 September 1982 Johnny Gosch 12 Des Moines, Iowa, U.S. Gosch was reported missing by his parents after he disappeared on 5 September 1982, while delivering newspapers.[101] At that time, the custom was a three-day waiting period before police responded to missing-persons reports. Gosch was not heard from again, but his case prompted new laws for Iowa and other states resulting in missing-persons reports involving children being given immediate attention. [102]
12 September 1982 Stephen Pearsall 35 Lewiston, Idaho On the night of 12 September 1982, Steven R. Pearsall, an employee of the Lewiston Civic Theater, entered the building to use the laundry facilities and has not been seen since. His disappearance occurred on the same night as that of two women he was acquainted with, Kristina Diane Nelson and Jacqueline Ann “Brandy” Miller. Both Nelson and Miller were later found dead. Police believe Pearsall may have been a victim of the same killer. [103]
3 November 1982 Tony Jones 20 North Queensland, Australia Tony Jones disappeared while backpacking on 3 November 1982, and is believed to have been murdered. [104][105][106]
13 February 1983 Upali Wijewardene 44 Colombo, Sri Lanka Sri Lankan business magnate Upali Wijewardene's private Lear jet disappeared en route to Colombo on 13 February 1983. An extensive search operation by air and naval units failed to locate any evidence of a crash; his plane disappeared without a trace, and he is believed to be dead. [107]
17 March 1983 Ludovic Janvier 6 Grenoble, France Janvier disappeared on 17 March 1983 when he was believed to have been abducted along with his brothers by an unidentified white man. While his brothers escaped, Ludovic has not been located. [108]
7 May 1983 Mirella Gregori 15 Rome, Italy Gregori, a girl who disappeared from Rome on 7 May 1983, has not been seen since. [109]
1 June 1983 Ann Gotlib 12 Louisville, Kentucky, U.S. Russian immigrant Gotlib disappeared from the premises of a shopping mall on 1 June 1983. The police later found her bike, but her abductor has remained a mystery. [110]
22 June 1983 Emanuela Orlandi 15 Rome, Italy Orlandi, who was a citizen of Vatican City, disappeared on 22 June 1983 and has not been seen since. [111]
25 June 1983 Nyleen Kay Marshall 4 Helena, Montana, U.S. On 25 June 1983 in the Helena National Forest, four-year-old Nyleen Marshall disappeared from a large family picnic. Some children with whom she was playing claimed to have seen her talking to an unknown man in a jogging suit. In the years after Marshall's disappearance, an anonymous person began placing phone calls and writing letters to missing-person nonprofits, as well as the Marshall family, detailing his apparent kidnapping of Marshall. The unknown writer/caller was traced to Wisconsin, and he claimed Marshall was alive and well, though some content of his letters indicated sexual abuse. The identity of the letter writer and caller remain unknown, as does Marshall's whereabouts. [112]
6 July 1983 Tammy Lynn Leppert 18 Rockledge, Florida, U.S. Model and actress Tammy Lynn Leppert disappeared on 6 July 1983 without a trace after leaving her family home. [113]
1 September 1983 Kirsa Jensen 14 Napier, New Zealand Kirsa Jensen disappeared on 1 September 1983 while riding her horse at a beach. [114]
2 September 1983 George Cogar 51 British Columbia, Canada The American computer scientist was last seen on 2 September 1983 aboard a private plane, a Britten-Norman Islander, together with six other people to go on a hunting trip. The plane disappeared somewhere in British Columbia and was never found. [115]
13 February 1984 Naomi Uemura 43 Denali, Alaska, U.S. Naomi Uemura, a Japanese adventurer who was particularly well known for doing alone what had previously been achieved only with large teams, disappeared on 13 February 1984 while descending Mount Denali after a solo climb. [116]
20 July 1984 John Patrick Kerrigan 58 Ronan, Montana, U.S. Kerrigan, a Roman Catholic priest, was last seen at a bakery in Ronan. His bloodied clothing and a blood-stained coat hanger was found along Flathead Lake days later. His vehicle was discovered shortly after, containing USD $1,200, along with a blood-stained pillowcase and shovel. Kerrigan was later implicated, along with 80 others, in sexual abuse of minors by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Helena. His remains have never been found. [117][118]
13 November 1984 Tammy Belanger 8 Exeter, New Hampshire, U.S. Tammy Belanger, an eight-year-old third-grade student, disappeared while walking from her home to the nearby elementary school. Police believe she was abducted, however the one suspect in the case was never charged in connection with Belanger's disappearance, and he died in December 2012. [119][120]
1984 Ronald Jorgenson Unknown Remuera, New Zealand Jorgensen, a New Zealand criminal on parole after completing a prison sentence, vanished in mysterious circumstances in 1984 after his car was found wrecked at the bottom of a cliff. Police initially suspected that he faked his death, and later declared him legally dead in 1998, but since his body was never found, rumors persist that he became a police informant in Australia. His fate remains unknown. [121][122][123]
1985 Boris Weisfeiler 43 Biobío Region, Chile U.S. mathematician Weisfeiler disappeared in during a solo hiking trip in 1985. Chilean authorities originally concluded that he drowned, but documents released by the United States Department of State in 2000 included a 1986 memo suggesting he may be a captive "somewhere in Chile (probably Colonia Dignidad)", and a 1987 account by a CIA source claiming that Weisfeiler had been interrogated and fatally beaten by a Chilean army patrol. [124][125]
22 February 1985 Cherrie Mahan 8 Cabot, Pennsylvania, U.S. Mahan was last seen getting off her school bus a short distance from her house on 22 February 1985. Police focused on a van seen near the bus when she got off. Her face was the first to be put on mailers sent all around the country, a practice continued with age-progressed photos as time passed. She was declared legally dead in 1998, and in 2011, police claimed they had received a promising new lead, but would not discuss it. [126]
31 March 1985 Vladimir Alexandrov 47–48 Madrid, Spain Alexandrov, a Soviet physicist, disappeared on 31 March 1985 while attending a nuclear winter conference. [127]
6 July 1985 Andrew Fluegelman 41 San Francisco, California, U.S. Fluegelman, a publisher, photographer, programmer, and attorney, disappeared on 6 July 1985, and is believed to have committed suicide after his car was found abandoned at the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge. [128]
6 July 1985 Diane Suzuki 19 Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S. Suzuki was last seen on the evening of 6 July 1985 after leaving a dance studio where she worked as an instructor. Blood evidence found at the scene has not been matched to any suspect, nor can it be matched to Suzuki, since her blood type was not known. A photographer she knew was questioned by police and released without charge. [129]
15 October 1985 Cotah Ramaswami 89 Chennai, India Cotah Ramaswami, an Indian cricketer who played in two test matches in 1936, walked out of his home on 15 October 1985. No trace of him has ever been found. [130]
27 November 1985 Martha Jean Lambert 12 Florida, United States Lambert was a girl who went missing on 27 November 1985. She has never been seen again and foul play is highly suspected in the case. [131]
1 February 1986 Madame Max Adolphe 60 Haiti Adolphe, who was the right-hand woman of former Haitian president François Duvalier, was held prisoner in an army barracks next to the national palace in Haiti following Duvalier's overthrow, and left the country in February 1986. Her current whereabouts are unknown. [132]
6 April 1986 Anthonette Cayedito 9 Gallup, New Mexico, U.S. American girl Anthonette Cayedito disappeared from her home in the early-morning hours of 6 April 1986. Her mother went to look for her and she could not be found. [133]
21 July 1986 Agustín Feced 65 Argentina Feced, an Argentinian police official believed responsible for many tortures and extrajudicial executions during the country's Dirty War, was stated to have died in prison on 21 July 1986 while facing charges related to those activities. However, the records of his death and burial are incomplete and sometimes contradictory. Several sources doubt he was even imprisoned at the time. In 1986, the military hospital announced that Agustín Feced had died, but they did not bring any proof of it. [134]
28 July 1986 Suzy Lamplugh 25 London, England British estate agent Suzy Lamplugh disappeared from Fulham, London, on 28 July 1986. In 1994, she was declared dead and presumed murdered. Despite further police investigations in 1998 and 2000, no trace of her has been found. [135]
14 August 1986 Jeremy Bright 14 Myrtle Point, Oregon, U.S. Bright disappeared on 14 August 1986 while attending a county fair with his sister. The following day, his mother found his wallet, watch, and keys in his stepfather's house nearby, where he had been staying. Foul play has been suspected and police had a potential suspect who died in prison in 2007. While his family believes he is dead, and held a memorial service for him in 2011, they have not petitioned a court to make that declaration legal. [136]
23 October 1986 Philip Cairns 13 Dublin, Ireland Irish schoolboy Philip Cairns disappeared 23 October 1986 on his way back to school in after going home for lunch. His schoolbag was found abandoned in a previously searched lane near his house a few days later but there has been no trace of Philip and no arrests have been made in connection with the case. [137]
12 December 1986 Simon Parkes 18 Gibraltar Leading seaman Simon Parkes, in the Royal Navy, went missing when the ship he was serving aboard was docked in Gibraltar. Parkes had gone out to the town and was last seen leaving the Horseshoe Bar on the peninsula. Because he disappeared on 12 December 1986, Allan Grimson (who favoured killing on that date and was serving aboard the same ship at that time) has been named as a suspect in Parkes' possible murder, though no trace of him or a body has been found. [138]
15 April 1987 Federico Caffè 73 Rome, Italy Italian economist Caffè left his home at dawn on 15 April 1987, shortly after quitting university teaching, and disappeared. He was declared dead on 30 October 1998 and the mystery of his disappearance has not been solved. [139]
16 September 1987 Julie Weflen 28 Spokane, Washington, U.S. Weflen, an operator for the Bonneville Power Administration, disappeared on 16 September 1987. Weflen was working at the Four Mounds substation in Spokane County. She vanished some time after 3:30 pm after going to check on a transformer. Her work truck was found with its door and back hatch open and her personal possessions inside and on the ground. The gravel in the vicinity showed signs of a struggle. [140]
20 March 1988 Susan Smalley 18 Carrollton, Texas, U.S. Smalley and Madison disappeared on the morning of 20 March 1988. Police know the girls were at Smalley's house by midnight, but they later left. The car in which they rode off was found abandoned in Dallas, Texas. [141]
Stacie Madison 17
16 October 1988 Ron Arad 30 Israel Ron Arad, a jet-fighter navigator, was captured on 16 October 1986 by Amal Shi'ite forces in southern Lebanon after ejecting from his damaged F-4 Phantom II while on a bombing mission. Israeli intelligence officers reportedly knew his whereabouts until the early hours of 4 May 1988, his 30th birthday, when he abruptly vanished from the house where he was held, at the village of Nebbi Shiit. [142][143]
26 May 1988 Antonio Bardellino 43 Armação dos Búzios, Brazil Bardellino, a powerful Neapolitan camorrista and boss of the Casalesi clan, was said to have been murdered on 26 May 1988 by his right-hand man Mario Iovine. Since his body was not found, he is rumored to still be alive. [144]
13 June 1988 Amber Swartz-Garcia 7 Pinole, California, U.S. Swartz–Garcia was kidnapped while playing jump rope in her front yard. [145]
10 September 1988 Lee Boxell 15 Cheam, England Lee Boxell disappeared near his home on 10 September 1988 on his way to a football match at Selhurst Park, and has not been seen since. [146]
20 September 1988 Tara Calico 19 Belen, New Mexico, U.S. Calico disappeared near her home after embarking on a bike ride. A Polaroid photo of a boy and girl, bound and gagged, surfaced on 15 June 1989 in Port St. Joe, Florida, but the girl in the photo has not been confirmed to be Tara. [147]
19 November 1988 Michaela Garecht 9 Hayward, California, U.S. Garecht was abducted by an unidentified white male in a grocery-store parking lot. [148]
9 February 1989 Tiffany Sessions 20 Gainesville, Florida, U.S. Sessions left her apartment and went out for an evening walk on 9 February 1989, but never returned. [149][150][151]
20 April 1989 Patricia Meehan 37 Circle, Montana, U.S. Meehan disappeared under mysterious circumstances following a car accident. [152][153]
May 1989 Charles Horvath-Allan 20 Kelowna, Canada Horvath-Allan disappeared in May 1989 from a campsite. A Canadian-born British national, he was hiking across Canada and had plans to meet up with his mother and stepfather in Hong Kong by August 1989, but never made it. [154]
June 1989 Reino Gikman 59 Vienna, Austria Gikman, an undercover agent for the Soviet KGB, disappeared in June 1989 and has not been seen since. [155]
27 October 1989 Melanie Melanson 14 Woburn, Massachusetts, U.S. Melanson went missing at a party near an industrial park and has not been seen since. [156][157]
November 1989 Alois Brunner 77 Damascus, Syria Brunner, an Austrian Schutzstaffel officer, was last seen in November 1989 and is said to have died in a Damascus basement in 2001. Other reports say that he died in 2010, yet his true fate is unknown. [158][159]


Date Person(s) Age when disappeared Missing from Circumstances Refs.
5 February 1990 Ames Glover 5 months London, England Glover, a 5-month-old boy, disappeared from the back seat of his father's car. He has not been found and no charges have been brought. [160]
18 March 1990 Dannette Millbrook 15 Augusta, Georgia, U.S. Dannette and Jeannette Millbrook are fraternal twins who were last seen by a gas-station clerk at the Pump-N-Shop gas station on the corner of 12th Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Augusta, Georgia, around 4:30 pm. Their case was closed in 1991 and was reopened in 2013. [161]
Jeanette Millbrook 15
10 April 1990 Teddy Wang 56 British Hong Kong Prominent Chinese businessman and founder of the Chinachem Group, Teddy Wang was kidnapped on 10 April 1990 and has not been seen since. [162]
20 April 1990 Christopher Kerze 17 Eagan, Minnesota, U.S. Kerze disappeared after indicating he would return home by 6 pm, but he did not and his car was found two days later in Grand Rapids. [163]
24 May 1990 Paige Renkoski 30 Fowlerville, Michigan, U.S. Renkoski was last seen on the shoulder of Interstate 96 talking to a man standing next to a maroon-colored minivan. Hours later, the 1986 Oldsmobile she had been driving was found still idling with her shoes and purse inside. [164][165][166][167]
16 June 1990 Trevaline Evans 52 Llangollen, Wales Evans vanished without a trace after leaving a note on the front door of her antiques shop, saying she would be "back in two minutes". [168]
11 July 1990 Sarah MacDiarmid 23 Seaford, Australia Sarah MacDiarmid was last seen late on the night of 11 July 1990 in the parking lot of Kananook railway station. Evidence found near her car suggested a struggle and foul play is suspected. Police have interviewed two potential suspects, but she officially remains missing.
15 August 1990 Eugene John Hebert 66 Sri Lanka American-born Jesuit missionary Hebert went missing on 15 August 1990 on his way to the eastern city of Batticaloa from a nearby town of Valaichchenai, and his disappearance remains a mystery. [169]
October 1990 Mahmoud Mahmoud Atta 36 Israel Atta, an alleged militant from the Palestine Liberation Organization, was sentenced to jail in October 1990 and was later not found guilty and was released sometime after; he later disappeared. He was believed to have participated in the attack on the World Trade Center towers in 2001, but was revealed not to have. [170][171]
c. 1990 Licorice McKechnie 44 Sacramento, California, U.S. McKechnie, a musician and former member of the Scottish folk group The Incredible String Band, was last reported to be living in California, but her later whereabouts have been unknown since 1990. [172]
24 March 1991 Michael Dunahee 4 Victoria, Canada Dunahee disappeared from a school playground. His parents were nearby, but no witnesses to his presumed abduction have been identified and no subsequent confirmed sightings of him have been made. [173]
19 June 1991 Tanong Po-arn 55 Bangkok, Thailand Thai labor leader Po-arn disappeared after his car was found abandoned in Bangkok's Rat Burana district, shortly after a military coup. Repeated inquiries from his family to the police and other government agencies received no reply and his fate remains unknown. [174]
19 July 1991 Jared Negrete 12 San Gorgonio Mountain, California, U.S. Negrete disappeared from a Boy Scout expedition on 19 July 1991 after becoming lost from his group. A search party was immediately launched and rescue teams following his footprints found candy wrappers and his disposable camera. Most pictures on the filmstrip depicted the surrounding landscape, but only his eyes and nose are visible in the photograph. To this day, he is still missing. [175]
24 July 1991 Ben Needham 21 months Kos, Greece Needham, a 21-month-old boy, disappeared while his grandparents were renovating a farmhouse. Despite numerous sighting reports over the years, he has not been found. Family members have said they believe that the child was kidnapped with the intention of selling him for adoption or to child traffickers. Others familiar with the case consider the theory of an accident more likely. In 2016, excavations conducted nearby led investigators to informally conclude that Ben died in an accident that day on a construction site. This theory has been substantiated by reports of blood being discovered on a toy car and sandal believed to have belonged to the toddler, which were discovered in 2017. [176][177][178][179]
5 January 1992 Kelly Dae Wilson 17 Gilmer, Texas, U.S. Wilson's car, with a flat tire, was left abandoned in the parking lot of the video store where she worked; bank surveillance footage appears to show Wilson dropping her paycheck in the bank's deposit box. Foul play is suspected, but no one has been charged, nor has Wilson been found. [180]
23 April 1992 Virginia Guerrero 15 Reinosa, Spain Guerrero and Torres are two teenaged girls who suddenly vanished under unclear circumstances while hitchhiking from Reinosa to their hometown Aguilar de Campoo after partying in a nightclub. [181]
Manuela Torres 16
7 June 1992 Sherrill Levitt 47 Springfield, Missouri, U.S. Levitt, her daughter Streeter, and friend McCall, known collectively as the Springfield Three, disappeared from Levitt's home on 7 June 1992. Streeter and McCall had graduated from Kickapoo High School the day before, and had arrived at Levitt's home at around 2:00 am after a graduation party. It is being investigated as an apparent triple disappearance. [182]
Suzie Streeter 19
Stacy McCall 18
27 August 1992 Leigh Occhi 13 Tupelo, Mississippi, U.S. Thirteen-year-old Occhi disappeared from her home during Hurricane Andrew. Her mother returned to their residence to find blood in various locations of the house, but Occhi was nowhere to be seen. Her whereabouts are unknown. [183]
1 September 1992 Jarosław Ziętara 23 Poland Ziętara, a Polish journalist, disappeared on 1 September 1992 on his way to work, and is believed to have been kidnapped and murdered. [184][185]
9 October 1992 Taif Ajba 53 Sukhumi, Georgia Ajba, an Abkhaz poet, disappeared on 9 October 1992, and is believed to have been tortured and shot dead. The reports are unconfirmed and the case remains unsolved. [186][187]
26 March 1993 Annie McCarrick 26 Glencullen, Ireland McCarrick, an American woman, disappeared after a night out to Johnny Foxes' pub in Glencullen. [188]
August 1993 Wopko Jensma 52 Johannesburg, South Africa Jensma, a South African poet and artist who disappeared without a trace from Johannesburg in August 1993. [189]
2 August 1993 Katheryne Eggleston 22 Portland, Oregon, U.S. Eggleston, a recent college graduate, disappeared in the afternoon from an administrative building in northeast Portland while attending a business appointment for her job at a telecommunications company. Her car was discovered abandoned 9 miles (14 km) away, but she has not been seen since. [190]
18 August 1993 Sara Ann Wood 12 Frankfort, New York, U.S. Wood disappeared on a road near her home while riding her bike alone. A janitor from Massachusetts confessed to kidnapping, sexually assaulting, and killing Sara, but later recanted. The case remains unsolved and was reopened in 2005. [191][192][193][194]
6 January 1994 Ylenia Carrisi 23 New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S. Carrisi, an Italian celebrity and daughter of singers Albano Carrisi and Romina Power (as well as the granddaughter of American actor Tyrone Power), disappeared during a vacation in 1994. [195]
9 May 1994 Cleashindra Hall 18 Pine Bluff, Arkansas, U.S. Hall disappeared after leaving her school job, and her disappearance was ruled as suspicious. [196][197][198]
10 June 1994 Sukhwinder Singh Bhatti 43 Punjab, India Bhatti, a criminal defense attorney in Sangrur district, disappeared after 10 June 1994. After 25 years, the case remains unsolved. [199]
19 July 1994 Ernst Priesner 60 Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany Austrian biologist Priesner went missing in 1994 after failing to return from a research trip. [200]
12 November 1994 Abani Chakraborty 53 Guwahati, Northeast India Chakraborty, an Assamese humanitarian poet of late 20th-century Assamese literature, went out for an evening walk and did not return. [201]
8 December 1994 Jacobo Grinberg 47 Mexico Mexican scientist, writer, and psychologist Grinberg disappeared on 8 December 1994, and has not been seen since. [202]
January 1995 Dor Bahadur Bista 68 Karnali Pradesh, Nepal Bista, a prominent anthropologist from Nepal, disappeared from Jumla District in January 1995. [203]
1 February 1995 Richey Edwards 27 Cardiff, Wales Richey Edwards, the guitarist and primary lyricist for the Welsh rock band Manic Street Preachers, disappeared shortly before he was to fly to the United States for a promotional tour. His car was found abandoned on that date at the Aust service area adjacent to the Severn Bridge, which is a location notorious for suicides. Edwards had a history of self injury and received treatment for alcoholism, anorexia nervosa, and depression in the years leading up to his disappearance. He was declared dead in November 2008. [204][205][206]
April 1995 Fred Cuny 51 Chechnya, Russia Cuny and his team of two Russian Red Cross doctors and an interpreter disappeared while seeking to negotiate a ceasefire in April 1995. A search to find him was conducted, and he was believed to have been murdered, yet nothing was found. [207][208]
17 May 1995 Gedhun Choekyi Nyima 6 Lhari County, Tibet Autonomous Region Nyima, a Tibetan boy recognized by the 14th Dalai Lama as being the 11th Panchen Lama, a reincarnation of the 10th Panchen Lama, has not been seen since 17 May 1995. He is supposedly alive and well in China, but Communist Chinese will not allow this to be confirmed in person, so his whereabouts are considered unknown. [209][210][211][212]
9 June 1995 Morgan Nick 6 Alma, Arkansas, U.S. Morgan Nick was abducted by an unknown white male while she was playing at a ballpark. [213]
27 June 1995 Jodi Huisentruit 27 Mason City, Iowa, U.S. Huisentruit, a KIMT news anchor, was abducted from outside her apartment while on her way to work. She was declared legally dead in 2001. [214]
28 July 1995 Andrew Shumack 25 Grozny, Chechnya American freelance journalist Shumack was last seen when he left Chechnya, and is believed to be dead. [215]
27 November 1995 Ruth Wilson 16 Box Hill, England Wilson, an English teenager, disappeared after taking a taxi. [216]
25 May 1996 Kristin Smart 19 San Luis Obispo, California, U.S. Smart, a student at California Polytechnic State University, disappeared after leaving a late-night party during the Memorial Day weekend. Campus police were unsure if Smart had left on vacation and initially did not treat her disappearance as a potential crime. The delay resulted in the passing of the Kristin Smart Campus Security Act two years later. [217]
1 June 1996 Ruslan Labazanov 28 - 29 Tolstoy-Yurt, Chechnya, Russia Labaszanow was a notorious crime boss of the Chechen mafia and head of a Chechen armed faction, held by some as an example of a modern abrek (bandit hero). On 1 June 1996, it was reported that Labazanov was killed together with a bodyguard at the village of Tolstoy-Yurt, 15 kilometres north of Grozny. His body was never found. [218]
16 July 1996 Susan Walsh 36 Nutley, New Jersey, U.S. Walsh left her apartment to use a payphone and has not been seen since. Her disappearance was widely publicized after several newspapers and media outlets published articles concluding that her disappearance was potentially linked to the Russian mafia, as well as New York City's underground vampire community, both subjects that Walsh had investigated while writing for The Village Voice. [219]
2 November 1996 Damien Nettles 16 Isle of Wight Nettles disappeared in 1996. Five men were arrested in 2011, but by 2016, no charges had been brought. [220]
6 November 1996 Adam O'Brien 14 Torbay, Canada Adam, Trevor, and Mitchell O'Brien are brothers missing from Torbay, Newfoundland and Labrador, who were allegedly abducted by their father. [221]
Trevor O'Brien 11
Mitchell O'Brien 4
26 December 1996 Patrick Warren 11 Solihull, England Warren and Spencer are two English schoolboys who mysteriously vanished on 26 December 1996. The case remains open and is one of the more notorious cases of missing children in UK history. [222]
David Spencer 13
23 June 1997 Kristen Modafferi 18 San Francisco, California, U.S. North Carolina native Modafferi was living in San Francisco for the summer to attend classes at the University of California, Berkeley. On the afternoon of 23 June 1997, she left her job at a coffee shop in Crocker Galleria mall in the Financial District. She was seen by co-workers talking to a blond woman in the mall around 45 minutes later. She has not been seen since. [223]
24 July 1997 Amy Wroe Bechtel 24 Lander, Wyoming, U.S. On the morning of July 24, 1997, the 24-year-old left her Lander, Wyoming apartment to run errands. At 2:30 that afternoon, Bechtel was seen at a photo shop. This was the last confirmed sighting of Bechtel. It is believed she left the photo shop and drove into the Shoshone National Forest to check the course of a 10k race her gym was planning. When her husband returned home at 4:30 p.m., she was not home. By nightfall he alerted neighbors and the sheriff's department. Bechtel's white Toyota station wagon was found parked off a dirt road in the Shoshone Forest. No trace of Bechtel has been found. [224]
17 August 1997 Guy Hever 20 Golan Heights, Israel Hever, an Israeli soldier, reported for guard duty at a bunker near his artillery base on the morning of 17 August 1997. He was absent when his relief arrived later in the day and has not been seen since. Since he was on active duty when he disappeared, he is considered to be missing in action. [225]
23 November 1997 Sabrina Aisenberg 4 months Valrico, Florida, U.S. Aisenberg, a 4-month-old infant, vanished from her crib during the night of 23–24 November 1997. Her mother discovered that she was not in her crib the following morning, and their attached garage had been unlocked. No trace of the Aisenberg baby has ever been found. The parents won a large settlement for malicious prosecution. [226][227][228]
February 1998 Widji Thukul 34 Indonesia Indonesian poet and democracy activist Thukul has been missing since February 1998, when he last made contact with his wife. [229]
2 March 1998 Suzanne Lyall 19 Albany, New York, U.S. Lyall was last seen getting off a bus on the campus of the State University of New York at Albany on the night of 2 March 1998 after returning from her job at a nearby mall. Her ATM card was used the next afternoon to withdraw money at a convenience store elsewhere in the city; since then, no signs of her have been found, and foul play has been suspected. Her parents have successfully lobbied for changes in state and federal law regarding missing-person investigations on college campuses and founded the Center for Hope to support families of the missing. [230][231][232]
4 March 1998 Rui Pedro Teixeira Mendonça 11 Lousada, Portugal Mendonça went missing while riding his bicycle near his home on 4 March 1998, and his case remains unsolved. [233]
1998 Gilbert Wynter 37 London, England Wynter, a jeweler and enforcer for the Adams crime family, disappeared in London on 9 March 1998. His disappearance is believed to be related to the murder of Saul Nahome in December that year: both men were involved in a drug deal where £800,000 went missing.[234]
28 July 1998 Deirdre Jacob 18 Newbridge, Ireland Jacob, a student teacher, was last seen on 28 July 1998 around 3 pm near her home in Newbridge, County Kildare. In August 2018, the Garda Siochana announced that her disappearance was being treated as a murder case. [235][236]
28 August 1998 Pirouz Davani 37 Tehran, Iran Davani, an Iranian leftist activist and editor of an Iranian newspaper, disappeared on 28 August 1998 while leaving his residence. Some have suggested that Davani was murdered. [237]
5 December 1998 Derrick Engebretson 8 Rocky Point, Oregon, U.S. Engebretson disappeared while searching for a Christmas tree with his father and grandfather. A circular path of footprints in the snow was traced to a road, where bits of chopped wood and a snow angel were discovered; Engebretson had a small hatchet with him at the time he disappeared. A convicted child rapist is considered a suspect in his disappearance. [238][239]
c. 1998 Angelo Cruz 40 Puerto Rico Retired Puerto Rican professional basketball player Angelo Cruz disappeared during a trip to visit family in Puerto Rico. [240]
7 February 1999 Paul Skiba 38 Westminster, Colorado, U.S. Eight-year-old Sarah Skiba accompanied her father, Paul, and Chivers, an employee at his moving company, on a furniture delivery job. This was the last time they were seen. A moving truck on the company lot was subsequently discovered with bullet holes in its door, blood smeared inside, and portions of a human scalp lying near the windshield. The whereabouts of all three remain unknown. [241]
Sarah Skiba 9
Lorenzo Chivers 36
March 1999 Kevin Palmer 37 Curdridge, England Palmer, a British timeshare salesman, traveled for unknown reasons from Spain to Curdridge in the UK in March 1999, where, following an argument in a taxi, he got out and was never seen again. [242]
7 May 1999 Yury Zacharanka 47 Belarus Zacharanka, a Belarusian opposition leader, disappeared on 7 May 1999 and has not been seen since. [243]
3 March 1999 Yves Godard 43 Brittany, France French physician Godard and his children Camille and Marius were last seen buying waffles from a street vendor in Bréhec, a small port on the western tip of Brittany. Their rented sailboat was found abandoned in Plouézec the next day. On 7–8 September, blood identified as that of Dr Godard's wife Marie-France was found in their camper van and in the family home. Fragments of the bodies of the three were recovered from the sea bed over the next few years. Godard's wife is still considered missing and the apparent multiple murders are unsolved. The case was officially closed in 2012 with only accidental death eliminated as a possibility. [244]
Marie-France Godard
Camille Godard 6
Marius Godard 4
16 September 1999 Viktar Hanchar 42 Minsk, Belarus Hanchar, a Belarusian opposition leader, disappeared along with his friend, businessman Krasouski, from a streetside. Signs of a struggle were found where they were last seen; the two were widely believed to have been abducted and later murdered. [245]
Anatoly Krasouski Unknown
November 1999 Marat Manafov Unknown Bratislava, Slovakia Manafov, an Azerbaijani businessman and lawyer, disappeared in November 1999. Police have since investigated whether he was abducted or killed. [246][247]
15 November 1999 Julie Surprenant 16 Terrebonne, Canada Surprenant disappeared in November 1999. A neighbour was quickly considered the prime suspect, but the authorities had insufficient evidence to charge him. In 2006, this same neighbour made a deathbed confession to her murder, but he was never charged. [248][249]
10 December 1999 Michael Negrete 18 Los Angeles, California, U.S. Negrete, a music student at UCLA, disappeared from his student accommodation and was never seen again. Police have treated his disappearance as suspicious and have classified the case as a homicide. [250]


Date Person(s) Age when disappeared Missing from Circumstances Refs.
2 January 2000 Zebb Quinn 18 Asheville, North Carolina, U.S. Quinn disappeared after receiving a page from his aunt's phone number. She denied paging him, but told police that her home was broken into during that time. His car resurfaced two weeks later, parked near his mother's workplace, with a live puppy inside and a large set of lips drawn on the window. In 2015, Asheville detectives unearthed fabric, leather materials, and "unknown hard fragments" that were buried under a layer of concrete on the property of Robert Jason Owens. Owens was the last person known to have seen Quinn and had given several conflicting stories to detectives in his case. The search of his property that uncovered this new evidence was conducted after he was arrested for an unrelated triple murder. On 10 July 2017, Owens was indicted for Quinn's murder. [251]
14 February 2000 Asha Degree 9 Shelby, North Carolina, U.S. Degree was last seen in the early morning hours of 14th of February 2000 running into a woodlot off North Carolina Highway 18 on a rainy and very windy day. Some of her personal effects were found three days later in a nearby shed and her backpack was found buried 20 miles (32 km) away in August 2001. No other signs of her have been found since then, and theories have ranged from running away to foul play. [252]
13 March 2000 Leah Roberts 23 Bellingham, Washington, U.S. Roberts, a native of Durham, North Carolina, embarked on a cross-country road trip to northern Washington in early March 2000. Her car was found wrecked and abandoned some days later off the Mount Baker Highway. She had last been seen in a restaurant at a local shopping mall on March 13th. One report that she was seen walking disoriented around a gas station in Everett shortly after her car was discovered, and she has not been seen or heard from since. [253]
17 March 2000 Joseph Kibweteere 68 Kanungu, Uganda Kibweteere, a leader of the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God, is believed to have died on 17 March 2000, but in 2014, the Uganda National Police announced that reports were received that Kibweteere was hiding in Malawi. [254]
25 May 2000 Bruno Manser 45 Bukit Batu Lawi, Malaysia A Swiss traveler who lived with the Penan people of Borneo during the 1970s and '80s, Manser became an internationally prominent activist in the fight for the Penan's land rights and opposition to logging and rain-forest destruction. He was in the country illegally, and was continually hunted by authorities, and escaped numerous times under gunfire. He eventually escaped the country in disguise and went on a world tour to raise awareness about the Penan, including founding a nonprofit organization. In 2000, against all advice, he covertly re-entered Borneo. Manser was last seen in the jungle near Bukit Batu Lawi, a 2,000-m limestone pinnacle in Sarawak. Manser stated his intention to climb the pinnacle alone. The Penan mounted a search and rescue mission after he failed to return. He has not been seen since. [255]
7 July 2000 Dzmitry Zavadski 27 Minsk, Belarus Belarusian journalist and cameraman Zavadski disappeared on 7 July 2000 at the Minsk National Airport and was presumably murdered. [256]
8 December 2000 Trevor Deely 22 Dublin, Ireland Trevor Deely was returning home from his work's Christmas party in Dublin. He was seen talking to an unknown man outside his office. At 4:14 am CCTV footage shows Deely walking past what was then the AIB bank on the corner of Baggot Street Bridge and Haddington Road in the direction of his apartment. About 30 seconds later, the footage shows a man dressed in black passing by the bank. Gardaí have said that they believe this is the same man who spoke to Deely outside his office. This man has never come forward to Gardaí, despite numerous appeals over many years since the disappearance. Deely's whereabouts remain unknown.
2 January 2001 Zelimkhan Murdalov 26 Grozny, Chechnya Murdalov, a student, left his home on January 2nd 2001, saying he would return, but never did. His parents tracked him down at the police station where an official promised that he would soon be released, but they have not seen their son since. According to witnesses, Murdalov was subsequently severely beaten while in police custody and his fate remains unknown. [257]
18 January 2001 Rilya Wilson 4 Miami, Florida, U.S. Wilson, a foster child of the Florida Department of Children and Families, disappeared on 18 January 2001 in Miami. She was not reported missing until 2002, when she became the focus of an investigation into neglect and mismanagement in the organization.


11 April 2001 Branson Perry 20 Skidmore, Missouri, U.S. Perry disappeared outside his home. A female friend was helping him clean in preparation for his father's return from the hospital; she stated he told her he was taking a pair of jumper cables to an exterior shed. He never returned. In 2004, while investigating Jack Wayne Rogers on unrelated charges, a message-board post from his computer was discovered detailing a first-hand account of Perry's alleged rape, torture, and murder. Rogers denies involvement in his disappearance, and Perry's whereabouts remain unknown. [259]
13 June 2001 Jason Jolkowski 19 Omaha, Nebraska, U.S. Jolkowski failed to show up at a local high school, where he had arranged to catch a ride to work with a friend. The last confirmed sighting of Jolkowski was by a neighbor, who reported seeing Jolkowski carrying trash cans into his garage about 30 minutes prior to when he was to meet at the high school. [260]
10 September 2001 Sneha Anne Philip 31 New York City, New York, U.S. Philip, a physician, was last seen 10 September 2001 on surveillance-camera footage from a store near her Lower Manhattan apartment. Due to the proximity of the World Trade Center, and her medical training, her family believes she perished trying to help victims of the next day's terrorist attack. A court has agreed and she is officially considered to have died that way. The ruling was not unanimous, and no proof of her death has ever been found. [261]
3 April 2002 Marita Verón 23 Tucumán Province, Argentina Argentinian woman Verón is believed to have been kidnapped on 3 April 2002 from her home town in the Tucumán province, and has not been seen since. [262]
c. 2002 Saeed Zeinali 26 Tehran, Iran Zeinali, an Iranian student at Tehran University, was arrested on 10 July 1999 and was said to be held in jail until 2002. He disappeared after being released and has not been seen since. [263]
25 May 2003 Ben Charles Padilla 50 Luanda, Angola Padilla, a licensed aircraft mechanic, flight engineer, and pilot of small airplanes, was on board Boeing 727-223 designation N844AA when it was stolen. He has not been heard from since. [264]
4 July 2003 Ali Astamirov 34 Nazran, Russia Astamirov, a Chechen journalist, who was working for Agence France Presse in Ingushetia, Russia, was allegedly kidnapped at gunpoint by a group of three masked men in uniforms on 4 July 2003. His whereabouts are unknown. [265]
11 August 2003 Reda Helal Unknown Cairo, Egypt Journalist Helal went missing on 11 August 2003 in downtown Cairo, and is believed to have been kidnapped, but little evidence supports this belief. [266]
1 October 2003 Felipe Santos 24 Naples, Florida, U.S. Santos was last seen being arrested for driving without a license after a traffic accident. Jail records show he was never booked and Officer Steve Calkins claimed to have changed his mind and left Santos at a nearby Circle K convenience store. Three months later, another man, Terrance Williams, disappeared after being arrested by the same police officer. [267]
9 October 2003 Kirk von Ackermann 37 Iraq Von Ackermann disappeared after calling an Iraqi employee of U.S. defense contractor Ultra Services and telling him he needed help fixing a flat tire on his car. When the employee arrived at the location given, between Kirkuk and Tikrit, 45 minutes later, von Ackermann was gone. No signs of a struggle were noticed and $40,000 in cash were found in the car along with von Ackermann's laptop and satellite phone. The circumstances suggest he was not the victim of a robbery attempt and neither his employer nor family were ever contacted with ransom demands. Nevertheless, the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command later concluded he had been killed in a botched kidnapping and they still consider the case open, though his body has not been found. [268]
3 November 2003 Charlene Downes 14 Blackpool, England Downes disappeared from her home town of Blackpool and has not been seen since. She may have been murdered. [269]
10 November 2003 Tariq Mahmood Unknown Pakistan Mahmood was initially assigned a 10 November 2003 court date in Islamabad, and made court appearances over the following four weeks. However, despite the ongoing legal process, his whereabouts became unclear by early 2004. He has not been seen or heard from since. [270]
12 January 2004 Terrance Williams 27 Naples, Florida, U.S. Williams disappeared after being arrested by Collier County sheriff's deputy Steve Calkins on 12 January 2004. The circumstances of his disappearance were similar to that of Felipe Santos, who disappeared after being stopped and arrested by the same officer three months earlier. [267]
9 February 2004 Maura Murray 21 Woodsville, New Hampshire, U.S. Murray, a nursing student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, was last seen on New Hampshire Route 112 at the scene of a minor one-vehicle accident in which her car was disabled after crashing into a roadside snowbank. Earlier on the day of her disappearance, she had lied to professors about a death in her family, stating that she would be absent from class for a week. A school bus driver who happened upon Murray's crash site stopped to ask if she needed help and Murray declined. Upon returning home a short time later, the bus driver called police anyway, but by the time first responders arrived, 10 minutes later, Murray had vanished. Her keys along with bank and credit cards have never been located despite extensive searches of her abandoned car and the neighboring wooded areas. [271][272][273]
12 March 2004 Somchai Neelapaijit 52 Bangkok, Thailand Neelapaijit, a Thai Muslim lawyer and human-rights activist representing South Thailand insurgency terrorism suspects, was last seen in what may be a case of a forced disappearance. [274][275]
19 March 2004 Brianna Maitland 17 Montgomery, Vermont, U.S. Maitland vanished after leaving her job as a dishwasher at the Black Lantern Inn. Her car was discovered the next day near an abandoned house, about 1 mile (1.6 km) away. Maitland's belongings were found inside the vehicle, including a recent paycheck and her wallet. Authorities believe foul play to be involved in Maitland's case and one theory is that she may have been smuggled across the nearby Canada–U.S. border. [276][277]
16 April 2004 Guy-André Kieffer 64 Abidjan, Ivory Coast Kieffer, a French Canadian journalist who had long covered West Africa, was kidnapped from a shopping mall's parking lot. Remains found eight years later may be his, but have not been conclusively identified. [278]
May 2004 Mohammed Al Afghani Unknown Pakistan Afghani was detained by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency in Pakistan in May 2004 and his current whereabouts are unknown. [279]
12 September 2004 Joana Cipriano 8 Figueira, Portugal Cipriano disappeared in 2004. An investigation by the Polícia Judiciária, Portugal's criminal police, concluded that she had been murdered by her mother, Leonor Cipriano, and her uncle, João Cipriano, after witnessing them engaged in incestuous sex. Her body was never found. Both suspects were convicted of murder based on apparent confessions, but later retracted their confessions, claimed that they are innocent and alleged police misconduct. Similarities to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann a short distance away in 2007 have been noted. [280][281]
11 October 2004 Iraena Asher 25 Piha, New Zealand Asher, a model who allegedly suffering from bipolar disorder, disappeared in controversial circumstances at Piha, west of Auckland, on 11 October 2004. [282]
2 April 2005 Alfredo Jiménez Mota 25 Hermosillo, Mexico Mota, a journalist covering organized crime and the Mexican drug war, disappeared under mysterious circumstances in Hermosillo. In November 2005, a suspect, Raul Enrique Parra, was brutally murdered. [283]
15 April 2005 Ray Gricar 59 Centre Hall, Pennsylvania, U.S. Gricar, an American district attorney, disappeared on 15 April 2005. He had called his girlfriend, in whose house he resided, from his car, giving his location east of Centre Hall. His car was found the next day, but he has not been heard from since. His family had him declared legally dead in 2011. In September 2013, a reputed former Hell's Angels member told authorities that Gricar was killed by the gang as retaliation. In April 2014, the Pennsylvania State police were reported to be assuming lead investigatory role in the case. [284][285]
18 May 2005 Rahul Raju 7 Kerala, India Raju, a young boy from Alappuzha, went missing while playing with friends in his neighborhood. The case, which dominated media headlines since he disappeared, still remains a mystery. [286]
30 May 2005 Natalee Holloway 18 Aruba Holloway, an American student from Alabama, was last seen before leaving a nightclub with three men, including Joran van der Sloot. She was declared dead in 2012 and van der Sloot was convicted of murder in the death of another young woman in Peru in 2010. [287]
22 October 2005 Tara Grinstead 30 Ocilla, Georgia, U.S. Grinstead, a beauty queen and high-school history teacher, vanished after attending a beauty pageant the night before. In a bizarre twist, 27-year-old Andrew Haley posted anonymous videos wherein he claimed to be a serial killer responsible for the murders of 16 women. One of the victims detailed by Haley in the videos matched the case of Grinstead, but police investigation ultimately revealed the videos to be part of an elaborate hoax by Haley. A latex glove found outside Grinstead's home revealed DNA, but to date, no match has been found. In 2017, two arrests were made in the case on murder charges. [288][289][290]
10 November 2005 Rahma el-Dennaoui 1 Sydney, Australia Rahma el-Dennaoui, a Lebanese Australian girl, went missing on 10 November 2005. Despite a police search and appeals to the general public, no trace of the little girl has yet been found. [291]
5 January 2006 Joe Pichler 18 Bremerton, Washington, U.S. Pichler, a former child actor, disappeared near his hometown of Bremerton and has not been seen since. [292][293]
23 January 2006 Jennifer Kesse 24 Orlando, Florida, U.S. Kesse was last seen leaving her place of employment. Her last phone call was placed to her boyfriend at 10 pm that night. Evidence suggests that she left for work the next morning, but was abducted while walking to her vehicle, which was later found in another nearby apartment complex. Security cameras had filmed her car being parked, but the face of the person driving was obscured by a fence. [294]
April 2006 Jesse Foster 21 Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. Foster, a Canadian woman, disappeared from the Las Vegas Valley during April 2006. [295]
1 April 2006 Brian Shaffer 27 Columbus, Ohio, U.S. Shaffer, an Ohio State University medical student, was last seen on security-camera footage apparently re-entering an off-campus bar shortly before its closing time. No other way was open to the public by which he could have left the bar. Police reportedly believed as of 2008 that he was still alive and they continued to investigate at the time. [296]
26 June 2006 Sherlyn Cadapan 27 Philippines Cadapan and Empeño, a community organizer and graduate student, respectively, were allegedly abducted by gunmen in a remote area and they have not been seen since. [297]
Karen Empeño 20
July 2006 Ebrima Manneh Republic of Gambia Manneh, a Gambian journalist, is believed by human rights organizations to have been arrested in July 2006 and secretly held in custody. In 2019 it was reported that he had died at some point in mid-2008. [298][299][300]
26 August 2006 Thiruchelvam Nihal Jim Brown 34 Sri Lanka Brown, a minority Sri Lankan Tamil Roman Catholic parish priest, disappeared during the Sri Lankan civil war and is believed to be dead. [301]
31 August 2006 Anthony Zizzo 71 Chicago, Illinois, U.S. Zizzo, a high-ranking American mobster and reputed member of the Chicago Outfit, was last seen after leaving his home in Melrose Park, and has not been seen since. [302]
18 September 2006 Jorge Julio López 77 Buenos Aires, Argentina Argentine retired bricklayer López disappeared after testifying at trial against Dirty War criminal Miguel Etchecolatz, and has not been seen since. [303]
30 March 2007 Oralgaisha Omarshanova 39 Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan Omarshanova, a journalist who was working for a paper based in Nur-Sultan, disappeared on 30 March 2007, and has not been seen since. [304]
9 March 2007 Robert Levinson 58 Kish Island, Iran Levinson, a retired U.S. DEA and FBI agent, was last seen in the custody of who seemed to be Iranian intelligence agents on 9 March 2007 on Kish Island. He had gone there to set up a meeting with Dawud Salahuddin, an American-born convert to Islam, ostensibly about securing the Iranian government's help in controlling the distribution of pirated American cigarettes in Iran. He was later revealed to be working for the CIA at that time, as well. In 2010, a video of him, somewhat emaciated, was released, in which he begs for help from the U.S. government to be released. The U.S. government has regularly raised the issue of his release with Iran as part of talks between the countries, but Iran's statements as to whether he still is in their custody or even alive have been contradictory, and Levinson is thought to be no longer under their control if he is still alive. [305]
30 April 2007 Lisa Stebic 37 Plainfield, Illinois, U.S. Stebic was last seen by her husband at their home while she was waiting for a ride to the local track where she worked out. The couple was going through a divorce at the time and police believe foul play was involved considering her husband a suspect. [306]
3 May 2007 Madeleine McCann 3 Algarve, Portugal McCann disappeared after being left asleep in the unlocked ground-floor bedroom of her family's rented holiday apartment, while her parents dined with friends at a local restaurant. No sightings of her have been confirmed since then. In 2014, Scotland Yard was reportedly looking at 38 people of interest and researching the backgrounds of 530 known sex offenders, including 59 regarded as of high interest. [307]
12 August 2007 Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine Unknown Delmas, Haiti Pierre-Antoine, a Haitian human-rights and political activist, was kidnapped on 12 August 2007, and has not been seen since. [308]
30 August 2007 Elodia Ghinescu 39 Brașov, Romania Ghinescu, a lawyer, was last seen in August 2007, and her disappearance was made official on 5 September the same year by Cristian Cioacă, her husband and a policeman in Brașov. Though her body was never found, a few personal belongings and a blood-stained police uniform were found 8 October 2007 in a ravine. She was officially declared missing in 2009, and Cioacă was sentenced to 22 years in jail in 2013, after being arrested in 2012. She was suggested to have been murdered due to jealousy after she had an affair with an SPP officer in Dubai in August 2007, a few days before her supposed disappearance, the murder taking place in the bathroom of her apartment, according to neighbors. She was also supposedly going to be targeted by authorities for tax evasion. [309]
14 September 2007 Andrew Gosden 14 London, England Gosden disappeared from King's Cross station. He left his home in Doncaster to go to school, but never caught the school bus, and instead returned home when the rest of the household had departed. He changed out of his school uniform and then went to Doncaster railway station, withdrawing £200 from his bank account on the way there. At the station, he purchased a one-way ticket to London despite being told that for an extra £1, he could have a return ticket. He was last seen on CCTV leaving the main concourse at King's Cross. [310][311]
28 October 2007 Stacy Ann Peterson 23 Bolingbrook, Illinois, U.S. Peterson left her home at 11 am on 28 October 2007 to help a friend paint a house, and has not been seen since. Her husband Drew, later convicted of murdering his previous wife as a result of evidence gathered during the investigation into Stacy's disappearance, has been suspected of killing her, as well. [312]
29 October 2007 Aeryn Gillern 34 Vienna, Austria Gillern disappeared on the evening of 29 October 2007, and has not been seen since. [313]
17 February 2008 Marilyn Bergeron 24 Saint-Romuald, Canada Bergeron left her parents' home around 11 am on 17 February 2008 ostensibly to go for a walk, leaving all her identification at home besides a credit card. She attempted to withdraw money from a nearby ATM, where security camera footage released later showed her looking nervously over her shoulder. Five hours later, she used her credit card to buy a cup of coffee in Saint-Romuald, 20 kilometres (12 mi) from her parents' house. [314][315]
8 April 2008 Jamie Fraley 22 Gastonia, North Carolina, U.S. Fraley told a friend over the phone at 1:30 am 8 April 2008 that a male friend, whom she did not identify, was taking her to the hospital for the third time in 24 hours to seek treatment for a stomach flu. She never arrived to the hospital and was never seen again. Two days later, her discarded cell phone was found at a nearby intersection, but it did not yield any useful evidence. Two months later, her fiancé's father, who lived nearby and had given her one of her rides to the hospital that day, was revealed to have been a person of interest in her disappearance. This followed his death from heatstroke after he locked himself in the trunk of an ex-girlfriend's car, in what police believe was an attempt to ambush her. In 2015, a prison inmate serving time for murder wrote a letter to a local newspaper confessing to her murder; authorities do not believe it is truthful. [316][317][318]
14 May 2008 Brandon Swanson 19 Marshall, Minnesota, U.S. After attending a late-night party, Swanson drove his car into a ditch on a side road amid cornfields near his home. He called his parents for a ride; they searched for him near Lynd, 6 miles (9.7 km) southwest of Marshall, where he believed himself to be. While on the phone with his father, he suddenly said, "Oh, shit!" and the connection was lost, never to be regained. His whereabouts are unknown, though he has been suggested to have drowned in the Yellow Medicine River or died of hypothermia. [319][320]
2 August 2008 Alex Sloley 16 London, England Sloley disappeared around midday after he visited a friend in Enfield. His family have had no contact with him since he went missing. [321]
31 December 2008 Amy Fitzpatrick 15 Málaga, Spain Fitzpatrick was last seen in Spain while on holiday from her native Ireland. She had been babysitting with a friend on 31 December 2008 and left about 10:10 pm that night. Amy never arrived home, which was only a short distance away and she has not been seen or heard from since. Investigators are working on her case and some evidence suggests a possible kidnapping. [322]
18 March 2009 Claudia Lawrence 35 Heworth, England Lawrence was last seen while returning from her job as a chef. While some evidence suggested that she had fled to Cyprus, police have increasingly come to believe she is dead. [323][324]
25 April 2009 Brittanee Drexel 17 Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, U.S. Drexel, a native of the Rochester, New York, area, was last seen by a security camera walking out of a hotel in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where she had secretly gone with friends for spring break after her mother refused her permission to go, at 8:45 pm that night; a half hour later, her boyfriend back in Rochester became suspicious when she suddenly stopped responding to his texts. Her phone gave its last known position as 50–60 miles (80–97 km) south. Early suspicion focused on a group of men she had been visiting at the hotel where she was last seen, until the FBI announced in 2016 that a prison informant serving time for an unrelated homicide had told them that she had been abducted and held for sex trafficking near where her phone last pinged, until she was shot while attempting to escape; her body was dumped in an alligator pond. For this reason, the bureau considers her case a homicide; however, no suspects have been identified and the man who claimed to have killed her denies knowing anything about the case. [325][326]
27 April 2009 Craig Arnold 41 Kuchinoerabu-jima, Japan Arnold, an American poet, disappeared after a hike on the Japanese island Kuchinoerabu-jima. He is presumed to have died in a fall from a high cliff, but his body has not been found. [327]
2 June 2009 Marsha Brantley 50 Cleveland, Tennessee, U.S. Brantley disappeared from her home of in the summer of 2009. She is widely believed to have been murdered by her husband. [328]
13 August 2009 Paul Tseng 49 Lijiang, China Tseng, a Taiwanese applied mathematician, went missing on a kayaking trip on 13 August 2009, and is believed to be dead. [329]
23 August 2009 Toni Sharpless 29 Penn Valley, Pennsylvania, U.S. Sharpless was last seen by a friend she asked to leave her car after the two had been asked to leave a party due to Sharpless's increasingly belligerent behavior. A license plate reader in Camden, New Jersey, recorded a hit on her car's plates two weeks later, and the anonymous writer of a 2012 letter to a private investigator claimed they had taken the car to a chop shop after Sharpless was killed during a confrontation with a Camden police officer; the letter included the last five digits of the car's VIN and Sharpless's Social Security number, both of which were correct. Neither Sharpless nor her car has been found. [330]


Date Person(s) Age when disappeared Missing from Circumstances Refs.
2 March 2010 Russell Bohling 18 Bempton, England Bohling disappeared after his car was found in the car park for Bempton Cliffs RSPB site. Police have assumed his case is a suicide or accident, though no body has been found. His family maintain that a third party was involved, as he did not have enough fuel to drive to Bempton from his family home in West Ella, a USB stick detailing the pornographic artwork and graffiti left on the walls of the former bunker of RAF Bempton was missing and the trainers he supposedly wore that day were found in the family's holiday home even further up the coast after he had disappeared. [331]
20 May 2010 Paolo Renda 70 Montreal, Canada Renda, a member of the Rizzuto crime family, told his family he would be picking up steaks for dinner on his way back from a funeral, but he never arrived. He was presumed kidnapped after his car was found with the windows down and keys in the ignition along his route. The family believes he was killed in retaliation for his role in a 1970s murder; however, their 2013 attempt to have him declared legally dead was denied on the grounds of insufficient evidence. On 2 September 2018, the courts had reportedly declared Renda dead. [332][333]
4 June 2010 Kyron Horman 7 Portland, Oregon, U.S. Horman, an American schoolboy, did not return from his school in northwest Portland on 4 June 2010. Multiple searches since that day have uncovered no evidence of his whereabouts. [334]
11 August 2010 Vasyl Klymentyev 66 Kharkiv, Ukraine Klymentyev, an investigative journalist and the editor-in-chief of the newspaper Noviy Stil based in Kharkiv, disappeared under mysterious circumstances and is presumed dead. [335][336]
18 August 2010 Ben McDaniel 30 Ponce de Leon, Florida, U.S. McDaniel, of Collierville, Tennessee, and a recreational scuba diver, was last seen 58 feet (18 m) under water while going into a cave that he was not certified to enter at Vortex Spring. His failure to return was not noted for another two days and extensive searches found only two decompression tanks that were placed incorrectly and filled with the wrong gases, but no evidence of a body has been found in the spring. While his body still may be in an unexplored area of the cave, other theories include foul play that is possibly related to the suspicious 2011 death of Vortex Spring's owner or a possible staged disappearance in the wake of McDaniel's recent marital and financial failures. [337][338]
18 November 2010 Forrest Schab 26 Mexico Schab, a Canadian rapper better known by his stage name "DY", was reported missing in Mexico on 18 November 2010. He had not been seen since leaving Canada in the middle of August. [339]
28 January 2011 Alessia Schepp 6 Lausanne, Switzerland Alessia and Livia Schepp are twin sisters who were picked up for the weekend from their mother's home by their father Mathias Kaspar Schepp on 28 January 2011. Their father was found dead a few days later, having apparently committed suicide. A suicide note he left suggests he killed them. [340]
Livia Schepp 6
29 January 2011 Bethany Decker 21 Ashburn, Virginia, U.S. Decker, a student at George Mason University, was last accounted for when she called the restaurant where she worked to confirm her schedule for the next week. Her husband and a boyfriend both claim to have seen her that day, as well. Three weeks later, after Facebook messages from her to friends that seemed to them to have been written by someone else, she was reported missing. Investigators found no evidence of activity on her part other than the suspicious Facebook messages since the day she was last seen. The boyfriend is considered a person of interest in the case and he has since been arrested on an attempted-murder charge in North Carolina after a domestic incident with a later girlfriend. The girlfriend claims he made statements suggesting that he had some involvement in Decker's disappearance. [341]
11 May 2011 Timmothy Pitzen 6 Aurora, Illinois, U.S. Pitzen was dropped off at school by his father James on 11 May 2011. However, he was picked up shortly after by his mother, Amy Fry-Pitzen, who took him on a three-day trip to various amusement and water parks. She may have handed him off to unknown persons at some point during their trip, as her vehicle was found to have been parked in a grassy field for a length of time during their trip, shortly after the last time she was seen with her son and before she was found dead by suicide in a motel room in the nearby town of Rockford, Illinois, with a note stating that Timmothy was safe, but would never be found. [342]
28 May 2011 Maddy Scott 20 Vanderhoof, Canada Scott went missing after a birthday party at Hogsback Lake, 25 miles (40 km) southeast of Vanderhoof, British Columbia. She planned to spend the night camping with a friend, but around midnight, a fight broke out between a few men at the party and the friend, who was injured as a result of the fight and drunk, decided to leave the party with her new boyfriend. Witness accounts vary, but this was about three hours before the party died down and most people left. Some of the last people to have left, between 3 and 4 am, reported speaking with Scott and asking if she wanted a ride home. This was the last time anyone reported talking to Scott. [343]
3 June 2011 Lauren Spierer 20 Bloomington, Indiana, U.S. Spierer, a student at Indiana University, disappeared after a night of partying at a local bar. Spierer left a gathering at a housing complex alone in the early morning hours while highly intoxicated, and her disappearance generated national press coverage. In 2014, Spierer's parents filed a lawsuit against two individuals with whom Spierer had socialized on the evening before her disappearance, but a federal judge dismissed the suit. [344]
7 July 2011 Cristina Siekavizza 39 Guatemala City, Guatemala Siekavizza disappeared on 7 July 2011 and is believed to have been murdered by her husband. [345]
4 October 2011 Lisa Irwin 0 years, 10 months Kansas City, Missouri, U.S. Irwin, a 10-month-old girl, was reported missing from her home on the morning of 4 October 2011. Police believe she may have been abducted. [346]
6 October 2011 Daniel Lind Lagerlöf 42 Tanumshede, Sweden Lagerlöf, a Swedish director and screenwriter, disappeared at Tjurpannans Nature Reserve outside Tanumshede during preparations for the filming of Camilla Läckberg's Fjällbackamorden – Strandriddaren. The search for him was suspended after two days without result. [347]
6 November 2011 Sky Metalwala 2 Bellevue, Washington, U.S. Metalwala was left in a parked car by his mother on the morning of 6 November 2011 after it supposedly ran out of gas. She was on the way to the hospital, where she claimed to have been taking him after he woke up sick, and when she returned, he was gone. Upon inspection, police found that the car had plenty of fuel left and was working properly. The police publicly expressed doubts about her story, as she and the boy's father were getting divorced and she had just withdrawn from a mediated custody agreement that gave him visitation. The case was also noted to be similar to a recently aired episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and investigators have even questioned whether Sky was in the car that morning at all. While police have indicated they could charge the mother with child endangerment, they have declined to do so due to those doubts. [348][349]
17 December 2011 Ayla Reynolds 1 Waterville, Maine, U.S. Reynolds disappeared under the supervision of her father at his home, and was discovered missing by his sister or girlfriend, both of whom were also in residence. The search for the 20-month-old was the largest missing-persons investigation in the state's history. Police have evidence from the house suggesting foul play and believe her to be dead; however, her body has not been found and no arrests have been made. [350]
18 December 2011 Phoenix Coldon 23 St. Louis, Missouri, U.S. Coldon's vehicle was discovered parked and running on a road in St. Louis, along with her personal possessions. Her whereabouts remain unknown. [351]
3 February 2012 Jonathan Spollen 28 Rishikesh, India Spollen, an Irish journalist for the International Herald Tribune and formerly assistant foreign editor of The National in Abu Dhabi, was last seen on 3 February 2012 in Rishikesh. Around 11 March 2012, some of Spollen's belongings were found near a small waterfall halfway up the road to Phool Chatti. [352][353]
27 May 2012 Timothy MacColl 28 Dubai, United Arab Emirates Leading Seaman Timothy MacColl, in the Royal Navy, went missing when the ship he was serving aboard was docked in Dubai. MacColl had gone out to the town and was last properly accounted for when two of his shipmates put him into a taxi to take him back to HMS Westminster. He never reboarded the ship, and witnesses claim they saw him getting into another taxi to go back into Dubai. He was declared dead (presumed drowned according to the death certificate) in 2014. [354]
19 June 2012 Guma Aguiar 35 Fort Lauderdale, Florida, U.S. Brazilian-born American industrialist, and part owner of Israel's Beitar Jerusalem football club, Aguiar was last seen leaving his home. The next day, his fishing boat, the T.T. Zion, was found with lights on and engines running, having gone aground on a local beach with his wallet and cell phone on board. Two weeks of searches failed to find any trace of him and he was declared legally dead in 2015. [355]
28 June 2012 Vadim Pappe 70 Moscow, Russia Russian art historian Pappe left his workplace and has not been seen since. His fate is unknown. [356]
28 November 2012 Emma Fillipoff 26 Victoria, Canada Fillipoff disappeared from in front of the Empress Hotel after a 45-minute conversation with Victoria Police. [357]
15 December 2012 Sombath Somphone 60 Vientiane, Laos Sombath, a Laotian community activist, disappeared at a police post after having been stopped while driving his wife's car. CCTV footage showed a motorcyclist getting off his bike and driving Sombath's car away and a white truck approaching and subsequently driving off with Sombath. [358]
20 May 2013 Zsolt Erőss 45 Kangchenjunga, Nepal Hungarian high-altitude mountaineer Zsolt Erőss, who after successfully climbing Kangchenjunga on 20 May 2013, went missing during his descent. Searches were suspended two days later because, according to the expedition's leader and other experienced mountaineers, his chances of survival would have been impossible. [359]
5 June 2013 Federico Tobares 37 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Tobares, an Argentine chef, disappeared on 5 June 2013 while driving from Puerto Vallarta to Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. On 10 June, a co-worker and friend of Tobares' went to the Mexican police to report his disappearance, making Tobares the first Argentine to disappear in Mexico. [360]
9 June 2013 Maureen Kelly 19 Skamania County, Washington, U.S. According to friends, Kelly left her campground in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, stating she was going on a "spiritual quest," removing her clothing and wandering into the forest with only a fanny pack containing knives, matches and a compass. [361]
14 July 2013 Marie-José Benitez 53 Perpignan, France Allison and Marie-José Benitez, a French mother and daughter, disappeared from Perpignan on 14 July 2013. Francisco Benitez, the husband of Marie-José and father of Allison, told police that they had traveled to Toulouse and switched their mobile phones off after a family argument, but no evidence shows that they ever left. Francisco Benitez committed suicide three weeks later after becoming the prime suspect. He was found to have led a double life involving numerous affairs and a mistress of his had disappeared under similarly mysterious circumstances in 2004, as well. [362]
Allison Benitez 19
20 July 2013 Aidin Bozorgi 24 Broad Peak, Pakistan Iranian mountain climbers Aidin Bozorgi, Pouya Keivan, and Mojtaba Jarahi had successfully completed climbing a new route on the Southwest Face of Broad Peak, Pakistan that they had been working on since 2009. The group disappeared on 20 July 2013 and are believed to be dead. [363][364]
Pouya Keivan 24
Mojta Jarahi 27
28 July 2013 Robert Hoagland 50 Newtown, Connecticut, U.S. Hoagland was reportedly last seen mowing the lawn of his home on the morning of 28 July 2013. Earlier that day, he was seen on video buying a road map and fuel for his wife's car at a local gas station. His disappearance was discovered after he failed to pick up his wife when she returned from a trip abroad the following day. [365]
12 August 2013 Tiffany Daniels 25 Pensacola Beach, Florida, U.S. Daniels, a theatre technician at Pensacola State College, left work early on 12 August 2013 after telling her supervisor that she would be taking the rest of the week off, as she had "some things to take care of". She returned to her home briefly afterwards, but was not seen by her housemate, who was on the phone at the time. Eight days later, her car was found in a Pensacola Beach parking lot, with witnesses reporting that they saw a man in red shorts get out of the car and open its tailgate on the day it was found. No other trace of her has been found despite extensive searches, but based on a description of a woman seen at a New Orleans-area restaurant who resembled her and had some similar behaviors, her family believes she was abducted and became a victim of human trafficking. [366]
13 September 2013 Tiffany Whitton 26 Marietta, Georgia, U.S. Early on the morning of 13 September 2013, Whitton, an unemployed drug addict on parole, was stopped for suspected shoplifting just short of the exit of the Marietta, Georgia, Walmart, an encounter recorded by the store's security cameras. She managed to flee, leaving behind her purse and footwear; she has not been seen since. Her family and authorities suspect her boyfriend, currently serving a long prison sentence for drug dealing; he is considered a person of interest in the case. He denies any knowledge of her whereabouts since leaving the store, which he himself left shortly afterwards to look for her, leaving about 20 minutes of his time unaccounted for (although records do confirm his later calls to hospitals and jails to find her). In January 2014, her half brother claimed he had received a phone call from her. [367]
3 November 2013 Carlos Ornelas Puga 35 Jiménez, Tamaulipas, Mexico Puga was kidnapped by who were believed to be organized crime gunmen on 3 November 2013 in Jiménez, Tamaulipas. Four days later, a police team was sent to the area to investigate, but were attacked, leaving three officers wounded by gunfire. He has not been seen since. [368][369]
18 December 2013 Heather Elvis 20 Carolina Forest, South Carolina, U.S. Elvis has not been seen since a date dropped her off at her apartment. A half-hour later, she called her roommate, then visiting her own family in Florida, to tell her that a married older man, with whom she had ended an affair two months earlier, had just called. Her whereabouts since then have not been conclusively established, but cell phone records and video surveillance suggest that she might have spent the next two hours attempting to meet him somewhere in the area; her car was found on the next evening parked oddly at a local boat launch where her phone's last activity had been recorded. Her lover, Sidney Moorer, and his wife Tammy were also implicated; however, murder charges against them were dropped in 2016. He has since been convicted of obstruction of justice and she of kidnapping and conspiracy to kidnap; Sidney's 2016 trial on the kidnapping charge ended in a hung jury. [370]
17 April 2014 Billy Rakchongcharoen Unknown Kaeng Krachan National Park, Thailand Rakchongcharoen, a Karen environmental and community activist, was last seen in Kaeng Krachan National Park. He was arrested at a park checkpoint by park superintendent Chaiwat Limlikitaksorn and four of his men for alleged illegally collecting wild honey in the forest. Three years earlier, in 2011, Rakchongcharoen had filed a lawsuit against Chiwat over the May 2011 destruction and burning of houses, and eviction of over 20 Karen families living in the park's Pong Luk Bang Kloy village, in the Huai Mae Phriang Sub-district of Kaeng Krachan District. No official records of his arrest or detention remain. Following Rakchongcharoen's supposed arrest, he was never seen again. [371][372][373]
8 July 2014 Lars Mittank 28 Varna, Bulgaria Mittank, a German tourist on holiday in Bulgaria, was last seen at Varna Airport on 8 July 2014. He was last seen on security footage entering the airport with all his luggage and later running out of the building in panic, leaving his luggage behind, then jumping over a fence and going into a nearby forest. [374][375]
7 September 2014 Avera Mengistu Unknown Gaza, Palestine Mengistu, an Israeli Ethiopian Jew from Ashkelon, Israel, crossed into Gaza through Zikim beach on 7 September 2014 and has been missing since. [376]
12 September 2014 William Tyrrell 3 Kendall, New South Wales, Australia Tyrrell vanished while playing with his sister in the front yard of their grandmother's house in Kendall, New South Wales, Australia. Although police still regard it as an active case, no trace of the boy has been found. [377]
20 September 2014 Tammy Kingery 37 North Augusta, South Carolina, U.S. Kingery was last seen in her home by her husband before he went out with one of their children to run errands on the morning of 20 September 2014. She had come home early from work claiming she did not feel well, and atypically for her, left behind a note saying she was going for a walk and would return soon. Her purse and phone were left behind, along with her keys, which she would have needed to lock the house, as her husband found it to be upon his return. Police consider her disappearance suspicious. [378]
10 October 2014 Rico Harris 37 Yolo County, California, U.S. A former high-school basketball star and Harlem Globetrotter, Harris was last heard from when he called his girlfriend at their home in Seattle on the morning of 10 October 2014 to tell her he was going to the mountains to rest. At the time, he was north of Sacramento, California, at the midpoint of his drive back to Seattle from a visit to his family near Los Angeles. Four days later, his abandoned car was found at a park along Cache Creek. Video footage and photos on his cell phone suggest that he had arrived there sometime after his last phone call. Several possible sightings of him were reported in the area over the next week and footprints were found near the location of his car that were large enough to belong to the 6-foot-9-inch (206 cm) Harris. [379]
18 March 2015 Lucas Tronche 15 Bagnols-sur-Cèze, France French high-school student Tronche disappeared between his home and a nearby bus stop. He was described as an ordinary teenager with no personal or family issues. He is a nature-lover and boy scout with a good knowledge of outdoor survival, but he did not take any key survival belongings with him. Several alleged sightings were reported in the weeks following his disappearance. The police are still unsure whether he left voluntarily, was the victim of a hit-and-run on the road by the bus stop, or was abducted. [380][381]
21 September 2015 Asha Kreimer 26 Point Arena, California, U.S. Kreimer, an Australian national living with her boyfriend in California, left her table at a restaurant during breakfast on the morning of 21 September 2015 to go to the bathroom. A friend who went there shortly afterwards did not see her; no one has seen her since. [382]
10 May 2016 Charity Aiyedogbon 44 Abuja, Nigeria Aiyedogbon, a Nigerian businesswoman, disappeared mysteriously on 10 May 2016. A Facebook post was made from her account stating she was leaving on a road trip, but no trace of her has been found. [383][384]
19 May 2016 Logan Schiendelman 19 Rochester, Washington, U.S. Schiendelman, a 19-year-old man, disappeared after his vehicle was discovered abandoned on Interstate 5 in Washington. One witness saw his vehicle parked on the interstate shoulder that morning, and noticed a man resembling Schiendelman with two unknown men standing outside. Later that afternoon, Schiendelman's vehicle was seen by multiple witnesses crossing several lanes of traffic (with no apparent driver) before crashing into the center median; one witness reported seeing an unknown man exit the vehicle from the passenger door and run into the woods. Schiendelman's whereabouts remain unknown. [385]
13 July 2016 Kristal Reisinger 29 Crestone, Colorado, U.S. Reisinger, a mother of one, disappeared mysteriously on 13 July 2016 from Crestone, Colorado, and has been missing since. [386]
24 September 2016 Corrie McKeague 23 Bury St Edmunds, England McKeague, a member of the Royal Air Force Regiment, went missing on the morning of 24 September 2016. Despite an extensive search and public appeals, no trace of him has been found. [387]
15 October 2016 Najeeb Ahmed 27 New Delhi, India Ahmed, a first-year biotechnology master's student from Jawaharlal Nehru University, disappeared under suspicious circumstances from his college campus and has not been seen since. [388][389]
8 August 2017 Zelim Bakaev 25 Grozny, Chechnya Russian Chechen singer Bakaev disappeared in Chechnya while on a brief visit to the region to attend his sister's wedding. He is widely believed to have been abducted, tortured, and murdered by the Chechen authorities as part of their systematic persecution of homosexuals. [390]
2018 Anastácio Alves 54–55 Switzerland Alves, a Roman Catholic priest who exercised ecclesiastical functions in the Portuguese Parish of Gentilly, Val-de-Marne, from 2012 until 2018, before being removed from office on June that year by the Bishop of Funchal due to alleged child abuse practices. [391]
7 March 2018 Georgina Gharsallah 30 Worthing, West Sussex, England Georgina Gharsallah was last seen in her home town of Worthing on 7 March 2018. She was reported missing to Sussex Police on 17 March 2018 and the major crime team took over the investigation on 26 March. Two men were arrested on suspicion of murder after her disappearance, but were later released with no further action. In August 2019 Sussex police announced they were treating her disappearance as a homicide case. [392][393]
7 April 2018 Karl-Erivan Haub 58 Swiss Alps, Switzerland The German-American son and heir of billionaire businessman Erivan Haub and leader of Tengelmann Group went skiing at the Matterhorn in Switzerland on 7 April 2018 alone and did not return. [394]
December 2018 Surachai Danwattananusorn 75 Vientiane, Laos Thai political activist and former political prisoner Surachai was the last communist to be pardoned in Thailand and has been in exile in Laos since the 2014 Thai coup d'état. His spouse last heard from him in December 2018 when he was in Vientiane. The bodies of two of his aides were found in the Mekong later that month. [395]

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