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List of oldest Major League Baseball players

Jack Quinn in 1919

This is a list of the oldest Major League Baseball (MLB) players, with their last season in parentheses. Only baseball players who played at least one game when they were older than 45 are included on the list. Active are players in bold type.


Oldest players in the regular seasonEdit

Jamie Moyer signing autographs
Roger Clemens with Astros


Position players

Note: Paige, O'Leary, O'Rourke, Jennings, Street, McGuire and Evers each made one token major league appearance years (or even decades) after their careers had otherwise ended. The careers of Altrock, Miñoso and Latham had also effectively ended many years before their final major league appearances, though each were brought back for token appearances several times (spanning several seasons) before their final game. Julio Franco is the oldest position player to appear regularly.

Oldest players in the postseasonEdit

Player Team Postseason Age
Jack Quinn Philadelphia Athletics 1930 World Series 47 years, 95 days
Jack Quinn Philadelphia Athletics 1929 World Series 46 years, 103 days
Jamie Moyer Philadelphia Phillies 2008 World Series 45 years, 342 days
Roger Clemens New York Yankees 2007 ALDS 45 years, 64 days
Jamie Moyer Philadelphia Phillies 2007 NLDS 44 years, 322 days
Sam Rice Washington Senators 1933 World Series 43 years, 226 days
Phil Niekro Atlanta Braves 1982 NLCS 43 years, 191 days
David Wells San Diego Padres 2006 NLDS 43 years, 138 days
Roger Clemens Houston Astros 2005 World Series 43 years, 79 days
Randy Johnson New York Yankees 2006 ALDS 43 years, 31 days
  • Note: Phil Niekro's start came in the first game of the 1982 NLCS. However, with the Braves leading the St. Louis Cardinals 1–0, the game was delayed on account of rain. When the rain did not clear, the game was called three outs before it could be considered official, and was restarted the following night with Braves pitcher Pascual Pérez getting the start. The Braves would lose the game 7–0. [3]

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  1. ^ Oldest pitcher to appear regularly; made 14 appearance as a reliever in his final season before his career ended on July 7, 1933, 6 days after turning 50
  2. ^ Oldest pitcher to log over 100 innings in a season. Quinn pitched 87 innings as a 48-year-old, and Moyer pitched 53​23 innings at 49.
  3. ^

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