List of pastoral leases in Western Australia

Pastoral leases in Western Australia are increasingly known as "stations", and more particular – as either sheep stations or cattle stations. They are usually found in country that is designated as rangeland. In 2013 there were a total of 527 pastoral leases in Western Australia.[1][2] And all leases were put up for renewal or surrender in 2015.[3]

Stations/pastoral leases are a significant part of Western Australian history. At different stages inquiries, pleas for extensions of lease times[4] and royal commissions[5] have been made into the industry.[6]

Nearly 90 million hectares or 36% of the area of Western Australia are covered by these stations.[7][8] Despite the very low population involved in general management of stations, significant numbers of seasonal workers (shearers and others) have moved through the sheep stations to shear for wool. Also more recently stations have been used as holding places of feral goats for export and meat production.


The current administration of leases is conducted by the appointed Minister for Lands of the day and the Pastoral Lands Board of Western Australia, which succeeded the Pastoral Board after changes to the Land Act of 1933 (repealed) and the new Land Administration Act of 1997.[9] Further current policies and details of governance are updated within publications and websites administered by the Pastoral Lands Board.[10]

In 2006 the Pastoral Lands Board within the Department of Planning and Infrastructure produced a 24-page pamphlet,[11] which although appearing to be dealing with Outback issues, deals mainly with the process of accessing pastoral leases in Western Australia. The significant distances between stations and points of transport have seen droving or "stock routes" created in the past, such as the Canning Stock Route. Also the rail route to Meekatharra can be seen as a means of reaching into the station country to facilitate stock transport.


The list that follows is from various sources – abandoned, amalgamated, relinquished, and historical (no longer current) leases may be in the list.

The list includes the local government, and regional locations – for more specific locating of the stations, the Travellers Atlas of Western Australia map identifies all current pastoral leases.[12]


Name of pastoral lease Region LGA
Abydos Pilbara East Pilbara
Adelong Goldfields-Esperance Menzies
Albion Downs Murchison Wiluna
Alice Downs Kimberley Halls Creek
Andover Pilbara Karratha
Anna Plains Kimberley Broome
Annean Murchison Meekatharra
Arcoona Goldfields-Esperance Menzies (former, 1985)
Argyle Downs Kimberley Wyndham-East Kimberley
Arizona Kimberley Halls Creek
Arrino Great Southern Gnowangerup
Arubiddy Goldfields-Esperance Dundas
Ashburton Downs Pilbara Ashburton
Atley Murchison Sandstone
Austin Downs Murchison Cue
Avoca Downs Goldfields-Esperance Kalgoorlie-Boulder (C)
Badja Murchison Yalgoo
Balfour Downs Pilbara East Pilbara
Balgair Goldfields-Esperance Kalgoorlie-Boulder
Bali Goldfields-Esperance Coolgardie
Balla Balla Pilbara Ashburton
Balline Murchison Northampton
Ballythunna Murchison Murchison
Balmoral Pilbara Karratha
Bamboo Springs Pilbara East Pilbara
Bandya Goldfields-Esperance Laverton
Banjawarn Goldfields-Esperance Leonora
Barnong Murchison Yalgoo
Barrambie Murchison Sandstone
Barton Plains Kimberley Wyndham-East Kimberley
Barwidgee Murchison Wiluna
Bedford Downs Kimberley Halls Creek
Beebyn Murchison Cue
Belele Murchison Meekatharra
Beringarra Murchison Murchison
Beyondie Murchison Meekatharra
Bidgemia Gascoyne Upper Gascoyne
Billabalong Murchison Yalgoo
Billiluna Kimberley Halls Creek
Billinnooka Pilbara East Pilbara
Binthalya Gascoyne Carnarvon
Black Flag Goldfields-Esperance Kalgoorlie-Boulder (C)
Black Hill Murchison Sandstone
Black Range Murchison Sandstone
Bohemia Downs Kimberley Halls Creek
Bonney Downs Pilbara East Pilbara
Booanya Goldfields-Esperance Dundas
Boodanoo Murchison Mount Magnet
Boodarie Pilbara Port Hedland (T)
Boogardie Murchison Mount Magnet
Boolaloo Pilbara Ashburton
Boolardy Murchison Murchison
Boolathana Gascoyne Carnarvon
Boonderoo Goldfields-Esperance City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder
Booylgoo Spring Murchison Sandstone
Bow River Kimberley Wyndham-East Kimberley
Bow River Murchison Northampton
Braeside Pilbara East Pilbara
Brick House Gascoyne Carnarvon
Brooking Springs Kimberley Derby-West Kimberley
Bryah Murchison Meekatharra
Bulga Downs Murchison Sandstone
Bullabulling Goldfields-Esperance Coolgardie
Bullara Pilbara Ashburton
Bullardoo Murchison Greater Geraldton
Bulloo Downs Murchison Meekatharra
Bundarra Goldfields-Esperance Leonora
Bunnawarra Murchison Yalgoo
Burkes Park Kimberley Halls Creek
Burnabbie Goldfields-Esperance Dundas
Burra Rock Goldfields-Esperance Coolgardie
Buttah Murchison Meekatharra
Byro Murchison Murchison
Callagiddy Gascoyne Carnarvon
Callawa Pilbara East Pilbara
Callytharra Springs Gascoyne Carnarvon
Calooli Goldfields-Esperance Coolgardie
Cane River Pilbara Ashburton
Carbla Gascoyne Shark Bay
Carbine Goldfields-Esperance Coolgardie
Cardabia Gascoyne Carnarvon
Carey Downs Gascoyne Upper Gascoyne
Carlaminda Murchison Yalgoo
Carlindi Pilbara East Pilbara
Carlton Hill Kimberley Wyndham-East Kimberley
Carnegie Goldfields-Esperance Wiluna
Carnot Kimberley Broome
Carranya Kimberley Halls Creek
Carrarang Gascoyne Shark Bay
Carson River Kimberley Wyndham-East Kimberley
Cashmere Downs Murchison Sandstone
Challa Midwest Mount Magnet
Charnley River Kimberley Wyndham-East Kimberley
Cherrabun Kimberley Derby-West Kimberley
Cherratta Pilbara Karratha
Chilimony Murchison Northampton
Chirritta Pilbara Karratha
Christmas Creek Kimberley Halls Creek
Clifton Downs Gascoyne Upper Gascoyne
Clover Downs Goldfields-Esperance Leonora
Cobra Gascoyne Upper Gascoyne
Coburn Gascoyne Shark Bay
Cogla Downs Murchison Sandstone
Cooalya Gascoyne Carnarvon
Coodardy Murchison Cue
Coolawanyah Pilbara Ashburton
Coolcalalaya Murchison Northampton
Cooloomia Gascoyne Shark Bay
Coonana Goldfields-Esperance Kalgoorlie-Boulder (C)
Coongan Pilbara East Pilbara
Cooralya Gascoyne Carnarvon
Coordewandy Gascoyne Upper Gascoyne
Cooya Pooya Pilbara Karratha
Corunna Downs Pilbara East Pilbara
Country Downs Kimberley Broome
Cowarna Downs Goldfields-Esperance Kalgoorlie-Boulder (C)
Credo Goldfields-Esperance Coolgardie
Croydon Pilbara Karratha
Culculli Murchison Cue
Cunyu Murchison Wiluna
Curbur Murchison Murchison


Name of pastoral lease Region LGA
Dairy Creek Gascoyne Upper Gascoyne
Dalgaranga Murchison Yalgoo
Dalgety Downs Gascoyne Upper Gascoyne
Dampier Downs Kimberley Broome
Dandaraga Murchison Sandstone
Daniels Well Pilbara Ashburton
Davyhurst Goldfields-Esperance Menzies (former, 1985)
De Grey Pilbara Port Hedland (T)
Deepdale Pilbara Ashburton
Denham Kimberley Wyndham-East Kimberley
Depot Springs Murchison Sandstone
Desdemona Goldfields-Esperance Leonora
Diamond Well Murchison Meekatharra
Dirk Hartog Gascoyne Shark Bay
Dooley Downs Gascoyne Upper Gascoyne
Doolgunna Murchison Meekatharra
Doon Doon Kimberley Wyndham-East Kimberley
Doongan Kimberley Halls Creek
Doorawarrah Gascoyne Carnarvon
Drysdale River Kimberley Wyndham-East Kimberley
Duck Creek Pilbara Ashburton
Durack River Kimberley Wyndham-East Kimberley
Earaheedy Murchison Wiluna
Edaggee Gascoyne Carnarvon
Edah Murchison Yalgoo
Edjudina Goldfields-Esperance Menzies
Edmund Gascoyne Upper Gascoyne
Eel Creek Pilbara East Pilbara
Eginbah Pilbara East Pilbara
El Questro Kimberley Wyndham-East Kimberley
Elgee Cliffs Kimberley Halls Creek
Ellavalla Gascoyne Carnarvon
Ellenbrae Kimberley Wyndham-East Kimberley
Elliott Creek Gascoyne Upper Gascoyne
Elvire Kimberley Halls Creek
Emu Creek Pilbara Exmouth
Erlistoun Goldfields-Esperance Laverton
Erong Springs Gascoyne Upper Gascoyne
Errabiddy Gascoyne Upper Gascoyne
Ethel Creek Pilbara East Pilbara
Ettrick Pilbara East Pilbara
Eudamullah Gascoyne Upper Gascoyne
Eurardy Murchison Northampton
Exmouth Gulf Pilbara Exmouth
Faure Gascoyne Shark Bay
First King Goldfields-Esperance Dundas
Flora Valley Kimberley Halls Creek
Fossil Downs Kimberley Derby-West Kimberley
Fox River Kimberley Halls Creek
Fraser Range Goldfields-Esperance Dundas
Frazier Downs Kimberley Broome
Frog Hollow Kimberley Wyndham-East Kimberley
Gabyon Murchison Yalgoo
Gibb River Kimberley Wyndham-East Kimberley
Gidgee Murchison Wiluna
Gifford Creek Gascoyne Upper Gascoyne
Gilroyd Gascoyne Shark Bay
Gindalbie Goldfields-Esperance Kalgoorlie-Boulder (C)
Ginrock Goldfields-Esperance Menzies
Giralia Gascoyne Shire of Exmouth
Glen Murchison Cue
Glenflorrie Pilbara Ashburton
Glen Hill Kimberley Wyndham-East Kimberley
Glenayle Murchison Wiluna
Glenburgh Gascoyne Upper Gascoyne
Glenorn Goldfields-Esperance Leonora
Glenroy Pilbara Ashburton
Glenroy Kimberley Derby-West Kimberley
Globe Hill Pilbara Ashburton
Gnaraloo Gascoyne Carnarvon
Gogo Kimberley Halls Creek
Goodingnow Murchison Yalgoo
Goongarrie Goldfields-Esperance Menzies
Goose Hill Kimberley Wyndham-East Kimberley
Gordon Downs Kimberley Halls Creek
Granite Peak Murchison Wiluna
Greenvale Kimberley Wyndham-East Kimberley
Hamelin Gascoyne Shark Bay
Hamersley Pilbara Ashburton
Harding River Pilbara Ashburton
Hill Kimberley Broome
Hill Springs Gascoyne Carnarvon
Hill View Murchison Meekatharra
Hillside Pilbara East Pilbara
Home Valley Kimberley Wyndham-East Kimberley
Hooley Pilbara Ashburton
How Mah Kimberley Broome
Hy Brazil Murchison Mount Magnet
Ida Valley Goldfields-Esperance Menzies
Ilgarari Murchison Meekatharra
Illawarra Goldfields-Esperance Menzies
Indee Pilbara Port Hedland (T)
Inglewood Murchison Sandstone
Innouendy Murchison Murchison
Iona Murchison Mount Magnet
Ivanhoe Kimberley Wyndham-East Kimberley
Jaurdi Goldfields-Esperance Coolgardie
Jimba Jimba Gascoyne Upper Gascoyne
Jimberlana Goldfields-Esperance Dundas
Jimblebar Murchison Meekatharra
Jingemarra Murchison Yalgoo
Juna Downs Pilbara Ashburton
Jundee Murchison Wiluna


Name of pastoral lease Region LGA
Kadji Kadji Murchison Morawa
Kalli Murchison Murchison
Kalumburu Kimberley Wyndham-East Kimberley
Kanandah Goldfields-Esperance City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder
Kangan Pilbara East Pilbara
Kangiangi Pilbara Ashburton
Karara Murchison Perenjori
Karbar Murchison Cue
Karunjie Kimberley Wyndham-East Kimberley
Kathleen Valley Goldfields-Esperance Leonora
Kennedy Range Gascoyne Carnarvon
Killara Murchison Meekatharra
Kilto Kimberley Broome
Kimberley Downs Kimberley Derby-West Kimberley
Kinclaven Goldfields-Esperance City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder
Kirkalocka Murchison Mount Magnet
Kookynie Goldfields-Esperance Menzies
Kooline Pilbara Ashburton
Koongie Park Kimberley Halls Creek
Koonmarra Murchison Meekatharra
Koordarrie Pilbara Ashburton
Korong Goldfields-Esperance Laverton
Kumarina Murchison Meekatharra
Kurrajong Goldfields-Esperance Leonora
Kyarra Murchison Cue
Kybo Goldfields-Esperance City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder


Name of pastoral lease Region LGA
Lake Barlee Murchison Sandstone
Lake Mason Murchison Sandstone
Lake Nerramyne Murchison Greater Geraldton
Lake Violet Murchison Wiluna
Lake Way Murchison Wiluna
Lake Wells Goldfields-Esperance Laverton
Lakeside Murchison Cue
Lalla Rookh Pilbara East Pilbara
Lamboo Kimberley Hals Creek
Landor Gascoyne Upper Gascoyne
Lansdowne Kimberley Halls Creek
Larranganni Kimberley Halls Creek
Laverton Downs Goldfields-Esperance Laverton
Leinster Downs Goldfields-Esperance Leonora
Leopold Downs Kimberley Halls Creek
Lewis Creek Kimberley Halls Creek
Limestone Pilbara East Pilbara
Lissadell Kimberley Wyndham-East Kimberley
Liveringa Kimberley Derby-West Kimberley
Lochada Murchison Perenjori
Lorna Glen Murchison Wiluna
Louisa Downs Kimberley Halls Creek
Lyndon Gascoyne Carnarvon
Lynton Murchison Northampton
Lyons River Gascoyne Upper Gascoyne


Name of pastoral lease Region LGA
Mabel Downs Kimberley Halls Creek
Madoonga Murchison Cue
Madoonia Downs Goldfields-Esperance Coolgardie
Madura Goldfields-Esperance Dundas
Mallina Pilbara Karratha
Manberry Gascoyne Carnarvon
Mandora Kimberley Broome
Manfred Murchison Murchison
Mangaroon Gascoyne Upper Gascoyne
Maranalgo Murchison Yalgoo
Mardathuna Gascoyne Carnarvon
Mardie Pilbara Karratha
Margaret River Kimberley Halls Creek
Marillana Pilbara East Pilbara
Marion Downs Kimberley Wyndham-East Kimberley
Maroonah Pilbara Ashburton
Marrilla Gascoyne Carnarvon
Marron Gascoyne Carnarvon
Mary Springs Murchison Northampton
Marymia Murchison Meekatharra
Meadow Gascoyne Shark Bay
Meda Kimberley Derby-West Kimberley
Meeberrie Murchison Murchison
Meedo Gascoyne Carnarvon
Meeline Murchison Mount Magnet
Meeragoolia Gascoyne Carnarvon
Meka Murchison Yalgoo
Melangata Murchison Yalgoo
Melita Goldfields-Esperance Leonora
Mellenbye Murchison Yalgoo
Melrose Goldfields-Esperance Leonora
Menangina Goldfields-Esperance Menzies
Menangina South Goldfields-Esperance Menzies
Merlinleigh Gascoyne Upper Gascoyne
Merolia Goldfields-Esperance Laverton
Mertondale Goldfields-Esperance Leonora
Mia Mia Gascoyne Carnarvon
Middalya Gascoyne Carnarvon
Mileura Murchison Murchison
Milgun Murchison Meekatharra
Millbillillee Murchison Wiluna
Millijidee Kimberley Derby-West Kimberley
Millrose Murchison Wiluna
Millstream Pilbara Ashburton
Milly Milly Murchison Murchison
Minara Goldfields-Esperance Leonora
Minderoo Pilbara Ashburton
Mingah Springs Murchison Meekatharra
Minilya Gascoyne Carnarvon
Minnie Creek Gascoyne Upper Gascoyne
Mitchell River Kimberley Wyndham-East Kimberley
Moogooree Gascoyne Carnarvon
Mooka Gascoyne Carnarvon
Moola Bulla Kimberley Halls Creek
Mooloo Downs Gascoyne Upper Gascoyne
Mooloogool Murchison Meekatharra
Moonera Goldfields-Esperance Dundas
Moopina Goldfields-Esperance Dundas
Moorarie Murchison Meekatharra
Mornington Kimberley Derby-West Kimberley
Mount Amherst Kimberley Halls Creek
Mount Anderson Kimberley Derby-West Kimberley
Mount Augustus Gascoyne Upper Gascoyne
Mount Barnett Kimberley Shire of Derby-West Kimberley
Mount Brockman Pilbara Ashburton
Mount Burges Goldfields-Esperance Coolgardie
Mount Carnage Goldfields-Esperance Kalgoorlie-Boulder
Mount Celia Goldfields-Esperance Menzies
Mount Clere Gascoyne Upper Gascoyne
Mount Divide Pilbara East Pilbara
Mount Edgar Pilbara East Pilbara
Mount Elizabeth Kimberley Wyndham-East Kimberley
Mount Elvire Goldfields-Esperance Shire of Menzies
Mount Farmer Murchison Mount Magnet
Mount Florence Pilbara Ashburton
Mount Gibson Murchison Yalgoo
Mount Gould Murchison Meekatharra
Mount Hale Murchison Meekatharra
Mount Hardman Kimberley Derby-West Kimberley
Mount Hart Kimberley Derby-West Kimberley
Mount House Kimberley Derby-West Kimberley
Mount Jackson Goldfields-Esperance Yilgarn
Mount James Gascoyne Upper Gascoyne
Mount Jowlaenga Kimberley Broome
Mount Keith Murchison Wiluna
Mount Minnie Pilbara Ashburton
Mount Monger Goldfields-Esperance Kalgoorlie-Boulder
Mount Narryer Murchison Murchison
Mount Newman Pilbara East Pilbara
Mount Padbury Murchison Meekatharra
Mount Phillips Gascoyne Upper Gascoyne
Mount Pierre Kimberley Derby-West Kimberley
Mount Remarkable Goldfields-Esperance Menzies
Mount Sandiman Gascoyne Upper Gascoyne
Mount Satirist Pilbara Port Hedland
Mount Seabrook Murchison Meekatharra
Mount Stuart Pilbara Ashburton
Mount Vernon Murchison Meekatharra
Mount Vetters Goldfields-Esperance Kalgoorlie-Boulder
Mount View Murchison Northampton
Mount Welcome Pilbara Karratha
Mount Weld Goldfields-Esperance Laverton
Mount Windarra Goldfields-Esperance Laverton
Mount Wittenoom Murchison Murchison
Muccan Pilbara East Pilbara
Muggon Murchison Murchison
Mulga Downs Pilbara Ashburton
Mulgul Murchison Meekatharra
Mulyie Pilbara East Pilbara
Mumbinia Murchison Mount Magnet
Mundabullangana Pilbara Port Hedland
Mundrabilla Goldfields-Esperance Dundas
Mungari Goldfields-Esperance Coolgardie
Munglinup Goldfields-Esperance Ravensthorpe
Muralgarra Murchison Yalgoo
Murchison Downs Murchison Meekatharra
Murchison House Murchison Northampton
Murgoo Murchison Murchison
Murrum Murchison Mount Magnet
Myroodah Kimberley Derby-West Kimberley


Name of pastoral lease Region LGA
Nalbarra Murchison Mount Magnet
Nallan Murchison Cue
Nambi Goldfields-Esperance Leonora
Nanambinia Goldfields-Esperance Dundas
Nanga Gascoyne Shark Bay
Nangetty Murchison Mingenew
Nanutarra Pilbara Ashburton
Napier Downs Kimberley Derby-West Kimberley
Narloo Murchison Yalgoo
Narndee Murchison Mount Magnet
Narracoota Murchison Meekatharra
Neds Creek Murchison Meekatharra
Nerren Nerren Gascoyne Shark Bay
New Forest Murchison Murchison
New Springs Murchison Meekatharra
Nicholson Kimberley Halls Creek
Nimingarra Pilbara East Pilbara
Ningaloo Gascoyne Exmouth
Ningbing Kimberley Wyndham-East Kimberley
Ninghan Murchison Yalgoo
Nita Downs Kimberley Broome
Nookawarra Murchison Murchison
Noondie Murchison Murchison
Noongal Murchison Yalgoo
Noondoonia Goldfields-Esperance Dundas
Noonkanbah Kimberley Derby-West Kimberley
Noreena Downs Pilbara East Pilbara
Norie Murchison Meekatharra
Nyang Pilbara Ashburton
Ord River Kimberley Halls Creek
Osmond Valley Kimberley Halls Creek
Oudabunna Murchison Yalgoo
Pantijan Kimberley Wyndham-East Kimberley
Pardoo Pilbara East Pilbara
Paroo Murchison Meekatharra
Peedamulla Pilbara Ashburton
Pentecost Downs Kimberley Wyndham-East Kimberley
Perkolilli Goldfields-Esperance Kalgoorlie-Boulder
Peron Gascoyne Shark Bay
Perrinvale Goldfields-Esperance Menzies
Phillips Range Kimberley Halls Creek
Piarri Kimberley Wyndham-East Kimberley
Pilga Pilbara East Pilbara
Pimbee Gascoyne Carnarvon
Pindabunna Murchison Yalgoo
Pindathuna Murchison Yalgoo
Pinegrove Murchison Greater Geraldton
Pingandy Gascoyne Upper Gascoyne
Pinnacles Goldfields-Esperance Leonora
Pippingarra Pilbara Port Hedland
Prairie Downs Murchison Meekatharra
Premier Downs Goldfields-Esperance Kalgoorlie-Boulder
Prenti Downs Murchison Wiluna
Pullagaroo Murchison Yalgoo
Pyramid Pilbara Karratha


Name of pastoral lease Region LGA
Quanbun Kimberley Shire of Derby-West Kimberley
Quobba Gascoyne Carnarvon
Quondong Downs Kimberley Broome
Rawlinna Goldfields-Esperance Kalgoorlie-Boulder
Red Hill Pilbara Ashburton
Riverdale Pilbara Port Hedland
Riverina Goldfields-Esperance Menzies
Robertson Range Pilbara East Pilbara
Rockhole Kimberley Halls Creek
Rocklea Pilbara Ashburton
Roebuck Plains Kimberley Broome
Rosewood Kimberley Wyndham-East Kimberley
Roy Hill Pilbara East Pilbara
Ruby Plains Kimberley Halls Creek
Saunders Creek Kimberley Halls Creek
Seemore Downs Goldfields-Esperance Kalgoorlie-Boulder
Shaw River Pilbara Port Hedland
Sherlock Pilbara Karratha
Sophie Downs Kimberley Halls Creek
Southern Hills Goldfields-Esperance Dundas
Speewah Kimberley Wyndham-East Kimberley
Spring Creek Kimberley Wyndham-East Kimberley
Springvale Kimberley Halls Creek
Strelley Pilbara Port Hedland
Sturt Creek Kimberley Halls Creek
Sturt Meadows Goldfields-Esperance Leonora
Sylvania Murchison Meekatharra
Tabba Tabba Pilbara East Pilbara
Tableland Kimberley Halls Creek
Taincrow Murchison Cue
Talga Talga Pilbara East Pilbara
Talisker Gascoyne Shark Bay
Tallering Murchison Murchison
Tamala Gascoyne Shark Bay
Tambrey Pilbara Ashburton
Tangadee Murchison Meekatharra
Tardie Murchison Yalgoo
Tarmoola Goldfields-Esperance Leonora
Texas Downs Kimberley Halls Creek
Thangoo Kimberley Broome
Theda Kimberley Wyndham-East Kimberley
Three Rivers Murchison Meekatharra
Thundelarra Murchison Yalgoo
Tibradden Murchison Greenough
Tickalara Kimberley Halls Creek
Towera Pilbara Ashburton
Towrana Gascoyne Upper Gascoyne
Turee Creek Pilbara Meekatharra
Turner Kimberley Halls Creek
Twin Peaks Murchison Murchison


Name of pastoral lease Region LGA
Uaroo Pilbara Ashburton
Ullawarra Pilbara Ashburton
Urala Pilbara Ashburton
Urawa Murchison Greater Geraldton
Wagga Wagga Murchison Yalgoo
Wahroonga Gascoyne Carnarvon
Waldburg Gascoyne Upper Gascoyne
Walgun Pilbara East Pilbara
Wallal Downs Kimberley Broome
Wallareenya Pilbara Port Hedland (T)
Walling Rock Goldfields-Esperance Menzies
Wandagee Gascoyne Carnarvon
Wandarrie Murchison Mount Magnet
Wandina Murchison Mullewa
Wanna Gascoyne Upper Gascoyne
Wanteen Goldfields-Esperance Dundas
Warambie Pilbara Karratha
Warralong Pilbara East Pilbara
Warrawagine Pilbara East Pilbara
Warriedar Murchison Yalgoo
Warroora Gascoyne Carnarvon
Waterbank Kimberley Broome
Weebo Goldfields-Esperance Leonora
Weedarra Gascoyne Upper Gascoyne
Weelarrana Murchison Meekatharra
Weld Range Murchison Cue
White Cliffs Goldfields-Esperance Laverton
White Springs Pilbara East Pilbara
Williambury Gascoyne Carnarvon
Winderie Gascoyne Upper Gascoyne
Windidda Murchison Wiluna
Windimurra Murchison Sandstone
Windsor Murchison Mount Magnet
Winning Gascoyne Carnarvon
Wogarno Murchison Mount Magnet
Wondinong Murchison Mount Magnet
Wonganoo Murchison Wiluna
Wongawol Murchison Wiluna
Woodlands Murchison Meekatharra
Woodleigh Gascoyne Shark Bay
Woodstock Pilbara East Pilbara
Wooleen Murchison Murchison
Woolgorong Murchison Mullewa
Woolibar Goldfields-Esperance Coolgardie
Woolyeenyer Goldfields-Esperance Dundas
Wooramel Gascoyne Carnarvon
Woorlba Goldfields-Esperance Dundas
Woyyo Gascoyne Carnarvon
Wydgee Murchison Yalgoo
Wyloo Pilbara Ashburton
Wynyangoo Murchison Mount Magnet
Yakabindie Goldfields-Esperance Leonora
Yalardy Gascoyne Shark Bay
Yalbalgo Gascoyne Carnarvon
Yalbra Gascoyne Upper Gascoyne
Yallalong Murchison Murchison
Yalleen Pilbara Ashburton
Yalobia Gascoyne Carnarvon
Yaloginda Murchison Meekatharra
Yamarna Goldfields-Esperance Laverton
Yandal Goldfields-Esperance Leonora
Yandeyarra Pilbara Port Hedland (T)
Yandi Murchison Northampton
Yanrey Pilbara Ashburton
Yaramin Kimberley Halls Creek
Yardie Creek Gascoyne Exmouth
Yaringa Gascoyne Carnarvon
Yarlarweelor Murchison Meekatharra
Yarrabubba Murchison Meekatharra
Yarragadee Murchison Mingenew
Yarraloola Pilbara Ashburton
Yarraquin Murchison Cue
Yarrie Pilbara East Pilbara
Yeeda Kimberley Derby-West Kimberley
Yeelirrie Murchison Wiluna
Yelma Murchison Wiluna
Yerilla Goldfields-Esperance Menzies
Yinnetharra Gascoyne Upper Gascoyne
Yoothapina Murchison Meekatharra
Youangarra Murchison Sandstone
Youanmi Downs Murchison Sandstone
Yougga Walla Kimberley Halls Creek
Young River Goldfields-Esperance Dundas
Youno Downs Murchison Wiluna
Yoweragabbie Murchison Mount Magnet
Yuin Murchison Murchison
Yuinmery Murchison Sandstone
Yundamindera Goldfields-Esperance Leonora

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Atlas/map referencesEdit

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Further readingEdit

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