List of islands of Cambodia

The following is a list of Cambodia's islands, all situated in the Gulf of Thailand (Khmer: ឈូងសមុទ្រសៀម, Chhoung Samut Siem). All islands are, apart from the group of the outer islands, in relative proximity to the coast and can easily and quickly be reached. The north-westernmost islands near and around the Koh Kong river (Khmer: Prek Kaoh Pao) delta area are to a great extent engulfed in contiguous mangrove marshes and consequently hard to recognize.

Snake Island, off the coast of Sihanoukville, as seen from Hawaii Beach, October 2014

Almost all islands have more than one name and there are islands sharing names (e.g. 2 x Koh Moul, 2 x Koh Domloung). Ancient Malay and French colonial names are still being used and/or have merged with Khmer names. Individual and unstandardized Romanization of Khmer writing has resulted in multiple spelling variants of the island's names. Sources, such as Geonames offer several variants. Tables below follow the geography from north-west to south-east.[1][2][3]

Islands off Koh Kong Province/Botum Sakor National ParkEdit

Name English Name Khmer Name Former French Name Size Image
Koh Kong (island) Outer Koh Kong Island កោះកុងក្រៅ 105 km2
Koh Sdach King Island កោះស្ដេច 1.1 km2
Koh Memei/Rokas Widow island កោះមេម៉ាយ
Koh Smach/Samit Rife Island កោះស្មាច់ 3.4 km2
Koh Smach Phoumi Rife Island Village កោះស្មាច់ 0.8 km2
Koh Ampil Thom Big Tamarind Island កោះអំពិលធំ 34.4 ha
Koh Ampil Kandal Central Tamarind Island កោះអំពិលកណ្ដាល 2.6 ha
Koh Ampil Toch Small Tamarind Island កោះអំពិលតូច 11.2 ha
Koh Moul[3] Round Island កោះមុល Ilot Cone 18.6 ha
Koh Kapi "From the" island កោះកាពី
Koh Gondol Mouse/Rat island កោះកណ្ដុរ 2.4 ha
Koh Sralau Sralau tree island កោះស្រឡៅ Ile de Koh Sralou 4.2 km2
Koh Châkrei Chakrei island កោះចក្រី 2.9 km2
Koh Domloung Potato Island កោះដំឡូង Ile Plate 6.5 ha
Koh Manoah/Kandal Pineapple/Middle Island កោះម្នាស់/កណ្តាល Ile du Milieu 3.9 km2
North Island[4] Ilot Nord 0.153 km2
Koh Lôy Pretty Island កោះឡូយ 13.5 ha
Koh Navan Navan island 6.9 km2
Koh Ta Téam/Vaang Ancestor Team island កោះតាទាម Ile du Chenal 0.6 km2  
Koh Yâr Porch island កោះយ៉ 1.0 km2
Koh Kruasah Knong Inner Family Island កោះគ្រួសារក្នុង Îles Koh Kussat 16.0 ha
Koh Kruasah Krau Outer Family Island កោះគ្រួសារក្រៅ Îles Koh Kussat 12.5 ha
Koh Kruasah Kandal Central Family Island កោះគ្រួសារកណ្ដាល Îles Koh Kussat 25.5 ha
Koh Andaug Turtle Island កោះអណ្ដើក 6.4 ha
Koh Khmauch Ghost Island កោះខ្មោច 10.9 ha
Koh Nu That Island កោះនោះ
Rocher Table Table Rock
Rocher Kusrovie Kusrovie Rock
Rocher Du Branle-bas[5] Commotion Rock
Îlots de la Comète[6] Comet Islets
Koh Chhan Table Island កោះឆាន់ 0.5 km2
Koh Totang Square island កោះទទឹង 0.8 km2
Koh Rokas/Memas Irregular island កោះរកាស 1.3 ha
Koh Pao Kiddy island កោះ 18.0 ha
Koh Sanchaura[7] កោះ 29.7 ha

Islands off Sihanoukville/Krong Preah Sihanouk/Chhak Kampong SaomEdit

Name English Name Khmer Name Former French Name Size Image
Koh Rong Shelter island កោះរ៉ុង 78 km2  
Koh Tuich Small Island កោះតូច Ilot Sud 1.4 ha  
Koh Rong Sanloem Rong Sanloem island កោះរុងសន្លឹម 25 km2  
Koh Koun Child Island កោះកូន Ile de Cone 6.9 ha  
Koh Bong Po-oun/Song Saa Siblings/Lovers Islands កោះបងកោះប្អូន Les Frères 6.1 ha  
Koh Chanloh/Kaoh Krobai[8] Torch/Water-Buffalo Island កោះចន្លុះ/កោះក្របី Île du Milieu 1.9 ha  
Kaoh Preus[9] Deer Island កោះប្រើស Île Nord-Ouest 0.5 ha  
Koh Puos Snake Island កោះពស់ Île Coudée 1.1 km2  
Koh Dek Koul (Pae) (Port) Nail Island កោះដែកគោល Rocher Carré 0.5 km2  
Koh Russei Bamboo Island កោះឫស្សី Ile Sud-Ouest 1.4 km2
Koh Ta Kiev Ancestor Kiev Island កោះតាគៀវ Ile de la Baie 6.7 km2  
Koh Kaong Kang/Tass Mangrove/Disk Island កោះកោងកាង/ថាស Ile des Paletuviers 0.9 km2  
Koh Traolach Melon Island ត្រឡាច
Koh Tres/K'teah Pan Island កោះខ្ទះ Ile Ronde 7.5 ha  
Koh Preab Dove Island កោះព្រាប Île du Départ 1.0 ha  
Koh Doung Coconut Island កោះដូង 1.9 ha
Rocher Thmor Eiffel Rocks Rocher Eiffel 0.1 ha

Islands off Ream National ParkEdit

Name English Name Khmer Name Former French Name Size Image
Koh Thmei New Island កោះថ្មី Ile du Milieu 40.3 km2
Koh Seh Horse Island កោះសេះ Ile a L’eau 7.7 km2
Koh Ki Ki Island កោះគី 2.2 ha
Koh Sramauch Ant Island កោះស្រម៉ោច 28.6 ha
Koh Sampoch Meerkat/Ferret island កោះសំពោច 0.5 ha
Koh Dam Graft island 1.1 km2

Islands off KepEdit

Name English Name Khmer Name Former French Name Size Image
Koh Angkrang[10] Weaver ant Island កោះអង្ក្រង Ile des Fourmis 6.1 ha
Koh Ach Seh Horse manure Island 8.3 ha
Koh Pou[11] Pou tree island កោះពោធិ Île Pirate du Nord 32.2 ha
Koh Kras Dense Island កោះក្រាស Île Rocheuse 2.9 ha
Koh Matei Kindergarten island កោះមត្តេយ្យ
Koh Makprang Makprang fruit island កោះម៉ាកប្រាង
Koh Sngout Dry Island កោះស្ងួត
Koh Kok Heron/Egret island កោះកុក
Koh Svay Mango Island កោះស្វាយ 6.3 ha
Koh Tbal Mill grinder/Mortar Island កោះត្បាល់ 14.7 ha
Koh Thonsay Rabbit Island កោះទន្សាយ Koh Antay 1.8 km2  
Roche Rosita[12] Rosita rock Roche Rosita

The outer IslandsEdit

Name English Name Khmer Name Former French Name Size Image
Koh Tang "Legend" or Display island កោះតាង 5.9 km2
Koh Moul/Tuich Round/Small Island កោះមូល 1.9 ha
Koh Domloung Potato Island កោះដំឡូង 46.7 ha
Koh Trangol Shaved Island កោះត្រង៉ោល 1.0 ha
Koh Thee Moy First Island កោះទីមួយ Îlots Sud-Est 2.0 ha
Koh Thee Pee Second Island កោះទីបីរ Îlots Sud-Est 5.4 ha
Koh Doung Coconut Island កោះដូង 8.3 ha
Koh Pring Jambul Island កោះព្រីង ile Prins 0.7 km2
Koh Poulo Wai 1 Poulo Wai islands កោះពូលូវៃ 2.1 km2
Koh Poulo Wai 2 Poulo Wai islands កោះពូលូវៃ 1.7 km2
Ilot Veer Crawl islet កោះវារ 6.2 ha
Koh Veal Field island កោះវាល 51,016.88 m2


Koh Smach
Koh Totang
Koh Gondol
Koh Navan
Koh Sralau
Koh Moul
Koh Memot/Kras
Koh Kruhsah Khnong
Koh Domloung
Koh Chan
Koh Manoah
Koh Andaug
Koh Ta Team
Koh Ampil Tuich
Roche Kusrovie
Koh Yor
Koh Kapi
Îlots de la Comète
Roche du Branle-bas
Koh Châkrei
Koh Pao
Koh Sanchaura
Cambodia's islands - northern part
Koh Doung
Koh Thass/Kaong Kang
Dupont Reef
Koh Domloung
Koh Veal
Koh Ky
Koh Dam
Koh Koun
Koh Tuich
Koh Ta Team
Koh Bong/Po-on
Koh Kteah/Tres
Koh Trangol
Koh Doung
Koh Bi
Koh Moul
Koh Mouy
Koh Tbal
Koh Po
Koh Hal Trey
Koh Svay Prei
Koh Angkrang
Koh Kras
Koh Chanlou
Rocher Rosita
Cambodia's islands - southern part

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