List of mountains in Bulgaria

Mountains constitute a significant part of Bulgaria and are dominant in the southwest and central parts. Bulgaria's highest mountains are Rila (highest peak Musala, 2925 m; the highest in the Balkans) and Pirin (highest peak Vihren, 2914 m). The large mountain chain of Stara planina (Balkan Mountains) runs west–east across the entire country, bisecting it and giving the name to the entire Balkan peninsula. Other extensive mountains are the massifs Rhodopes and Strandzha in the south.

List of mountains in Bulgaria with their highest peaksEdit

List of peaks above 2500 mEdit

Peak Height
in meters
Musala 2925 Rila
Vihren 2914 Pirin
Kutelo 2908 Pirin
Malka Musala 2902 Rila
Banski Suhodol 2884 Pirin
Irechek 2852 Rila
Polezhan 2851 Pirin
Kamenitsa 2822 Pirin
Malak Polezhan 2822 Pirin
Bayuvi Dupki 2820 Pirin
Deno 2790 Rila
Ovcharets 2768 Rila
Yalovarnika 2763 Pirin
Gazey 2761 Pirin
Kaymakchal 2753 Pirin
Todorka 2746 Pirin
Banderishki Chukar 2732 Pirin
Golyam Kupen 2731 Rila
Zhangal 2730 Pirin
Malyovitsa 2729 Rila
Momin Dvor 2723 Pirin
Bashliyski Chukar 2670 Pirin
Malka Todorka 2712 Pirin
Debeli Rid 2709 Pirin
Popova Kapa 2704 Rila
Dislitsa 2700 Pirin
Malka Malyovitsa 2698 Rila
Lopushki Vrah 2698 Rila
Lovnitsa 2695 Rila
Kanarata 2691 Rila
Kamenishka Kukla 2690 Pirin
Kuklite 2686 Pirin
Orlovets 2685 Rila
Pastri Slap 2684 Rila
Beliya Zab 2678 Rila
Damga 2669 Rila
Muratov Vrah 2669 Pirin
Dzhano 2668 Pirin
Eleni Vrah 2654 Rila
Bezbog 2645 Pirin
Angelov Vrah 2643 Rila
Ravni Vrah 2637 Rila
Belmeken 2627 Rila
Kamilata 2621 Rila
Golyam Mechi Vrah 2618 Rila
Dvuglav 2605 Rila
Golyam Mermer (Mramorets) 2598 Rila
Dodov (Drushlevishki) Vrah 2597 Rila
Sivriya 2593 Pirin
Kozi Vrah 2587 Rila
Iglata 2575 Rila
Golyam Mechit (Medarnik) 2568 Rila
Ushite 2560 Rila
Prichi Vrah 2536 Rila
Malak Mechit 2535 Rila
Sinanitsa 2516 Pirin


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