List of newspapers in Jamaica

This is a list of newspapers in Jamaica:

  • Daily Star[1]
  • The Daily Gleaner, the oldest Jamaican daily published by Gleaner Company, founded in 1834, oldest continually published, English language newspaper in the Western Hemisphere[2]
  • The Agriculturalist, the oldest and most consistent agricultural newspaper in the Caribbean for 28 years. Published by Patrick Maitland
  • The Jamaica Churchman OCLC 63206121
  • Jamaica Herald[1]
  • Jamaica Information Service (JIS), information and news service of the Jamaican Government[3]
  • Jamaica Observer, Jamaican daily[4]
  • The Jamaica Star (1951–present), Jamaican daily[5]
  • Jamaican Times[6]
  • Royal Gazette
  • Western Mirror[7]

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