List of members of the National Academy of Engineering (Industrial, manufacturing, and operational systems)

This list is a subsection of the List of members of the National Academy of Engineering, which includes over 2,000 current members of the United States National Academy of Engineering, each of whom is affiliated with one of 12 disciplinary sections. Each person's name, primary institution, and election year are given. This list does not include deceased members.

Name Institution Year elected
Sridhar Tayur Carnegie Mellon University 2017
Gérard Cornuéjols Carnegie Mellon University 2016
Brenda L. Dietrich Cornell University 2014
Wallace J. Hopp University of Michigan 2014
Louis Anthony (Tony) Cox, Jr. Cox Associates 2012
William W. George Harvard Business School 2012
Peter W. Glynn Stanford University 2012
John R. Birge The University of Chicago 2011
Lawrence D. Burns University of Michigan 2011
William J. Cook Georgia Institute of Technology 2011
Amedeo R. Odoni Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2011
Cynthia Barnhart Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2010
Michael T. Duke Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. 2010
Hau L. Lee Stanford University 2010
William R. Pulleyblank United States Military Academy 2010
Donald P. Gaver, Jr. U.S. Naval Postgraduate School 2009
Christopher B. Lofgren Schneider National, Inc. 2009
William S. Marras The Ohio State University 2009
Alan R. Washburn U.S. Naval Postgraduate School 2009
Lawrence M. Wein Stanford University 2009
Gerald G. Brown U.S. Naval Postgraduate School 2008
J. Michael Harrison Stanford University 2008
Stephen Malkin University of Massachusetts Amherst 2008
Stephen M. Robinson University of Wisconsin, Madison 2008
Paul M. Horn New York University 2007
William P. Pierskalla University of California, Los Angeles 2007
Paul K. Wright University of California, Berkeley 2007
Egon Balas Carnegie Mellon University 2006
Josephine Cheng IBM Almaden Research Center 2006
W. Peter Cherry Independent Consultant 2006
Gary L. Cowger General Motors Corporation 2006
Robert M. Oliver University of California, Berkeley 2006
Rodney C. Adkins International Business Machines Corporation 2005
Dimitris Bertsimas Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2005
James Q. Crowe Level 3 Communications, Inc. 2005
J. Stuart Hunter Princeton University 2005
Howard Raiffa Harvard University 2005
Thomas L. Saaty University of Pittsburgh 2005
Michael L. Eskew United Parcel Service 2004
Charles O. Holliday, Jr. Bank of America 2004
Yoram Koren University of Michigan 2004
Kenneth Levy KLA-Tencor Corporation 2004
David M. Maddox Independent Consultant 2004
Andrew P. Sage George Mason University 2004
Anne L. Stevens SA IT Services 2004
Chien-Fu Jeff Wu Georgia Institute of Technology 2004
Robert E. Fenton The Ohio State University 2003
Edward H. Kaplan Yale School of Management 2003
Karl G. Kempf Intel Corporation 2003
Vinod K. Sahney Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer 2003
Andrew Brown, Jr. Delphi Corporation 2002
Stephen M. Pollock University of Michigan 2002
Thom J. Hodgson North Carolina State University 2001
James J. Padilla Ford Motor Company 2001
James M. Tien University of Miami 2001
Way Kuo City University of Hong Kong 2000
Hanif D. Sherali Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 2000
Dennis F. Wilkie Motorola Corporation 2000
Louis V. Gerstner, Jr. International Business Machines Corporation 1999
Ronald A. Howard Stanford University 1999
Donald L. Iglehart Stanford University 1999
Lawrence D. Stone Metron, Inc. 1999
Alfred Blumstein Carnegie Mellon University 1998
Arthur M. Geoffrion University of California, Los Angeles 1998
William L. Maxwell SupplyChain Consultants, Inc. 1998
Dan Maydan Applied Materials, Inc. 1998
Eugene S. Meieran Intel Corporation 1998
Henry M. Rowan Inductotherm Group 1998
James E. Turner, Jr. General Dynamics Corporation 1998
Robert E. Bixby Rice University 1997
Jack L. Blumenthal Mayfield Senior High School 1997
Earnest W. Deavenport, Jr. Eastman Chemical Company 1997
Ralph L. Disney Texas A&M University 1997
Linda S. Sanford International Business Machines Corporation 1997
Paul A. Allaire Xerox World Headquarters 1996
H. Donald Ratliff Georgia Institute of Technology 1996
John M. Samuels, Jr. Revenue Variable Engineering, LLC 1996
Ward Whitt Columbia University 1996
Thomas M. Cook T.C.I. 1995
Ralph L. Keeney University of Southern California 1995
Thomas B. Sheridan Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1995
Don B. Chaffin University of Michigan 1994
Marshall L. Fisher University of Pennsylvania 1994
George J. Hess The Ingersoll Milling Machine Company 1994
Leslie A. Benmark E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Company 1993
Ronald E. Goldsberry Deloitte 1993
Richard C. Larson Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1993
Deborah J. Nightingale Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1993
G. Keith Turnbull Alcoa, Inc. 1993
Richard W. Conway Cornell University 1992
Armand V. Feigenbaum General Systems Company, Inc. 1992
Thomas J. Malone Milliken & Company 1992
Maxine L. Savitz Honeywell Inc. 1992
Edgar S. Woolard, Jr. E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Company 1992
Thomas L. Magnanti Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1991
William B. Rouse Georgia Institute of Technology 1991
F. Stan Settles University of Southern California 1991
Kenneth E. Case Oklahoma State University 1990
Harry E. Cook University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign 1990
Gavriel Salvendy Purdue University 1990
John A. Betti United States Department of Defense 1989
Geoffrey Boothroyd Boothroyd Dewhurst, Inc. 1989
John D.C. Little Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1989
Laurence C. Seifert AT&T Corporation 1989
James J. Solberg Purdue University 1989
Kuo K. Wang Cornell University 1989
Ellis L. Johnson Georgia Institute of Technology 1988
Donald E. Procknow Lucent Technologies 1988
John A. Simpson National Institute of Standards and Technology 1988
John A. White, Jr. University of Arkansas 1987
H. Kent Bowen Harvard University 1986
Robert P. Clagett University of Rhode Island 1986
Lee A. Iacocca Iacocca and Associates 1986
Gerald Nadler University of Southern California 1986
George L. Nemhauser Georgia Institute of Technology 1986
Paul E. Torgersen Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 1986
Arthur F. Veinott, Jr. Stanford University 1986
James F. Lardner Deere & Company 1985
Richard C. Messinger Cincinnati Milacron, Inc. 1985
Dell K. Allen Utah State University 1984
Joseph F. Engelberger HelpMate Robotics Inc. 1984
John G. Bollinger University of Wisconsin, Madison 1983
W. Dale Compton Purdue University 1981
Thomas A. Vanderslice TAV Associates 1980
William J. McCune, Jr. Polaroid Corporation 1979
L. Stanley Crane School of Engineering and Applied Science-The George Washington University 1978
Daniel Berg University of Miami 1976
Joseph H. Newman Tishman Research Corporation 1973
Howard S. Turner Turner Construction Company 1973
John S. Foster, Jr. Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems 1969
Mark K. Smith Independent Consultant 1967


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