List of lakes of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Natural lakes in Bosnia and Herzegovina take 67.5 square kilometres (26.1 sq mi), which is a little more than 0.12% of the total surface area of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Buško Blato is the largest lake, its size being 56.7 km2. Blidinje lake is the largest natural mountain lake in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with surface area varying between 2.5 and 6 square kilometres (0.97 and 2.32 sq mi), and Buško Blato lake with its size of 56.7 square kilometres (21.9 sq mi) is the biggest artificial accumulation in Bosnia and Herzegovina; this lake was made from accumulation of water from the Buško Blato marshland, earlier natural slough and morass system.[1] The total size of all lakes is 1/10 as large as the world average. Because of this, natural lakes in Bosnia and Herzegovina are not economically important.

All the natural lakes of Bosnia and Herzegovina are younger than 9000 years, unlike the other European lakes. This was concluded after the explorations of absolute age of the lake silt. It was written in older literature that the mountain lakes of Bosnia and Herzegovina were made because of glacial movements, and the lower altitude lakes of river flows in combination with glaciations, but many other facts were unattended. In the mountain parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina animal husbandry had a crucial impact on lakes. Every ranch had its own lake which served as a cattle watering-place. If there were no natural lakes in Bosnia and Herzegovina, then the artificial lakes were made, for example Jugovo Lake at Zelengora mountain.

Unlike the mountain lakes of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Plivsko Lake was made of a natural chemical precipitate of carbonate minerals and forming travertine sediment in the process. The subsistence of these lakes is highly threatened by urbanisation, which began in the 1960s.

Hutovo Blato was made in the valley of the Neretva river and its existence depends on the energy and meliorative attempts in the underflow of Neretva river. Ichthyological research of natural lakes of Bosnia and Herzegovina began in 1924 and that research determined good natural and biological opportunities for the fish farming.

List of lakesEdit

Lake Origin Municipality/Town/Village/Mountain
Alagovac Lake Natural Nevesinje
Balkana Lake * Natural/Artificial Mrkonjić Grad
Bara Lake
Bardača Lake Natural Srbac
Bašigovačko Lake Natural Živinice
Bijelo Lake Natural Treskavica
Bijelo lake Natural Zelengora
Bilećko Lake Artificial Bileća
Bistarac Lake Natural Lukavac
Bijelo Borje Lake Natural Bijelo Borje - Vareš
Blatačko Lake Natural Konjic/Bjelašnica
Blidinje Lake * Natural/Artificial[2] Tomislavgrad/Posušje, Vran Mt., Čvrsnica Mt.
Bočac Lake Artificial VALJEVO CITY
Boračko Lake Natural Konjic/Glavatičevo
Breštica Lake Natural Banovići
Bukvensko Lake
Busača Lake
Busija Lake Natural Glamoč
Buško Blato Artificial Livno
Bužimsko Lake Artificial Bužim
Crno Lake Natural Treskavica
Crno Lake Natural Zelengora
Crvenjak Lake Natural Čvrsnica
Deransko Lake Natural Hutovo Blato
Donje Bare Natural Zelengora
Drenova Lake Natural Prnjavor
Drijen Vrelo Natural Hutovo Blato
Goransko Jezero Artificial Doboj
Gornje Bare Natural Zelengora
Grabovičko Lake Artificial Jablanica
Grahovčići Lake * Artificial/Natural Travnik
Grajseljići Lake Artificial Ulog
Gubinsko Lake
Gvozno Lake Natural Ulog
Hazna Lake Artificial Gradačac
Hrast Lake Natural Glamoč
Humci Lake Čelić
Idovačko Lake Natural Raduša
Ispod Pržića Malo Lake * Artificial/Natural Vareš
Ispod Pržića Veliko Lake * Artificial/Natural Vareš
Jablaničko Lake Artificial Jablanica/Konjic
Jasikovac Lake Natural Drvar
Jelim Lake Natural Hutovo Blato
Jelovac Lake
Jugovo Lake Natural Zelengora
Kalemovo Lake Prozor-Rama, at an elevation of 900m
Kladopoljsko Lake Natural Zelengora
Klinje Lake Artificial Gacko
Kotlaničko Lake Natural Zelengora
Krenica Lake Natural Drinovačko field
Kukavičko Lake Natural Kupres
Kvrkulja Lake
Laminci Lake Natural Gradiška
Lipsko Lake Artificial Livno
Mali Lug * Artificial/Natural Fojnica
Malo Lake
Malo Plivsko Lake Natural Jajce
Mandek Lake Artificial Livno
Mezgraja Lake * Artificial/Natural Ugljevik
Mijino Lake
Mlado Lake * Artificial/Natural Kakanj
Modračko Lake Artificial Lukavac
Mostarsko Lake Artificial Mostar
Nuga Lake Artificial Tihaljina
Orah Lake Natural Hutovo Blato
Orlovo Lake Ozren
Oličko Lake
Opačićko Lake Natural Glamoč
Orlovačko Lake Natural Zelengora
Panonsko Lake Artificial Tuzla
Pasje Lake
Paučko Lake * Natural/Artificial Kladanj
Pelagićevo Lake * Artificial/Natural Pelagićevo
Peručaćko Lake Artificial Peručac
Pijavičko Lake
Platno Lake Natural Treskavica, above Veliko lake
Popovača Lake
Prekajsko Lake Artificial Drvar
Prokoško Lake Natural Vranica
Radovan Lake Artificial Gornji Vakuf
Ramsko Lake Artificial Prozor
Ramičko Lake Natural Banovići
Rastičevsko Lake Natural Kupres
Salakovačko Lake Artificial Mostar/Salakovac
Sniježnica Artificial Teočak
Starača Lake
Šatorsko Lake Natural Šator
Šićki Brod Lake * Artificial/Natural Šićki Brod
Škrka Lake Natural Hutovo Blato
Štirinsko Lake (Serbian: Штиринско Језеро / Štirinsko Jezero) Natural Zelengora
Trebinjsko Lake Artificial Trebinje
Tribistovo Lake Artificial Posušje
Turjača Lake Natural Kupres
Uloško Lake (a.k.a. Crvanjsko Lake) Natural Ulog
Vareš Lake * Artificial/Natural Vareš
Velež Lake Velež
Veliki Lug * Artificial/Natural Fojnica
Veliko Lake Natural Treskavica
Veliko Plivsko Lake * Natural/Artificial Jajce
Vidara Lake Artificial Gradačac
Vijenac Lake * Natural/Artificial Banovići
Višegradsko Lake Višegrad
Vrtliško Lake * Artificial/Natural Kakanj
Vrutak Lake Artificial Hutovo
Zanasovići Lake * Artificial/Natural Bugojno
Žabar Lake Natural Pelagicevo
Zvorničko Lake Artificial Zvornik
Ždrimačko Lake Gornji Vakuf
Župica Lake
  • * Artificial/Natural - Abandoned surface mineshaft subsequently flooded with underground wells;
  • * Natural/Artificial - Of natural origin with a subsequent works on regulating the quantity of water and/or increasing depth and/or arranging the environment.

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