List of members-elect of the United States House of Representatives who never took their seats

Some people who were elected to the United States House of Representatives died before taking their seats. In other cases, they failed to qualify; were rejected by the House; their credentials were successfully challenged; or they were somehow otherwise unable to become members.

This list only includes people who never served in the House. Re-elected incumbents are not included.

Member-elect Party District Election date Congress Reason for non-seating
Augustus F. Allen Democratic NY-33 November 3, 1874 44th Died on January 22, 1875.
William M. Brown Republican PA-24 November 3, 1914 64th Died on January 31, 1915.
Andrew J. Campbell Republican NY-10 November 5, 1894 54th Died on December 6, 1894.[1]
John Cantine Democratic-Republican NY-7 April 27, 1802 to April 29, 1802 8th Elected, but declined to take office.
Thomas Child, Jr. Whig NY-7 November 7, 1854 34th Elected, but never took his seat due to illness.
James J. Davidson Republican PA-15 November 3, 1896 55th Died on January 2, 1897.
William Dowse Federalist NY-15 December 15, 1812 to December 17, 1812 13th Died on February 18, 1813.
John S. Edwards Federalist OH-6 October 13, 1812 13th Died on February 22, 1813.
Francis Gehon Unknown Iowa Territory 1839 26th William W. Chapman's term was extended to October 1840, invalidating Gehon's election.[2]
Richard P. Giles Democratic MO-1 November 3, 1896 55th Died on November 17, 1896.
James Reed Hallowell Republican KS-AL November 5, 1878 46th Congress refused to seat him because Kansas was not entitled to a fourth representative.
John W. Head Democratic TN-4 November 3, 1874 44th Died on November 9, 1874.
Andrew S. Herron Democratic LA-4 November 7, 1882 48th Died on November 27, 1882.
Henry B. Lee Democratic-Republican NY-4 April 23, 1816 to April 25, 1816 15th Died on February 18, 1817.
Samuel Marx Democratic NY-19 November 7, 1922 68th Died on November 30, 1922.[3]
Garnett McMillan Democratic GA-9 November 3, 1874 44th Died on January 14, 1875.
Matthew Vincent O'Malley Democratic NY-7 February 17, 1931 72nd Died on May 26, 1931, having never taken the oath of office.
Samuel Peters Republican LA-4 November 5, 1872 43rd Died before taking office.
Washington Poe Whig GA-3 November 5, 1844 29th Resigned before taking office.[4]
B. H. Roberts Democratic UT-AL November 8, 1898 56th Congress refused to seat him because he was a bigamist.
John Simpson Democratic-Republican KY-8 August 3, 1812 13th Died on January 22, 1813.
Alexander Smith Republican NY-12 November 5, 1878 46th Died on November 5, 1878.
Jack Swigert Republican CO-6 November 2, 1982 98th Died on December 27, 1982[5]
Thomas Tillotson Democratic-Republican NY-5 April 29, 1800 to May 1, 1800 7th Resigned on August 10, 1801, to become Secretary of State of New York.
James Townsend Federalist NY-1 April 27, 1790 to April 29, 1790 2nd Died on May 24, 1790.
Lyman Trumbull Democratic IL-8 November 7, 1854 34th He was elected to the U.S. Senate prior to the first session.
Charles F. Van de Water Republican CA-9 November 2, 1920 67th Died in a car crash on November 20, 1920.
Ambrose R. Wright Democratic GA-8 November 5, 1872 43rd Died on December 21, 1872.

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