List of nobles and magnates within Scandinavia in the 13th century

The general trend of Scandinavian nobility seems to be that there were comparatively few large magnates and generally most had connections to the royalty. The sources on nobility in 13th century Scandinavia are, at least in the English language, few and far between when compared to other regions but there is still enough to get a good idea of the general composition. It also appears that lords had less control over the peasantry in many cases.[1] This is probably partially due to the large nature of the countries which gave ample land for semi-independent farmers.[2]


Kings of DenmarkEdit

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Canute VI
(Knud 6.)
  c. 1163
eldest son of Valdemar I and Sophia of Minsk
Gertrude of Bavaria
February 1177
Lund Cathedral
no issue
12 November 1202
aged 38–39
Valdemar II the Victorious
(Valdemar Sejr)
9 May/28 June 1170
second son of Valdemar I and Sophia of Minsk
(1) Dagmar of Bohemia
c. 1205
one son
(2) Berengaria of Portugal
18/24 May 1214
four children
28 March 1241
Vordingborg Castle
aged 70
Valdemar the Young
(Valdemar den Unge)
c. 1209
only son of Valdemar II and Dagmar of Bohemia
Eleanor of Portugal
24 June 1229
Ribe Cathedral
one child
28 November 1231
aged 21–22
Eric IV Ploughpenny
(Erik Plovpenning)
  c. 1216
eldest son of Valdemar II and Berengaria of Portugal
Jutta of Saxony
17 November 1239
six children
9 August 1250
on the Schlei
aged 33–34
1 November
1250 – 1252
c. 1218
second son of Valdemar II and Berengaria of Portugal
Matilda of Holstein
25 April 1237
Schleswig Cathedral
four children
29 June 1252
aged 33–34
Christopher I
(Christoffer 1.)
25 December
1252 – 1259
c. 1219
third son of Valdemar II and Berengaria of Portugal
Margaret Sambiria
c. 1248
five children
29 May 1259
aged 39–40
Eric V Klipping
(Erik Klipping)
  c. 1249
eldest son of Christopher I and Margaret Sambiria
Agnes of Brandenburg
11 November 1273
Schleswig Cathedral
seven children
22 November 1286
aged 36–37
Eric VI Menved
(Erik Menved)
  c. 1274
eldest son of Eric V and Agnes of Brandenburg
Ingeborg of Sweden
June 1296
Kärnan Castle
fourteen children
13 November 1319
aged 44–45

Kings of NorwayEdit

Name Portrait Birth Marriage Death
Sverre Sigurdsson
  c. 1151
Alleged illegitimate son of Sigurd II and Gunnhild
Margaret of Sweden
9 March 1202
aged 50–51
Inge II Bårdsson
c. 1185
son of Bård Guttormsson and Cecilia Sigurdsdatter
never married 23 April 1217
aged 31–32
Haakon IV Haakonsson
Haakon the Old
  c. 1204
illegitimate son of Haakon III and Inga of Varteig
Margaret Skulesdatter
25 May 1225
four children
16 December 1263
aged 58–59
Haakon Haakonsson
Haakon the Young
  10 November 1232
second son of Haakon IV and Margaret Skulesdatter
Rikissa Birgersdotter
c. 1251
one son
5 May 1257
aged 24
Magnus VI Haakonsson
Magnus the Law-mender
  1 May 1238
third son of Haakon IV and Margaret Skulesdatter
Ingeborg of Denmark
11 September 1261
four sons
9 May 1280
aged 42
Eric II Magnusson
  c. 1268
third son of Magnus VI and Ingeborg of Denmark
(1) Margaret of Scotland
September 1281
one daughter
(2) Isabel Bruce
bef. 25 September 1293
one daughter
15 July 1299
aged 30–31

Kings of SwedenEdit

Name Portrait Birth Marriage(s) Death
Sverker II the Younger (Sverker den yngre), 1196 – 31 January 1208   born before 1167, probably already c. 1164 son of king Charles VII and queen Christine Stigsdatter of Hvide (1) Benedicta
House of Hvide
Died in the Battle of Gestilren, 17 July 1210, aged about 45, buried at Alvastra Abbey
(2) Ingegerd
House of Bjelbo
Eric (X) (Erik Knutsson),
31 January 1208 – 10 April 1216
  1180 son of Canute I Ericson Richeza of Denmark (the daughter of Valdemar I of Denmark) Died suddenly in fever on Näs Castle, Visingsö, 10 April 1216, aged about 36, buried at Varnhem Abbey
John I the Child (Johan Sverkersson unge), Spring 1216 – 10 March 1222   1201 son of Sverker II None Died on Visingsö, 10 March 1222, aged about 21, buried at Alvastra Abbey
Eric (XI) the Lisp and Lame (Erik läspe och halte),
Summer 1222–28 or 29 November 1229
  1216 son of king Erik X of Sweden and Richeza of Denmark Catherine of Ymseborg 2 February 1250, aged about 34, buried at Varnhem Abbey
Canute II the Tall (Knut Långe)
28 or 29 November 1229 – 1234
  son of Holmger who was "nepos" (nephew?) of Canute I Ericson Helen
House of Strange
1234, buried at Sko kloster
Eric (XI) the Lisp and Lame (Erik läspe och halte),
1234 – 2 February 1250
  1216 son of king Erik X of Sweden and Richeza of Denmark Catherine of Ymseborg 2 February 1250, aged about 34, buried at Varnhem Abbey
Valdemar (Valdemar Birgersson)
Spring 1250 – 22 July 1275
  1239 son of Birger jarl and Ingeborg Eriksdotter (a daughter of Eric X) Sophia of Denmark
daughter of King Eric IV
Died while imprisoned by his brother Magnus at Nyköping Castle, 26 December 1302, aged about 63, buried at Vreta Abbey or Riddarholmen Church
Magnus III (Magnus Ladulås)
22 July 1275 – 18 December 1290
  1240 son of Birger jarl and Princess Ingeborg Eriksdotter (a daughter of Eric X) Helwig of Holstein
House of Schauenburg
Visingsö, 18 December 1290, aged about 50, buried in Riddarholmen Church
Birger (Birger Magnusson)
18 December 1290 – March/April 1318
  1280 son of Magnus III and Helwig of Holstein 1298 Martha of Denmark 31 May 1321, in exile in Denmark, after murdering his brothers at Nyköping Banquet, aged about 41, buried at Ringsted, Zealand

Great LordsEdit

For this list since there are not enough great lords to warrant an alphabetical list the lords will be listed by precedence. Many of the larger lordships were held as appanage for various royal family members or were held by bishops. For some of the bishoprics, some bishops who had terms under 4 years may not be listed to avoid clutter.

Under the Kings of DenmarkEdit

# Title Coat of arms 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
1 Dukes of Schleswig Valdemar II of Denmark (1183–1216) Valdemar the Young (1209–1216 as junior duke) Eric IV of Denmark (1216–1232) Abel, King of Denmark (1232–1252) Christopher I of Denmark (1252–1254) Valdemar III of Denmark (1254–1257) Eric I of Denmark (1257–1272) Margaret Sambiria (1272–1282) Eric V of Denmark (1282–1283) Valdemar IV, Duke of Schleswig (1283–1312)
2 Dukes of Estonia Canute, Duke of Estonia (1220–1227, 1238–1240) Valdemar II of Denmark (1240–1241) Eric IV of Denmark (1241–1250) Abel, King of Denmark (1250–1252) Christopher I of Denmark (1252–1259) Eric V of Denmark (1259–1266) Margaret Sambiria (1266–1282) Eric V of Denmark (1282–1286) Eric VI of Denmark (1286–1319)
3 Princes of Rugen Jaromar I (1170–1218) Barnuta (1218–1221) Vitslav I (1221–1249) Jaromar II (1249–1260) Jaromar III (1260–1282) Vitslav II (1260–1302)
4 Archbishops of Lund Andreas Sunesen (1202–1223) Peder Saxesen (1224–1228) Uffe Thrugotsen (1228–1252) Jakob Erlandsen (1253–1274) Trugot Torstensen (1276–1280) Jens Dros (1280–1288) Jens Grand (1289–1302)
5 Dukes of Southern-Halland and Skarsholm Erik Knudsen Skarsholm (1284–1304)
6 Counts of Halland (and Northern Halland) Niels, Count of Halland (1216–1218) Duke Skule Bårdsson (1228-1240) Niels II, Count of Northern Halland (1241-1251) Jacob Nielsen, Count of Halland (1283-1305)
7 Counts of Danish-Holstein Albert of Orlamunde (1204–1245)
Gælker of Estonia Saxe Aagesen Stenbrikke Aage Saxesen Stenbrikke
Gælker of Skane Saxo Aagesen Hvide Jon Jonsen Litle
Lord-Marshal Johannes Sunesen until 1202 Johannes Esbernsen 1202–1213 Harald Reinmodsen ~1213–1221 [1] Johannes Ebesen (1221–1250) Iver Tagesen (1250–1252) Laurids Abildgaard Ivar Tokesen Tystofte (March 1252 – 1255) Jens Kalf (1255–1267) Anders Pedersen (1267–1275) Stig Andersen Hvide (March 1276 – 1282, 1284–1286)
Lord-Drost Astrad Frakke (~1230-1252) Peder Finsen (1252-1259) Uffe Nielsen (1268-1276) Peder Nielsen Skovgaard (1279-1283, 1286-1289) Tyge Abildgaard (1284) David Thorstensen Hak (1289) Aage Jonsen (drost) (1293-1295) Niels Olufsen Bild(1297-1300) Jon Jonsen Litle (1299–)
8 Bishops of Ribe
9 Bishops of Aaurhus Peder Vognsen (1191–1204) Skjalm Vognsen (1205–1215) Ebbe Vognsen (1215–1224) Peder Elevsøn (1224–1246) Peder Ugotsøn (1249–1260) Tyge (bishop) (1261–1272) Peder IV (1272–1276) Tyge II (1276–1288) Jens Assersøn [da] (1288–1306)
10 Bishops of Viborg Gunner (Bishop of Viborg) (1222–1251)
11 Bishops of Roskilde
12 Bishops of Schleswig Valdemar of Denmark (bishop) (1157-1208) Nicholas I (bishop of Schleswig) (1209-1233) Tuco (1234-1238) John (1240-1244) Eskil (1244-1255) Nicholas II (1255-1265) Bonde (1265-1282) James (1282-1287) Berthold (1287-1307)
13 Bishops of Borglum Rudolf (12??-1252) Oluf Glob (1252-1260) Johannes de Hethe (12??-1280)
Lord of Falsterbo and Borup Alexander Pedersen Glob (d. after 1221) Niels Alexandersen Due (~1210–1268)
Lord of Stege and Møn Jacob Sunesson Hvide (b. 1158 d. 1246)
Lord of Kalundborg & Saebygard Esbern Snare

(before 1200–1204)

Peder Strangesen (1204–1241) Anders Pedersen Ulfeldt
Lord of Tommerup, Knardrup, Romp, and Horningholm Jon Reinmodsen Hvide (1190-1248) Jon Jonsen Litle (1230-1307)
Lord of Kolding and Agtrupgård Jens Kalf
Lord of Tranekær Castle and Ågård (Hanherred) Erik Langeben (~1200)[3] Erik Eriksen Gyldenstierne (~1230) Knud Eriksen Gyldenstierne (~1260) Erik Knudsen Gyldenstierne Lord of Ågård (~1280) Niels Eriksen Gyldenstierne Lord of Ågård (b. 1280)
Lord of Rantzau Schacko I von Rantzau
Lord of Gydemath and Windethorp Rane Esbernsen Jon Ranesen
Lord of Vallø Castle Eskild Krage
Lord of Tirsbæk castle Offe Dyre (d. after 1208) unnamed son Offe Dyre II (d. after 1286) kings chamberlain and involved in the murder of Eric V of Denmark
Lord of Tosterup (Skane) Thorkild Grim Jep Thorkildsen Grim (b. 1265) Jacob Jepsen Grim (b. ~1295)
Lord of Stenmangle Johannes Esbernsen (d. 1213) Jakob Hafre Jakob Hafre II (d. after 1326)
Lord of Bjolderup Ketil Urne (lived around 1200)
Lord of Tystofte Niels Saltensee
Lord of Vestervig Vind, Buderupholm Ago Vind
Lord of Andrup Helf of Horsen Asser Helfsson
Lord of Eskjær Hovedgaard Stig Tokeson Galen
Lord of Holbæk and Visborg Jon Munk Palne Munk Rane Jonsen (~1250-1294)
Lord of Gjorslev Rane Esbernsen (~1220) Jon Ranesen (d.1267) Rane Jonsen (~1250-1294)
Lord of Asdal Hovedgård Åge Panter
Lord of Vidtskøvle/Eges Harald Egeside Peder Haraldsson
Lord of Togæthorp (Lund) Holger Krognos (b. ~1210) Niels Holgersen (b. ~1255 - d. after 1320)
Lord of Flarup Matheus de Floratorp (d. 1268) Peder Gøye Staverskov Gøye (d. 1314)
Lord of ToksværdBishopsman of Bjernede and Fodby Iver Lunge (b. ~1240) Oluf Lunge (d. 1302) brother in law of King Christopher II of Denmark
Lord of Terslose, Broholm, and Hong Anders Knudsen Grosen Johannes Andersen Ulfeldt (d. after 1259) Abasalon Jonsen (~1326)
Lord of Tysofte Toki Saltensee (1190-1252) Oluf Tokesen (1250-1310)
Lord of Tubetorp Anders Nielsen Due (b. ~1222, d. after 1285) Niels Andersen Due (b. 1262 d. 1332)
Lords of Margård Tyge Abildgaard (knight 1230-1260) Laurids Abildgaard Timme Lauridsen Abildgaard
Lords of Elkær Vendsyssel Niels Olufsen Bild (living ~1300)
Lords of Hvedholm Castle Jakob Bille (mentioned 1246)
Lords of Højbygård Thorsten Hak (Mentioned 1241) David Thorstensen Hak (d. 1302)
Lord of Hegnet and Hald Jacob Bugge Niels Jacobsen Bugge (b. ~1235, d. after 1302) Bugge Nielsen (b. after 1265, d. after 1332)
Lord of Støvringgård Niels Juul (Støvringgård) (d. after 1299) Jon Juul (b. ~1265, d. 1316)
Lord of Kås Niels Lændi Niels Lændi (1260-1314)
Lord of Hikkebjerg Esge Brock (living around 1300)
Lord of Redebas (Mecklenburg) Matthæus Molteke (~1220) Frederik Moltke til Stredfeld (d. After 1265) Johann von Moltke (d. ~1309) Eberhard Moltke (d. 1310)
Lords of Rundtoft in Anglia (peninsula) Peder Skram (mentioned 1315)

Under the Kings of NorwayEdit

# Title Coat of arms 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
1 Jarls of Norway Haakon the Crazy (1203–1214) Skule Bardsson (~1215–1240, centered in Trondheim) Knut Haakonsson (1239–1262)
Kings of the Isles Rǫgnvaldr Guðrøðarson (1188–1226) Óláfr Guðrøðarson (died 1237) (1226–1237) Haraldr Óláfsson (1237–1248) Rǫgnvaldr Óláfsson (died 1249) (1249) Haraldr Guðrøðarson (1249–1250) Magnús Óláfsson (1252–1265)
Archbishops of Nidaros Eirik Ivarsson (1189–1205) Tore (Thorer) Gudmundsson (1206–1214) Guttorm (bishop) (1215–1224) Sigurd Eindridesson Tafse (1231–1252) Einar Smjørbak Gunnarsson (1255–1263) Haakon Toresson (1265–1267) Jon Raude (1268–1282) Jørund (bishop) (1288–1309)
Earls of Orkney David Haraldsson (1206) Jon Haraldsson (1206–1231) Magnus II, Earl of Orkney (1236–1239) Gilbert Earl of Orkney (~1239–1256) Magnus III of Orkney (1256–1273) Magnus Magnusson, Earl of Orkney (1273–1284) Jón Magnússon, Earl of Orkney (1284–1312)
Earls of Iceland Snorri Sturluson (1197–1241 de facto) Gissur Þorvaldsson (1258–1268)
Counts of Northern-Halland Skule Bårdsson (1228–1240) Niels II, Count of Northern Halland (1241–1251) Jacob Nielsen, Count of Halland (1283–1305)
Earls of Sarpsborg Erling Alfsson av Tanberg (~1180–1220) Alv Erlingsson Tanberg (1220–1240) Erling Alvsson Tornberg (1260–1283) Alv Elingsson (1283–1290)
Jarl Simonsson Philip Simonsson (~1200–1217)
Jarl Ribbung Sigurd Ribbung (c. 1217–1226)
Lawman of Gulating Dagfinn the Yeoman (c. 1220–1233)
Lawman of Ryfylke Amundi Cockscomb (c. 1210–1230)
Lawman of Althing Snorri Sturluson (1215–1218)
Barons/Lendmann of Mel and Ænes Gaut of Mel (~1210–1270) Finn Gautsson (1270-1288)
Barons/Lendmann of Giskegodset Bjarne Mårdsson (~1200–1223) Ivar Bjarneson (1223~1240) Erling (Ivarsson) Bjarkøy (1240–1263) Bjarne Erlingsson (1263–1313)
Baron/Lendmann of Hegranes/Ålhus Jølster Hugliek Johnsson Audun Hugleiksson (1263–1302)
Barons/Lendmann of Sorum Olav Ivarsson Mok (~1200–1224, King's Haakon IV of Norway's uncle) Ivar Olavsson av Skedjuhof (1224–1247) Jon Raud Ivarsson till Sudrheim (1248–1312)
Barons/Lendmann of Lekum Tore Olavsson Tinghatt på Stordal (~1200–1265) Tore Byskopson (1265–1317)
Barons/Lendmann of Stårheim Andrew Simonsson (1200?-1218) Gregorius Andersson (1218-1246) Andrew Gregoriousson(1246-1302)
Barons/Lendmann of Hesby Church Sigurd Ivarsson Rova (~1250-1280?) Ogmund Sigurdsson Rova (?1280-1311)
Barons/Lendmann Helgesson Helge Sæbjørn Helgesson (?1290-1324)
Barons/Lendmann Verdalen Vigleik Audunsson Verdalen (~1273-1295)
Barons/Lendmann of Talgje Gaute Erlingsson (~1260-1288)
Baron/Lendmann of Naustdal Eiliv of Naustdal (~1260-1277)
Baron/Lendmann of Kvåle Jon Kvåle (?1200-1260) Brynjulf Jonsson Kvåle(?1260-1273)
Baron/Lendmann of Edøy Pål Plytt (?1200-1240) Andres Pålson Plytt (~1240-1280
Lord/Lendmann of Stange, Tomb in Råde, and of Ullensaker Harald Agmundsson Bolt (~1200–1227) Halldor Haraldson Kusse (1227–1259) Halvard Haraldsen Bratt (Lord of Tomb 1259–1317)
Lord/Lendmann of Blakstad, Akershus Gudolf of Blakkasteads
Lord/Lendmann of Samsal in Ringsaker Harald Agmundsson Bolt (~1200–1227) Halldor Haraldson Kusse (1227–1259) Jon Tore Haldorsson Kusse (1259–1320)
Lord/Lendmann of Kinsarvik Martin Konungsfrænd (~1200 – after 1223)
Lord/Lendmann of Austrått/Eastairt John of Eastairt Åsulv Eiriksson(~1210-1238) Sigrid Abbess of Rein (~1238-1240)
Lord/Lendmann of Blindheim Ragnvald Urka (????-1263) Jon Smør (~1260-1328)
Sysselman of Orkland Lendirman Ogmund Crouchdance (~1200 – after 1263)
Sysselman/Steward of Hedmark Frederick the Slobberer Harold Agmundsson Bolt (1227) Munan Byskopson (~1240–1250?)
Sysselman/Steward of Hadeland Gunnbjorn Johnsbrodir
Sysselman/Steward of The Bay Sigurd Kingskin (1217–)
Sysselman/Steward of Hedmark Olav Ivarsson Mok
Sysselman/Steward of Gudbrandsdalen Endrid Bookling (1218–)
Sysselman/Stewards of Skaun Arnbjorn Johnson (~1217–1240)
Bishops of Oslo Nikolas Arnesson (Bishop) (1190–1225) Orm of Oslo (1226–1244) Haakon Toresson (1244–1265) Andre (Bishop) (1267–1287) Eyvind (Bishop) (1288–1303)
Bishops of Bergen Martin of Bergen (1194–1216) Håvard (Bishop) (1217–1224) Arne of Bergen (1226–1256) Peter of Bergen (1257–1270) Askatin (Bishop) (1271–1277) Narve (Bishop) (1278–1304)
Bishops of Stavanger Njål of Stavanger (1189–1207) Henrik of Stavanger (1207–1224) Askell Johnsson (1226–1254) Torgils of Stavanger (1255–1276) Arne of Stavanger (1277–1303)
Bishops of Hamar Ivar Skjalg (1194–1221) Halvard of Hamar (1221–1231) Pål (Bishop) (1232–1251) Peter of Hamar (1253) Gislebert de Norwich (1263–1275, resigned) Thorfinn of Hamar (1278–1285) Jørund (Bishop) (1286–1287) Torstein of Hamar (1288–1304)
Bishops of Kirkjubour
Bishops of Garoar (Greenland)
Bishops of Holar (Iceland)
Bishops of Skalholt (Iceland) Páll Jónsson of Skalholt (1194–1211)
Gothi of Oddi Ormur Breiðbælingur Jónsson (1197–1218)
Gothi of Hvammur í Dölum Sighvatr Sturluson (~1180–1238) Þórður kakali Sighvatsson (1238–1256)
Gothi of Reynistað in Skagafjörður Kolbein Arnórsson Kaldaljós (~1180–1246)
Gothi of Víðimýri Arnór Tumason (1184–1221) Kolbeinn ungi Arnórsson (1221–1245)
Gothi of Hruni in Hrunamannahreppur, Árn Gissur Hallsson, of Haukdæla (1150–1206) Þorvaldur Gissurarson (1206–1235) Gissur Þorvaldsson (1235–1268)
Priors of Munkholmen
Asbirngar Clan of Skafafjordur

Under the Kings of SwedenEdit

# Title Coats of arms 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
1 Jarls of Sweden Jon Jarl (~1190–1206) Knut Birgersson, Riksjarl of Sweden (120?–1208) Fulke Birgersson (1208–1210) Charles the Deaf (1210–1220) Ulf Fase (1220?–? and 1231–1248) Birger Jarl (1248–1266)
2 Archbishops of Uppsala
3 Dukes of Sweden Magnus, Duke of Sweden (1266–1275) Erik Birgersson (1275) Erik Magnusson (1284–1318)
4 Dukes of Finland Benedict, Duke of Finland (1284–1291) Valdemar, Duke of Finland (1291–1318)
Lawman of Vastergotland Sigtrygg Algotsson Algot Sigtryggsson Eskil Magnusson (~1205–1227) Gustaf (1230) Folke (1240) Peter Näf (1251-1253) Gustaf Petersson (lejon) (1260-1270) Algot Brynolfsson (1270-1288) Bengt Hafridsson (1294-1305)
Lawman of Östergötland Magnus Minniskiöld (~1200) Lars Petersson (lawman) (144-1247) Magnus Bengtsson (Bjälboätten) (1247-1263) Bengt Magnusson (Bjälboätten's lawman branch) (1269-1294) Magnus Bengtsson (1289-1291) Svantepolk of Viby (1294-1310)
Lawman of Tiohärad Ulf (~1200) Folke in Värend Karl Ingeborgasson (Lejonbalk) (1266-1268) Folke Karlsson (Lejonbalk) (1273-1283) Nils Sigridsson (Natt och Dag) (1286-1299)
Lawman of Värmland Höldo (stråle) (1268) Karl Haraldsson (1285) Tyrner Jonsson (tuppfot) (1291-1295)
Lawman of Närke Filip Törnesson (Hjorthorn) (1272-1279) Knut Matsson (Lejonbjälke) (1282-1288) Sune lagman (fisk) (1300)
Lawman of Södermanland Björn Näf (1285-1286) Anund Haraldsson (vingad lilja) Johan Ingevaldsson (Ornsparre) (1295–1304)
Lawman of Uppland Birger Persson (Finstaätten) (1296-1316)
5 Bishops of Torku/Finland
6 Bishops of Strangnas
7 Bishops of Vasteras
8 Bishops of Linkoping
9 Bishops of Vaxjo
10 Bishops of Skara
Lord of Bjälbo Magnus Minniskiöld (d. 1210)
11 Lords of Viby Svantepolk of Viby (~1235–1310)
Lords/Princes of Fiholm Castle Erik Valdemarsson the Elder (1271-1330) Valdemar Eriksson (b. before 1330, d. before 1379) Erik Valdemarsson the younger (b. before 1379 d. before 1396)
Lords of Skokloster Canute II of Sweden (d. 1234) Holmger Knutsson (b. 1210 d. 1248)
Lords of Salneck Karl Ingeborgasson (Lejonbalk) (1263–1273) Folke Karlsson (Lejonbalk) (1273-1286) Magnus Karlsson (Lejonbalk) (1286–1316)
Lord of Aranäs Castle Torkel Knutsson (1289-1306)
Lord of Salsta Castle, Ängsö Castle, and Arnö Magnus Minniskiöld (d. 1210) Birger Jarl (d. 1266) Karl Gregersson (Bjälboättens oäkta gren) (d. 1276) Karl Gregersson (Bjälboättens oäkta gren) (d. 1301)
Lords of Vik Castle Anders Israel Andersson And (d. 1289) Karl Gregersson (Bjälboättens oäkta gren) (d. 1301)
Lords of Fånö (Uppland) Karl Tjälfvesson (Fånöätten) (living 1274) Johan Karlsson (Fånöätten) (d. 1280) Folke Jonsson (Fånöätten) (d. 1313)
Lords of Långnäs, Kättilstad Charles the Deaf (d. 1220) Karl Karlsson (Ulv) (b. 1220 d. after 1253) Ulf Karlsson (Ulv) (1247-1281) Filip Ulfsson (Ulv) (d. ~1333)
Lords of Finsta gård Israel Finstaätten (d. before 1269) Peter Israelsson (d. 1280) Birger Persson (d. 1327)
Lords of Aspenäs Östergötland Filip (Aspenäsätten) (d. before 1279) Birger Filipsson (Aspenäsätten) (d. 1280) Knut Jonsson (Aspenäsätten) (b. before 1280, d. 1347)
Lords of Balingsta Johan Ängel (living before 1250) Karl Johansson Angel (alive 1253) Magnus Johansson Angel (d. 1294)
Lords of Fröshammar Södermanland Anund Björnsson Vingad lilja (living 1250) Harald Gudmundsson (living 1270) Anund Haraldsson (vingad lilja) (b. 1230, d 1291) Rörik Birgersson den yngre (1291-1322)
Lords of Säckestad Knut Matsson (Lejonbjälke) (d. 1289)
Lord of Bromsten Ingevald Torstensson (Örnsparre) Johan Ingevaldsson (Ornsparre) (d. 1309)
Lords of Liljeholmen, Boxholm Erengisle Näskonungsson (d. 1328)
Lords of Boberga Dingtuna Mat Boberga (d. before 1219) Bengt Matsson (Knighted 1219) Lars Bengtsson Boberga Erik Larsson Boberga
Lords of Runby Vallentuna Municipality and Stormman of Uppland Peter Larsson Filip Petersson (Prince, d. 1251) Filip Finvidsson (b. 1240s, d. after 1307)
Lords of Landsjö Holmger Folkesson (d. after 1254) Ulf Holmgersson (Ama) (d. after 1290) Lars Ulfsson (Ama) (d. after 1350)
Lords of Strand in Jäder Rörik Birgersson the elder (mentioned 1250) Birger Röriksson Rörik Birgersson the younger (alive 1322)
Lords of Fagranäs Anund Tunasson (d. before 1293)
"Counts"/Lords of Ulvåsa castle, Kägleholm Närke and Loholm Gudmar Magnusson (Ulvåsaätten) (d. after 1313)
Lords of Aspnäs Uppsala Mats Kettilmundsson (d. 1326)
Lords of Flishult (Vetlanda) Tuke Jonsson (Läma) (d. 1321) Sune Jonsson (Bååt) (b. 13th c. d. 1339)
Lords of Alnängarna Örebro Brynjolf Algot Brynolfsson (b. 1228, d after 1298) Rörik Algotsson (d. 14th c)
Lords of Agnetorp Bengt Hafridsson (d. after 1296) Brynolf Bengtsson (d. 1315)
Lord of Sättuna Tune Håkan Tunesson (d. after 1289)
Lords of Kianäs Älmhult Municipality Peter Bonde (late 13th c.)
Lords of Fullbro Sorunda Bo Bengt Bosson (b. before 1283, d. 1336)
Lords of Aska Hundred Elof Johan Elofsson Elofssönernas (d. after 1295)
Lords of Fållnäs Södertörn Magnus Marinason (mentioned 1298-1308)
Lords of Malsta Norrtälje Municipality Johan i Malsta (Mentioned 1298-1317)
Lords of Bergkvara, Växjö Magnus Sibbesson (Living 1312)
Lords of Frösvik Östra Ryd Finvid Nilsson (Living 1298-1327)
Lords of Grensholm Vånga Knut Harald Knutsson Gren (d. around 1330)
Lords of Villberga Enköping Municipality Nils (b. 13th century) Magnus Nilsson (Vilberga) (Mentioned 1305-1329)
Lords of Hammersta Nynäshamn Municipality Estrid Ingevald Estridsson (mentioned 1308-1322)
Lords of Hallatorp Västergötland Abjorn (b. 13th c) Knut Abjörnsson (d. before 1339)
Lords of Gröneborg Joar Blå (d. late 13th c)
13 Lords of Gastrikland

Noblemen, Kingsmen, Lendmen, and KnightsEdit

Under the Kings of DenmarkEdit

Ditlev Reventlow (~1210~1260) (Bailiff of Ditmarsken)

Johann von Haxthausen (~1245–1300) (Borgmester of Paderborn)

Stig Anderson (1230–1293)

Jens Kalf (~1230–1304)

Havtor Jonsson (~1255–1320)

Elv Erlingsson (~1240–1290)

Tyge Abildgaard (~1200–1260)

Laurid's Abildgaard (~1240–1280)

Aluericus de Bernekowe (~1190–1240)

Detlev Brockdorff (~1200–1250)

Sifridus de Bokwolde (~1200–1250)

Niels Hak (~1225~1282)

Thorsten Hak (~1220~1282)

Niels Juul (~1255–1300)

Oluf Lunge (~1245–1302)

Gerhardus de Oldenburg (~1230~1280)

Conradus de Oldenburg (~1230~1280)

Theodoricus de Quale (~1200~1250)

Johann Ranzow (~1200~1250)

Heinrich de Wedele (~1185–1240)

Hasso de Wedele (~1185–1240)

Reimbem de Wedele (~1185–1240)

Adam von Winterfeld (~1250–1300)

Heinrich von Bardenflete (~1190–1240)

Niels Brock (~1270–1330)

Rane Jonsen (1254–1294)

Borchadus Dus (~1230–1280)

Hartwicus Dus (~1230–1280)

Heinrich von Lu (~1200–1260)

Niels I Uffesen Neb (~1240–1300)

Johann Ranzow (~1200–1250)

Wernerus de Sculenburch (~1215–1265)

Ago Wind (~1170–1220)

Tue the Tall – Late 12th century (Important Knight of Bishop Absalon who fought the wends)

Esbern – Late 12th century (From Zealand, Important Knight of Bishop Absalon who fought the wends)

Then Niels – Late 12th century (Skilled knight from Zealand)

Thorbjorn – Late 12th century (A good knight mentioned in Gesta Danorum volume II)

Herbord – Late 12th century

Eskil – Late 12th century

Peder Thorsentenson – Knight, brother in law to Absalon, possibly still living at the beginning of the 13th century

Mogens Trefeld (b. ~1260) - Knight named after coat of arms

Josef Magnussen Drefeld (d. 1301) - Knight, son of Mogens Trefeld, man of Eric VI of Denmark, murdered in Lund

Under the Kings of NorwayEdit

Jon Smør (~1260–1328)

Sigurd Ribbung

Martin Konungsfrænd (c. 1180–1245) – Councillor, Liegeman, Royalty

Simon Kine (c. 1190–1245) – Liegeman

John Steel (Liegeman) (c. 1170–1230) – Liegeman

Brynjolf Steel (~1205–1270) – Liegeman, son of John Steel

Ivar Nosy (~1190–1250) – Liegeman

Andrew Shieldband – Kinsman and Special friend of King Haakon IV of Norway

Ogmund Crouchdance

Munan Byskopson (~1200–1260)

Sigurdr Byskupsson – Brother of Munan

Jakob Bille

Thorkel Bille

Elv Haraldsson Bolt

Ivar in Skedjuhov

Jon Ivarsson

Havtore Jonsson

Skules Bardssons men:

Alf of Leifa-steads (~1200–1240)

Endrid Bookling (~1180–1240)

Norwegian Rebels:

Bene Skinnkniv (~1170–1222) – Priest who claimed to be the son of Magnus V of Norway and lead a band of rebels called the Slittungene [no] from 1217–1222

Gudolf of Blakkasteads – Guardian of Sigurd Ribbung during his minority and leader of the Ribalds in 1217

Under the Kings of SwedenEdit

Håkan Jonsson Läma (~1270–1318) (Marshal of Sweden: 1310–1318)

Tyrgils Knutsson (~1260–1306), (Knight: 1289–1306) (Regent of Sweden: 1290–1298)

Knut Matsson (~1250–1289), (Steward, Councillor: 1280–1289)

Filip Törnesson (Lawman: 1272–1279)

Ulf Karlsson (1247–1276), (Councillor: 1276–1280)

Folke Karlsson (1262–1286), (Knight: 1273–1280)

Magnus Ragvaldsson (~1250–1288)

Karl Gustafsson (marsk) (d. after 1280)

Håkan Ingeborgasson (d. after 1320)

Magnus Ragvaldsson - drots 1288

Birger Filipsson (Aspenäsätten) - (d. 1280) executed for participating in the Folkunga Uprising

Johan Filipsson (Aspenäsätten) - (d. 1280) executed for participating in the Folkunga Uprising

Orestes Keldorsson (d. after 1305) - castle bailiff of Stockholm 1289

Werner Brunkow (living 1286-1290) - Mecklenburg immigrant in service of the king of Sweden

Henrik Glysing (d. after 1324) - Nobleman from Holstein in the service of the king of Sweden

Tomas Jonsson Grip (mentioned 1296-1299) - Ancestor of Bo Jonsson (Grip)

Leonard Ödesson (Örnfot) (d. after 1310)

Ragvald Puke (Mentioned 1296-1308)

Ragne Stallare (Stablemaster in 1274)

Nils Sestridasson (mentioned 1287-1301)

Hemming Ödgislason (knight in 1303)

Birger Likvidsson (bought land in 1303)

Abjörn Sixtensson (~1275–1310)

Johan Karlsson (~1250–1280)

Rorik Algotsson (~1260–1300)

Algot Brynolfsson (1228–1299)

Magnus Algotssson (~1270–1309)

Johan Krummedige

Sounds Krummedige

Iven Krummedige

Nicolaus de Ottenbüttel Krummedige

Eler de Ottenbüttel Krummedige

Volbrecht de Ottenbüttel Krummedige

Nils in Långserum


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