List of operas by Joseph Haydn

Joseph Haydn is not primarily remembered as a composer of opera, yet the genre occupied a great deal of his time. During the 1770s and 1780s, Haydn ran an opera troupe on behalf of his employer, Prince Nikolaus Esterházy, which put on up to 150 performances per year. A number of the operas were Haydn's own work. Haydn's operas are only occasionally performed today.

The list is arranged chronologically and divided by career stage.

Composed as a freelance musicianEdit

  • 1753: Der krumme Teufel, Hob. 29/1a, Singspiel (libretto by Joseph von Kurz), composed during Haydn's time as a freelance musician. Now lost.

Composed during Haydn's service for the Eszterházy familyEdit

Date Title Hob. Genre Sub­divisions Libretto
1762 La marchesa nespola 30/1 comedia
revised 1773/1774
Acide e Galatea 28/1 festa teatrale 1 act Giovanni Ambrogio Migliavacca
1766 La canterina (The Songstress) 28/2 intermezzo in musica 2 acts
1768 Lo speziale (The Apothecary) 28/3 dramma giocoso 3 acts Carlo Goldoni, revised by Carl Friberth?
1770 Le pescatrici (The Fishwives) 28/4 dramma giocoso 3 acts Carlo Goldoni, revised by Carl Friberth?
1773 L'infedeltà delusa (Deceit Outwitted) 28/5 burletta per musica 2 acts Marco Coltellini, revised by Carl Friberth?
1773 Philemon und Baucis 29b/2 Singspiel 1 act Gottlieb Konrad Pfeffel
1775 L'incontro improvviso (The Unexpected Encounter) 28/6 dramma giocoso 3 acts Carl Friberth, after L H Dancourt's La rencontre imprévue
1775 Die Feuersbrunst, oder Das abgebrannte Haus (The Conflagration, or the Burned House) 29b/A Singspiel for marionettes 2 acts
1777 Il mondo della luna (The World on the Moon) 28/7 dramma giocoso 3 acts Carlo Goldoni
revised 1785
La vera costanza (True Constancy) 28/8 dramma giocoso 3 acts Francesco Puttini
1779 L'isola disabitata (The Deserted Island) 28/9 azione teatrale 2 parts Metastasio
1781 La fedeltà premiata (Fidelity Rewarded) 28/10 dramma giocoso 3 acts after Giambattista's Lorenzi's L'infedeltà fedele
1782 Orlando paladino (The Paladin Orlando) 28/11 dramma eroicomico 3 acts Nunziato Porta, based on Carlo Francesco Badini's Le pazzie d'Orlando, after Ludovico Ariosto's Orlando furioso
1784 Armida 28/12 dramma eroico 3 acts after Torquato Tasso's Gerusalemme liberata

Composed for the first London journeyEdit


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