List of mayors of Sacramento, California

This is a list of Mayors of Sacramento, California. The Sacramento City Council met for the first time on August 1, 1849 and the citizens approved the city charter on October 13, 1849. The City Charter was recognized by the State of California on February 27, 1850 and Sacramento was incorporated on March 18, 1850.[1]

Mayor of Sacramento, California
Darrell Steinberg

since 2016
First holderWilliam Stout
Mayors of Sacramento, California
Year Mayor Notes and references
2016–present Darrell Steinberg
2008–2016 Kevin Johnson First African-American mayor, former NBA player, and P.R.A. Dodger
2000–2008 Heather Fargo Second elected female mayor in Sacramento
1999–2000 Jimmie R. Yee First Asian-American to serve as mayor (interim mayor)
1992–1999 Joe Serna, Jr. First Hispanic-American to be elected as mayor (died in office)
1983–1992 Anne Rudin First elected female mayor in Sacramento
1983 R. Burnett Miller
1975–1982 Phil Isenberg Later served in the California State Assembly
1968–1975 Richard H. Marriott
1966–1967 Walter Christensen
1960–1965 James B. McKenney
1956–1959 Clarence L. Azevedo
1954–1955 H. H. Hendren
1954 William A. Hicks Resigned from office
1952–1953 Leslie E. Wood
1950–1951 Bert E. Geisreiter[2]
1948–1949 Belle Cooledge First female mayor
1946–1947 George L. Klumpp
1938–1945 Thomas B. Monk
1936–1937 Arthur D. Ferguson
1934–1935 Thomas P. Scollan
1930–1933 C. H. S. Bidwell
1928–1929 Ralph E. Conley
1926–1927 Alexander E. Goddard
1921–1925 Albert Elkus First mayor to be born within city boundaries
1920–1921 Charles A. Bliss
1918–1920 John Q. Brown Son of former mayor John Q. Brown (served 1881-1887)
1916–1918 Daniel W. Carmichael
1915–1916 Gustavaus C. Simmons
1912–1915 Michael J. Burke
1910–1912 Marshall R. Beard
1908–1909 Clinton L. White
1906–1907 Marshall R. Beard
1904–1905 William J. Hassett
1900–1903 George H. Clark
1898–1899 William Land
1896–1897 Cyrus H. Hubbard
1893–1895 Bernard U. Steinman First Jew elected mayor of Sacramento[3]
1889–1892 William D. Comstock
1887–1888 Eugene J. Gregory
1881–1887 John Q. Brown Father of mayor John Q. Brown (served 1918-1920)
1878–1880 Jabez Turner Elected on what was known as the State Workingmen's ticket
1872–1877 Christopher Green
1863–1871 Charles Heman
1859–1862 William Shattuck
1858 Henry Lambard Nichols Later served as Secretary of State of California
1857 Joseph Palmer Dyer
1856 Benjamin Barnard Redding Born in Canada
1855 James Lawrence English Later served as the California State Treasurer
1854 R. P. Johnson
1853 James Richmond Hardenberg
1852 C. I. Hutchinson
1851 James Richmond Hardenberg
1850 Hardin Bigelow The first elected mayor of Sacramento
1849 Albert Maver Winn
1849 William Stout Spent three weeks in office[1]

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