List of mountains in Pakistan

Pakistan is home to 108 peaks above 7,000 metres and 4555[1] above 6,000 m. There is no count of the peaks above 5,000 and 4,000 m. Five of the 14 highest independent peaks in the world (the eight-thousanders) are in Pakistan (four of which lie in the surroundings of Concordia; the confluence of Baltoro Glacier and Godwin Austen Glacier). Most of the highest peaks in Pakistan lie in the Karakoram mountain range (which lies almost entirely in the Gilgit–Baltistan region of Pakistan, and is considered to be a part of the greater Himalayan range) but some peaks above 7,000 m are included in the Himalayan and Hindu Kush ranges. Moreover, Pakistan is home to over 7,000 glaciers, more than anywhere except the polar regions.[1]

K2, the 2nd highest in the world
Nanga Parbat, the 9th highest in the world


The list is an incomplete list of mountains in Pakistan. There are many named and unnamed peaks in Pakistan that are currently not included in this list. The list also includes many peaks that are not usually classed as independent mountains, but instead are considered sub-peaks of other mountains, due to having low topographic prominence (the height of a peak above the highest saddle connecting it to a higher summit). Also, many of the elevations listed are approximate, due to imprecise and inconsistent surveys. The ranks in the peaks above 7,000 metres (23,000 ft) are derived from the list of highest mountains.

The dividing line between a mountain with multiple peaks and separate mountains is not always clear (see Highest unclimbed mountain). A common threshold is to define a mountain as a summit with 300 m prominence (1,000 ft; also 10 traditional rope lengths). Alternatively, a relative prominence (prominence or height) is used (usually 7–8%) to reflect that in higher mountain ranges everything is on a larger scale. The list of highest mountains ranks the highest 100 summits with at least 500 m prominence, approximating a 7% relative prominence. A drawback of a prominence-based list is that it may exclude peaks commonly thought of as mountains that are connected via a high ridge to a taller summit. Many such peaks and mountains with less than sufficient prominence are included but not numbered in the list.

It is very unlikely that all the heights given are correct to the nearest meter; indeed, problems of definition of sea level can arise when a mountain is remote from the sea. Different sources often differ by many meters, and many mountains in the Karakorum differ by over 100 metres on different maps. These discrepancies serve to emphasise the uncertainties in the listed heights.

Geographical distributionEdit

Most of the highest mountains in Pakistan are located in the Karakoram range (the highest of which is K2, globally ranked 2nd, 8611m), some high mountains are in Himalaya (the highest of which is Nanga Parbat, globally ranked 9th, 8126 m) and Hindu Kush (the highest of which is Tirich Mir, globally ranked 33rd, 7708 m).

The locations of the highest mountains are shown on the composite satellite image of Karakoram and Hindu Kush below. The numbers refer to the global ranking in this "List of highest mountains". For clarity, lower peaks with labels overlapping higher peaks are left out of the main image.

Location of peaks in Hindu Kush and Karakoram, ranked globally as in the list

Most of the high peaks in Pakistan lie specifically in Gilgit–Baltistan with the exception of a few 7,000+ m peaks in the high Hindu Kush (the peaks marked in the northwest most region of Pakistan).

The peak marked as number 9 is Nanga Parbat (8,125 m), which is the 2nd highest Himalayan peak in Pakistan. All other peaks above 8,000m are in the Baltoro Muztagh subrange of Karakoram.

8000+ metersEdit

World Rank Rank (Pakistan) Name Height (m) Location
2 1 K2 8611 Karakoram
9 2 Nanga Parbat 8126 Himalaya
11 3 Gasherbrum I (K5) 8080 Karakoram
12 4 Broad Peak 8051 Karakoram
13 5 Gasherbrum II (K4) 8035 Karakoram

7000 to 8000 metersEdit

World Rank Rank (Pakistan) Name Height (m) Location Sub-Range
Gasherbrum III (K3a) 7952 Karakoram Baltoro Muztagh
17 6 Gasherbrum IV (K3) 7925
19 7 Distaghil Sar 7885 Shimshal
21 8 Kunyang Chhish 7852 Shimshal
22 9 Masherbrum (K1) 7821 Masherbrum Mountains
25 10 Batura I 7795 Batura Muztagh
26 11 Kanjut Sar 7790 Shimshal
27 12 Rakaposhi 7788 Rakaposhi-Haramosh Mountains
Batura II 7762 Batura Muztagh
31 Saltoro Kangri 7742 Saltoro Mountains
Batura III 7729 Batura Muztagh
33 13 Tirich Mir 7708 Hindu Kush
36 14 Chogolisa I 7665 Karakoram Masherbrum u
38 15 Shispare 7611 Batura Muztagh
Silberzacken 7597 Himalaya Nanga Parbat
Batura IV 7594 Karakoram Batura Muztagh
Unnamed 7581
39 16 Trivor 7577 Shimshal
44 17 Skyang Kangri 7,545 Baltoro Muztagh
44 18 Yukshin Gardan Sar 7530 Shimshal
52 19 Noshaq 7492 Hindu Kush
53 20 Pumari Chhish (W) 7492 Karakoram Shimshal
54 21 Passu Sar 7476 Batura Muztagh
58 22 Malubiting (W) 7458 Rakaposhi-Haramosh Mountains
61 24 K12 7428 Saltoro Mountains
Muchu Chhish 7453 Batura Muztagh
63 25 Sia Kangri 7422 Baltoro Muztagh
64 26 Momhil Sar 7343 Shimshal
66 27 Skil Brum 7420 Baltoro Muztagh
67 28 Haramosh 7409 Rakaposhi-Haramosh Mountains
68 29 Istor-o-nal 7403 Hindu Kush
69 30 Ghent Kangri 7400 Karakoram Saltoro Mountains
70 31 Ultar Sar 7388 Batura Muztagh
74 33 Sherpi Kangri 7380 Saltoro Mountains
78 34 Saraghrar 7349 Hindu Kush
81 35 Chongtar 7315 Karakoram Baltoro Muztagh
82 36 Baltoro Kangri 7280 Masherbrum Mountains
88 37 Yutmaru Sar 7,283 Hispar
Jutmo Sar 7330
Bojohagur Duanasir I 7329 Batura Muztagh
Yazghil 7324 Shimshal
Gasherbrum V 7321 Baltoro Muztagh
Unnamed 7300
Passu Diar 7295 Batura Muztagh
Unnamed 7295
Malubiting C 7291
87 38 Baintha Brakk (The Ogre) 7285 Panmah Muztagh
89 40 Baltistan Peak (K6) 7282 Masherbrum Mountains
Unnamed 7280
91 41 Muztagh Tower 7273 Baltoro Muztagh
93 42 Diran 7266 Rakaposhi-Bagrote Mountains
104 43 Malungutti Sar (Mulungutti) 7207 Shimshal
109 44 Lupghar Sar (Central) 7200 Shimshal
Hachindar Chhish 7163[2] Karakoram
Snow Dome 7160 Baltoro Muztagh
Latok I 7151 Panmah Muztagh
Latok II 7145
Kampir Dior 7143 Batura Muztagh
Unnamed 7133 Baltoro Muztagh
Kunyang Chhish N 7108 Hispar Muztagh
Udren Zom 7108 Hindu Kush
Ghenta Peak 7090 Batura Muztagh
Rakhiot Peak 7070 Himalaya Nanga Parbat Group
Sangemarmar Sar 7050 Karakoram Batura Muztagh
Link Sar 7041 Masherbrum Mountains
Spantik (Golden Peak) 7027 Spantik-Sosbun Mountains
Akher Chhish 7020 Hindu Kush
Pamiri Sar 7016 Karakoram
Rakaposhi East 7010
Mohsin Mir 7004 Baltoro Muztagh

6000 to 7000 metersEdit

Name Height (m) Location
Laila Peak 6986 Karakoram Haramosh Valley, Chogurunma Glacier
Karun Kuh 6977 Shimshal
K7 6934 Hushe Valley
Beka Brakai Chhok 6882
Vigne Peak 6874
Koyo Zom 6871 Hindu Raj Pechus Glacier
Dut Sar 6858 Karakoram Shimshal
Angel Sar 6858 K2 and Concordia
Latok III 6850
Chongra Peak 6830 Himalaya Nanga Parbat
Miar Peak 6824 Karakoram
Rhuparash 6785
Biarchedi 6781 Baltoro Glacier
Seiri Porkush 6771 Batura Glacier
Choricho 6756
Biale Peak 6729
Trinity Peak 6700
Mani Peak 6685
Haramosh II 6666
Thui I 6660 Hindu Raj Ponarillo Glacier
Gul Lasht Zom 6657 Lutkho Valley
Piaju Peak 6610 Karakoram
Makrong Chhish 6607
Ganalo Peak 6606 Himalaya Nanga Parbat
Phuparash Peak 6574 Karakoram
Buni Zom 6550 Hindu Raj Booni,Chitral
Thui II 6523 Shetor Glacier, Thui Pass
Ghamubar I 6518 Ghamu Bar Glacier
Noukarsich 6496 Karakoram Hunza Valley
Honbrok 6459 Hushe Valley
Ghamubar II 6432 Hindu Raj Ghamubar Glacier
Uli Biaho 6417 Karakoram
Koser Gunge 6401
Trango Towers 6363 Baltoro Muztagh
Namika Peak 6325 Hushe and Shyok Valleys
Urdukas I 6320 Baltoro Glacier
Sonia Peak 6310 Shimshal
Shimshal Whitehorn (odver sar) 6303 Shimshal
Bullah 6294 Braldu River Valley
Purian Sar 6293 Shimshal
Mango Gusor 6288 Braldu River Valley
Gama Sokha Lumbu 6282
Urdukas II 6280 Baltoro Glacier
Hunza Peak 6270 Hunza Valley
Marbal Peak 6256 Baltoro Glacier and Concordia
Crystel Peak 6252
Ghuchhar Sar 6249 Hindu Kush
Garmush 6244 Garmush Glacier, Darkot
Lobsang 6225 Karakoram Baltoro Glacier
Blatts Yaz 6191 Hindu Kush Ghamubar Glacier, Darkot
Yawash Sar II 6176 Karakoram Shimshal
Thui Zom 6158 Hindu Kush Ghamubar Glacier, Darkot
Bilchar Dubani 6134 Karakoram Bagrot Valley
Urdukas III 6130 Baltoro Glacier
Chikar Zom 6110 Hindu Raj Chatebori Glacier
Uli Biaho Tower 6109 Karakoram Braldu River Valley
Tupopdan 6106 Boiber Valley
Laila Peak 6096 Gondogoro Glacier, Hushe Valley
Darmyani 6090
Ilford Peak 6080 Khane Valley
Mingli Sar 6050 Shimshal
Balti Peak 6050 Karakorum
Walyoo Sar 6030 Karakoram Shimshal
Shayaz 6026 Hindu Raj
Mitre Peak 6025 Karakoram Baltoro Muztagh, Concordia
Chaskin Sar 6000 Shimshal
Sher Peak 6000 Shimshal
Bublimating (Ladyfinger) 6000 Ultar Peak, Hunza Valley

5000 to 6000 metersEdit

Name Height (m) Location
Laila Peak 5971 Himalaya Rupal Valley
Falak Sar 5957 Swat Valley
Urdukas IV 5900 Karakoram Baltoro Glacier
Shani Peak 5887 Naltar, Shani Glacier
Chari Khand 5886 Naltar Valley
Quz Sar (Kuz Sar Peak) 5854 Shimshal
Cathedral Peak 5828 Baltoro Glacier
Qool Peak 5800 Shimshal
Khaltar Peak 5798 Naltar Valley
Bat Koshi 5791 Baltar Glacier, Hunza
Jurjurkhana Sar 5790 Shimshal
Trident Peak (Pakistan) 5780 Khane Valley
Mankial 5726 Hindu Kush Swat Valley
Lobsang Spire 5707 Karakoram Baltoro Glacier
Twin Peaks South 5700 Pakora Pass
Shaigiri 5688 Himalaya Rupal Valley
Borit Sar 5640 Karakoram Batura Glacier, Gojal
Mehrbani Peak 5639 Chaprot Pass
Buldar Peak 5602 Himalaya Nanga Parbat
Liligo 5600 Karakoram Baltoro Glacier
Shinlep Bluk 5517 Braldu River Valley
Khiatar Peak 5454 Naltar Valley
Kirilgoz 5450 Batura Glacier
Godeli Peak 5325 Bagrot-Haramosh Valleys
Malika Parbat 5290 Himalaya Kaghan Valley
Jalipur Peak South 5215 Nanga Parbat
Shiftkin Sar 5200 Karakoram Shimshal
Atabad 5180 Karakoram Hunza Valley
Rush Pari Peak 5098 Nagar Valley
Ditchil 5084 Himalaya Deosai
Tusserpo La 5084 Karakoram Hushe Valley and Shyok Valleys
Khas Kamur 5048 Naltar Valley
Snow Dome 5029 Chaprot Pass
Sasai Khand 5001 Naltar Valley

4000 to 5000 metersEdit

Name Height (m) Location
Gunshar 4950 Indus Kohistan
Chattewala 4917 Himalaya
Bulan 4913 Karakoram Nanga Parbat
Kurkun 4890 Hindu Kush
Mount Sikaram 4761 Safed Koh, Hindu Kush Parachinar
Haraj 4730 Karakoram Upper Nagar
Marpo Chungi 4695 Karakoram Shigar Valley
Naltar Peak 4678 Naltar Valley
Thalle La 4572 Hushe and Shyok Valleys
Patundas 4570 Batura Glacier
Busper Peak 4564 Braldu River Valley
Hachindar 4544 Hunza Valley
Jabardar 4511 Himalaya Fairy Meadows, Jalipur
Dianyor Peak 4358 Karakoram Dianyor Village, Gilgit
Churko Peak 4211 Himalaya Siren Valley, Mansehra
Badshish 4237 Karakoram
Musa ka Musalla 4100 Himalaya Kaghan Valley/Siran Valley
Dinewar 4100
Tingrel 4085
Chhugam 4064 Himalaya

3000 to 4000 metersEdit

Name Height (m) Location
Highest peak Dwasari 3700+ m Spin Ghar Buner District
Highest peak Elum 3600+ m)
Pir Ghar Highest peak, Waziristan mountains 3,596m Spin Ghar South Waziristan
Highest peak, Looi Sar Naikan 3,578 m Sulaiman Mountains Zarghoon Ghar, Quetta
Makra Peak 3,885 m Himalayas Kaghan
Ganga Choti 3,044 m Pir Panjal Bagh
Pir Kanthi 3,321 m Bagh
Highest peak, Loai Saar 3,472 m Sulaiman Mountains Koh-i-Takatu, Quetta
Highest peak, Lwarrh Saar 3,194 m Koh-i-Chiltan, Quetta
Highest peak, Salore Ghasha 3,184 m Koh-i-Murdaar, Quetta
Takht-i-Sulaiman 3,487 m East of Quetta
Sadozaitop 3,449 m Toba Kakar Range

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  1. ^ Stated in the Pakistan Trekking Guide, by Isobel and Ben Shaw (along with the list of highest peaks of Pakistan in Appendices).
  2. ^ These ranks are derived from the List of highest mountains. Many peaks and mountains with less than sufficient prominence are included but not numbered in the list (see #Considerations.
  3. ^ The elevation of Hachindar Chhish given here is disputed by both Austrian and Russian topographic mapping, which give it 6870 m and 6765 m respectively.



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