List of members of the National Council of Switzerland, 2011–15

This is a list of members of the Swiss National Council for the 2011–2015 term. The National Council has 200 members, each elected to represent one of twenty-six cantons. Elections were held on 23 October 2011, along with elections to the Council of States. Eleven parties are represented in the National Council: the one fewer than in the previous National Council.

Name Party Canton Notes
Christoph Blocher Swiss People's Party Zurich
Christoph Mörgeli Swiss People's Party Zurich
Toni Bortoluzzi Swiss People's Party Zurich
Max Binder Swiss People's Party Zurich
Hans Fehr Swiss People's Party Zurich
Natalie Rickli Swiss People's Party Zurich
Bruno Zuppiger Swiss People's Party Zurich
Alfred Heer Swiss People's Party Zurich
Jürg Stahl Swiss People's Party Zurich
Hans Kaufmann Swiss People's Party Zurich
Hans Egloff Swiss People's Party Zurich
Thomas Hardegger Social Democratic Party Zurich
Jacqueline Fehr Social Democratic Party Zurich
Daniel Jositsch Social Democratic Party Zurich
Andreas Gross Social Democratic Party Zurich
Jacqueline Badran Social Democratic Party Zurich
Chantal Galladé Social Democratic Party Zurich
Martin Naef Social Democratic Party Zurich
Ruedi Noser FDP.The Liberals Zurich
Doris Fiala FDP.The Liberals Zurich
Filippo Leutenegger FDP.The Liberals Zurich
Markus Hutter FDP.The Liberals Zurich
Daniel Vischer Green Party Zurich
Bastien Girod Green Party Zurich
Balthasar Glättli Green Party Zurich
Kathy Riklin Christian Democratic People's Party Zurich
Barbara Schmid-Federer Christian Democratic People's Party Zurich
Martin Bäumle Green Liberal Party Zurich GLP party president
Tiana Angelina Moser Green Liberal Party Zurich
Thomas Weibel Green Liberal Party Zurich
Thomas Maier Green Liberal Party Zurich
Maja Ingold Evangelical People's Party Zurich
Lothar Ziörjen Conservative Democratic Party Zurich
Rosmarie Quadranti-Stahel Conservative Democratic Party Zurich
Andreas Aebi Swiss People's Party Bern
Andrea Geissbühler Swiss People's Party Bern
Rudolf Joder Swiss People's Party Bern
Erich von Siebenthal Swiss People's Party Bern
Hansruedi Wandfluh Swiss People's Party Bern
Adrian Amstutz Swiss People's Party Bern
Nadja Pieren Swiss People's Party Bern
Albert Rösti Swiss People's Party Bern
Evi Allemann Social Democratic Party Bern
Margret Kiener Nellen Social Democratic Party Bern
Ursula Wyss Social Democratic Party Bern
Corrado Pardini Social Democratic Party Bern
Hans Stöckli Social Democratic Party Bern
Matthias Aebischer Social Democratic Party Bern
Christa Markwalder FDP.The Liberals Bern
Christian Wasserfallen FDP.The Liberals Bern
Franziska Teuscher Green Party Bern
Alec von Graffenried Green Party Bern
Regula Rytz Green Party Bern
Marianne Streiff-Feller Evangelical People's Party Bern
Ursula Haller Vannini Conservative Democratic Party Bern
Hans Grunder Conservative Democratic Party Bern BDP party president
Urs Gasche Conservative Democratic Party Bern
Lorenz Hess Conservative Democratic Party Bern
Jürg Grossen Green Liberal Party Bern
Kathrin Bertschy Green Liberal Party Bern
Ida Glanzmann-Hunkeler Christian Democratic People's Party Lucerne
Ruedi Lustenberger Christian Democratic People's Party Lucerne
Leo Müller Christian Democratic People's Party Lucerne
Otto Ineichen FDP.The Liberals Lucerne
Albert Vitali FDP.The Liberals Lucerne
Yvette Estermann Swiss People's Party Lucerne
Felix Müri Swiss People's Party Lucerne
Prisca Birrer-Heimo Social Democratic Party Lucerne
Louis Schelbert Green Party Lucerne
Roland Fischer Green Liberal Party Lucerne
Gabi Huber FDP.The Liberals Uri
Andy Tschümperlin Social Democratic Party Schwyz
Alois Gmür Christian Democratic People's Party Schwyz
Pirmin Schwander Swiss People's Party Schwyz
Petra Gössi FDP.The Liberals Schwyz
Karl Vogler Christian Social Party Obwalden
Peter Keller Swiss People's Party Nidwalden
Martin Landolt Conservative Democratic Party Glarus
Gerhard Pfister Christian Democratic People's Party Zug
Bruno Pezzatti FDP.The Liberals Zug
Thomas Aeschi Swiss People's Party Zug
Dominique de Buman Christian Democratic People's Party Fribourg
Christine Bulliard-Marbach Christian Democratic People's Party Fribourg
Christian Levrat Social Democratic Party Fribourg SPS party president
Jean-François Steiert Social Democratic Party Fribourg
Valérie Piller Carrard Social Democratic Party Fribourg
Jacques Bourgeois FDP.The Liberals Fribourg
Jean-François Rime Swiss People's Party Fribourg
Roland Borer Swiss People's Party Solothurn
Walter Wobmann Swiss People's Party Solothurn
Kurt Fluri FDP.The Liberals Solothurn
Bea Heim Social Democratic Party Solothurn
Philipp Hadorn Social Democratic Party Solothurn
Pirmin Bischof Christian Democratic People's Party Solothurn
Stefan Müller-Altermatt Christian Democratic People's Party Solothurn
Peter Malama FDP.The Liberals Basel-Stadt
Silvia Schenker Social Democratic Party Basel-Stadt
Beat Jans Social Democratic Party Basel-Stadt
Markus Lehmann Christian Democratic People's Party Basel-Stadt
Sebastian Frehner Swiss People's Party Basel-Stadt
Daniela Schneeberger FDP.The Liberals Basel-Landschaft
Susanne Leutenegger Oberholzer Social Democratic Party Basel-Landschaft
Eric Nussbaumer Social Democratic Party Basel-Landschaft
Caspar Baader Swiss People's Party Basel-Landschaft
Thomas de Courten Swiss People's Party Basel-Landschaft
Elisabeth Schneider-Schneiter Christian Democratic People's Party Basel-Landschaft
Maya Graf Green Party Basel-Landschaft
Hans-Jürg Fehr Social Democratic Party Schaffhausen
Thomas Hurter Swiss People's Party Schaffhausen
Andrea Claudio Caroni FDP.The Liberals Appenzell Ausserrhoden
Daniel Fässler Christian Democratic People's Party Appenzell Innerrhoden
Toni Brunner Swiss People's Party St. Gallen SVP party president
Lukas Reimann Swiss People's Party St. Gallen
Roland Rino Büchel Swiss People's Party St. Gallen
Thomas Müller Swiss People's Party St. Gallen
Paul Rechsteiner Social Democratic Party St. Gallen
Hildegard Fässler Social Democratic Party St. Gallen
Lucrezia Meier-Schatz Christian Democratic People's Party St. Gallen
Jakob Büchler Christian Democratic People's Party St. Gallen
Markus Ritter Christian Democratic People's Party St. Gallen
Yvonne Gilli Green Party St. Gallen
Walter Müller FDP.The Liberals St. Gallen
Margrit Kessler Green Liberal Party St. Gallen
Heinz Brand Swiss People's Party Graubünden
Silva Semadeni Bruderer Social Democratic Party Graubünden
Hansjörg Hassler Conservative Democratic Party Graubünden
Martin Candinas Christian Democratic People's Party Graubünden
Josias Gasser Green Liberal Party Graubünden
Ulrich Giezendanner Swiss People's Party Aargau
Luzi Stamm Swiss People's Party Aargau
Sylvia Flückiger-Bäni Swiss People's Party Aargau
Hans Killer Swiss People's Party Aargau
Maximilian Reimann Swiss People's Party Aargau
Hansjörg Knecht Swiss People's Party Aargau
Max Chopard-Acklin Social Democratic Party Aargau
Cédric Wermuth Social Democratic Party Aargau
Yvonne Feri Social Democratic Party Aargau
Philipp Müller FDP.The Liberals Aargau
Corina Eichenberger-Walther FDP.The Liberals Aargau
Ruth Humbel Näf Christian Democratic People's Party Aargau
Geri Müller Green Party Aargau
Bernhard Guhl Conservative Democratic Party Aargau
Beat Flach Green Liberal Party Aargau
Edith Graf-Litscher Social Democratic Party Thurgau
Brigitte Häberli-Koller Christian Democratic People's Party Thurgau
Peter Spuhler Swiss People's Party Thurgau
Hansjörg Walter Swiss People's Party Thurgau
Markus Hausammann Swiss People's Party Thurgau
Thomas Böhni Green Liberal Party Thurgau
Pierre Rusconi Swiss People's Party Ticino
Ignazio Cassis FDP.The Liberals Ticino
Fulvio Pelli FDP.The Liberals Ticino FDP party president
Fabio Regazzi Christian Democratic People's Party Ticino
Roberta Pantani Ticino League Ticino
Lorenzo Quadri Ticino League Ticino
Marina Carobbio Guscetti Social Democratic Party Ticino
Géraldine Savary Social Democratic Party Vaud
Roger Nordmann Social Democratic Party Vaud
Ada Marra Social Democratic Party Vaud
Eric Voruz Social Democratic Party Vaud
Josiane Aubert Social Democratic Party Vaud
Cesla Amarelle Social Democratic Party Vaud
Isabelle Moret FDP.The Liberals Vaud
Olivier Français FDP.The Liberals Vaud
Olivier Feller FDP.The Liberals Vaud
Isabelle Chevalley Green Liberal Party Vaud
Guy Parmelin Swiss People's Party Vaud
André Bugnon Swiss People's Party Vaud
Jean-Pierre Grin Swiss People's Party Vaud
Pierre-François Veillon Swiss People's Party Vaud
Fathi Derder FDP.The Liberals Vaud
Luc Recordon Green Party Vaud
Adèle Thorens Green Party Vaud
Jacques Neirynck Christian Democratic People's Party Vaud
Viola Amherd Christian Democratic People's Party Valais
Stéphane Rossini Social Democratic Party Valais
Mathias Reynard Social Democratic Party Valais
Jean-René Germanier FDP.The Liberals Valais
Christophe Darbellay Christian Democratic People's Party Valais CVP party president
Yannick Buttet Christian Democratic People's Party Valais
Oskar Freysinger Swiss People's Party Valais
Laurent Favre FDP.The Liberals Neuchâtel
Alain Ribaux FDP.The Liberals Neuchâtel
Jacques-André Maire Social Democratic Party Neuchâtel
Francine John-Calame Green Party Neuchâtel
Yvan Perrin Swiss People's Party Neuchâtel
Ueli Leuenberger Green Party Geneva Green Party president
Antonio Hodgers Green Party Geneva
Carlo Sommaruga Social Democratic Party Geneva
Maria Roth-Bernasconi Social Democratic Party Geneva
Manuel Tornare Social Democratic Party Geneva
Luc Barthassat Christian Democratic People's Party Geneva
Yves Nidegger Swiss People's Party Geneva
Céline Amaudruz Swiss People's Party Geneva
Mauro Poggia Geneva Citizens' Movement Geneva
Hugues Hiltpold FDP.The Liberals Geneva
Christian Lüscher FDP.The Liberals Geneva
Jean-Paul Gschwind Christian Democratic People's Party Jura
Pierre-Alain Fridez Social Democratic Party Jura

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