The Gujarat state of western India has four National Parks and twenty-three wildlife sanctuaries which are managed by the Forest Department of the Government of Gujarat.[1][2][3]

National ParksEdit

Name of National Park Area km2 District Major wildlife supported Notified
Gir Forest National Park 258.71 Junagadh Asiatic lion, leopard, chausingha, spotted deer, hyena, sambar deer, chinkara 1975
Blackbuck National Park, Velavadar 34.53 Bhavnagar Blackbuck, fox, Macqueen's bustard, lesser florican 1976
Vansda National Park 23.99 Navsari Leopard, hyena, deer, chausingha 1979
Marine National Park, Gulf of Kutch 162.89 Jamnagar, Devbhumi Dwarka Sponges, corals, jelly fish, seahorse, octopus, pearl oyster, starfish, lobster, dolphin 1982

Wildlife sanctuariesEdit

The wildlife sanctuaries are listed in descending order of area.

Name of Sanctuary Area km2 District Major wildlife supported Notified
Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary 7506.22 Kutch Chinkara, hyena, fox, flamingo, pelicans and other waterfowl and herpetofauna 1986
Wild Ass Sanctuary 4953.70 Kutch Chinkara, nilgai, blackbuck, onager(wild ass) wolf, fox, Macqueen's bustard, waterfowl, herpetofauna 1973
Gir Wildlife Sanctuary & National Parks 1213.42 Junagadh, Gir Somnath, Amreli Lion, leopard, chausinga, chital, hyena, sambar, chinkara, herpetofauna, crocodiles and birds 1965
Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary 607.70 Narmada Sloth bear, leopard, rhesus macaque, chausinga, barking deer, pangolin, herpetofauna, birds including Alexandrian parakeet 1982
Balaram Ambaji Wildlife Sanctuary 542.08 Banaskantha Sloth bear, leopard, blue bull, hyena, wolf, wild cat, birds, herpetofauna 1989
Narayan Sarovar Sanctuary 444.23 Kutch Chinkara, green day, desert cat, hyena, desert fox, jackal, birds, herpetofauna 1981
Marine Sanctuary 295.03 Jamnagar, Devbhumi Dwarka, Gulf of Kutch Sponges, corals, jellyfish, sea horse, octopus, oyster, pearl oyster, starfish, dolphin, dugong, waterfowl 1980
Barda Wildlife Sanctuary 192.31 Porbandar Leopard, blue bull, hyena, wild boar, jackal, birds, herpetofauna 1979
Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary 180.66 Banaskantha Sloth bear, leopard, hyena, birds, herpetofauna 1978
Purna Wildlife Sanctuary 160.84 Dangs Leopard, barking deer, macaques, four horned antelope, sambhar, hyena, herpetofauna, birds 1990
Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary 130.38 Panchmahal Sloth bear, leopard, jungle cat, hyena, wolf, four horned antelope, herpetofauna, birds 1990
Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary 120.82 Ahmedabad, Surendranagar Flamingos, pelicans, coot, ducks, waders, storks, herons and other waterfowl, herpetofauna 1969
Ratanmahal Sloth Bear Sanctuary 55.65 Dahod Sloth bear, leopard, hyena, jackal, chausinga, civet cat, jungle cat, birds, herpetofauna 1982
Pania Wildlife Sanctuary 39.63 Amreli Lion, chinkara, leopard, chital, hyena, wild boar, four horned antelope, pangolin, blue bull, birds 1989
Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary 15.01 Morbi Blue bull, chinkara, wolf, fox, jackal, birds, herpetofauna 1988
Thol Lake Bird Sanctuary 6.99 Mehsana Cranes, geese, flamingos, sarus and about 125 other waterfowl species 1988
Hingolgadh Nature Education Sanctuary 6.54 Rajkot Chinkara, blue bull, wolf, hyena, fox, birds, herpetofauna 1980
Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary 6.05 Jamnagar Indian skimmer, ibises, painted stork, cormorants, etc.

About 220 bird species, herpetofauna

Gaga Wildlife Sanctuary 3.33 Devbhumi Dwarka district Great Indian bustard, wolf, jackal, birds, herpetofauna 1988
Kutch Bustard Sanctuary 2.03 Kutch Great Indian bustard, lesser florican, Macqueen's bustard, chinkara, blue bull, herpetofauna 1992
Porbandar Bird Sanctuary 0.09 Porbandar Flamingos, pelicans, spoonbill and various bird spp. 1988
Mitiyala Wildlife Sanctuary 18.22 Amreli Lion, Blue bull, Chittal, Chinkara, Panther 2004
Girnar Wildlife Sanctuary 178.87 Junagadh Lion, leopard, chital, sambar and birds 2008

Other protected areasEdit

Name of protected area Area km2 District Major wildlife supported Notified
Kachchh Biosphere Reserve 12454.00 Kutch Indian wild ass 2008
Chhari Dhand Conservation Reserve 227.00 Kutch Wetland birds 2008
Banni Grasslands Reserve Kutch Wetland birds, Houbara bustard, Chinkara, raptors like Tawny Eagle, Bonnelli's Eagle, Greater Spotted Eagle, Imperial Eagle and Steppe Eagle

See alsoEdit

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