List of history awards

This list of history awards covers notable awards given to persons, a group of persons, or institutions, for their contribution to the study of history. It is organized by region. The entries name the prize and sponsoring organization, give notes on the purpose or criteria, and where available give the period in which the prize was awarded. Typically a prize is first awarded in the year after it is established, and applies to work published in the previous year.

Kenneth O. May Prize in the history of mathematics



Award Sponsor Notes Awarded
CHA Best Scholarly Book in Canadian History Prize Canadian Historical Association Annual award for "the most significant contribution to an understanding of the Canadian past"[1] since 1977
Cundill Prize McGill University Literature award for history[2] since 2008
François-Xavier Garneau Medal Canadian Historical Association Awarded every five years for an outstanding Canadian contribution to historical research[1] since 1980
J. B. Tyrrell Historical Medal Royal Society of Canada Outstanding work in the history of Canada. Named in honour of Joseph Tyrrell[3][4] since 1928

Latin AmericaEdit

Award Sponsor Notes
Chilean National History Award Government of Chile History of Chile (since 1974)[5]
Orden del Pop Universidad Francisco Marroquín Guatemala's cultural heritage (since 1998)[6]

United StatesEdit

Award Sponsor Notes Awarded
Herbert Baxter Adams Prize American Historical Association Distinguished first book by a young scholar in the field of European history[7] since 1905
AJHA Book Award American Journalism Historians Association Best book in media history[8]
AJHA Teaching Awards American Journalism Historians Association Excellence in teaching journalism and mass communication history[9]
Gold Medal Award for Distinguished Archaeological Achievement Archaeological Institute of America Archaeology[10] since 1965
Bancroft Prize Columbia University Diplomacy or the history of the Americas[11] since 1948
K. Jack Bauer Award North American Society for Oceanic History Life-time contributions to the field of maritime history[12]
George Louis Beer Prize American Historical Association Best book in European international history from 1895 to the present since 1923
Bentley Book Prize World History Association First awarded as the World History Association Book Prize. Name changed in 2012 since 1999
Berkshire Conference of Women Historians Book Prize Berkshire Conference of Women Historians Two prizes, one for work that deals with the history of women, gender, and/or sexuality, one for a first book in any field of history that does not focus on the history of women, gender, and/or sexuality. since 1990
Beveridge Award American Historical Association Best English-language book on United States, Canada or Latin America history from 1492 to the present since 1939
Ray Allen Billington Prize Organization of American Historians Best book about American frontier history, including all of North and South America, all post-1492 pioneer experiences, and comparisons between American frontiers and others around the world since 1981
Margaret A. Blanchard Dissertation Prize American Journalism Historians Association Best doctoral dissertation dealing with mass communication history
Cornplanter Medal Cayuga County Historical Society Iroquois studies 1904-1979
Merle Curti Award Organization of American Historians Best book in American social and/or American intellectual history Since 1978
Dexter Award American Chemical Society History of chemistry (now the HIST award) 1956–2001
Frederick Douglass Prize Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History Most outstanding non-fiction book in English on the subject of slavery, abolition or antislavery movements since 1999
John H. Dunning Prize American Historical Association Best book in history related to the United States since 1929
Sidney M. Edelstein Award American Chemical Society History of chemistry (now the HIST award) 2002–2009
Eugene M. Emme Astronautical Literature Award American Astronautical Society History Committee Truly outstanding book serving public understanding about the positive impact of astronautics upon society. The award is in honor of Eugene M. Emme, NASA's first historian[13] since 1983
John K. Fairbank Prize American Historical Association Outstanding book in the history of China proper, Vietnam, Chinese Central Asia, Mongolia, Manchuria, Korea, or Japan, substantially after 1800 since 1969
Friend of History Award Organization of American Historians For an individual, who is not a professional historian, or an institution or organization for outstanding support for the pursuit of historical research, for the public presentation of history, or for the work of the OAH since 2005
Leo Gershoy Award American Historical Association Best publication in English dealing with the history of Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries since 1977
Gottschalk Prize American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Outstanding historical or critical study on the 18th century since 1976
Gilder Lehrman Prize in Military History Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation Best book on military history in the English-speaking world. Before 2016 known as the Guggenheim-Lehrman Prize in Military History since 2014
HIST Award for Outstanding Achievement in the History of Chemistry American Chemical Society History of chemistry since 2013
J. C. Harrington Award in Historical Archaeology Society for Historical Archaeology For a life-time of contributions to the discipline [archaeology] centered on scholarship since 1982
Hattendorf Prize Naval War College Original research that contributes to a deeper historical understanding of the broad context and interrelationships involved in the roles, contributions, limitations, and uses of the sea services in history since 2011
Ellis W. Hawley Prize Organization of American Historians Best historical study of the political economy, politics, or institutions of the United States, in its domestic or international affairs, from the American Civil War to the present since 1997
Alice Davis Hitchcock Award Society of Architectural Historians Most distinguished work of scholarship in the history of architecture since 1949
Commodore Dudley W. Knox Naval History Lifetime Achievement Award Naval Historical Foundation Recognize the lifetime achievements of historians of the United States Navy since 2013
Sidney Kobre Award for Lifetime Achievement in Journalism History American Journalism Historians Association History of journalism in the United States since 1986
Richard W. Leopold Prize Organization of American Historians Best history book on U.S. federal government agencies, U.S. foreign policies, U.S. military affairs, or biographies of government officials since 1984
Lawrence W. Levine Award Organization of American Historians Best book in American cultural history since 2008
Suzanne J. Levinson Prize History of Science Society Book in the history of the life sciences and natural history since 2006
Wesley Logan Prize American Historical Association
Association for the Study of African American Life
Outstanding book in African diaspora history since 1994
John Lyman Book Awards North American Society for Oceanic History Excellence in published books making a major contribution to the study and understanding of maritime and naval history since 1995
Mark Lynton History Prize Nieman Foundation for Journalism
Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism
History, on any subject, that best combines intellectual or scholarly distinction with felicity of expression since 1999
Alfred Thayer Mahan Award for Literary Achievement Navy League of the United States Notable literary contribution that has advanced the knowledge of the importance of sea power in the United States since 1957
George L. Mosse Prize American Historical Association European History since 2000
George Perkins Marsh Prize American Society for Environmental History Best book in environmental history[14] since 1989
Gustavus Myers Outstanding Book Award Gustavus Myers Center for the Study of Bigotry and Human Rights Works which extend understanding of the root causes of bigotry 1985–2008
New-York Historical Society book prizes New-York Historical Society American History Book Prize
New-York Historical Society Children's History Book Prize
Gilder Lehrman Prize for Military History
Francis Parkman Prize Society of American Historians Best book in American history since 1957
Pulitzer Prize for History Columbia University Distinguished book about the history of the United States since 1917
James A. Rawley Prize American Historical Association Best book in Atlantic history since 1990
James A. Rawley Prize Organization of American Historians Best book on race relations in the United States since 1999
Rome Prize American Academy in Rome Italian studies since 1896
Theodore and Franklin D. Roosevelt Prize in Naval History Navy League of the United States
Roosevelt Institute
Theodore Roosevelt Association
Naval History since 1986
Margaret W. Rossiter History of Women in Science Prize History of Science Society Outstanding book or article on the history of women in science since 1987
George Sarton Medal History of Science Society Historian of science from the international community distinguished for a lifetime of scholarly achievement since 1955
John Gilmary Shea Prize American Catholic Historical Association Contribution to knowledge of the history of the Catholic Church since 1945
Philip Taft Labor History Book Award Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations Books relating to labor history of the United States since 1978
Frederick Jackson Turner Award Organization of American Historians Author's first book on American history since 1959
Abbot Payson Usher Prize Society for the History of Technology Best scholarly work on the history of technology published ... under the auspices of the Society since 1961
Robert M. Utley Book Award Western History Association Best book on military history of the frontier and western North America from prehistory through the 20th century since 2003
Watumull Prize American Historical Association Best book on the history of India 1945–1982
Justin Winsor Prize (history) American Historical Association History in the Western Hemisphere 1896–1938
Justin Winsor Prize (library) American Library Association Best library history essay since 1978
Barbara and David Zalaznick Book Prize in American History New-York Historical Society Adult non-fiction book on American history or biography[15] since 2006


Country Award Sponsor Notes
Iran Ashura Year Book Award Debal Khazaei Foundation Distinguished merit in the field of Ashura literature[16][17]
Iran Holy Defense Year Book Award Government of Iran Distinguished merit in the fields of Resistance Literature[18][19]
Iran Jalal Al-e Ahmad Literary Awards Government of Iran Best Iranian authors in history and documentation[20][21]
Iran Saadi Literary Award Government of Iran Distinguished merit in the fields of Persian literature[22]
Israel Dan David Prize Dan David Foundation Outstanding scholarship in the study of the past[23]


Country Award Sponsor Notes
Austria Francis Stephen Award Austrian Society of 18th-Century Studies 18th century or the Habsburg monarchy (since 2000)[24][25]
Belgium CINOA Prize CINOA Art history since 1977[26]
France Grand prix Gobert Académie française Most eloquent piece of history of France (since 1834)[27]
France Prix Guizot Académie française General history (since 1994)[28]
France Prix Marcel Pollitzer Association des écrivains combattants Work of history, preferably a biography (since 1953)[29]
Germany Kenneth O. May Prize International Commission on the History of Mathematics History of mathematics internationally (since 1989)[30][31]
Germany Prize for Military History Federal Ministry of Defence (Germany) Military history and history of military technology (since 1992)[32]
Italy Acqui Award of History Department of Culture,
Acqui Terme City Council
Remembering 1943 victims of the Acqui Military Division 1943[33]
Italy Premio Friuli Storia Associazione Friuli Storia History books for a general readership (since 2013)[34]
Balts' Award Ministries of Foreign Affairs,
Latvia and Lithuania
Latvian-Lithuanian culture, history and language (since 2018)[35][36][37]
Norway Holberg Prize Storting Work in the arts, humanities, social sciences, law and theology (since 2004)
United Kingdom Archaeology Awards Current Archaeology Achievements in the field of archaeology (since 2009)
United Kingdom T. S. Ashton Prize Economic History Society Best article accepted for publication in The Economic History Review (since 1972)
United Kingdom Alan Ball Local History Awards Library Services Trust Local history publishing (since 1980s)
United Kingdom Katharine Briggs Folklore Award The Folklore Society Promote the study of folklore and improve the standard of folklore publications in Britain and Ireland (from 1982)
United Kingdom Caird Medal National Maritime Museum Individual who has done conspicuously important work in the field of the Museum's interests... (since 1984)
United Kingdom Julian Corbett Prize in Naval History University of London Original research in the field of naval history (since 1926)
United Kingdom Duff Cooper Prize Pol Roger Best work of history, biography, political science or poetry, published in English or French (since 1956)
United Kingdom Gladstone Prize Royal Historical Society History book published in Britain on any topic which is not primarily British history (since 1997)
United Kingdom Grote Prize University of London Notable research in Ancient history (since 1982)
United Kingdom Hessell-Tiltman Prize PEN International Best work of non-fiction of historical content up to and including World War II (since 2002)
United Kingdom Kenyon Medal British Academy Work in the field of classical studies and archaeology (since 1957)
United Kingdom Longman-History Today Awards Longman and History Today Promote the study, publication and accessibility of history to a wide audience (since 2007)
United Kingdom Mountbatten Maritime Prize Maritime Foundation Distinguished publication that has made a significant contribution to the maritime history of the United Kingdom (since 2000)
United Kingdom Murray Prize for History Society of Antiquaries of Scotland Biennial prize in recognition of original research on the history of Scotland in the medieval to Early Modern periods accepted for publication in the Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland or Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports. (since 2013)
United Kingdom Saltire Society Literary Awards Saltire Society Books which are either by living authors of Scottish descent or residing in Scotland, or deal with the work or life of a Scot or with a Scottish question, event or situation (since 1937)
United Kingdom Templer Medal Society for Army Historical Research Annual prize for the best book on the history of the British Army (since 1982)
United Kingdom Thirlwall Prize University of Cambridge British history or literature with original research (since 1884)
United Kingdom The Whitfield Prize Royal Historical Society British or Irish history, author's first history work (since 1976)
United Kingdom Wolfson History Prize Wolfson Foundation Popular history writing (since 1972)



Award Sponsor Notes Founded
Frank Broeze Memorial Maritime History Prize Australian Association for Maritime History
Australian National Maritime Museum
Maritime history relating to or impacting on Australia
WK Hancock Prize Australian Historical Association
Macquarie University
History book 2004
Allan Martin Award Australian National University
Australian Historical Association
History of Australia 2004
New South Wales Premier's History Awards State Library of New South Wales Distinguished achievement in the interpretation of history 1997
Chief Minister's Northern Territory Book History Awards Northern Territory Library History of the Northern Territory of Australia 2004
Prime Minister's Prize for Australian History Prime Minister of Australia Significant contribution to understanding of Australian history 2006
Victorian Community History Awards Government of Victoria (Australia) Preservation of the State's history and excellence in historical research 1998

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