List of monarchs who lost their thrones in the 13th century

This is a list of monarchs who lost their thrones in the 13th century.

Austria edit

  • Rudolph I of Germany, Holy Roman King, Duke of Austria 1278–1282, then gave the duchy to Albert I and Rudolf II, died 1291.

Blue Horde edit

  • Talabuga, Khan of the Blue Horde 1287–1291, dethroned.

Bosnia edit

Bulgaria edit

  • Boril, Emperor of Bulgaria 1207 to 1218, deposed and blinded 1218.
  • Kaliman II, Emperor of Bulgaria 1256, forced to flee the capital, murdered 1256.
  • Mitso Asen, Emperor of Bulgaria 1256 to 1257, lost power 1257, died 1277/1278.
  • Michael Asen II, Emperor of Bulgaria 1277 to 1279, lost power and captured by the Byzantines.
  • Ivan Asen III, Emperor of Bulgaria 1279–1280, deposed, died in exile in 1303.
  • Ivaylo, Emperor of Bulgaria 1277 to 1280, lost power, murdered 1281.
  • George I Terter, Emperor of Bulgaria 1280–1292, abdicated 1292, died in 1308/1309.
  • Ivan II, Emperor of Bulgaria 1298 to 1299, deposed, died in exile before 1330.

Byzantine Empire edit

Chagatai Khanate edit

  • Qara Hülëgü, head of the ulus of the Chagatai Khanate 1242–1246 and 1252, deposed 1246, restored 1252, died 1252.
  • Yesü Möngke, 1252, exiled and executed.
  • Mubarak Shah, 1252–1260 and 1266.

Damascus edit

Egypt edit

Epirus edit

Golden Horde edit

  • Talabuga Khan of the Golden Horde 1287–1291, dethroned.

Holy Roman Empire edit

Ilkhanate edit

  • Tekuder, Ilkhan 1282–1284, deposed and executed.

Istria edit

Japan edit

Emperors edit

Shōguns edit

Latin Empire edit

Lithuania edit

  • Treniota, Grand Prince of Lithuania (1263–1264, deposed 1264.
  • Shvarn, Grand Prince of Lithuania (1267–1269), deposed, died 1269 or 1271.

Lorraine edit

Nassau edit

Neuenburg-Strassberg edit

Nuremberg edit

Portugal edit

Poznań edit

Rascia edit

  • Vukan Nemanjić, Grand Prince of Rascia 1202–1204, lost the throne to Stefan Nemanjić.
  • Stefan Nemanjić, Grand Prince of Rascia 1196–1202 and 1204–1217, deposed by Vukan Nemanjić, restored in 1204, lost the throne when the title was abolished.

Scotland edit

  • John, King of Scots, deposed 1296.

Sicily edit

  • Conradin, King of Sicily, deposed 1258 or 1268.
  • Charles I, King of Sicily, deposed in Sicily itself (though not in Naples), 1282.
  • James, King of Sicily, abdicated 1296.

Split edit

Thessalonica edit

Empire of Trebizond edit

Wales edit

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